Delicate Angel

Delicate angelYou often hear the term “animal nature” when describing basic, instinctual behavior that is wild, fast, intuitive, spontaneous in the now and “tuned in to something”.

That “something” is our Spleen.

Our Spleen is a very, very important part of our chemistry. It rules the instinctual, animal nature inside all of us and governs our immune system.

This Center is our oldest awareness Center that we inherited from our animal beginnings and it has been carried through our human evolutionary process.

Plants, mammals, birds and insects all have a Spleen in their design and are intended to be fast and in the moment with their awareness for survival.

I watch it in my cat Juju and my chicken Yamaya.

When I introduced Juju to Yamaya, she was two weeks old and very, very tiny, about the size of a plump rat, he licked his lips.

I sat down in that instant and started a conversation about who Yamaya is, why she is here and what I would like from him, ie: watch over her, protect her, don’t eat her. He listened and immediately obliged, reluctantly I might add. But he did just that.

However, occasionally he feels a little frisky and will saunter past Yamaya like he is a black jungle panther and has killing on his mind.

He doesn’t make a fast, aggressive move but somehow Yamaya just knows he is up to no good, feels his killer instinct kicking in and she reacts, fast and in the moment, jumping a foot or two away from him. It didn’t take much thinking nor was it necessary. It was a frequency.

That is the Spleen, pure survival instinct.

Those who have an open Spleen are just a tad bit different than those who have it defined. They are different in a very special way and what I refer to as the “Delicate Angel”.

Open Spleens don’t have that instinctual animal nature. Rather, what they have is a special kind of ability to “see” things that defined Spleen’s cannot see easily.

For instance, an open Spleen can tell when someone is ill, how ill that person is and what might be the antidote. They can be natural healers, easily.

If their aura is clear, they can instantly determine who is healthy and who is not or who they need to avoid.

The open Spleen must keep in mind is that they are going to take in the symptoms of a sick person. That is why it is good for an open Spleen to spend short visits with people who are ill. Too much time with a person who is ill conditions them and makes them ill in some way.

The only way they can be good healers is if they empty their aura every night when they sleep, through out the day and then empty their aura after administering a healing.

Most open Spleen people are ill in some way because they do not understand that they must empty their aura and take extra care of their health. Open Splenic children are the most susceptible to this because often, they are not given adequate time alone, at home, getting the rest they need to recover. The open Spleen child requires a longer healing period in order for them to really recover and feel good.

Open Spleen beings really need to become aware of the way their body feels, the sensitivities to having a human body and what their own aura feels like without the imprint of another.

They can be natural experts on nutrition, for instance. They can see what kind of food is healthy and what kind of food is terribly unhealthy. They can filter and see what kind of supplements or regimens that will be truly effective. It is a great gift and sorely needed in guiding humanity in a healthier way of living.

Open Spleen people tend to suffer a greater sense of fear then the defined Spleen people.

They will often have a story about how fear continuously haunts them in some way. Probably the most common fear that I hear is the fear of being alone. The words that often accompany it is “desperately lonely or desperately afraid of being alone”.

The mental tapes that play are: “I am inadequate”, “What will others think about my past”, “I am afraid for the future and what will happen, will I survive?” “I’m not going to do it because I am afraid that I will fail”, “I’m afraid to be alone and die alone”.

There are more types of fear mental tapes but you get the point.

So, the gift with this sense of fear is to bring awareness as to what is healthy to fear and what others are conditioning the open Spleen person.

Often, when there is a sense of desperate fear, the open Spleen is going to become very attached to a defined Spleen person who is near them on a regular basis. This relationship will condition the open Spleen person greatly. This can bring great confusion in facing fears because the open Spleen will be dealing with the defined Spleen’s fears as well, which were never intended for the open Spleen. It can be overwhelming.

Do you see how delicate this creature really is?

Open Spleen people tend hang onto relationships with defined Spleen people, who are really not good for them. The open Spleen loses great opportunities because the become are “addicted” to a person.

The defined Spleen person will brings a sense of vitality to the open Spleen person. The open Spleen will suddenly feel as though it has tons of more energy and a sense that “everything is ok”, just because their Spleen is getting defined. It is kind of like driving the life with a “false sense of security”.

It doesn’t mean that everything is ok. It means that now the open Spleen person may be addicted and distracted from gaining the correct relationships. The mental tapes will rationalize why the open Spleen should stay with an incorrect, unhealthy person, “What about the children?”, “Maybe it will change if we go to counseling” “Jesus will forgive them, so will I”,… get the idea.

And the health will fail too if it is an incorrect relationship. This Fragile Angel is just too delicate to be spending time in the aura of the incorrect person.

This openness is highly susceptible to the spontaneous nature of the defined Spleen. This is actually very, very dangerous for the open Spleen person. However, most people who have an open Spleen tend to be more spontaneous than the defined!

This tendency towards spontaneity comes from wanting to relieve the pressure of the fears that they are mentally battling.

So many open Spleens do not realize that they are doing this. It takes time to see it.

One has to be empty, healthy, centered and know what is you and what is not you in order to be a good healer, have good health and manage the fears that can overwhelm. Sleeping in one’s aura and taking space alone is the healthiest and most self-loving thing an open Spleen can do.



Written by Kashi Stone   2014



Kashi Stone 2014

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