Choice or No Choice?

Do we really, choose what happens to us?

When a person embarks on the path of Human Design, one of the first things that they are told is that Human Design is about learning correct decision-making. Yet, we often hear the comment repeated, “No choice” in many social circles of Human Design enthusiasts.

It would seem, that if Human Design is about decision-making and that there truly is “no choice”, then most people are probably feeling slightly confused, aching to know more and desperately searching for the right answer that will solve the mystery to having “no choice”. It can be a fabulous marketing angle, as well, promoting the right decision when there really, is no choice, or is there?

This mystery of “no choice” and yet the hope that is inspired to make a better decision is a bizarre perspective on the reality of things. What is Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design trying to convey in this mysterious play that he has fabulously orchestrated into a teaching?

Let’s take a closer look.

For eons, the bulk of humanity has been left in the dark concerning astrology. Religion has taken precedence as those who taught the mysteries of astrology were tortured, murdered or wiped out and often, made an example of what could happen if one became curious enough to search and study. There are books written, collected from the 13th and 14th centuries that depict such gruesome events, such as, The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, or Compendium Maleficarum: The Montague Summers Edition by Francesco Maria Guazzo. In these books, one can begin to observe how astrology has become a forbidden knowledge as the “witches” of that time-period were wiped off the planet.

What did those witches know and understand that the church worked so desperately to eradicate from the hands of common people? The understanding, the work and the dedication in a time-period when there was no distraction from television or cars to mobilize our busyness, must have brought out the magnificent and brilliant. Thank heavens the wisdom was preserved through ancient cultures, such as Hindu, which fabulously hid the most precious accountings of the human potential. Many of the secrets have been woven into tales with significant messages that only few could understand or grasp, such as in the Bhagavad Gita. The ancient Indian Hindu culture has also provided a consistent body of adept scholars of the cosmos through the ancient science of Ayurveda, a fully comprehensive, astrological lifestyle science.

One of the most astonishing things about astrology is that it can show you, accurately, where you have been in life and why. Astrology can also show you the potential of where you can go, good or bad. It’s mind blowing to study a person’s entire life and read what has been painted by the stars, while grasping what has happened and what could be ahead. It is also a very empowering process as it removes confusion, doubt and worry. Suddenly, when one understands who they are, what talents they have and how it could potentially work best in the world, one can slow down and relax into their natural rhythm and be truly content.

But one must know how to choose wisely, if one is to get the best experiences.

This is the important part: the experiences ahead are determined by our choices. Thank heavens our life experience is about growing and not necessarily about achieving. With an array probabilities, we get a chance to choose a better direction, if we are not happy with where we are at. But the choices that we have are limited to a scope of choices within our life path, which is the tricky part.

Every life path has a few roads to choose from. For instance, one can choose to be in a relationship and work through the issues of relating and the complications of a combined aura.
If this road is chosen, one can expect daily events wrapped around how one’s lover is feeling, or making one miserable or how one could not live without the other. There are many romance stories that get played on the repeat button of life. This person will continue to repeat the path and repeat the decisions as they look for love in all the wrong places.

And then there is the path that speaks of an independent mind that is focused on its own needs and wants. This guy is very, very busy manifesting and making things happen yet, this person may experience losses, forced into working at jobs they don’t like and often placed in a complicated environment with the wrong people. Most likely, it’s because they are hoping that they will benefit from those surrounding them, in some way. So, the decisions that are made, are contrived out of a desire to get something.

And then there are those who are living their life quietly, mundanely and are happy with living simply. Their decisions are simple and innocent and there is not a lot of drive behind their direction in life. Their choice is often, a hope that nothing changes too much. It’s quiet and lovely in that spot but very little growth occurs during the span of life.

There are also those who are doing the best that they can, making mistakes sometimes and making good choices too. They are learning a lot along the way. This group is hoping to mature gracefully, do the best they can and leave a positive imprint in some way.

This is where decision-making is quintessential, when it becomes the manifestation of growth and maturity. Through one simple decision, one can lose out on a stroke of financial luck with a great opportunity, or one can gracefully step up to the next level of their life path and receive great abundance. It truly depends on the decisions that are being made in the moment and in how one chooses to speak, act, behave or present themselves.

It is that simple.

A closer look at life cycles reveals the chances, the stage of maturation, the process and the real probabilities that are written in a person’s destiny. There are layers upon layers of activity taking place all at once and dependent upon who is operating the body system: the emotions, the ego or the forces of something higher. It can be a combination of those components too, causing one of the two to suffer while the other blunders. Ahhh, the life of duality in the program on this planet, earth.

I guess it’s not that simple.

With the maturation process that takes place through the major life cycles, there is also the maturation of the chakra centers in the etheric body that occurs over lifetimes. The current state or condition of a chakra speaks volumes to a clairvoyant regarding one’s mental and physical health. It also demonstrates the level of awareness or point of consciousness of a human to a realized, aware being.

In addition, not all chakras are open. Only certain chakras are open in conjunction to a person’s level of evolution. Most of humanity has the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus open and many do not have the Heart chakra open nor any of the centers above the Heart Center. I have experienced only a handful of people in my life who truly have the Heart Chakra open and active. Ancient teachings reveal the opening of chakras correlating to time-periods of civilizations. You can read more about that in these two articles here:

This again, brings us to the profundity of “choice vs. no choice”. It is our state of evolution that determines the quality of experiences that we engage in. If we are in our ego, we get the lessons that tame our powerful, strong nature, as we get slapped and sent to the corner. If we are obsessed or needy, we get the losses, the hurts, the pains and the rejection. If we have taken advantage, loss loyalty or hid to mislead or caused confusion, then we get tortured, destroyed or fooled. On the contrary, when we dish out love and kindness, we often receive the same in kind. Life is filled with an array of experiences for all kinds of human lessons to grow, intended to teach morality and higher principles with every turn.

Ultimately, it gets down to the simple act of how one responds to life in each moment. The chakras (centers), the maturation level of the being, performs the talking and makes the decisions. A person is going to spiral up or one will spiral down, always in conjunction with what one is ready for and how they are behaving and responding to life and how they are being influenced in their environment.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but not really.

Thank heavens for astrology!

Written by Kashi Stone 2017