Channels and Definition


ProjectorChannels are the lines in our bodygraph that are either red or black or a combination of both. Channels represent the chemistry that is deeply fixed and narrow and is the only thing that is truly consistent in a person’s chemistry.

The Channels indicate where power resides and the gifts that one has to offer in their life work. Through translating the Channels, one gains a ‘signature’ that speaks one’s ultimate offering of talent, skill or karma. We call this unique translation of a chart the “Channel Signature’.

Most humans, however, never get to taste their true chemistry; as most become lost in living out and disappearing into being a symbol of the conditioning of their upbringing.

Most people are attempting to accommodate other people’s agendas for their life, looking for ways to fit in socially, working at jobs that are not correct for them and trying desperately to be something other than who they really are.

Fortunately, when we tap into the definition that is inherent in our design, our life force increases, our health gets better and our mental acuity improves. Our spirit soars when it has a chance to live out exactly how it was designed. And when the spirit gets a chance to soar, all our needs are met in life on the physical plane. Life actually improves. This is why the Channel Signature is important, as it imparts our power, identifies our focus, and calls out our life purpose.

Learning to quiet the mind and submit to the souls voice through the sensitivity of the body is the key focus. When we recognize this subtle voice inside guiding us, it empowers our life force and brings tremendous healing.

Had I followed the life that my family wanted for me, and did what my grandfather wanted me to do, I would be a lawyer now. I can’t imagine sitting in courtrooms day after day, battling the homogenized world. If I had done what my parents wanted for me, I would be married, living the perfect life as a wife. I would never live out the truth of who I am: a sovereign being.

But, lucky for me, I found my own natural chemistry that is me.

For instance, in my chart I have five full channels that define my nature.

Looking at my chart you can see that there is one full channel on the right side at the bottom, 41/30 and then there are two full channels on the left hand side 28/38 and 54/32. Kashi - Rave ChartThere is also a channel between my Root Center and the Sacral Center, 53/42. From the Spleen to the Ego Center I have another full Channel, 44/26. Those four full channels and how they are connected in my chemistry, where they are positioned astrologically, tell the story about who I am and how I function and move in this lifetime.

We can actually take the information from the definition of the Channels and create a personality signature that outlines who the person is, in this lifetime. My Channel signature looks like this:

An Emotional Generator who is here to wait for clarity over time while I Struggle (28/38) to find my purpose in life and wait for those opportunities where I am recognized (41/30) for my talents in business management (54/32) and marketing (44/26) and upon correctly responding, taking a project through its full cycle of manifestation and completion (53/42).

Basically, when someone recognizes my great skill in business development and management, image branding and marketing, I get to decide if I want to respond and take on the job.

I look back at my life and I see how my chemistry has played out. My best experiences have been when I am recognized for “fixing” companies, correctly positioning staff and developing strategies for causing companies to become profitable. Once the company is operating efficiently and profitably, I leave with a great sense of satisfaction and completion. This type of work has happened over and over through out my life journey.

Eventually, my life became an ecstatic, blissful navigation when I found and understood who I am and learned how to truly listen to my body; observing, managing and harnessing my mind through doing what feels good. The blueprint of my signature in the bodygraph validates this kind of operating system. I’m not wondering or confused about who I am, I know from living the experiment.

If my aura is empty and my mind quiet through the contentment of doing what I love, I can feel my Channels, my body and mind chemistry as they are validating my love for what I am doing. Ecstastic living and doing what we love to do, go hand in hand.

The Channels are very real in a person’s design. Psychically, I can see when my bodygraph gets filled up and defined by someone else’s Channels, Centers or Gates. It is this way for everyone, all day, as we move about and interact with each other.

The mechanics of Human Design are incredibly affirming as to what is deep inside of us at our core. Knowing your Channels that define the signature of your design, gives you a center point to move from as you journey through life. From this Center Point, you know who you are, what skills you have to bring in this lifetime and what you can relax into as you move about and interact in the world, living your life. No need to make the wrong decision, waste energy or waste time.

Thank heavens.


2014 Kashi Stone