Channel of the Chatterbox

The mechanics speak loud and clear when you observe life through the Human Design lens. Suddenly, you understand why people are behaving the way they do and see 34-20the obvious patterns that are inherent in all human definition. Some things become incredibly obvious.

For instance, definition with inability to stop talking, such as the “Channel of the Chatterbox”.

The Channel of the Chatterbox is the Channel of Charisma, 34/20, where “Thoughts become Deeds”.

This is the place where the mouth utters each and every thought regardless of who is standing near. And if someone is standing near, there is more pressure than usual to speak out loud, each and every thought.

It is almost impossible for the Chatterbox to stop speaking their thoughts out loud. Usually, there is no pause or hesitation before speaking. It is a pure stream coming through.


The Garden
One day I went to visit a friend, to sit with them in their garden and enjoy the sunshine, together.

My friend had left for a moment to go to the store with the front door remaining unlocked. After several minutes a man walked through the door, found his way to the back garden and began to charm his way into gaining my attention.

He told story after story as he danced in front of me, laughing, smiling, talking non-stop as he worked to keep me entertained. My mind had to race to keep up with his stream of thoughts. He was hysterical.

Somehow, our conversation ventured into Human Design as he asked me:

“What do you think? What Type am I and how am I defined?”

I could tell that he had the Channel of the Chatterbox. My friend, the one who just left for the store, also has the Channel of the Chatterbox.

My greatest concern was that soon, I would be surrounded by two “34/20” Chatterboxes. “This should get very interesting”, I thought to myself. “Would it become a chatterbox marathon when my friend returned from the store?”

My friend did return but to my surprise, the visitor became quiet like a dog with his tail between his legs. His thoughts came out in mumbles and with all of his might, he worked hard to hold some of his thoughts back. It was very funny to watch.

Obviously, the chemistry of these two Chatterboxes was a tiny bit at odds with each other. It must be difficult for a Chatterbox to be in the company of another Chatterbox, I thought to myself as I watched the two.

Open Ajna / Defined Ajna
Depending on whether the Ajna is defined or not determines the Chatterbox experience. The open Ajna will talk about things that really don’t matter and you can end up falling down a really bizarre rabbit hole. Often, one will wonder why they are listening to this person talk or wonder why this person thinks that you are interested in knowing what they are talking about and insisting that you listen.

The defined Ajna usually, has interesting things to say but overload with download can come quickly. Certain chemistry and definition can only take so much input.

Chatterbox Attention
And then there is the Chatterbox who craves attention. This is the Chatterbox who watches to be sure that you are paying attention. Even though they may mumble their thoughts out loud while they are moving about doing their thing, they are also conscious of whether or not you are listening to them, no matter how trivial or insignificant their words are. Speaking is their favorite thing to do and having an audience is a thrill.

It’s good for them to know when it is too much, when it is a good time to pause, take a breath and enjoy silence for a bit, reserve life force.

Gently, remind them.


Written by Kashi Stone