Not-self strategy
For Undefined Sacral being they work to the point of exhaustion which makes them ill. They can become sex addicts and unable to pull away form juicy life force. For the Defined Sacral being, they tend to initiate rather waiting to respond, they do not enjoy their work, they deplete their energy, feel tired, stuck and quit and are filled with frustration.

Defined: 70%    Undefined: 30%

The Sacral Center is unique to any other center in the bodygraph. This center is life itself, empowering our survival by giving birth and caring for our young. This center works in a generative or degenerative way in which it may atrophy and cause many health problems as it generates life patterns. This generative energy peaks around the age of 18 for men and between the age of 33 and 34 for women. The organs that are related to the Sacral Center are the ovaries and the testes. The themes of the Sacral Center are sexuality, work, fertility, vitality, movement, and persistence.

The Sacral Center operates as a spiral in the body of life force. With this center defined, you are here to work and be fulfilled in that work. The Sacral Defined also requires periods of rest in the busy-ness of work where they regenerate and rest in order to recharge their batteries. If they don’t, they become degenerative and exhausted.

The Sacral Center has its very own voice that is expressed through noises and sounds. Through the hums and uh hu, you can allow this voice to guide you and lead you to the things you find fulfilling to put your energy into to. This Sacral Voice is the source of power as it responds in various sounds. Everybody is different and each one will know what their sound is like when they make it. If your response to a question is a “I don’t know”, then perhaps it is not the right time. The question needs to be asked in different ways. Regardless, the sound comes from your Sacral Center not your throat. Children will always respond with their Sacral Voice before they learn to talk with words. This center is all about responding with energy or not.


OPEN / Undefined Sacral Center

Generators and Manifesting Generators are the only types with a defined Sacral Center, about 70%. Because of this, all other non-sacral types are taking in and magnifying it about 200%.

The Undefined Sacral is extremely sensitive to the energy of their environment and the people in it. Through this sensitivity they must be careful of who is in their aura for their vitality is dependent on it. Often, ignoring their mechanics they become drained by being in the presence of the wrong people. Undefined Sacral people are not equipped to handle Sacral energy continuously pumped through their bodies which can happen when they spend too much time in a Sacral Defined beings company. Keeping it mind that as an Undefined Sacral being you are always taking in other Sacral energy, be mindful of whose fuel you are taking in and if it is the right kind for your vehicle.

Undefined Sacral people are always working too hard, don’t know when enough is enough and burn themselves out. They can become curious to obsessed with sex with a potential for deep conditioning. Boundaries are an important thing to maintain to prevent exhaustion and depletion.

Undefined Sacral Beings have inconsistent energy, for this reason, rest is important between the spurts of energy. It is important that they go to bed early, before they are tired and have their own quiet time away from the aura of others.

If you really listen and watch, you will notice that Undefined Sacral beings do not want work too much in life. They would love to relax and allow the others to do all the work. When you watch an Undefined Sacral you will notice that they usually do the opposite. Often they are working very hard and deeply conditioned.

Undefined Sacral Center Healthy
Undefined Sacral beings who are centered and aware of their energy learn to relax and enjoy rest. They have healthy boundaries and use their strategy and authority to know when enough is enough. They work for short periods of time and then take plenty of time to relax. They enjoy taking in the life force of others without identifying or responding to it.

Undefined Sacral Not Healthy
They are always busy with their duties with family and work and don’t know when to stop, rest and relax. They feel like slaves but do not know what to do about it. When they are tired, they ignore it and just continue to push through it bringing states of illness.


Defined Sacral Center

Defined Sacral beings speak in sounds and groans, sighs and growls, which are the responses from the being as to what it likes, wants and where it wants to go. That is why a Defined Sacral being must wait to respond. The Sacral only knows its truth when it has a chance to respond using its primal force. You can hear the amount of energy that is available for a situation just through the Sacral voice response. It is important to remember that the power of the Sacral being only comes through response. The mantra is: Do not initiate! The moment the Sacral being takes the first step, they lose all their power.

People love to hear all the reasons for the decisions and feelings they are having and making. By sharing all the ‘reasons’ why, one opens up to tremendous amount of conditioning. Even though a Sacral response is there, they want to know ‘why?’. The Sacral will not be able to tell you why. It becomes manipulation when there is pressure to change your answer. By going into reason for why, it goes into the mind and look for reasons to override the Sacral voice.

A defined Sacral generates a constant buzz in the body. This humming energy has to go somewhere and will often be experienced as restless energy walking and not knowing where to go. It is important how Defined Sacral people involve this energy in their work and life. If they ignore their Sacral voice and initiate they will always experience frustration or resistance. The key is the response from the Sacral when they are faced with a choice to put their energy into something. This energy cannot be engaged unless it responds. If the Sacral is not engaged correctly, then the project or activity will not have the power it requires to sustain it and will be laden with frustration and limitations.

Defined Sacral beings are great at quitting. Most often they have entered into something incorrectly or do not have patience and abort projects or face many limitations to the manifestation of a project. It is important that they do not allow to be talked into something because they will become unhappy and greatly frustrated at the process they are applying their energy towards. They can become slaves if they end up doing the work that they do not love.

It is important that Defined Sacral beings honor their Sacral voice and how it works to prevent them from being taken advantage of and to guide them into the correct activities and alliances. They must wait to respond and not initiate. Once they have decided through listening to their Sacral voice they can work with a power to persist that is reliable. It is the Sacral voice that will tell the truth in their response to an opportunity. Once they have responded correctly and their energy is engaged, the Sacral frequency naturally spirals up to the next plateau. It is important to keep in mind that there are periods of reaching a plateau and periods where the energy feels stuck and has the pulse of limitations, which are natural in the process of energy being spent.

If a Defined Sacral being enters into an activity that do not enjoy or want to be doing, they will be frustrated and unhappy. It is easy for a Sacral being to become stuck in their Sacral frequency for a very, very long time.

Healthy Defined Sacral Center
Patient and waiting, they are in tune with the flow of their life and learn that magic comes when they respond moment to moment. They love their work and feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction. They never initiate or make a decision from the mind. They allow life to flow through them.

A Not Healthy Defined Sacral Center
Work and life exhaust the Defined Sacral as they are neither happy nor satisfied with life and what they are doing. They listen to the mind and allow it to dictate each decision and live a life they think they ‘should’ have. They do not trust in the process of life and battle inside of themselves as to what they should be doing. They allow others to talk them into things they really don’t want to do and end up becoming slaves to the thing they loathe.