ROOT Center


Defined:  68%            Undefined:  32%

The ROOT Center is associated with stress, hormones, and our adrenal system. Stress is a part of life but learning how to work with it in a healthy way, rather trying to avoid it allows you to take advantage of it in a beneficial way. If you try to fight this pressure, it brings depression. The key is learning to work with the pressure and stress and turn it into raw fuel in the correct way for the correct things.

The purpose of stress is to energize us at a deep biochemical level. This pressure from the Root Center actually gets us going. How we are defined around the Root center colors the way we deal with stress in life. This Root center is a place of importance with manifestation in our lives, driven by stress, fear and pain. When something is begun from a place of stillness and joy, then no matter how stressful the task or situation is, you remain grounded.

NOT SELF Strategy:
Allows stress to rule its life. It is either addicted to the adrenaline rush or is constantly trying to avoid it. It is always in a hurry to get things done to bring the sensation that they have gotten rid of the pressure.



The open Root Center takes in stress and pressure from the outside world. The sensation of an open Root is that you are constantly looking for ways to get rid of the pressure but as soon as you do, there is another pressure to deal with. With this open Root many people have a tendency to be ‘speedy’ such as moving faster than everyone else, driving fast, zipping through tasks and then feeling pressure again for the next the task.

Open Roots take in the stress of the defined centers and magnify it. Open Root Centers are not designed to handle stress. This makes open Roots hyperactive and restless allowing the outside pressures to drive them, giving an ‘addictive’ quality to the adrenalized pressure doing everything fast, in turn, creating many health problems. You will find that open Root Centers on stage in front of an audience can be empowered by the energy of the crowd or gain ‘stage fright’, paralyzing them.

Open Root Children are often considered hyperactive when often it is the defined root center of the other person in their environment stimulating their open center. This is misread as the open Root center child is amplifying the restlessness of the classroom and the teacher focuses in on the open Root child who is helpless. This child then becomes humiliated, punished and embarrassed. Understanding the open Root center child creates new ways to deal with this dynamic without creating painful scars.

The key to the open Root Center is to recognize what belongs to you and what does not. You can take advantage of the pressure or avoid it. Learn to become wise about how stress works, what it feels like, how to use it properly and how it can be dealt with. By recognizing and understanding how stress plays out in you, you can eliminate the open Root centers tendency to stress and its pull. In so doing, wisdom comes.

Unhealthy / Not Self Open Root Center
When a person’s Root Center is open and operating unconsciously, they allow the pressure that comes with having an open Root Center run their lives and make their decisions. They automatically answer the phone, say ‘yes’, speed up, and hurry up to ‘get it all done’. It is easy for them to suffer burnout while feeling this way and living out their life responding to pressure.

Healthy Open Root Center
When a person has an open Root Center and are centered in the awareness of who they are they will recognize this pressure for what it is. They learn to make decisions from a place of stillness and peace that comes with using Strategy and Authority. They recognize when the pressure is a ‘healthy’ pressure and when it is not as they remove the addiction of the sensation of ‘pressure’ and follow their own unique system of navigation – Strategy and Authority.


A defined Root center is consistent in the way it deals with stress and being alive in the world.
There are three different way in which the Root center displays its character according to the way it is defined in an individuals body graph.

A format energy, the sacral connection to the root dictates the way we operate in the world. It will be cyclical in nature, focused and logical or unpredictable and mutative.

This person must rely on their way of dealing with stress as healthy

Defined to the Solar Plexus, all pressure comes out emotionally.

A defined ROOT center is comfortable with its own inner pressure and is not pressured into initiating when it is healthy.

When the defined ROOT center is unhealthy, it can become obsessive with the pressure and powerful fuel that causes them to initiate and create the wrong kind of stress in their life.