EGO Center

The Not-Self behaviour of the HEART Center in a Defined Heart is an overbearing ego that expects everyone to be like them. Puts pressure on others to prove themselves and keep promises. The Undefined HEART Center has low feelings of self esteem, difficulty in asking for the value of their achievements, break promises, love to spend money.

Defined: 35% Undefined 65%

The HEART Center is central hub for how the tribe, family, business and community interact in a communal and entrepreneurial way as it creates drive for survival on the material plane in established communities. It is a motor and drives the will power and ego power.

This center is about living in harmony with others, bonding, raising children and creating our societies and cultures. There are four different ways this tribal way functions through the HEART Center.

Undefined Heart Center

Undefined Heart Center people feel like the need to prove their worthiness by being in control, brave, egotistical and loyal to others. As they do this the engage in foolish acts to prove themselves and then feel even more of a failure with their inability to follow through or from the impact of their actions in the proving.

They often put pressure on themselves to do things that they don’t want to do just prove they are a good wife, husband, child, employee, student, etc. This false sense of bravery, control and ego is pretending and caused by the deep conditioning that they feel they must substantiate who they are, their projected mask.

With an Undefined HEART Center, you are not here to prove anything to anyone. You are not here to bargain or control, and you are not here to be brave or courageous. The mantra is: “I have nothing to prove – to myself or anyone under any circumstance, ever”.

Healthy Undefined Heart Center
The Healthy Undefined Heart Center are at peace with themselves and feel they have nothing to prove to anyone. They sense and take in the ego of others and become wise about who has a healthy ego and who does not. They know who can commit and follow through and who cannot. They know they do not have to compete with anyone nor allow anyone to convince them to do anything.

Unhealthy Undefined Heart Center
These people are constantly comparing themselves and making decisions based on a sense of their own unworthiness. They even take less money than the value of their services just to be included. Everything becomes a fabrication to prove themselves and substantiate who they are. They can become control freaks and often bring humiliation because of their need to be in control. They have a tendency to tell outrageous lies, expressing great bravado about the EGO itself: “look how great I am”.



If you have a defined HEART Center, you like to be in control of your own life and resources. You also know your own value. With this center you are willful and you can make and keep your promises. They have a natural sense of self esteem and self value. They enjoy work and they know when it is time to rest. If their ego / willpower is suppressed they can become ill.

Because of their consistent access to their will power, they have no problem keeping their promises and resolutions. They do what they say they are going to do and maintain balance between work and rest. They enjoy work and being successful.

They placate undefined Heart center people and expect them to act like them. They can be too forceful and get carried away with their ego.