HEAD Center


The Undefined HEAD Center Not-self easily becomes lost and overwhelmed by doubt and confusion. They try to resolve other people’s questions by taking on others worries. They release their mental pressure through action. Defined HEAD Center Not-self people turn this mental pressure on themselves causing to be driven into deep anxiety, self-doubt or depression. The attempt to relieve the pressure causes them to make hasty and inappropriate decisions and actions. They can be impatient missing opportunities for inspiration.

Defined: 30% Undefined: 70%

The HEAD Center is about making sense of things in the world. It is not a place of manifestation. It is not a motor. It is only a place of inspiration and outer authority to share with others. Through that inspiration and authority you teach, share, guide, process information and so on. With out the authority though, the mind produces an endless stream of meaningless thoughts and questions about things that don’t matter.

Generators often try initiating their thoughts by putting them into action only to create a painful, frustrating, exhausting cycle of starting things and then quitting them.

It is meant to only process information and to be the outer authority to share, especially when it is not used for making decisions. By letting go of the mind you allow for great creativity to come in.

Undefined HEAD Center
People with an Undefined HEAD Center think about things that don’t matter and mixed with decisions they are trying to make while being driven farther and farther away from their own natural inner compass, Strategy and Authority. Their minds become consumed with mental dialogue trying to figure things out. The only way out of this mental pressure is to relax into Strategy and Authority.

The Undefined HEAD person is influenced by the Defined HEAD person when they are in each others aura. It is the ‘other’ that influence the way the Undefined HEAD person thinks. Their thoughts are not original.

Undefined HEAD Center Healthy
The Undefined HEAD Center can recognize who is inspiring and who is confusing. It is ultimately open to the wonder of uncertainty by staying unattached and simply observing.

Undefined HEAD Center Unhealthy
Easily lost in doubt and confusion, the Undefined HEAD Center person will take on other people’s questions and worries and act on it to solve it immediately. They are unable to empty the mind and relax.

Defined HEAD Center
The Defined HEAD Center has a pressure to grasp and understand things. This can bring a great deal of mental anxiety because inspiration is about what has not yet been grasped.

Defined HEAD Center Healthy
A natural continual pressure to resolve things, a healthy Defined HEAD person will enjoy without needing to apply action or trying to escape it. They know that confusion, doubt and clarity are a natural process and that it all has its own timing.

Undefined HEAD Center Unhealthy
People with Undefined HEAD Center that is unhealthy will turn their mental pressure in on themselves, causing deep anxiety, depression and self-doubt. They can also make hasty decisions trying to solve and escape the mental pressure, as they are impatient and miss opportunities.