G Center

Direction   Identity    Love


Not Self G Center Behaviour
The Not Self Undefined G Center tries to control, find or fix love, their direction in life an the their identity instead of allowing their strategy and authority to guide them. Often they will take on the identity of another trying to find their own. The Not Self Defined G Center initiates new directions in life or love from the dictates of the mind. It also initiates leading others.

Defined: 46%   Undefined: 54%


The G Center is one of the most important Centers in the bodygraph for it holds the seat of the Magnetic Monopole, which is responsible for our incarnating process. In this place, it draws us into the body for life and out of the body for death. The Magnetic Monopole shows us our individual identity in relation to the rest of existence and maintains the illusion of separateness. With this internal pull that the Magnetic Monopole creates through its singular pole of attraction it gives a sense of differentiation and individuality rather than feeling at one with the totality.

Before we are born, the Design Crystal and Magnetic Monopole are together. When life enters our body the two separate and move into different positions within the body. The Design Crystal moves into Ajna and the Mangetic Monopole resides in the G Center.

Before we incarnated into this body, the illusion of separateness did not exist. This illusion creates a sense of “looking outside of ourselves” for love and trying to get a sense of who we are and where we are going. The juxtaposition of this is that we are ‘here’ the whole time and do not have to look outside of ourselves to know who we are.

When the Design Crystal and the Personality Crystal come together to create a quantum form it is like a ‘forced’ marriage as they are very different from each other. Learning to accept the two very different roles these two crystals play in our life we can come to a place of peace, acceptance, self-love and contentment. Through achieving this state of acceptance we are able to give love to another.

Our Magnetic Monopole literally pulls us to all of the people, places and events that we are here to experience. It is a waste of time and energy to ‘seek’ out where you ‘think’ you belong or want to be. The Magnetic Monopole naturally guides you there. The key is allowing your strategy and authority with your Magnetic Monopole bring the perfect life to you.


The Undefined G Center

Place is a very important thing for an Undefined G Center person. They have no fixed identity therefore they are highly vulnerable to who is in their aura and influencing them. Undefined G Center’s are not here to know who they are, rather they are here to adapt to the people and the environment that they are a part of, reflecting those identities surrounding them. They change completely according to who is influencing their G Center in their environment. Because of this, they blend in with who they are with and they can fit in anywhere and nowhere. They can find their identity through the correct relationships and can tell if they are in the correct place for them by whether or not they are thriving. If they are thriving, they are in touch and surrounded by the right people. If they are not thriving, they are not with the correct people and they become ill or things do not work out for them.

Undefined G Centers are incredibly sensitive to place so much so that if you take them to a restaurant to meet someone and the restaurant is not correct, it wont work out. However, if you change the location but introduce them to the same person, it has a chance to work. Allow the Undefined G Center to determine where they are the most comfortable to be open and available for opportunities.

An Undefined G Center will often ask itself, “Have I found the right place?”. The Undefined G Center collects lots of ‘right’ places for them: café’s, stores, places of entertainment, church, etc. As long as they are paying attention to the places where they ‘feel’ good they will have the right people in their life who bring new love and new direction in their life as the sign posts that show the Open G Center where to go next. It is important that the Open G Center does not come attached to those who surround them, feel good and are showing the way. They must be free to move on, discover and experience life and love.

One of the great advantages to having an Open G Center is that everyone around them acts as their servant showing them where everything is, taking them to important people, places and jobs. The advantage of the Open G Center is that they do not have to find anything themselves as everything is shown to them by other people.

An Open G Center can let their friends know they need a new place to live and just sit back and let them find it for them. The Open G Center then visits each place to see how it feels to determine what is correct for them. When you try and find these things for yourself, it will not work. It is the same with love. The moment you stop chasing it, it comes to you.

If an Undefined G Center is in the wrong relationship they will feel trapped as Open G Centers require a certain kind of freedom and not identified with one particular thing or person. The people who are in their life must contribute to the sensation of expansiveness in order the Open G Center to feel comfortable and peaceful.

For an Undefined G Center child, pay careful attention to the bedroom and things placed around them that they are comfortable for this will have a big impact on them. Including, be sure that the child is happy with the school they are attending. If they are unhappy with the school, they will not thrive. It makes a big difference in their ability to learn.

The mind filters every decision through our open Centers. With the Undefined G Center the mind often asks, “Will I ever find my direction in life?” or “Is this the right direction”, or “Is this where I am going to find love?”. And they will use their mind to make decisions and go in the direction that they think they should go. But the place is not about what our mind thinks. Having an Open G Center can make one feel rather disoriented because ‘place’ seems to be a mystery. If there is anything that is uncomfortable with where they are living, the job that they are working at or the relationship, the need to change it. They will not thrive in the wrong place.

A Healthy Undefined G Center
They are comfortable with not knowing where they are going next in life or when love will come to them. They do not become attached to those people who lead them to the next best or correct place or love. They are able to see other’s true identity and are comfortable waiting for the Universe to initiate for them. Instead of feeling a sense of lost, they can enjoy being taken and shown to new places and love and through that tell us about all the possibilities for love.

Ultimately, Undefined G Centers are the best guides through their ability to step into anyone else’s shoes and offer truly loving, correct guidance.

An Unhealthy Undefined G Center
They live their life obsessed with where they are going, who they are going to meet, where they are going to find love while they are searching for their identity out in the world. They initiate over and over bringing continuous resistance. They feel something is wrong if they don’t know who they are which leads them on a continuous search for the illusive Self.



Defined G Center

With a Defined G Center, the person has a fixed direction through their specific definition, trajectory and geometry. The definition in their define will reveal how their identity and direction operate. They also have the ability to share and comfort others about the direction we are headed as a species.


Defined G Center Healthy
Comfortable with their identities, self love and direction in life, they are natural guides for others pointing to new directions and new love.

Defined G Center Unhealthy
They try to direct or lead others without waiting to be asked or invited.