Solar Plexus Center

Also known as SOLAR PLEXUS

Not Self Strategy
When defined, makes impulsive decisions while putting emotional pressure on others and bigstock_Messy_Woman_Yelling_18016610sends emotional chaos into the environment. When it is undefined, it avoids truth and confrontation while playing ‘nice’ and leading a ‘secret life’ to protect themselves from potential backlash.

Defined: 50%        Undefined: 50%


The themes of the Emotional center are feelings, emotions and sensitivity. The function of the Solar Plexus (Emotional Center) is to gain emotional clarity and emotional well-being. The Emotional center governs emotional awareness and operates in a wave pattern. If a person is unable to deal with their emotional nature, they are likely to have problems with their kidneys, lungs, pancreas, prostrate and nervous system. The emotional wave that accompanies the defined Emotional center is amplified in the undefined and no other center has greater impact.

The Emotional center is in a mutative process that is moving into ‘Spirit Awareness’. Being the newest of awareness centers (Ajna and Spleen, two other awareness centers) it is not yet fully developed and matured. Spirit consciousness is possible where the emotional waves are in resonance. Spirit consciousness matures when we let go of allowing our mind to be in control and through understanding and accepting who you really are. Our evolution is about dealing with the Solar Plexus as a motor and an awareness center and the understanding of how it operates and impacts our lives. Compassion is a quality indicative of a healthy Emotional Center.


bigstock_Sadness_2802529The Solar Plexus releases a wave pattern that goes form hope to pain, expectation to disappointment, and joy to despair and back again. The key to transcending the emotional system and the chaos that it creates is in ‘waiting’. As you wait and go through the wave patterns and begins to stabilize, then clarity is possible.

When we understand our emotional wave and its impact and take responsibility for the emotional wave impact, the whole vibration of the planet will change.

The emotional wave is a chemical process only; there are no reasons for why it does what it does. When we are up on our wave, we make up a reason and when we are down, we make up another reason. Something is always to blame. When we are sad, people want to know why so we make up a reason. But there really is no reason – its all chemistry. The moment you attach reasons to your emotional process you keep yourself stuck. As the waves move over time, you will feel different.

Knowing what is normal for you and how you operate helps to navigate the emotional wave experience and maintain a state of tranquility.

All awareness centers carry fear. The fear in the Solar Plexus is experienced as nervousness. Because of the extreme highs and lows of the wave, the fears are very powerful. The fears change, drop, reoccur or amplify as the wave moves. These are the kind of fears that turn molehills into mountains.


OPEN / Undefined

The undefined emotional center carries the deepest conditioning of any center.

If it is open, it is vulnerable to the needs, moods and feelings of others, expressing the feelings and emotions that are not you.

Undefined Emotional Center people can become victims of emotional chaos, feellng out of control for most of their lives. When confronted emotionally they often snese fear, terror, shock, paralysis. Being unable to move, think, speak or move, quick to anger even to extreme physical harm. They often suffer for the emotional instability by being punished or rejected.

For children it can be very difficult. If the parent is emotionally defined and the child is not, the child will amplify the emotional parent leading into escalation. In reverse, where the child is emotional and the parent is not, the parent can amplify the emotions of the child and get carried away. An undefined Solar Plexus child will learn very quickly that it is better to lie and hide the truth than to deal with the emotions of a parent. This creates a secret life that they carry into adulthood. All of their relationships become distorted because they don’t want to rock the boat.

Undefined Emotional people tend to avoid confrontation or upsetting people. They will avoid expressing their truth, suppress their needs and develop a ‘nice’ persona to keep from dealing with the emotions of another.

The Undefined Emotional is not genetically designed to handle guilt, shame and blame. However, the emotional qualities of passion, food, excitement, romance and music become more alive and experienced. An undefined Emotional can determine how much a person is growing in their emotional awareness and in being patient.

For the Undefined Emotional letting go of all the patterns that never belonged to them can bring great relief. They are designed to be totally cool when they are on their own in their own aura. The best advice for an undefined emotional is never to make a decision when feeling emotional. Leave the room until coolness returns and remember to use your Strategy and Authority. It is good to take time every day to be alone to release the emotional conditioning of others. An hour long walk is often a great way to empty the aura.
Unhealthy Undefined Emotional Center
Undefined Emotional Center people jump and down bouncing on the waves of others. They feel like their emotions are out of control and that something is wrong with them. They repeatedly make emotional spontaneous decisions when not tuning into their own strategy and authority while avoiding confrontation, truth by developing a ‘nice’ persona.

Healthy Emotional Center
Undefined Emotional Center people are healthy when they are emotionally quiet, empathic, avoid identifying with the emotions of others and confront the truth when necessary.




For those with a defined Emotional Center, they are here to learn patience. They are here to wait over time, going through their highs and lows before making any decisions. There is a lot of power in the emotional center and it is not easy to be patient when you have this center defined. The tendency is to jump in when they are high on their wave and to jump out when they are low. They are emotionally impulsive rather than emotionally clear when operating in this way. Defined Emotional Center people need to wait a minimum of a nights sleep before making decisions.

When this center is defined it means that your feelings are your authority. Important questions to ask oneself is “Does this feel good when I do that?” or “How do you feel about it?” Waiting until there is emotional clarity and no longer a charge of excitement or sadness will allow one to make decisions from still waters.

A defined Emotional needs to know that any decision made during an extreme high or extreme low the decision will not be an aware one. Awareness takes time. Its about patience. Its important to understand that there is never a guarantee of 100% emotional clarity ~ at best 65% because the wave keeps moving.

A defined Emotional Center needs to take its time when entering a new relationship. Only over time will they come to see whether a person is correct for them or not. The other is revealed as they experience them through their waves. They also need to see how their emotions are impacting the person they are with. Manipulation and passive aggressive behaviours can surface in relationships between defined and undefined solar plexus couples. It takes time to see these patterns and for them to surface that is why it is essential that you take your time and truly feel your way through the connection.

The emotional wave is like a photographer who wants to understand a flower. The defined Solar Plexus can never take enough photos of the flower. They like to take a series of pictures of that flower all day long, changing the light, the perspective of the camera. They know how the flower looks in the morning and how it looks at sunset. They know the fragrance of the flower, how it feels to the touch and how it looks when it moves in the wind. The advantage of being emotionally defined is that there is a depth that is cultivated on any topic. As they move through their wave, defined Solar Plexus can have many perspectives that bring depth. When you give the emotional system the time it needs, it becomes an intelligence of deep sensitivity.

Healthy Defined Solar Plexus
These people are in touch with how they feel about things. They are not spontaneous but rather take their time with decisions. They ride out the emotional wave until they feel a sense of clarity. They understand what their emotions do to the other and they take care not to emotionally pressurize others by being pushy. They are never impulsive.

Unhealthy Defined Solar Plexus
These people are impulsive, jumping in and out of experiences and decisions according to when they are high and when they are low, sending chaos out into their environment. They put others under pressure to make immediate emotional decisions along with themselves. When they get upset, they blow up, only to regret later what they said or did.