AJNA Center



Not-self Behaviour of AJNA
The Undefined AJNA Center tries to convince others and themselves that they are smart, certain and intellectually consistent. Always feels uncertain in thought and compensates by being overly fixed with opinions, insight and ideas. Uses mind to make decisions. The Not-self Defined AJNA Center will think obsessively with no relief and have great mental anxiety trying to figure it out while using the mind to make personal decisions.


Defined: 51% Undefined : 49%


The AJNA Center is an important processing hub for transforming cognitive comprehension. It is useful for reviewing, research and communication. Working with the HEAD Center the Ajna help us interpret information. The Ajna is pressurized by the HEAD Center to conceptualize. Someone with a Defined AJNA Center is not influenced by another’s presence but has his or her own preferences and predispositions. Someone with an Undefined AJNA Center can have a very flexible thinking process open to all possibilities and to conditioning.

The mind is only there for communicating our unique perspective and our experiences with each other but not to become the dictator or to run our lives. We are here to share the experience of being together, to articulate our experience being human while it is measuring, to enrich and to educate.

AJNA Center carries a quality of fear as mental anxiety which drives our ability to communicate and to be clear in our ideas, understanding and knowing. The anxety of the AJNA Center comes from being confused, of not understanding and the fear of not knowing or not being able to explain something. These fears are magnified in the Undefined AJNA.

The Undefined AJNA Center
People with an Undefined AJNA Center have an open and flexible mind, able to contemplate a variety of things and not become attached to their ideas or opinions. The insecurity that comes with the Undefined AJNA Center causes one to compare and then be certain about things in order to appear intelligent. It is very difficult for Undefined AJNA people to hold onto anything or to think in a fixed way.

True wisdom for the Undefined Ajna is to be able to judge whether or not a concept or question is of value. They are here to observe concepts and to contemplate them, not to be certain or to own them. An Undefined AJNA is a sign of intelligence and of someone who is intellectual, like the undefined minds of Freud, Jung, Einstein and Madame Curie.

Undefined AJNA Center in Healthy State
They have accepted that their mind operates in an inconsistent way, that they can never be certain about anything and that the mind is their playground.

Undefined AJNA Center in an Unhealthy State
There is a fear of being certain that comes with the Undefined AJNA that drive them to try and become certain about things, only to create embarrassing and uncomfortable situations.


Defined AJNA Center
A Defined AJNA conceptualizes consistently in the same way all the time and its purpose is to process information, research and communicate. It is impossible to turn off the mind with a Defined Ajna. The concept of ‘no mind’ is only possible with those who have an Undefined Ajna, where it is natural for the Defined AJNA cannot access that place of an empty, quiet mind.

Healthy Defined AJNA
Those who’s AJNA is defined is a mind that is a data processing center for creative thinking and outer authority for others. They always speak their mind, think in a specific way and enjoy their mental process. They condition the mental field.

Unhealthy Defined AJNA
Those with an Unhealthy Defined AJNA make decisions with their mind and commit to things and then suffer the humiliation afterward for not being able to follow through. With the Defined AJNA a person can spend a tremendous amount of energy obsessing on thoughts or making a decision.