Chakras of nine


From 7 ~ 9 Centers






The open centers operate as our learning systems. The undefined centers become the source of our wisdom as you keep the lessons learned but don’t hold onto them.

The HEAD Center is about not getting stuck in the pressure to figure things out or knowing which questions are worth answering. There is no need to continue to run to one teacher after another to get answers to your questions. When you are tuned into your Strategy and Authority you get the correct inspiration and the questions for you.
More information here: HEAD

The AJNA Center is about conceptualizing and thinking about things that matter.
More information here: AJNA

The Throat Center is about learning about the timing of communication and manifestation and recognizing who can get things done. They become wise about knowing when to speak and act and also recognize who speaks the truth and has something of value to say. They recognize who is a good speaker and communicator. They can become master speakers and can understand the art of articulation and have great language skills. They also know who is health for them or not, who is allowing them to be themselves.
More information here: THROAT

The G Center is for learning all the different types of people in the world. It’s about learning to surrender and entrust your life to power much greater than yourself. You learn all about love and direction and you become very wise about these things.
More information here: G CENTER

The EGO CENTER is learning how to be without getting caught up in the ‘proving game’. You learn who you can trust and who you cannot, who is accountable to their word and who is not.
More information here: EGO

The SPLEEN CENTER is about learning to become wise about awareness and intelligence as it relates to human survival. You can see who has the survival skills and who is taking a risk that is detrimental. You learn how to determine which relationships, jobs and places that are healthy.
More information here: SPLEEN

The SOLAR PLEXUS is about learning when it is appropriate to confront others with the truth and learning to be wise which confrontation is appropriate. You learn who is emotionally healthy or not, you become authentic with who you are, instead of pretending in order to protect yourself.
More information here: SOLAR PLEXUS

The SACRAL CENTER is about becoming wise at knowing when enough is enough. They know who has the energy for work and who does not. They become wise about the mysteries of life.
More information here: SACRAL

The ROOT CENTER is about learning and becoming wise about the pressures and stress in the world. The wisdom of the Root center is learning what pressure is correct and which is not. They are aware when they are using outside pressure to assist them getting things done and do not allow pressure to unconsciously run them which brings stress, missed opportunities and potential accidents.
More information here: ROOT