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Your Prescription

Posted in VARIABLE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi


Human Design is amazing.

You can look at a chart, see what stands out, see what is driving the life and within a few words, let a person know what is going on inside of them.

This is a transformative point. Because when you have been trained and can truly read a chart correctly, you can offer a dose of healing in just a paragraph or two.

I recently have begun to call this the “prescription”.

It happens often when I am with friends and they say, “Hey Kashi, look at his chart and show him what Human Design is”.

I plug in the information, pull up their chart and bingo……I can see their challenges, their health problems, their romantic tendencies and other little stuff like that. I always hear about how accurate the science is when I do that. The accuracy alone truly validates the prescription.

This happened the other day.

After a few hours of interaction, I decided to give in to my friend’s request and have a look at a young man’s chart.

I could see lots of information about him. I could see his Type, his Inner Authority, his definition, his Incarnation Cross. But what really stood out was the heavy activation that he had on a particular gate and a similar type of activation on another gate and the combination of his open Centers. Through my abstract thinking I could synthesize his struggle down to one thing.

“You really need to have your way. You hardly listen to what anyone has to say, dear. You are very stubborn and hardheaded. You hardly allow anyone to tell you about anything because you think you know it all and you think that you have the right answer to everything.” I said lovingly and in a matter of fact way.

He looked at me shocked at first, cracked a smile and then said, “Oh my gawd, you are soooo right!”

Yes, yes. I could see it. That is what I love about Human Design. If you are trained really well and are living the science, you can read a chart and go right to the heart of the matter.

“I hear that all the time. I drive my lover crazy because of it.”

Yes, yes. I could see this. “What I would suggest is that you keep this in mind and just manage it a bit. If anything is causing you lots of grief in your life it is this tendency to run amok with this chemistry”, I said in closing.

I knew he wouldn’t understand that he has an open Will, open Spleen and open Head Centers. Nor, would he get his Inner Authority, he could care less. I had his chart handy to show him but I could see that most of what I would say would fall on deaf ears.

But that little bit of information that I shared with him will sit there like a seed and he will learn, he will learn, by and by. If he is meant to learn Human Design, he will be back for more. Now his mind knows that he is seen. It won’t forget that.

He got his prescription.

When I meet a heavily defined emotional being, the first thing I say when I look at their chart is, “Oh my goodness, you are soooo slow in realizing what you want and sometimes it takes days and days before you really know what you want, if ever, honey! It’s like there is this fog, a haze over your ability to see things clearly. You need to give your self plenty of time sweetheart, don’t let others push you into things”

At first they have no idea what I am talking about. But over the course of a several seconds I watch the prescription start to sink in. Their facial expression changes, their eyes soften and their shoulders relax.

They may still not know what I am talking about but weeks or months later, as time goes by, I do get a message from them or they tell me that they can see just how slow they are and the lack of clarity that comes with it. They also tell me how good it feels to say to people “not now” and just how much their life has changed knowing these few things about them selves.

They got their prescription.

This is the beauty of Human Design.

You can’t get there just through self-education. I have taken many classes and many of them over and over. It has taken years and years of study, practice, training with different teachers and my own observation to get to the point where you can accurately interpret a chart at first glance in a helpful, effective way.

It takes approximately seven years of professional training before you are ready to actually read a chart. There is no way around this. I can see the reason behind the method of training analysts and taking it a step at a time through Living Your Design, ABC’s and RAVE Cartography. Then you have the PTL course (Professional Analysts Training), which takes a minimum of four years if done correctly.

I can also see that a person does go through a seven-year cycle of transformation with the knowledge. There is no speeding it up. You get a whole different perspective when you wake up naturally with the mechanics in the seven-year process, year by year. Even at three years you are going to think you got it and that you are able to cheat the process but you will find that more things just keep opening up and you discover how little you really know. It is very humbling to sit deeply in the process.

What makes an exceptional analyst is when they are aware. It is easy to gather this knowledge and get all filled up with all kinds of interesting trivia. I watch people become instant experts when they think they got it intellectually and have paid the hefty price to be designated. They can download all kinds of interesting information that makes them sound really smart but it loses its ability to transform on a deep level.


If you haven’t been trained, you can make a big mistake in the prescriptions you are handing out. Bad prescriptions have an equally powerful impact on a person’s life. I have heard from many people who have been introduced to Human Design by someone who is not professionally trained and they have received the wrong information about how they really operate. It can be very damaging and confusing. It is imperative that respect is given to the educational process of becoming a true analyst.

About thee years into my process of learning and living Human Design, I was told by someone in the Human Design community about a particular activation in my chemistry. They sought me out to tell me a little bit about my chart and I asked him to interpret a particular activation that I was curious about.

When he told me about this activation, it felt very strange. I felt like I had stepped through the doorway of the wrong room. But I took it in and allowed it to ride in the back of my consciousness. It haunted me for a couple of years. I just couldn’t grasp what this person told me and I was terribly confused by it.

A couple of years later in my professional analyst training I saw what that activation really meant in my chemistry. It was completely different than what the man had told me. It became obvious to me in that instant that this person had not been fully trained or truly tuned into the teachings.

What this man had told me about myself sat there for a few years festering in me as though it might shed light on my life path. It was a very bad seed with a negative impact that only served to stir my mental tapes and create lots of confusion.

Had this person followed the professional protocol in training for accurately reading a chart, they would have never said anything like they did. It was obvious to me as I gained my training that the man had imposed his own idea of what the keynote and I Ching line might mean. His interpretation was vastly different from what the true interpretation really is of that activation in my chemistry.

Giving prescriptions based on assumptions is reckless behavior in sharing the teachings.

When I discovered what that activation in my chemistry really means, it was as if a huge door had been unlocked and the light of day came streaming through my consciousness.

Being the victim of someone who decided to short cut the training process of becoming a true professional analyst taught me a big lesson about the importance and the responsibility of translating a person’s genetic makeup. I take it very seriously.

It takes about twelve years of education, study and experience before you can really teach the science and truly read the charts accurately and effectively. That is the same amount of time that it takes to get a PhD and the license to hand out a prescription.

When I encounter a teacher who has been living this science radically, their aura is really clear, stable, grounded and smooth. It feels really, really good. And I am changed, a little more open, a little more smooth, a little more relaxed. It’s a good prescription.


2014 Kashi Stone

Variables: Left and Right

Posted in VARIABLE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

When we look at “variables”, an advanced level of the Human Design teachings, we find the golden key for dialing in a stress-free life with a positive kind of flow. Through the science of variables an opportunity is provided to dial in a way of operating that transforms life and brings a state of grace and ease into everyday activities.

For instance, each human brain consists of four parts that are definitively right or left brain hard-wired. In that hard-wiring are four separate components and the degree of right or left in one’s own human operating system. This formula speaks volumes on how an individual cognizes reality, moves through life, digests food for feeding the brain, as it describes the perfect environment for thriving, too.


The “Variables” is probably the most significant body of work behind the purpose of the Human Design science, outside of understanding TYPE. Once a person can determine how a brain functions best, what type of environment meets its needs for optimum performance and health and so on, then, we gain a level of empowerment in our being that gently leads us into fabulous, new experiences and encounters. One is gradually, firmly aligned with their destiny and purpose surrounded by the right people and in a graceful flow with life events.

The conundrum for most, as they journey the path of Human Design, is that this state of perfection is created through living out Type, Strategy and Inner Authority. Many Human Design enthusiasts become students, following a homogenized strategic learning process and lose the experience of evolving into their fullest potential.

Ra Uru Hu repeatedly emphasized this fact but continued developing programs to expand offerings because the marketplace was hungry for more. For this reason, most students of Human Design end up in a state of confusion more than the understanding of who they are, why they are here and where they are headed. Evolution is fostered through a spiritual process, not an intellectual, strategic formula.

It’s important to grasp that Human Design is about how the human system operates IN THE PROGRAM. Many misinterpret the science to be a spiritual teaching and turn it into a dogma, unable to allow the next level of their evolutionary experience. It is important to let go of intellectual stimulation at some point and just observe the science in action, inside the body, the mind and the life. At a rudimentary level in the practice of the mechanics, the “Variables” get turned on and suddenly, you are you.

I will never forget the time Ra and I shared a discussion about variables at the beginning of my practice. He mentioned that I was “right”, “cave” environment and “cold thirst”. Not knowing the advanced knowledge, and in deep spiritual search outside of Human Design for many years, I was already sleeping in a cave-like environment and drinking ice-cold lemonade throughout the day. This is the point. If we can dial in who we are naturally, in our own skin, then we have landed in our “variable” and our brain is functioning at optimum performance.

If a person wants to know if they have dialed in their path in life, then, find out the variable and see if it matches your current life description. If not, then gain a deeper understanding of your inner authority and strategy for your type. Once a person is following their inner authority, managing open center activity and using the strategy for their type, life has a sweetness and an effortless flow towards productivity and positive happenings. This makes the purpose of knowing variables, simply, as a tool to measure progress, effectively.

You can find variable calculator here:

But no matter how hard one tries to apply the variable combination determined for their constitution, it will never sink in until one aligns with their own internal navigation system through feeling their body, paying attention to subtle sensations in the aura and cues from the senses on how to navigate life through the program, effectively, correctly.





Ra’s Words of Wisdom

The Creative Potential Inherent in the Right

“The great tragedy for me of what has taken place in the lives of the Rights since 1781 is this incredible wonder of this all-seeing that has never been given its due, never been given respect, never been allowed to emerge on this plane. Oh yeah, it comes out in some ways, because as I will describe to you as we move through this process, the Right brings creativity. And so there is this deep creative resource that does emerge at times. Some of the most creative people that I have in my life are deeply, deeply Right beings.
You can see that their creative potential is something that is just limitless. There is no end to the possibilities. As a matter of fact, the only thing that limits their creativity is the pressure of the strategic world to narrow their focus and try to get them to be creative in certain ways.”
excerpt from: Post 77 – Originally posted at www.ihdschool .com. Copyright protected 2004-2014©. All Rights Reserved. Jovian Archive Media Inc”


Through a constant stream of creative projects and a diligent pursuit of my individuality, the variable formula that is correct for me, naturally landed in my system. But it took almost thirty years before it became the primary operating system governing all activity. When it finally became my true trajectory, on all levels. then ecstasy starte
d happening in my being.

Perhaps avoiding the tutelage of the advanced knowledge, the superfluous amount of wordage for being present, aware, still and patient in a state of surrender, missed my very right brain as I naturally stumbled into ‘rightness’ doing what I love. When I chose to surrender and to let go, a divinely inspired life became reality.

Another moment in time, fall of 2011, sitting in a second level class of PHS, Primary Health System of Human Design, a four-year analyst course training program, a student spoke out about her difficulty in understanding her inner authority and how it operates. She was also terribly confused about her strategy and so on. Unfortunately, everyone spoke about their difficulty grasping once it was initiated by the Manifestor student, in class, on that fateful day.

In that moment of startling observation, I made a crucial decision to end my intellectual pursuit of the science and to journey into my own experience of awakening and evolving. If a student has not grasped their inner authority or their strategy by the fourth year of education, then, there is a serious problem in the transformational ability that this science promotes and how it is dispensed.

Eventually, through my practice and many years of personal study, Simply, Human Design, experiential self-study program was born naturally, by accident. It was a wonderful surprise when it revealed itself to me. I was truly taken by surprise when I saw that it was ready to be organized for release.

At the same time, over the past few years, a book has been written, which has nothing to do with Human Design yet, has kept me in ecstasy most of the time during its creation. Performing research for my teachings, conducting private readings, teaching class and writing my personal books keep me in a perpetual state of ecstasy. Therefore, I do nothing else but those things and allow life to happen. It is never happening the way I design in the mind as I go about my busy activity or how I might hope or however I might try to create with all my efforts to initiate or cause.

On the contrary, it always happens better than what my mind could possibly conceive when I relax and allow. This is how my Higher Self speaks to me, through the subtle sensations that happen in my CHAKRAS, the spinal adjustments and through the tightness, or not, in my muscles and joints. Therefore, I relax and trust, watch and observe, learn and grow, which brings this delicious, ecstatic state into my whole being settled into its favorite thing.

This is what happens when we are busy doing what we love and patient with the unfolding of life events; we get turned on and purposeful. Life is so much slower than people realize; for this reason, meditation and initiation is the medicine for real transformation.

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Blessings on your journey ~






Written by Kashi Stone, 2018