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TYPE and the Emotional Aura

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Historically, Manifestors have lived the role of king, queen or priests and ruled over large groups of humans.

Since Manifestors have ruled throughout history it is easy for them to gain authority and power over others. They have established basic human laws and all spiritual and material hierarchies as an attempt to maintain control and not to be challenged. They are distinctly patriarchal, yang yang energy.

Manifestors are designed initiate.

The Manifestors gift is to be able to act independently. Because of this, Manifestors may feel like the rest of the world is moving in slow motion. Manifestors can make things happen without other people but they can only do so much so they need the other Types to fulfill their goals.

Manifestors often do not fit into groups easily, perceived as uncontrollable. Being designed to operate independently, this can become their greatest handicap. Manifestors are not here to do hard work but they have to be allowed to do their own thing and remain uncontrollable in their own environment doing their own thing.

Manifestors must wait, like all of us, but when the moment comes to act, they must inform all those concerned even though they might face rejection.

Manifestors have to accept rejection on a deep cellular level. Rejection is their issue. If they live their design those who matter will never reject them. They will be loved simply for who they are – simple, powerful, untamable, freedom loving people.

Manifestors are simply here to enjoy. It is a gift from the gods. Whatever the Manifestor does now is for them and the only responsibility they have is to enjoy the reward by being their Self.


Manifestors strategies are different according to age – as a child they are taught to ask for permission and as an adult – they have to inform before they do something. This is the most difficult thing for a Manifestor. However, courage to practice this strategy will make a huge difference in their life and for those around them.

Emotional Manifestors have to wait out their wave before they know when, why and whom to inform about what. Sometimes it is difficult to hold back emotional energy and wait, however, it always pays off in the end.


Will I be allowed?
As a doer, they don’t need anybody to act and therefore they are deeply reluctant to ask others. They can feel as though they are giving their power over if they inform, so they usually don’t bother informing and take what they want when they want it.

Most manifestors never learn how to ask or inform. Thus, they end up being punished, which feeds distrust of others and so the circle continues.

Because Manifestors can take what they want when they want and can, they tend to behave this way in relationships. Especially with men – “You are mine, I am taking you”. Relationships that begin this way end in disaster.

Through informing the little things, you can avoid resistance and crisis. It also helps if the Manifestor informs who they love and want to be with.

Emotional Authority
This kind of person has the potential for enormous power when they are making others wait for their decisions to be clear. Natural decision making strategy is to “play hard to get” before clear decision.

This type of Manifestor is likely to react making decision before waiting for clarity to emerge. Also, with defined head centers, likely to make decisions before waiting, relying on mind to know –  it doesn’t.  The worst enemy is the mind – with the mind tending to take control of a situation, forcing a premature decision, which will eventually turn on U.

If you do not use strategy, waiting until clear in emotions, you will meet resistance and rejection from others. Most manifestors are uncontrollable and dangerous because they do not follow their strategy.

Manifestors in the world

In truth, Manifestors are all pussycats that do not really resonate with the rest of humanities need to work. They are not really concerned with being useful. Most just want a quiet life where they are left alone to do their own thing.




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33% Pure Generators

Generators have tremendous wealth of energy and power, although they cannot use it directly. The key to the generator is – RESPONSE. Nothing is more powerful than a Generator who acts through RESPONSE.

When a Generator waits, they create a magical black hole that attracts everyone to them. When a Generator waits, others come over and ask them. Every Generator has a fear that if they do nothing, no one will ask them anything. But every Generator who has courage to wait, soon sees how unfounded the fear is.

Like the High Priestess of Delphi, you have to come to them and ask, otherwise they give you nothing. This is the perfection of the Generator.

The great handicap of Generators is impatience. Generators are conditioned not to wait and to be busy making things happen for themselves. The irony is that if even they succeed in attaining dreams, they remain deeply unsatisfied, because they never waited to see what their dreams were.



Most Generators are frustrated working the wrong jobs, living with the wrong people, eating the wrong food and feeling a lack of purpose in life. The main reason for all of this is ignorance.

The Generator child must be raised so that they do not feel pressure to know. You cannot say to a Generator child, “go and clean up your room”. You are not giving them a chance to feel their sacral response. Even though they may say “No”, they need to feel their own response. Then, once they feel it – you can reason with them.

Generator Voice:

Generators make a wide range of grunting, squealing and mewing sounds. Thus generator children are often forced from an early age to stop making sounds and to articulate in words. This is where the conditioning begins. By being allowed these early response sounds, Generators develop the correct patterns in life, both emotionally and non. If they are not encouraged to express their truth in this healthy way – their doorway to truth closes and they are cut off from developing self-esteem and self love.


Generator Question 

“Will I be asked?”

This question is the deepest fear of every Generator. There is only one answer: wait and ride it out.   Every Generator has to learn to ride out frustration. They often feel that they will not be asked or asked the right question. The great irony of being a Generator is that they have the easiest opportunity to become truly aware of all the 4 types. Their path is very simple – all they have to do is RESPOND. Nothing else. If they do that, they will actually see who and what is perfect for them and will eventually understand and see the way the timing moves. The Generator is designed to move with the flow of life, taking their cues as they appear.



All Generators have their sacral center “defined” or filled in. This center is located second from the bottom in the middle channel. This center mirrors the throat center. It speaks without articulation and gives a :vital” response – it is the place of the “Generator Voice”.

It speaks in three distinct ways:

1)    As language when it is connected to the throat

2)    Sub-vocal sounds and grunts

3)    Surge of energy towards commitment

Sacral center source of life energy stays from birth to death. It does not require phases of regeneration and rest to recharge batteries.

This is the only center that operates differently between women and men. In a woman, its peak energy is 33-34, in men, their peak energy time is at age 18.

A defined sacral center generates a constant energy buzz in the body. It is often experienced as restless energy. Sacral people find it difficult to sit still until they are exhausted at the end of the day.



Generators have to know when they are involved in the right activity. They always have to go through barriers of frustration and not give up or they will end up doing something else that is not right for them. When they move through their frustration, their true power emerges. Whether or not you love it  – makes all the difference in enduring and succeeding.



If a Generator is committed to what they are doing and have the energy to endure the time of frustration, and the patience – a metamorphis will come.

A Generator never realizes when this happens – it just happens. The period of enduring can be short or long. But when a metamorphis comes – their skill and expertise is to take another level. This cycle continues, level to level of mastery  – this is your path – the level of mastery over something.

It is essential Generators understand the feeling of “feeling stuck” and that it is a very natural part of their lives. It is because they generate and do not manifest. Allow the feeling of “stuck” and do not become frustrated.

Another way to avoid frustration is to allow for sacral sound language (Generator Voice). This is the ancient language before mutation development of the larynx. It is important to observe and pay attention to the moans and grunts you make on a daily basis, as your truth.

The other profundity is you are not able to question with a grunt, which proves that generators do not initiate. The throat center initiates communication, where sacral responds. This response of grunting and or moaning tells them what commitment is right for them.

The moment that they try to initiate, they lose all their power.




The Sacral Center does not have articulate vocabulary so it can never give a reason for a decision that it makes. This is one of the reason why other types often manipulate sacral people = because they do not trust the impulse within them.

Sacral response is so pure it bypasses all awareness together. It doesn’t matter what you think or what you feel, the life force knows what is right for you.

If a sacral responds, “unhu” as a no response – there is no energy there to do it and they will not have the commitment to move through different levels of stuck to attain level of mastery.

The manipulation of sacral people is that they are influenced by mind and emotion in decision-making and do not allow the life force to guide them.

Sacral people are great quitters in life. They often do not stay with things because they do not answer with sacral. So many sacral make commitments that become a torment for them. The main disease is frustration with life and feeling unfulfilled.


Sacral people must learn to wait and trust in their waiting. If they do not wait to hear self in decision-making – they can miss opportunities to fulfill life’s purpose. Wait- don’t initiate.

Generators are here to attain mastery in life. Once they have learned to relax and respond, they must understand life is a journey through different plateaus. Even though they feel they get stuck, they are about to make an evolutionary leap on their path to mastery. Ironically, it is at this point that most Generators give up. As long as they begin correctly, they will have staying power to move through levels to mastery.




Generators are not to initiate relationships. Generators always need someone else outside of themselves to initiate a response. Generators have to learn to play their own strategy. You have to learn to “FLIRT” with your own energy field.


As a Generator, you can begin a conversation and see which way the response moves. In a relationship, generators have to throw the ball first and then get some kind of response. The other generator will have to ask similar questions to get asking generators truth in a sacral response. They could be initiating something only coming from their thoughts and not their truth.

Many Generators end up in relationships that are very detrimental for them and cause deep frustration. This is often because they decide with their mind, who they want to be rather than seeing who comes to their door.


Generator STRATEGY

The strategy of a Generator is to RESPOND and resist the temptation to INITIATE.

Generators should never take the first step. Action for them always arises out of receptivity. Generators have to trust in power of waiting and being patient.

All the generators power rests in their response. By waiting to respond, generators ensure that it is always they who correctly set the terms, rather than those who ask.


Generators are responding to life 24/7. The response can be a tone or simply a silent response, a feeling inside. As long as they don’t initiate – they are always on track.

A Generator eliminates resistance through waiting to respond. When a generator follows strategy, their tendency to overwork and over-commit comes into balance and harmony. They begin to feel their own life power and learn to share it productively with others on their own terms. If they ignore their strategy, they often end up in wrong careers and wrong relationships and instead of seeing life force generating and then observing it degenerating into decay.



One of the most powerful and deeply frustrating is a defined emotional Generator. These people have a wait to respond strategy, then wait again, to be clear about their response. If they trust their design, they will be deeply surrendered and a patient person.

Emotional Generators cannot respond immediately. They have to play hard to get. When they are asked, “Do you want this job?” and they hear themselves say, “Uhu”. They have to add – “even though it feels perfect now – I have to sleep on it”. This is their correct behavior pattern because they cannot know what to generate unless they have gone through their emotional wave. Generators have to get used to saying “yes, But….” This behaviour is a way of hearing, seeing, and learning that takes place over a movement of time.


Work out what resistance is. If you meet resistance, you can be sure you just initiated. The more you avoid resistance, the more you will find your self in a response field.

Experimenting with waiting and responding allows for synchronicity/ magical moments — when timing of universe reveals itself without doing anything.   The more you practice, the more synchronicity becomes commonplace. It is as though a blanket field of energy covers you and you are living fully within it. This is the flow of life – the response field.


If the door doesn’t open easily, wait and see. Perhaps another will open somewhere else.


Generators are the builders, powerhouses – the essence of intelligence and creativity.  We are not here to be led by anyone or anything. We are here to create a light field around this planet = we are the heart of humanity.

If you know how to be yourself – your aura begins to hum. It communicates in quantum world beyond thoughts and words – where we connect to the source of life.

Generator aura is that of a Buddha – yin – it declares, “I am available for life to flow through me”. It is like a hollow vessel that cannot be grasped. It shapes itself around the moment in perfect symmetry to the immediate environment.

The Generator is like a black hole, inviting all life inwards, irresistible, and infinite in depth. It is not built for speed but for sustainment. Life moves through the limitations of the gearbox for generators from level to level to mastery.



There is the most “subtle” feeling that occurs when you are about to ask someone for something ~ or suggest something to someone. It is a very subtle energy that resembles anxiety. Try it and notice the sensation  ~ a hesitation, a doubt, a little confusion or fear. This is initiating  – STOP – don’t do it!

Hold your thought ~ your intention and release it to the universe. Take a deep breath and trust. Wait until a sensation or a person appears and then you can decide if you want to respond.

How does it feel?

What does your moan or groan say when you ask yourself what you want to do?

Are you peaceful?

Are you calm or in joy?

Yes? – then do it!

No?  – don’t do it!

MANTRA for Generator:

“Do not initiate”

“Never take the first step”

“No tomorrow, no tomorrow, lets see what comes”




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Aura: Resistant and SamplingReflector

Reflectors have no fixed definition in their charts, which means that all of their Center’s are white with very little definition. That definition changes with the transits and by who is in their aura. The Reflector brings ultimate justice to reality by reflecting everything around them and by judging what is going on.

The Reflector is very different from the other types. The other types can be referred to as ‘solar’ types wit their chemistry rooted in the sun. The Reflector is the only lunar type, reflecting the imprint of the moon.

Reflectors are not necessarily interested in themselves or the other, nor are they concerned about their impact. They are interested in knowing who they are today because every day is different. They are connected to the larger program of planetary transits.

Reflectors are the most resilient of all of the types because of their resistant and sampling of aura’s. Their aura resists taking in the ‘other’ too deeply and it allows for them to sample the aura of the other so that the can discover if the other is ready to step out and express their uniqueness rather than be absorbed in the homogenized world.

If Reflectors understand their design and know themselves well, they are completely protected from identifying with anything at all. They have the ability to see things in a way that no one else can and magnify everything and everyone around them.

They are a key in the global conscious field filtering consciousness and detecting a ‘blip’ when something is unusual or out of the ordinary. They can tell who is ready to break the mold of the homogenized world, point them out of the crowd and lead them to their own unique expression. This is what really surprises a Reflector and brings them joy.

The greatest gift is to read others and to be one with the totality. They have the opportunity for a mystical life that many of us cannot know. Unfortunately, most Reflectors are living the homogenized life and try to be something they are not. As long as they maintain a wonder about life, detaching from the state of the world to stay in disappointment. It is important to stay present with the moment, reflecting each moment.

The most important issue for a Reflector is the right environment and the right community. . Reflectors need to be in the heart of the community so that they can learn from those around them while not becoming dependant on them.

With an Open G Center, the Reflector is highly sensitive to the environment and the people in it. If they are uncomfortable, then they are in the wrong place. If Reflectors are in a sick environment, they may get sick themselves or not feel well.

The Reflectors Strategy is unique from the other types in that it moves with the moon’s 28 day cycle where it transits through all the 64 gates in the bodygraph. There is a consistency in the Reflectors process by the imprint of the moon set for them for life. In the monthly moon transit cycle, The moon moves through its cycle ‘hooking’ up gates opposite what is defined in the chart causing a definition pattern that is consistent in the Reflectors life. Charting the moons movement through their chart is essential for Reflectors.

“All of the possibilities of conditioning, is what the Reflector is here to take in.

But it is not what you are here to succumb to. You are not here to be emotional beings, you’re not here to feel good all the time, otherwise you’ll lose your alertness and stop really being of value.

You’re not here to be workers, you’re not. You’re here to be critics, you’re here to be guides, you’re here to be judges, you’re here to be sensors. You’re here to be those that can truly sense what is going on around you.

But first, you have to be healthy, and being healthy for you begins with entering into the right place correctly. Once you have the right place, as a base, you can build from that. But you really have to see, how important it is for you to understand;

Don’t be like everybody else!

You know, this is essential for you, don’t get caught in that, it is not who you are.” Ra Uru Hu on Reflectors




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Approximately 37% of the population are Manifesting Generators, which are a combination of Generators and Manifestors.MG

They have to balance characteristics of both Types. They process the anger of the Manifestor and inform others at key moments. They also must process the frustration of the Generator and wait for the right timing to act on things.

The Manifesting Generator’s aura is like a Warrior Buddha. There is no other aura on earth like it. It is the perfect coincidence of Yin/Yang energy effortlessly moving at light speed for sustainable periods of time when it is doing something that it loves.

Manifesting Generators are like a Manifestor compressed to fit inside a Generator vehicle. The Manifestor yearns to leap into action and the Generator must wait for good timing. Every time the Manifesting Generator leaps into something without waiting to respond – they will meet resistance. They can be most erratic and impatient of all Types.

Manifesting Generators are designed to be doing what they love in life. If they are not fulfilled, they will be deeply angry and frustrated inside.

Manifesting Generators secret is the feminine. They represent a struggle and fusion between male and female poles. The Manifesting Generator is the untamed wildness of the warrior and the silence and surrender of the Buddha.

For women, life is expression of cosmic balancing act. When you allow the warrior to lead, the Buddha is thrown off center and the resistance met is extraordinary. But when you allow the Buddha to lead life, in patience and quiet trust, then the aura really begins to burn brightly.

Sadly, few Manifesting Generators are able to anchor into the feminine energy to fulfill their highest potential. Through the practice of patience, the yin quality is strengthened, bringing balance to the chemistry.


Manifesting Generators, My Friends

The Fastest Racehorse of Them All


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Human Design demonstrates that there are four distinct types of humans: Manifestor (9%), Projectors (20%), Reflectors (less than 1%) and Generators (Over 65%). Generators are sub-categorized into Manifesting Generators (33%) and Pure Generators (37%). This distinction in type is found in the aura. Manifestors have a repelling aura, Projectors have a very focused aura, Reflectors have a ‘teflon’ like aura as they sample and taste energies, Generators have an aura that radiates and takes in simultaneously.

Each type has a strategy in which the being aura and makes decisions. Manifestors strategy is to ‘inform’, Projectors strategy is to ‘wait to be invited’, Reflectors strategy is to ‘wait a full moon cycle before making a final decision’ and the Generator strategy is to ‘wait to respond’.

My Manifestor Cat

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Juju on a limb

It may seem funny that an Emotional Generator with no Throat is attempting to write about the art of being a Manifestor; it is, really. But the thought of writing this commentary kept coming back after each time I dismissed it as ridiculous so I decided it was worthy of exploration.

My observation on the art of being a Manifestor is living with a Manifestor cat, Splenic Manifestor mother, a long-term best friend Manifestor and close Manifestor friends. For some reason I attract Manifestors into my life. We seem to have some kind of a symbiosis of perspective, on the whole, I suppose, I don’t know.

I have been with my cat for over eleven years. I have always wanted a cat I could hold, hug, sleep with, brush and sit on my lap. I never got one. Instead I got a Manifestor cat that will allow me to pet him for about 30 seconds and then he bites my hand. “That is enough”, he says to me. That’s all I get. He won’t allow me to brush him, I can’t get near him for more than a few seconds but I know he loves me madly. I can tell. He never wanders far from me and he is incredibly loyal. He is truly my familiar.

He does his own thing, I can’t tell him what to do. He shows me what he is going to do and I have to accept it. I have never seen an animal display such a strong expression of anger like he does through his eyebrows, ears and eyes. I have to sit down and just behave when he looks at me like that! He is something else. As a juicy, emotional Generator with an open G center, I am never going to get the love I want from him.

On another note, my mother is a Splenic Manifestor. Ra Uru Hu mentions in one of his audio’s on Aura’s, how particularly difficult it is for Splenic Manifestor Mothers and their children and I get it. I can really feel it as an Emotional Generator who is so open and looking for juice in return but coming up against something entirely different than me.

I absolutely love and adore my mother. I always have and always will. She is one of the most talented, intelligent, beautiful women I know. I am so glad to be her daughter and to have her genes. I can feel her inside of me but we are so different as individuals in our own skin and aura.

I remember as a child crawling up onto her lap and feeling her push me away, brushing me off because it was too much for her. As an Emotional Generator with an open G center looking for love and affection, I was devastated, truly, each time. Before long, I began to develop a ‘tough’ skin to the Splenic Manifestor aura and we started to become strangers in our differences.

It’s pretty obvious to me as I look over time and see just how she did not like and still does not like informing. Manifestors really can hate it. It’s like training the being to do something completely different then it has ever encountered, like a new religion; it is a really tough process, I can see this.

Especially in my best friend who is an Emotional Manifestor power house. Lordy, this girl has a powerhouse chart like I have never seen. She is lit up to activate and be something special. We share the channel 41/30 in companionship. This brings us a juicy friendship that is a lot of fun.

In this relationship, I watch her learn the “art of informing” as she grows in her knowledge and practice of Human Design.

I have watched for many years her reluctance and hesitancy to tell anyone anything. I didn’t understand it and I was quite frustrated by it.

All kinds of judgments, opinions and disappointments would ensue from not understanding what was going on. We both created drama around the uneasiness with frustration, anger, misunderstanding and chaos. It’s not much fun.

What a cool turn of relating when we both clicked into how it feels when she informs and I receive that informing. Everything changed in the way we relate from that point when the practice began to be implemented.

I’m amazed at how nice it feels when a Manifestor actually applies the time and energy to gracefully say, “Hey, this is what I am doing when and where. It may change but this is what is up. If you need me, this is where I will be or I will get back with you then”. It’s done. The ripple around the Manifestor is smoothed out and everything is flowing.

Yet, there is one more piece to the art of being a Manifestor, I noticed. I see that Manifestors are hesitant to initiate contact out of fear or projection. This is where being tuned into what being a Manifestor is about is really helpful.

Over 92% of the Planet is designed NOT to initiate. If a Manifestor understands how it operates and that others are not designed to initiate, it understands why someone is not calling first, writing first, initiating contact, etc. The Manifestor aura is pushing away and creating a sensation of ‘go away’ for the other.

For the one standing on the other side, experiencing the Manifestor, it is a different story. For me, I am hesitant to approach. So much so, being highly sensitive and emotional, I don’t move in that direction. I withdraw. I can’t move towards the Manifestor aura until it recognizes me or reaches out to me. I just can’t move. There is nothing I can do about it. It almost hurts my body because it feels so uncomfortable. I have to completely rely on them initiating interaction with me.

Before I understood that my mother was a Manifestor, I thought she did not like me. I knew she loved me but I felt a strange kind of rejection I couldn’t put my finger on. There was this huge surprise when I plugged in the information and found out that she was actually Splenic, which is very cold to the emotional and that she is a Manifestor, which is going to feel even more cold to a Generator.

Once I saw that I felt deep compassion and sympathy for what she has felt through out her life living with those around her who have not understood her.


I have a good friend who is an Ego Manifestor.

This Ego Manifestor friend of mine was smart and cool. It was easy to talk Human Design with him and he liked playing with it. We worked together in the same office so it was easy to begin experimenting with the chemistry in the aura and definitions that we carried as co-workers.

I ran the administration office and he ran the tech office. Whenever I needed to have a discussion with the directors regarding financial matters, I would ask him to come in and sit beside me and not say a word, unless necessary. I was just using his aura to complete a stream of energy to negotiate with his Manifestor magic. Of course, he had to agree with me in what I was doing and it had to be immensely practical. It doesn’t just work because both auras are sitting there. There has to be reasonable force behind it.

It was actually easier for me to negotiate when he was in my presence. It may have been because we both have defined Will Centers or just because he is a Manifestor. I don’t know.

What was most interesting in our experiments was when I needed something. I would ask him to get it for me and he always brought it to me within moments. It was incredible. He understood his manifesting powers and got what was needed.

If I had tried any of the techniques he used to acquire what I needed, I would have failed miserably. I saw that fact clearly.


As a Manifestor, play with the experiment of informing and see how it makes everything a little smoother for you and reduces resistance. If you are thinking of someone, chances are that they are thinking of you. Reach out and make it a little easier on them and make the connection first; it will be feel so much better for both of you.

Informing is felt like turning the dial on a radio. You are tuning in a frequency of clear connection and audio reception. It really is magic. If it is a clear reception, you are going to get a great response. If you are not clear in your informing, you are going to get lots of static and complaints from everyone around you.

Only 9% of the population on our Planet are Manifestors. You are simply unique, beautiful and magical.

You are very, very fortunate. Use it wisely so you can reap the benefits!


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21% of population on planet

The Projectors natural position is at the top of the hierarchy, designed to be the guide of the energy types. Projectors recognize talents and capabilities of Generators and Manifesting Generators and can guide them in the most efficient use of their energy.

Power for manifesting is given to generators who do not know how to use it without the help of Projectors. Projectors do not have this kind of manifesting life force themselves and will soon be exhausted if they expend energy in the same way as Generators.

Projectors are great organizers and net-workers and have the knack for bringing the right combination of people together to accomplish a task. They are the natural middle-man and ultimately, it is up to them to maintain harmony in the world.

Recognizing a Projector ~           

The most important thing for a Projector is to be recognized – their greatest secret is people.  They absolutely have to have the right people around them – and that is those who recognize them. If people do not recognize a Projector – the Projector becomes an energy drain.

The appropriate recognition is key. When a Projector hears, “I always feel so inspired when I am with you”, every cell in their body literally lites up, because that person has truly recognized them. If someone gives a compliment that does not make sense – it may feel good – but it is not the right recognition.

For Projectors exhaustion and fatigue go hand in hand often creating debilitating disease or a short life span. Projectors tend to compromise searching for recognition creating exhaustive conditions from the wrong relationships.

If a Projector does not wait to be recognized, they become ill from the energy of those around them. Projectors are not designed to take on the burdens of others. Their true role is to guide the energy types and let them do the things they are not equipped to handle.

It is essential that a Projector is recognized for who they ARE and not for who they are not.


Waiting to be Invited ~

Projectors often make the mistake of inviting rather than “wait to be invited”. In restlessness and insecurity, they often rush to invite the other, another form of initiating.

Projectors must absolutely NOT initiate – they must wait to be invited. There are four types of “invitations” that Projectors are waiting for:

Invitation to Love

Invitation to Career

Invitation to bond with others

Invitation for a place to live


The Projector must RELAX and STAY SILENT

A Projectors aura is very specific. It can be felt across a room and has a very distinct frequency. Anyone who is attuned to their frequency will notice them immediately.

The Projector aura does all the talking and soon naturally brings out the invitation from the other. When Projectors learn to trust in their silent chemistry, many opportunities come their way.

The mantra for a Projector is:

“Wait for a formal invitation that is just right for me”

This is the strategy to eliminate resistance as it makes life sweet. Everything else just unfolds if the Projector learns to trust their chemistry.

Projectors auras are magical. It draws the right attention and protects them. Anyone who is not naturally drawn to them will be unhealthy for them. All a projector has to do is sit back and wait to see who comes forward and who does not.

Those with an Emotional Motor / emotional authority must wait to know their truth. They have to sleep on it and wait to be “re-invited”. This can look like missing an opportunity but a decision can look good when you are high on your wave and look horrible when you are low on your wave.

Thus emotional Projectors have to push an offer away or delay it to test it.

If the invitation is perfect, the aura will naturally draw the “re-invite”.

Waiting is the greatest secret – learning to wait transforms the very cells of the body.

Relief of not having to make things fit is a great gift for Projectors.


Relationships ~

Projectors have to receive a formal invite to love and to bond. This is the only way to correctly enter a relationship.

If a woman is interested in a Projector, she will have to do the inviting. If two Projectors are interested in each other – they will have to go through an extended courtship of inviting each other. This is the only time a Projector can invite.

Each Projector needs an invitation to match their own energy. Plus, the nature of the invite is most important of all – if you don’t invite at all and just say – “I really want to be with you” – the relationship will be full of bitterness.

If Projectors do not enter a relationship in the right way, then they will always fall in with the wrong person, becoming the “needy” partner in the relationship.

Projectors are unique in that they transcend status and class. They can be born poor and become very rich. They are designed to move through the social strata of society.


Generators and Projectors ~

Generators and Projectors interlock with each other. The Generators, collectively, create the life of the larger organism of humanity. They are the pure cells that are buzzing day and night, maintaining and building the whole. Projector cells are unique. They have no propulsion of their own, so they drift around on the endless energy of currents created by generators.

These Projectors have certain purposes that only click when they are with the right combination of Generators that “dock in” to receive instructions. Since the Projector has no energy, it cannot initiate but rather it must allow for Generators to notice them and dock in with their own timing – also known as –  magical serendipity.

This recognition process works like a code and key built in to the two types at birth. The Projector holds numerous keys that fit a large array of locks. When the key does not fit – it is very obvious.

The Projector does nothing until they are recognized. Every Projector knows when the key fits. Every cell lites up in their bodies. They also know when it “sorta” fits – those are the critical moments – if not perfect – smile sweetly and walk away.

Perfect combination for manifestation: One Projector and four generators that FIT!

The Special Breed – Projectors

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psychadelic butterfly

During ancient times, the Manifestors and the Generators populated the Earth with a few Reflectors amongst them. Manifestors were men and women of great wealth and power, such as kings and queens, wealthy land barons or priests using Generators to attain their dreams and maintain their rulership.

Eons later, the Manifesting Generator appeared on the scene. This hybrid contains the Sacral Center, just like the Generators but also took on the qualities of the Manifestor. The Manifesting Generator becoming the representation of a super human, phasing out the wide chasm of caste between the Manifestor rulers and the Generator slaves.

For centuries, we have witnessed the Manifesting Generator bridge and unite the castes through the establishment of governments and the refinement of art and culture; we have experienced it through the waging of war and the development of new religions. The Manifesting Generator came in with the fortitude and strength to break down the walls of kingdoms in order to thrive into independent, productive business people, artists and political leaders.

In time, the aggression of war and the search for establishing independence beckoned a new type of human, which began incarnating onto this planet in 1781, when Uranus was first discovered. The advent of this new planetary shift from the Piscean age to the Age of Aquarius, is intended to bring more harmony to the planet, less war, less competition, less greed and less division. The new type of human, the Projector was created and is incarnating to bring greater harmony, deeper understanding, a more efficient way to live and a higher way of loving. It is a timely introduction to the incarnation of this special human that has never before, existed on planet earth.


Seven Year Cycle
As all beings are cellularly impacted every seven years in a cyclical process, the seven-year cycle is paramount for the Projector, in particular.

In gaining awareness, Projectors must assimilate a teaching over a seven-year period in order to achieve the effect, fully. It is a very different process than the energy types: Manifestor, Generator and Manifesting Generator, who begin to witness results immediately when applying a discipline.

During this seven-year process, the Projector assimilates knowledge and gains awareness through observing others. Knowledge through observation builds the power of the Projector.

This same type of seven-year fixed cycle also applies with any relationship or job that the Projector enters into with a promise or a commitment. This is why the relationship with the Inner Authority is paramount, above the strategy.


Projector Life Strategy: InvitationAura 1
For the Projector, their strategy for operating in life is “Waiting for the Invitation”. This special “Invitation” goes hand in hand with the “timing” of life events.

Opportunities come through being in the right place at the right time, surrounded by the right people. This means that being in the correct environment is prime importance to the everyday movement of a Projector.

Most Projectors are not tuned into this delicate sense of timing so they experience a “bumping into” things in a unpleasant way, not necessarily, in a beneficial, serendipitously way.

Projectors bump into rejection, lack of acknowledgment and loss of a great opportunities for work or success. And if they push the sweet flow of life, not waiting for the right timing, they often get “booted out” of the project or moved out of the way or simply deleted. This can be devastating for a Projector to experience.

This is why the Projector must pay special attention to how their aura is responding to life moment-by-moment. Through observing the aura and realizing how information is being transmitted to the brain, the correct cognition automatically, gradually settles in. It’s actually that easy to imprint the cells of the human body and redesign the mental process.


Projectors and Conditioning
As the Projector is interacting, moving about and preparing for success, the most important thing for them to keep in mind is the quality of people surrounding them. The people in a Projector’s environment are critical because Projectors are hardwired to be conditioned.

Since the Projector “plugs into” one person in the moment, they can become highly influenced and conditioned at the same time.

And if the Projector “plugs” into the wrong person who is not healthy for them, it drains their vitality, brings on disease or distracts them terribly from their life path.

In order to protect themselves from hooking into the wrong person, a Projector can actually “eat” a person’s aura to taste and discover whether a person is correct for them or not. There will be a sweet sensation if it is correct and a nasty sensation that makes them turn their head the other way.

It is absolutely critical to pay attention to this sensation of the aura and heed the guidance accordingly if the Projector wants to travel the highest quality life path ahead.


The Projector GuideJacQuaeline
The key for being an effective guide for the Generators and Manifesting Generators is in the art of asking questions. So many Projectors miss this important point thinking that if they are considered a guide in the Human Design science then that means that they are here to tell others what to do. But that is not the case at all.

Because of the way their brain and aura work together, the Projector can naturally, easily “see” what kind of questions to ask. An aware Projector knows that asking the right questions will actually trigger the other into thinking in such a way that it brings clarity and understanding, immediately to that person’s thought process.

And when the Projector does ask the question, they can watch to see who may become easily annoyed while they are asking. This is a big clue.

If someone does become annoyed with the Projector for asking a question, The Projector needs to scratch them off their list. They are not going to recognize the Projector properly and the connection is not fertile enough for success in that moment. It’s a waste of time.

If the Projector has an engaging conversation following the question, they will see that an opportunity will begin to brew in the conversation.


Projectors and Romance
Projectors are not really here for romantic relationships although most would beg to differ. They are actually, naturally, the one type of human that can easily be comfortable as a single, individual expressing their talents and skills while working towards great success directing, assessing, creating and advising.not_so_happy_couple_20318813

The only thing that stops a Projector from realizing their fullest potential in this life is getting “plugged in and stuck” to one person, such as what happens in love relationships.

For the Projector, it is important for them to know when they have plugged into a person for too long, or have remained focused on a project or an event beyond the body’s comfort zone. This awareness is essential in order to maintain good health and keen perception.

Recognition, guiding, and teaching all come from being recognized at the right moment by the right people, “un-plugged” and “tuned in”.


Right place, right time, right people = success.




Written by Kashi Stone 2014

Projectors, the Real Guide

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1/3 Splenic Projector, JacQuaeline


Before the mid 1700’s, there was no Projector aura. The Projector aura, like a cone, penetrating into one person at a time, with a unique mental system is new to our planet.



For millennia, there have been Generator and Manifestor auras and at some point in the history of mankind, a hybrid was created called the Manifesting Generator.

The Manifesting Generator bridges the two distinctly different Types: Generator and Manifestor by blending the resistant aura with an enveloping, “radiating out and taking in energy” type of aura. This creates a very complex, delicate, reactive system that can be easily influenced while containing lots of “horse power” with a delicate operating system.

With this complexity and vulnerability, Manifesting Generators require guidance to get through life as much as Generators do. Fortunately, a Projector mind brings in fresh new perspectives that cause a Generator or Manifesting Generator to feel as though “a light bulb has come on” inside of their mind. But it only happens when the Projector asks a particular question at the right moment. This is the key.

Even though many Projectors make fabulous leaders and teachers, the true art of guiding is relative to asking key questions. This is where most Projectors miss the true definition of what it means to be a “guide”.

In the Human Design community, immediately, people like to prove what they know, get recognition and “teach”. This action is coming from the pressure of the different Centers. I watch many Projectors immediately begin to teach and share what they know thinking they are acting as guides. They are not acting as natural guides. They are acting as teachers under the impulse of pressure. There is a big difference.

In our traditional systems we are not taught to recognize the unique Projector quality. Instead, Projectors are molded into Manifesting Generators and expected to go, initiate, push and expend energy. But Projectors are so different from Generators and Manifesting Generators. Projectors are not “doers”. Cultivating this kind of conditioning in Projectors creates unhealthy expectations and a habit of comparing and competing. This can be very taxing on a Projectors self esteem.

Asking questions seems reverse to expressing leadership and authority. The ego associates asking questions with “not knowing”, which is a pressure of the Ajna. In order to relieve the insecurity that comes with not being recognized properly, there is the tendency to compare and compete. This is the Heart Center pressure that feels like it has to prove something. There is a lot of distortion in the way the ego expresses itself to get recognition, hiding the virtuous character.

Usually, when the Projector does not know that they are a Projector and they do not know anything about Human Design, I get to see what a real, true “guide” really looks like. They are not trying to educate me or show me what they know rather, they exude a kind of “sweetness” in our exchange through their innocent curiosity.

The gem is in the curiosity that is natural in a Projector who is clear. The Projector who is clear is one who sleeps in their own space and maintains the integrity of their own aura. Projectors are easily influenced and highly impressionable while they are sleeping therefore, it is important that they maintain a clear sleeping space, far from other bodies. It makes a big difference in the way a Projector feels and operates throughout the day and a big difference in the guidance that is available, which humanity so desperately needs.

The Projector finds that their own aura is their true guide. Once that understanding is achieved, a communication begins between the aura and the mind, expressing “healthy” or “not healthy” in all activity. This is where the Projector gets to experience individuality first hand. It is also where the Projector mind becomes crystal clear working through aura contact for great opportunities and alpha roles that benefit humanity on a wide level. If only more Projectors truly understood this.

Purple Swirl

Projector minds operate vastly different from Generator, Manifesting Generator, Reflector or Manifestor minds. So, they are best teachers of their own kind, just like Ra Uru Hu taught: Type teaches own Type best.

And teaching is about teaching. It is not guiding. When you see the distinction, you feel it in the body and the aura, profoundly. Guiding through good questions has a life-giving quality to it. That is why it is imperative that Projectors understand how guiding truly operates.

True guiding has nothing to do with how the ego is working on the material plane. True guiding comes from soul communion in a state of innocence. That is a state of enlightenment that gives good guidance through its loving curiosity.

As a true “guide” for the Manifesting Generators and Generators, the key for a Projector is in understanding that an occasional, serendipitous, good question spawned out of a moment of curiosity is golden ~ no matter what kind of work you do.

That one question may lead someone into a life changing direction for the better, which naturally brings you, the Projector, the recognition and success you deserve – no matter what kind of work you do.

It’s that simple.

Written by kashi rachel stone   2016