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Human Design demonstrates that there are four distinct types of humans: Manifestor (9%), Projectors (20%), Reflectors (less than 1%) and Generators (Over 65%). Generators are sub-categorized into Manifesting Generators (33%) and Pure Generators (37%). This distinction in type is found in the aura. Manifestors have a repelling aura, Projectors have a very focused aura, Reflectors have a ‘teflon’ like aura as they sample and taste energies, Generators have an aura that radiates and takes in simultaneously.

Each type has a strategy in which the being aura and makes decisions. Manifestors strategy is to ‘inform’, Projectors strategy is to ‘wait to be invited’, Reflectors strategy is to ‘wait a full moon cycle before making a final decision’ and the Generator strategy is to ‘wait to respond’.

The Special Breed – Projectors

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psychadelic butterfly

During ancient times, the Manifestors and the Generators populated the Earth with a few Reflectors amongst them. Manifestors were men and women of great wealth and power, such as kings and queens, wealthy land barons or priests using Generators to attain their dreams and maintain their rulership.

Eons later, the Manifesting Generator appeared on the scene. This hybrid contains the Sacral Center, just like the Generators but also took on the qualities of the Manifestor. The Manifesting Generator becoming the representation of a super human, phasing out the wide chasm of caste between the Manifestor rulers and the Generator slaves.

For centuries, we have witnessed the Manifesting Generator bridge and unite the castes through the establishment of governments and the refinement of art and culture; we have experienced it through the waging of war and the development of new religions. The Manifesting Generator came in with the fortitude and strength to break down the walls of kingdoms in order to thrive into independent, productive business people, artists and political leaders.

In time, the aggression of war and the search for establishing independence beckoned a new type of human, which began incarnating onto this planet in 1781, when Uranus was first discovered. The advent of this new planetary shift from the Piscean age to the Age of Aquarius, is intended to bring more harmony to the planet, less war, less competition, less greed and less division. The new type of human, the Projector was created and is incarnating to bring greater harmony, deeper understanding, a more efficient way to live and a higher way of loving. It is a timely introduction to the incarnation of this special human that has never before, existed on planet earth.


Seven Year Cycle
As all beings are cellularly impacted every seven years in a cyclical process, the seven-year cycle is paramount for the Projector, in particular.

In gaining awareness, Projectors must assimilate a teaching over a seven-year period in order to achieve the effect, fully. It is a very different process than the energy types: Manifestor, Generator and Manifesting Generator, who begin to witness results immediately when applying a discipline.

During this seven-year process, the Projector assimilates knowledge and gains awareness through observing others. Knowledge through observation builds the power of the Projector.

This same type of seven-year fixed cycle also applies with any relationship or job that the Projector enters into with a promise or a commitment. This is why the relationship with the Inner Authority is paramount, above the strategy.


Projector Life Strategy: InvitationAura 1
For the Projector, their strategy for operating in life is “Waiting for the Invitation”. This special “Invitation” goes hand in hand with the “timing” of life events.

Opportunities come through being in the right place at the right time, surrounded by the right people. This means that being in the correct environment is prime importance to the everyday movement of a Projector.

Most Projectors are not tuned into this delicate sense of timing so they experience a “bumping into” things in a unpleasant way, not necessarily, in a beneficial, serendipitously way.

Projectors bump into rejection, lack of acknowledgment and loss of a great opportunities for work or success. And if they push the sweet flow of life, not waiting for the right timing, they often get “booted out” of the project or moved out of the way or simply deleted. This can be devastating for a Projector to experience.

This is why the Projector must pay special attention to how their aura is responding to life moment-by-moment. Through observing the aura and realizing how information is being transmitted to the brain, the correct cognition automatically, gradually settles in. It’s actually that easy to imprint the cells of the human body and redesign the mental process.


Projectors and Conditioning
As the Projector is interacting, moving about and preparing for success, the most important thing for them to keep in mind is the quality of people surrounding them. The people in a Projector’s environment are critical because Projectors are hardwired to be conditioned.

Since the Projector “plugs into” one person in the moment, they can become highly influenced and conditioned at the same time.

And if the Projector “plugs” into the wrong person who is not healthy for them, it drains their vitality, brings on disease or distracts them terribly from their life path.

In order to protect themselves from hooking into the wrong person, a Projector can actually “eat” a person’s aura to taste and discover whether a person is correct for them or not. There will be a sweet sensation if it is correct and a nasty sensation that makes them turn their head the other way.

It is absolutely critical to pay attention to this sensation of the aura and heed the guidance accordingly if the Projector wants to travel the highest quality life path ahead.


The Projector GuideJacQuaeline
The key for being an effective guide for the Generators and Manifesting Generators is in the art of asking questions. So many Projectors miss this important point thinking that if they are considered a guide in the Human Design science then that means that they are here to tell others what to do. But that is not the case at all.

Because of the way their brain and aura work together, the Projector can naturally, easily “see” what kind of questions to ask. An aware Projector knows that asking the right questions will actually trigger the other into thinking in such a way that it brings clarity and understanding, immediately to that person’s thought process.

And when the Projector does ask the question, they can watch to see who may become easily annoyed while they are asking. This is a big clue.

If someone does become annoyed with the Projector for asking a question, The Projector needs to scratch them off their list. They are not going to recognize the Projector properly and the connection is not fertile enough for success in that moment. It’s a waste of time.

If the Projector has an engaging conversation following the question, they will see that an opportunity will begin to brew in the conversation.


Projectors and Romance
Projectors are not really here for romantic relationships although most would beg to differ. They are actually, naturally, the one type of human that can easily be comfortable as a single, individual expressing their talents and skills while working towards great success directing, assessing, creating and advising.not_so_happy_couple_20318813

The only thing that stops a Projector from realizing their fullest potential in this life is getting “plugged in and stuck” to one person, such as what happens in love relationships.

For the Projector, it is important for them to know when they have plugged into a person for too long, or have remained focused on a project or an event beyond the body’s comfort zone. This awareness is essential in order to maintain good health and keen perception.

Recognition, guiding, and teaching all come from being recognized at the right moment by the right people, “un-plugged” and “tuned in”.


Right place, right time, right people = success.




Written by Kashi Stone 2014

Projectors, the Real Guide

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1/3 Splenic Projector, JacQuaeline


Before the mid 1700’s, there was no Projector aura. The Projector aura, like a cone, penetrating into one person at a time, with a unique mental system is new to our planet.



For millennia, there have been Generator and Manifestor auras and at some point in the history of mankind, a hybrid was created called the Manifesting Generator.

The Manifesting Generator bridges the two distinctly different Types: Generator and Manifestor by blending the resistant aura with an enveloping, “radiating out and taking in energy” type of aura. This creates a very complex, delicate, reactive system that can be easily influenced while containing lots of “horse power” with a delicate operating system.

With this complexity and vulnerability, Manifesting Generators require guidance to get through life as much as Generators do. Fortunately, a Projector mind brings in fresh new perspectives that cause a Generator or Manifesting Generator to feel as though “a light bulb has come on” inside of their mind. But it only happens when the Projector asks a particular question at the right moment. This is the key.

Even though many Projectors make fabulous leaders and teachers, the true art of guiding is relative to asking key questions. This is where most Projectors miss the true definition of what it means to be a “guide”.

In the Human Design community, immediately, people like to prove what they know, get recognition and “teach”. This action is coming from the pressure of the different Centers. I watch many Projectors immediately begin to teach and share what they know thinking they are acting as guides. They are not acting as natural guides. They are acting as teachers under the impulse of pressure. There is a big difference.

In our traditional systems we are not taught to recognize the unique Projector quality. Instead, Projectors are molded into Manifesting Generators and expected to go, initiate, push and expend energy. But Projectors are so different from Generators and Manifesting Generators. Projectors are not “doers”. Cultivating this kind of conditioning in Projectors creates unhealthy expectations and a habit of comparing and competing. This can be very taxing on a Projectors self esteem.

Asking questions seems reverse to expressing leadership and authority. The ego associates asking questions with “not knowing”, which is a pressure of the Ajna. In order to relieve the insecurity that comes with not being recognized properly, there is the tendency to compare and compete. This is the Heart Center pressure that feels like it has to prove something. There is a lot of distortion in the way the ego expresses itself to get recognition, hiding the virtuous character.

Usually, when the Projector does not know that they are a Projector and they do not know anything about Human Design, I get to see what a real, true “guide” really looks like. They are not trying to educate me or show me what they know rather, they exude a kind of “sweetness” in our exchange through their innocent curiosity.

The gem is in the curiosity that is natural in a Projector who is clear. The Projector who is clear is one who sleeps in their own space and maintains the integrity of their own aura. Projectors are easily influenced and highly impressionable while they are sleeping therefore, it is important that they maintain a clear sleeping space, far from other bodies. It makes a big difference in the way a Projector feels and operates throughout the day and a big difference in the guidance that is available, which humanity so desperately needs.

The Projector finds that their own aura is their true guide. Once that understanding is achieved, a communication begins between the aura and the mind, expressing “healthy” or “not healthy” in all activity. This is where the Projector gets to experience individuality first hand. It is also where the Projector mind becomes crystal clear working through aura contact for great opportunities and alpha roles that benefit humanity on a wide level. If only more Projectors truly understood this.

Purple Swirl

Projector minds operate vastly different from Generator, Manifesting Generator, Reflector or Manifestor minds. So, they are best teachers of their own kind, just like Ra Uru Hu taught: Type teaches own Type best.

And teaching is about teaching. It is not guiding. When you see the distinction, you feel it in the body and the aura, profoundly. Guiding through good questions has a life-giving quality to it. That is why it is imperative that Projectors understand how guiding truly operates.

True guiding has nothing to do with how the ego is working on the material plane. True guiding comes from soul communion in a state of innocence. That is a state of enlightenment that gives good guidance through its loving curiosity.

As a true “guide” for the Manifesting Generators and Generators, the key for a Projector is in understanding that an occasional, serendipitous, good question spawned out of a moment of curiosity is golden ~ no matter what kind of work you do.

That one question may lead someone into a life changing direction for the better, which naturally brings you, the Projector, the recognition and success you deserve – no matter what kind of work you do.

It’s that simple.

Written by kashi rachel stone   2016

Projectors and the Art of Guiding

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Lock and key3In the Human Design teachings we learn that Projectors are the new “guides” for humanity. Most people are confused especially Projectors because it’s not really clear how this new kind of guiding works, exactly. There is no real manual for directing the process of guiding nor is there a clear, precise example as to how this special new kind of “guiding” operates.

That is because, when a Projector first hears that it is here to guide, the first thing the Projector wants to do is tell you everything it knows.

A Projector feels that if they share what they know, then they will get the recognition that they desperately crave. So, you will find that Projectors will download lots of information, whether you have invited them to do so or not.

Eventually, after receiving the download, one is feeling a little bit confused and a little bit “overwhelmed” yet feeling a slight bit of entertainment, because they can be good at entertaining.

Something is missing in that transmission though because the “guiding” is not about downloading information, at all. If a Projector is downloading information, it is teaching, it is not guiding. There is a big difference.

Please don’t misunderstand me.

Sharing knowledge and teaching is a wonderful thing and Projectors are good at it, especially because of the way their brains work. However, teaching does not transmit transformation.Projector penetration

It is important to keep in mind that Projectors guide best, one on one.

When it is truly effectual, the Projector’s ability to guide is very personal and intimate and in the moment.

And when they guide, they do not download, at all. They don’t have to say a word about anything in order to guide. It actually works best if they don’t talk about what they know. Knowledge is incidental to their true ability to guide.

This special gift of guiding is actually about asking the right questions at key moments.

When the Projector guides, naturally, it is an amazing sensation to experience. It is incredibly empowering and brings tremendous clarity, immediately.

There is a great sense of relaxation and calmness that sets in when the Projector is standing, in aura, asking the most poignant question of all, in that moment.


In the teachings of the basic mechanics (LYD), Ra Uru Hu states:

“The Projector does nothing until they are recognized. Every Projector knows when the key fits. Every cell lites up in their bodies.

They also know when it “sorta” fits – those are the critical moments – if not perfect – smile sweetly and walk away.”


It’s difficult to understand exactly what that means until you begin to witness these types of “key and lock” combinations happening in your life.

When the “key and lock” combination fits perfectly, the guiding is effortless. The Projector can see who the Generator is, what they are struggling with and naturally begins to ask the “right” questions that quickly leads to clarity for the Generator.

If the “lock and key” combination doesn’t fit, there is going to be a strange feeling when the Projector attempts to guide because the Projector isn’t really interested. Because of this lack of curiosity in the Generator, they do not ask the right questions, they don’t see the “other” for who they really are and they don’t bring that wonderful state of relief or relaxation into the exchange of information or ideas in the form of questions.

But when it’s a fit, it is incredibly delicious. There is nothing like it. It is probably the closest thing to heaven that can be experienced on this planet. A Generator has a best friend, a guide, an ally, support in the work to be done, and someone who is asking the right questions at the right moment.

The Projector has gained a great fan, a strong ally, a powerful source of energy for work to be done, and dedicated support in the endeavors.

That is what a perfect fit in “lock and key” can do.

“Lock and key” fits are not found in electromagnetics, they are found in the environment, that brings two people, together, in aura, at the perfect moment.

Our choices along the way dictate the degree of quality in which we experience these “lock and key” connections and the amount of harmony and ease.

It is up to us to recognize these encounters when they happen and to enjoy and gain the most, mutually, from the encounter.

Most people miss that magical “lock and key” encounter though because they are too focused on romance and caught in antiquated, traditional thinking. So, they pass on by the Projector or Generator they just met who might be a great fit for fabulous success.

It is unfortunate.



~ Written by Kashi Rachel Stone  2015 December

Know Your Type

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If you know how your aura operates for your type, you can apply the tools that Human Design offers and align yourself with the correct trajectory intended for you in this lifetime.

This brings a higher quality of life, immense relaxation, great satisfaction, peace and opportunity for greater abundance.



Strategy: TO INFORM

Not Self: ANGER

The Manifestor does not really care about knowing its own design and is only vaguely interested in knowing the others. And because of the way that they have had to deal with conditioning in their upbringing and their life they don’t understand their impact.

The Manifestor aura is about informing. They only inform when they have made a decision. It’s not about telling everything you are thinking. Its about the decision that has been made and why. And the Manifestor must inform BEFORE doing the act.

Only when the Manifestor shows respect for the other types, through informing, is it going to eliminate resistance. This is when the Manifestor realizes that they do have power and that they do make an impact and they began to see the logic and value of informing.

This revives the Manifestor’s spirit.

If they look to see what their definition brings to the other’s openness, then the key as to how they impact the other becomes obvious. They must look at those charts around them and see who they are impacting and conditioning through the other’s openness.

The tendency for the Manifestor is to think that they are alone in the world but when they see how they are impacting those around them, they begin to see that they are not so alone.


Emotional Manifestor

The unaware Emotional Manifestor is going to really have an impact if they act out of an extreme emotional reaction with rage and anger. It will not even think about what kind of impact it is making. The Emotional Manifestor can become very angry, volatile, emotionally distraught. If they wait and not act out immediately, waiting for the rage and passion to subside, life flows a little easier for them.

However, if the emotional Manifestor acts in the moment, they can say something or do something that is going to have a long-term impact on the other. This is why it is important to truly wait out the wave before acting. If the Manifestor is down in their wave and they are angry they can say something in the moment that will have a long lasting impact. This is why it is essential to wait out their emotional wave through a sampling process over time. This brings a great advantage because they can see who they are going to impact and the consequences before they have made the decision and acted on it.

The Manifestor can begin to see real changes in their life within a week of living their design radically, applying their Strategy and Authority.



Strategy: TO WAIT


Generators are here to know themselves and they really don’t know anything about who they are. Most of what a Generator thinks it is, is of a mental construct.

You will find that the Sacral voice is usually not functioning correctly and has a level of atrophy that makes it exceedingly difficult to revive it. Unless it is used on a regular basis it never attains its full potential. If the Generator practices question and answer experiments, it allows for one to hear their Sacral voice and begin to become acquainted with it.

It doesn’t mean much when a Generator speaks words.

The Sacral voice is where their truth is.

What a Generator discovers is that the Sacral voice always has an answer. It is not necessarily going to be what the mind expected. It can be very, very different.

To wake it up and learn to hear it is the real key.

In sleeping, Generators go to sleep only when they are done, exhausted and ready to drop. It is Impossible to experience design if sleeping with another at night. It is important to have separate sleeping areas to clean your aura every night. If you are sleeping with someone who is not living correctly, you are taking it in and they are taking your energy in at night and there is no taste of awareness.

For the Manifesting Generator, the process in how they go to sleep is very different. It is important that they do not push themselves to the point of exhaustion before sleep like a Generator is designed to do.

They must wind down slowly, with a good book, crossword puzzle or something like that while they slowly move into sleep.


Emotional Generator

Having an Emotional Inner Authority compounds the level of frustration one is going to feel.

Waiting can be excruciatingly difficult. However, the slow process of the Emotional Inner Authority allows for time to add depth to the process of knowing ones self through a personal journey. Over time it becomes obvious that there is a real advantage to the waiting.

Being emotional is a dilemma. An Emotional Being must learn to play hard to get. Nobody has the right to gain immediate access to them, nobody. It is not immediate and clear as it is with a pure Generator and the trajectory for the Emotionally defined is slower, it seems, in comparison.

What you will find is that in the seven-year process the Emotional being knows the knowledge deeper through the depth of their process. This is the key: responding with “I don’t know right now,” or “I’m not sure” or “I can’t process this right now”. It is important to respond this way to allow for tasting the opportunity over time and seeing what is really correct as one is moving through their wave.

There is enormous power in playing hard to get because the Emotional being gets their terms. If you say,”uh hu” (no from your Sacral) when offered an opportunity, the other is going to change the deal to attract the Emotional being, if it has the potential of being a correct decision.

Generators and Manifesting Generators can begin to see real changes in their life within a week of radically applying the tools of Human Design, their Strategy and their Inner Authority.





The Projector is here to know and make sense of the other.

They are a natural student of Human Design.

To focus on expanding their knowledge in Human Design is important. Learning to ask the right questions is the Projectors role in guiding.

With their not self, they can become caught in the trap of the Manifesting Generator world trying to generate or manifest. They need to be encouraged to master the teachings and to study the charts of those around them. The only way that they are going to wake up is if they master the teachings of patterns, cycles, cncient teachings, medical, tehological and ecological studies. This process of learning the knowledge over time brings them the Projector awareness.

The sanctity of the Projector aura is paramount. This is why it is essential that they sleep alone. The other’s (hooked up Sacral partner or through connecting definition) aura that they are sleeping with can be deeply disturbing to their day when they are awake and moving about.

It is important that the Projector learns how to separate from the Manifesting Generator or Manifestors aura’s during the day so they can relax. They have this tendency to not know when enough is enough and staying in the company and the aura of others. It is essential that they learn to take space to empty their aura and relax.

Nobody is better equipped to guide humanity than the Projector when they are correct.

If the Projector studies Human Design for a minimum of seven years, they will tread their path to transformation. Within six months they can begin to taste the potential of who they are if they are radically applying the tools of Human Design, Strategy and Inner Authority.


Emotional Projector

The Emotional Projector can be very unpredictable, chaotic and an emotional time bomb. They must learn to push opportunities and people away. They must understand that this is their greatest asset because when they push others away – they wont go away. The Projector’s attention is greatly desired by the other Types and if they are pushing away, waiting to plug in to what is correct, the Projector begins to see who they are and that they are valuable and need to be treated with respect.

The Emotional Projector is meant to be incredibly deep and must have patience.





It is important that Reflectors learn how the transit field operates. It is this ability to connect to the program that gives them stability to their process.

They are here to be attuned to the environment and the impact of the neutrino field, becoming the statement or quality of the environment for each day.

They are here to judge and tell whether or not community or environments are operating correctly. If they understand the conditioning, they can tell who is deeply not self and who is. Anyone who is living according to the transit programming is deeply not self. Only the not self is taking in the sequence of the transits and the reflector will see this, know this and understand who is caught in the program and who is standing out, operating as their true self.

We are not intended to be deeply enthralled in the program and the more that we are doing what the program is doing, we are not self. With this awareness in the Reflector they can tell who is in the program and who is not.

Moon is the time frame for the Reflector. The planets are going through different variations through out life and are not a consistent tracking method. But through the moon cycle, which is consistent, they understand the program, analyze it and attune to it physically as to where they are impacted through the program.

They are not here to master the system. All they require are minimal tools to interpret the program. The basic foundational courses in Human Design provides all the information they need to understand the program. Within a year, Reflectors can begin to taste the potential of who they are if they have radically applied the tools to tune in.

(Click on name of Type featured in the color blue for more information about that Type.)

written by Kashi Stone 2014


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Fastest Racehorse of Them All

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wild horsesMG’s (Manifesting Generators) are a 50/50 mix of Manifestor chemistry and Generator chemistry.

With the chemistry of the Manifestor, the MG gains an advantage over the Generator by being able to push energy in a particular direction. If it is not correct, the process is not smooth and there is no momentum for getting a project off the ground, as it soon goes flat. It is this push to leap into action and to “just do it” that is sitting on the edge of the chemistry of all MG’s. This can cause them to be very erratic, especially if they are not tuned in to their chemistry.

The tendency of the MG is to push energy, waste time and ultimately, money. If you count how much money was spent and how much is left and what has been manifested, you will see the results of mental decision-making and the obvious truth to this statement.

One will find that most of the time, the pressure to initiate and jump comes from fear of survival and need for security. We make so many decisions in desperation to be comfortable, accepted, to feel love and to feel a sense of significance.

This pressure to jump and lack of patience also “bleeds” into the aura’s of others. I can feel when I am sitting in the company of a MG aura. I begin to feel really fast inside in my chemistry and a tremendous pressure on my Throat Center, even my heart organ too. I actually feel like a fast racehorse about to burst through the gate when I am interacting and trying to plan with a MG. It’s kind of comical to watch. I can really see the change and feel the rush. I truly have compassion seeing the struggle to be patient that the MG endures. wild horse painting

It is a thrill watching a MG when it has slid into a position that activates them and provides the opportunity for them to make things happen. It is really, really exciting to watch and to be a part of.  Wow, a racehorse crossing the finishing line, victorious in energy well spent doing what they love! It is truly glorious to witness.

There is also a big difference in how the Generators tend to cover more of the details in the planning that save money and time while the MG will skip steps and “Just do it and make it happen.”

Recently, I invited a Splenic MG to assist me in placing my floor rugs. His suggestion was that we try it several ways, move the furniture a few times and see what works.

I looked at him and said, “You gotta be kidding. How about I get a piece of paper, pencil and tape measure?” I asked hoping that we could slow down and actually measure the room and the rugs before going into a furniture-moving marathon.

He chuckled and said, “I knew you would want to do that, sure, go ahead.”

I was pleasantly surprised.

The waiting is crucial, though, I can see this. I can see how MG’s get excited and then lose focus, skip steps, initiate and jump ahead thinking that they have it all under control. How different it is when time proves that they have jumped and mistakes have been made, money has been wasted and they could have spent their energy on something more beneficial.

Wild horse art.2

Then, there is the difference between the Manifestor and the Manifesting Generator.

The correct, pure Manifestor informs and tells people before they do something. Then, before they act, they tell those around them who they are impacting by their decision.

The Manifestor aura is so vague in sensation because of its repelling nature that one cannot easily understand. So the informing has a magical quality that helps gain understanding and bring a sense of relaxation to those who are impacted by its decisions.

The Manifesting Generator also causes a slight glitch in the process of moving ahead when it doesn’t inform. The just like the Manifestor, it really does not like having to inform. In the same way, like the Manifestor, it gets flow for projects when it informs. Informing reduces resistance, frustration and limitations. It’s actually the golden rule for getting energy to move and things to manifest.

The key is patience. If the MG can master the process of being patient, being busy doing what they love, informing as they activate, great things will come the MG way.

Life brings those correct opportunities that work in alignment with one’s life purpose all in perfect timing.

It does become obvious over time through the practice of patience and observation.



2014 Kashi Stone