Tribal, Collective and Individual

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Channels are the lines in your bodygraph that are either red or black or a combination of both. Channels run between the Centers and represent the chemistry that is deeply fixed and narrow in your design. It is the only thing that is always functioning in your design and what is going to be truly consistent in your chemistry.

The Channels indicate where your power resides and the gifts that you have to offer to humanity, the promise of who are you to be in this lifetime. It is unique and there is no comparison possible when understanding just how unique each one of us is.

However, most never get to really taste their chemistry and live it; for we become lost in living out what we are not through our open Centers and disappear into being a person that was created from the conditioning of our upbringing or the merging through a relationship.

What we have on our planet is a world of humans who are sad, frustrated and deeply disturbed because they are not connected to their true life force. Most people are trying to accommodate other people’s agendas for their life, looking for ways to fit in socially, working at jobs that are not correct for them and trying to be something other than who they really are.

Fortunately, the Channels provide you with a blueprint of your life force and your true nature and offer a remedy to the frustration and sadness that many people feel.

Learning to quiet the mind and submit to the souls voice through the sensitivity of the body is the purpose of Human Design. When we recognize this subtle voice inside guiding us, it empowers our life force and brings tremendous healing.

When you tap into the definition that is inherent in your design, your life force increases, your health gets better, vitality increases and your mental acuity improves. Your spirit soars when it has a chance to live out exactly how it was designed. And when the spirit gets a chance to soar, all your needs are met in life on the physical plane. Life is good.

This quiet voice speaks through the combination of the TYPE (Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector) and the voice inner Authority (Sacral, Emotional, Ego, Self, etc) and no matter how much knowledge you attempt to take in, you will never access your Channels, your chemistry, unless you understand how your aura operates and makes decisions correctly that allow you to live out that chemistry.

For instance, my strategy as a Generator is to “wait for life to come to me”. Through my Inner Authority, Emotional, I wait for things to come to me, push them away, sifting and waiting out the long emotional wave that is in my design.

When I do have time to sit with the decision and feel it through, I get to taste the sweetness of how the offer resonates with my chemistry, my Channels.

When I first met Human Design and began to study my chart, I uncovered knowledge about myself that gave validation to things I was sensing inside of myself but could never define or feel a sense of confidence in how I was moving through life.

Had I followed the life that my family wanted for me, I would never be who I am. If I did what my grandfather wanted me to do, I would be a lawyer now. I can’t imagine sitting in courtrooms day after day, battling the homogenized world. If I had done what my parents wanted for me, I would be married to someone who I was not attracted to nor in love with, living the perfect life as a wife and keeping an immaculate house and a flourishing garden. I would never live out the truth of who I am. I would be terribly homogenized.

But instead, or fortunately, I found Human Design and what I found was my own natural chemistry as outlined in the channels in my definition.

When you look at the Channels in a bodygraph chart you can actually gain the signature of a person’s chemistry and who they are in this life.

Kashi’s Rave Chart
Kashi.chartFor instance, in my chart I have five full channels that define my nature. Looking at my chart you can see that there is one full channel on the right side at the bottom, black and red (conscious and unconscious), 41/30 and then there are two full channels on the left hand side, black and red, 28/38 and 54/32. There is also a channel between my Root Center and the Sacral Center, 53/42. From the Spleen to the Ego Center I have another full Channel, 44/26. Those full channels and how they are connected tell the story about who I am and how I function in this lifetime.

This signature that you find in a bodygraph through the Channels looks like this:

I am an Emotional Generator who is here to wait through my emotional wave for clarity over time while I Struggle (28/38) to find my purpose in life and wait for those opportunities where I am recognized (41/30) for my talents in business management (54/32) and marketing (44/26) and upon correctly responding, taking a project through its full cycle of manifestation and completion (53/42).

Basically, when someone recognizes my great skill in business development and management, image branding and marketing, I get to decide if I want to respond and take on the job.

I look back at my life and I see how my chemistry has played out. My best experiences have been when I am recognized for “fixing” companies, correctly positioning staff and making companies profitable. Once the company is operating efficiently and profitably, I leave with a great sense of satisfaction and completion. It has happened over and over through out my life journey.

However, my experiences in the past have been colored and deeply impacted by my mind driving my life through my open Centers; fraught with lots of drama, pain, frustration, loss and disappointment.

You can’t discover your Channels, your inner chemistry through learning about it in the textbooks and the software of Human Design. I found and understood who I am and gained the opportunities that are correct for me by listening to my body, observing and managing my mind and doing what feels good next according to my Inner Authority. The blueprint of my signature in the bodygraph validates that for me. I’m not wondering or confused about who I am, I know from living the experiment.

If my aura is empty and my mind quiet through contentment of doing what I love, I can feel my Channels, my chemistry as it validates my love for what I am doing. I dont get this sensation of satisfaction in any other way.

The Channels are very, very real. I can see them psychically when my bodygraph gets filled up and defined by someone else’s Channels, Centers and Gates when they sit in my aura; they are very, very real. The whole story is there on the subtle plane. If someone is badly out of tune and out of touch with their chemistry, it is very uncomfortable for me physically and psychically to spend time with them. I feel compassion for them because they are so disconnected from their core, their Channels chemistry. They are deep in their Open Center life.

The mechanics of Human Design are incredibly affirming to what is deep inside of us at a genetic level and what is trying to communicate and guide us through life. Knowing your Channels that define the signature of your design, gives you a center point of who you are and can relax into.

But you have to see how your open Centers are operating your life before you can really, really see who you are on a Channel level. The mind goes wild through our Open Centers and has such a hey day, we can hardly see our true chemistry.

Now that I know how I am defined through my Channels and how I operate by waiting to respond and then making myself wait through my wave, I can really relax about life. I don’t have to worry about the future, I don’t have to worry about if I am making the right decision or not and I don’t have to spin in drama. I can feel it in my body if it is correct.

And because I know who I am, I don’t allow my mind to talk me into things that have nothing to do with me.

Thank heavens I can relax and enjoy life now.


Kashi Stone 2014