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Single and Split Definitions

Posted in SPLIT DEFINITION on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

There are five different ways that a person’s chart can be defined in splits:

Percentages: %

No Definition   01.81

Single Definition   42.04

Split Definition   42.04

Triple Split Definition   13.36

Quadruple Definition   00.75

When we discuss splits we are looking at it as another conditioning element. When you have a split in your design it becomes a driving force in your life. The split will drive you to connect with whoever bridges the split in your chemistry. You will meet these people again and again in your life since you are drawn to them as though they are the missing piece. Habitually, you move through life thinking that something is wrong with your life or something is missing.

If you have only one bridge to your split it will feel as though it is a personal problem and needs to be ‘fixed’. You will continually be looking to connect with that ‘special’ someone to ‘fix’ you.

If there is a gate hanging off of a center and it is reaching towards another Center, you will always want to do the activity of the gate opposite of the gate that is hanging. With this sensation of wanting to fill what is missing comes the tendency to act out in our own chemistry what is missing and then acting unlike our true self. This will drive you to initiate and engage in more ‘not-self’ behavior.

When there is a wide split there will be a tendency to blame others and feel like a victim as though someone is doing something to you and it soon becomes the other persons problem. This is why it is very important to pay attention to who bridges your splits. There can be successful partnerships if entered into correctly through Strategy and your Authority.

If you are a simple Split Definition then the bridging gate that connects you becomes your greatest conditioner through out your life. If you have a more complex split as in Triple and Quadruple, your open Centers are your most conditioned aspects of your experience.

What you will often find in Split Definitions are a lack of patience and premature speech. You will see often in the splits that they do not connect to the throat. This will cause impatience, frustration and premature action. If you have a split, it is important that you take your time before acting or speaking and allow time to fully take in information from both or all sets of who you are.

The best way to bridge a split is by going out to a public place where you can be private. This provides you with neutral auras that can assist you with your process of bridging and getting clear. The public place gives you a fresh perspective on things. If you are continually being bridged by the same person, such as a spouse or child your perceptions will always be limited to their chemistry and how they complete you. It is not a clear channel for getting clear for you.

Your Strategy and Authority is the only thing that can keep you out of the trap of splits. Once you become intimately familiar with the way you operate through Human Design, you become more relaxed and less motivated to bridge your splits.



Single Definition %42.04
Single Definitions are defined by one continuous energy stream. They do not need the other to assist them in assimilating information or to feel a sense of wholeness. They digest information rapidly, unless they are emotional.

Split Definition %42.04
A Split Definition is a design that has two separate areas defined and not connected through a continuous stream. Because of this split, most will seek out the chemistry to connect their split. Most experience their splits as the “other” person’s problem rather than his own problem. With this wide split also comes the ability to see others objectively.

Triple Split Definition %13.36
With the Triple Split there are three different areas in their design, which are not connected to each other. In the Triple Split, several bridges are needed to complete a person’s splits. The Undefined Centers are where they are the most conditioned.

Triple Splits can be very impatient and often act prematurely, seen as driven, ambitious and aggressive. Triple and Quadruple definitions are intended to be with people and move through many different auras in a day. This is actually very healthy for them. If they are moving about day to day, the Triple Split and Quadruple Split are never conditioned by one person unless they are staying in the same aura, such as with a spouse.

Quadruple Definition %00.75
This Definition applies to someone who has four separate areas of definition in her/his chart that do not connect to each other. You will often see that when there is a Quadruple Split that all Centers are defined or at a minimum, eight.

The Undefined Centers become the conditioning agent and if no Centers are open then the channels and undefined gates that bridge the splits. Again, Triple and Quadruple definitions are intended to be with people and move through many different auras in a day. This is actually very healthy for them. If they are moving about day to day, the Quadruple Split is never conditioned by one person unless they are staying in the same aura, such as with a spouse.

Kashi Stone, 2013


Posted in SPLIT DEFINITION on August 1, 2018 by Kashi

To be alone does not mean lonely, it means that alone.ayou love yourself enough to have healthy boundaries and sincere appreciation and enjoyment for your own chemistry.

It’s easy to say being a Single Definition. It is easy for me to be content alone without the stimulation of others. I like enjoying my own aura that is clear. I actually crave the opportunity to feel myself alone and enjoy the equilibrium that I am nurturing in my own emotional body.

When another comes to me, steps inside my aura, especially if they are emotionally defined, it will come at me like a roller coaster and I feel like I am playing out some kind of martial arts move to avoid taking it in and reflecting it back. I can feel it coming to me like an energy wave and I see the point of where I can take it in or stay immune to it. It only takes observing it on that level to control it and manage the emotions, thoughts and sensations from others.

Each person’s emotional body has its own chemistry and quality unique to them. Even if you are not emotionally defined, your biorhythm is still impacted by the cycles of the moon since it governs the emotional body. Emotionally defined beings feel the effects of the moon with a little more impact and drama but the non-emotional are riding the wave of the emotional current of the moon, as well.

This is why being alone can be extremely luxurious.

Depending on how we are designed and where we are open dictates the experience and work to maintain the aura. No one is free from the interaction with others and the impact that it brings.

For me, part of my lesson is learning how romance is impacting my aura and the perceptions that I have through the lens of a merged aura that is not entirely me. I change tremendously when I begin to take on a lover and their aura. I am no longer me with the Open G Center and the Open Throat Center. I adapt to the environment and the people in it when I enter into a romance or collaboration on a daily basis. If I am not keenly aware of who I am connecting with and how they are impacting my aura, I am entertaining so many energies that are not mine and feeling very confused. With the auras impacting me I cannot easily access my own Inner Guide as when I am alone and clear in my own aura. I find a great distraction to tuning in because now, “What the hell is that?” is filling my mind as I experience a new me. New behavior, new sensations come up and now I have to spend energy on understanding a new me that is not me.

No wonder I enjoy being alone so much and really feeling me.

Again, I’m a Single Definition and of course, the potential to feel this way is very strong in me because of my design. However, for the Split Definitions it is going to feel very different. There is going to be a strong yearning to go out and connect with others to bridge your splits and have a feeling of completeness. It is very normal and actually healthy to experience the social interactions that bring this sensation of wholeness.

I like Ra’s suggestion that Split Definitions can best ‘hook up’ their splits by going to a busy café and allowing the strangers to complete the splits. This way, there is no bias feelings or thoughts clouding the ability to think clearly, especially when making a decision.

When a Split Definition is in the company of one person on a regular basis, they are conditioned by that one persons chemistry and locked into a single perspective. The café visit allows for a sifting through and recognition of what is you and what is not you yet getting ‘hooked up’ for the sensation and full process of your chemistry.

Either way, spending time alone in your own aura, sleeping alone in your own aura so you can really feel who you are at your core level, is paramount to the quality of life you can have. If we are inundated with another aura or group of auras there is no way we can ever really know who one is.

It is beautiful to be alone and it does not have to be lonely.

Its actually a very loving act and brings you the closest to living your authenticity.

Kashi Stone 2014