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An Enlightened Selfish One

Posted in SPIRIT on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Broken into now

We are conditioned to believe that being selfish is a bad thing. That’s because if it is expressed without regard to impact, it can create major problems. But there is another kind of selfish that is incredibly good for your health and well being. The selfishness I am talking about is the kind of selfishness that comes from one who practices healthy boundaries to maintain peace of mind, vitality and ease in life.

I see this state of selfishness as an enlightened state of being that has a keen sense of awareness of what feels good, vitalizes and easily supports their journey through life. I see this person as grounded in their own true chemistry and vigorous with their inner compass, like the Inner Authority provides.

But what happens, I see, is that people get highly conditioned and influenced to live out someone else’s idea of who they should be or the life of a third party. Families, religion, friends all push us in different directions that can be unhealthy for us. It’s truly maddening how easily we can be swayed away from our true, inner core. And when that happens, life gets a little more difficult and challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we are truly connected, dialed in and aware of whom we are at the core, we can hold what is correct for us in each moment, each encounter, each environment and situation bringing us much better experiences in life. More parents need to empower their children with the kind of information that Human Design provides.

If people followed their inner core of selfishness they would probably be doing something else right now. They would not be in the relationship they are currently in, most likely, and probably not living where they are either. Everybody is terribly misplaced in an ironic kind of way through their decision-making, an easily influenced mind and a very insecure ego.

The only solution I see is for people to start living in an incredible state of truth in all that they do. At first, it seems harsh, cold and strangely different to us and to those around us. But if we are considerate to explain that we are experimenting with a technique in being honest to bring more contentment in life, they have no choice but to allow the process and the truth. It is important to be as graceful as we can be when we are honest about our boundaries and preferences.


The more adamant we become about what is going to be okay and what is not okay, the closer we move to what is correct.

We do notice, over time, that people begin to respond with more acceptance when we are truly authentic with them. Even though we may not be the most cordial, polite person in their mind’s eye, it doesn’t matter. Who ever we are, when we live out our true nature, we are naturally align with the right environments and the quality of life continuously improves.

How can we love ourselves if we don’t know who we are? How can we sit alone and embrace ourselves, look in the mirror and be glad that we have our own Self? How can we tune into who we really are and touch that state of healthy boundaries, enlightened selfishness and a sense of satisfaction that comes with being in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing?

When we understand our Self, we can begin to understand how to manage our interaction. When we understand what our inner compass is and how it operates, we can begin to relax and allow our inner source to guide us. We don’t have to think about or worry about where we are going, what is going to happen next and whether or not we should work with that person or this person. It doesn’t matter anymore. We have something inside of us that is directing us and revealing the path ahead as we evolve into our fulfillment.

This is what Enlightened Selfishness looks like:
You are relaxed, of an unusual quality
You do not care what others think about you, including family
You are adamant about following your inner guide no matter what your mind tells you or what others try to get you to do
Whatever you enter into next, moment by moment, is pleasurable and flows in ease.
You wait and don’t initiate unless it feels correct
You manage your Centers and “not-self” tendencies in awareness
You surf over others “not-self” behavior and dont allow it to emotionally impact you
You keep your aura clear and clean by sleeping alone, far from others auras
You know what is you and what is not you
You live the imprint and trajectory of You to gain synthesis and liberation

Let there be freedom in our expression as we taste the sweet nectar of “shanti” relaxation that comes with being settled in one’s Self, in a healthy, balanced way.


Written by Kashi Stone
August 2013

The Observer

Posted in SPIRIT on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Something funny happened to me the other day while I was playing in the kitchen.

The neutrino’s seemed to stimulate a barrage of mental tapes for me. The neutrino’s were kind though and PHS.Kashi2offered an opportunity to taste the elixir of awareness, stepping into that very special place known as The Observer.

In the Kitchen
I entered a creative streak that took me into a busy, multi-tasking event preparing 5 unique dishes of food; Tabhoulli with parsley gathered from my garden, dolmahs (a Mediterranean dish made with grape leaves and stuffed with rice), pastry dough for a couple of fruit pies, four veggie pasties, oatmeal raisin cookies and granola. (Yes, I have four motors!)

There seemed to be a lovely “groove” from one thing to another with my food preparations. With the parsley by the kitchen sink and the knife on the cutting board; the bulgur in a dish beside it, cookies mixed and baking in the oven while the crunchy, sweet crumbles provided a portion of the ingredients for granola, which left room to work on the dolmahs. With ingredients on the table: a cutting board to sort the leaves, a bowl of rice and currants in front of me to wrap inside the grape leaves, I get to sit down and rest my feet and back for a moment.

As I was preparing these various dishes, I observe the chatter in my head and the diverse avenues of thought that it was traveling along. While I fluttered from one creative project to another, I became aware of the mental tapes going on in my head with voices, characters, video’s and drama. I was amazed at the amount of criticism that my mind was entertaining. I didn’t feel like my usual self, at all.

Confused and somewhat disturbed at this mental activity, I’m suddenly awoken and distracted by the Observer. “knock, knock, Im right here watching you”.

The Observer watched my mind go through the chatter of stories while my body was standing over the chopping block mixing ingredients. Suddenly, The Observer notices my left hand slowly reach for the jar of flour on the shelf in front of me.

As my left hand moved towards the jar, my face slowly moved into a radiant smile. The Observer could see that I was happy cooking and baking and moving into the next baking adventure: the cookies.

The smile on my face had nothing to do with what was in my mind. The smile came from deep inside the body. The Observer within saw this as my mind saw it and made a mental note.

In that moment, I was three: Body, Mind and the Observer, split and conscious all at once as one. Amazing that awareness can do that, watch the mind and the body. But its deeply hidden or rather buried underneath so much noise and chatter and not always in the forefront.

The Observer is watching the thoughts, listening to the sensations speaking through the body. It is not concerned about tomorrow because it lives beyond time and space.  It has a quality of magic, as it may be perceived, that transcends the mind yet plays amongst the cycles and patterns of existence.

It is deeper than the mind, much more beyond it. Quietly, it sits still and calm – watching.

The Observer is still and content.
Content and forward in the being because the mind has not made the decisions, rather, the body Meditation.Kashimoves, the body responds in joy, a smile has appeared, shoulders are raised and back, the body feels relaxed.  Suddenly, one becomes The Observer, the body and the mind, the divine force that stirs deep inside the being moving as one in awareness.

When the awareness of The Observer comes forward, It is being in the right place at the right time, carried there by its own natural movement, without hesitation. The Observer is spontaneous, in the moment. Again, there is no time and space, therefore, there is no hesitation in moving towards what is right.

The Observer knows.

Satisfied, peaceful, creative in its own rhythm in a gentle, subtle state of grace.


2014 Kashi Stone

Which is the Soul?

Posted in SPIRIT on August 3, 2018 by Kashi


For eons, this question has pervaded the greatest thinkers, theologians, philosophers and scientists. What is the soul, where is the soul located and how do we find it? These are the questions that continue to haunt the minds of most who ponder upon the existence of god, life purpose, finding love or worship for a “higher” being.

I have spent most of my life deeply engaged in esoteric studies of the microcosm to the macrocosm and I have studied many religions and spiritual practices. I consider myself a scholar of a particular esoteric teaching. Within those esoteric teachings rests the discussion and pursuit to understanding what the soul might be. I will do my best to share my own perspective of what is the soul and where it may reside within the being based on the teachings I have studied for over twenty five years.

Monopole, Design Crystal or Personality Crystal?

All life forms have a soul, a life force within them. What is operating and conducting the being is a synthesis of the mind, the life, the soul and the spirit. What ultimately sits at the root of the manifestation of the being is the spirit. We can see the animation of spirit and the connection to our soul through our nervous system.

It is difficult for the mind to comprehend that there is really no individual soul, no entity. Rather, the soul is a force that is expressing itself through a “game” so to speak, that has characters that play in the game. Those characters have super powers and handicaps. They also have complex systems that have multi-functions. Through the operation of the synthesis of combined parts that are each highly complex, the character plays out the game. Sometimes you gain points and sometimes you lose points. The overall point gain or loss determines the point of entry or level for the next game you play.

It’s not easy to explain, you can see what I mean.

However, I have taken the time to write how I see the soul playing out through the understanding of the mechanics of Human Design combined with an esoteric view. The logical mind cannot grasp this concept at all. Grasping the idea of “what is the soul“ requires an abstract, open, multidimensional view.


Here are my thoughts on what the soul is

Divine Marriage

We are evolving lifetime after lifetime going through an evolutionary procedure that matches the entire cosmic evolutionary process. The purpose of our evolutionary theme on this planet is to evolve out of the program of duality and evolve into a higher state of love that radiates out when we are aligned and in tune. In order to do this, we are put through a series of experiences in a program to experience, to evolve and become whole, aware and naturally intuitive.

The “program” is written by the planets in our solar system and operates as a dance of duality. The program can bring great challenges that can create resistance and suffering that is designed to cause us to grow. What you see in the life is the being reacting to planetary influences, the program conditioning and the auras of others. Our brain fails to register much of what is coming in to guide us out of the program. We are so busy entertaining open Center mental tapes and living according to the way we were conditioned and raised.

When we give into the genetic imperative through relationships, sexual attraction and romantic mental tapes we live our life through the attraction to what is different. This gives greater power to the Lower Mind/ Open Centers/ Personality Crystal to operate it’s own agenda; it has no clue about the Souls evolutionary process.

The Personality Crystal is what I call the seat of the Lower Mind. It incarnates, gets a new body with a new evolutionary theme that is to be lived on a unique trajectory with each lifetime. Cycle after cycle, spiral after spiral, the Personality Crystal evolves.

The Lower Mind is a product of the genetic imperative that has no intent towards Soul evolvement. It is operating from an ancient place that has roots in our animal nature from the beginning of our time.

There is a shift in our frequency when we move from out of the Lower Mind into the Higher Mind, as the Witness. The planets no longer rule our drama and life. We step into this place where the “Passenger” resides, as referred to in the teachings of Human Design.

For instance, I can see where a person’s point of consciousness is when they are in my aura. I can see if they are operating purely from the Genetic Imperative or if they are moving from the dramatic, reactive place of the emotional sway and it can move back and forth, as well. If someone is trying to drive their car/limousine – for a long distance – with absolutely no road map or without clue as to how the limousine functions and drives, it’s going to be a really rough, tough ride and their frequency is going to be really distorted.

I can also see if someone is living the force of Love that comes from the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind looks and feels very, very different from the Lower Mind behavior. It is smooth, it is sweet, it is strong and it is powerful. It is also an enigma. No longer can you predict the movement and behaviour of the being who is operating from the Higher Mind influence nor can the logical mind grasp it and define it.


I see the Higher Mind as the Witness, the Observer, the Passenger who comes forward when the Lower Mind is controlled and in a state of surrender rather than reacting through the open Centers and conditioning.

The Higher Mind is the one who sits in the back seating area of the limousine, enjoying the ride, content and peaceful. The Monopole (Chauffeur) drives and the body (the limousine) carries you where the Chauffeur leads and directs. It knows the way. You don’t have to think about a thing. That is exactly what I love about taking taxi’s or having a personal driver. I really don’t like to be forced to plan or think about where I am going and how to navigate it.

Passenger in limousine

The Design Crystal represents the body and the form required for living out this lifetime and life purpose. Your body can be a Caddillac or a Mercede’s or a jeep, a truck or a buggy, either way, you got the body that was intended for this lifetime. It is the perfect machine to live out the life intended and designed; it is the medium through which the Soul speaks. If something is not correct, the body will tell you on behalf of the Soul just like a car tells you when it is out of oil, gas, clogged, etc.

The Monopole is the vortex that is created by the imprint of the two Crystals incarnating into the fetus. This vortex is an imprint of certain planetary forces at the exact moment that the crystals enter the fetus. You can read more about the Crystals and the fetus on my website here

The Monopole has the road map to assist in navigating the being along to get the correct experiences intended for this lifetime. It’s like a magnetic pull in a very specific direction with specific encounters and can only be heard when the mind is quiet and in submission to the body and allows it to drive the limousine.

This vortex gives us the illusion of an identity, an Ego, an Id that plays out on the physical plane. It’s what motivates us to name something so that it has it’s own identity. This vortex is also what causes us to see ourselves as a separate being when in fact the soul is a synthesis of parts, attributes and forces in quantum. It has no identity. The purpose of the Monopole creating the identity is for the “game” on the physical plane that is centered on evolution in a game of duality.

One place where you can see what distinguishes the Soul living the life and not the Lower Mind driving the life is whether the being is living according to the daily astrological transit reports – or not. If you are living your life according to the daily astrological transit reports, you are caught in the program and not living your TRUE life. You can see it clearly if you track it. If your day and activities sound like the daily astrological report – your deep in the program living out the drama and getting lots of experiences to help you to grow until you can hear the subtle voice of your soul.

If you don’t resonate to the daily transits and you are feeling calm and peaceful – good for you. The moment that you begin to live calmly and in calm conditions, you are adjusted to a stable rhythm and have escaped the program – you are free.

The being is now awake to its guidance and higher inspirations, a composite of parts and forces. This will display in behavior that moves towards awareness and the opportunity for better relations with those surrounding them.

Meditation is very helpful in achieving this alignment and is an excellent tool for aligning the Personality Crystal with the Design Crystal so that the Higher Mind can come forward. Through learning to sit quietly for moments each day we learn how to relax, let go, center and sink deeply into our being and allow for a synthesizing process to occur. This synthesizing process gently leads one into a new reality that is free of resistance and the drama that can happen when one is living deeply in the program.

When the Higher Mind comes forward, the planets no longer rule the life of the being. The Personality Crystal becomes the Passenger in the backseat of the limousine and just goes for a ride, observing life as it passes by. It no longer cares about trying to grab the steering wheel so that it can have control and drive the limousine. At this point, the mind is quiet, content and peaceful as it sits in the back and is grateful that it no longer holds that angst to drive and control.

To live one’s life according to our inner guide, fulfilling our life’s purpose through managing the mind and the Personality Crystal and learning to hear the voice of the soul through the body while living a life fully in the world – is not an easy task.

Human Design provides the operating manual so that the soul can operate and live out the life that is intended. It is the magic, the antidote that breaks the chains that binds us in misery.

Liberate your Soul through understanding how you are designed to operate.


12/2014 Kashi Stone

Turned On

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There are two distinct groups of people: those who are seeking greater, fuller expressions in life and those who are just existing, enjoying life with little expansion or change. You can see who has become comfortable in stasis and who is choosing to live radically and move beyond the constructs of society’s conditioning and traditions.

People choose to go to sleep and stay in slumber or they are trying desperately to wake up and find their connection to source.

When a person is yearning for something more in life, they begin to explore who they are, why they are here and how they can step fully into that role so that they are fulfilled. I call this state of yearning: “turned on”.

Many people have discovered the science of Human Design to gain understanding in how their chemistry operates in their physical form. It is logical, mechanical and a practical teaching that is perfect for the material plane and the mental body. It provides plenty of bells and whistles for navigating the influences of our reality. We learn to understand others better, it eases the tendency to take things personal and it dispels the judgment that can creep up in our minds. It is really, really helpful.

But it is not going to get someone “turned on”.

“Showing people who they are is what the Human Design system as a logical system does……..” ~ Ra Uru Hu,     Rave I Ching Line Companion II  (pg 432, pgh2)


It is the abstract, spiritual process that actually “turns on” a person and begins the process of becoming self-aware. I call it the “Yin” part of our evolutionary process.

If a person is not “turned on” but learning the Human Design science and attempting to apply it in their life, they don’t reach the synthesis that occurs between the Personality and Design Crystal. They gain a library for the mental body and access to data for explorations and research and the opportunity to test some interesting theories.


Someone who has acquired the knowledge of the system can tell you why “x+y=z” but that is all they can tell you. It does not mean that they are synthesized or enlightened and carry the force that can change your life.

There is no transmission from their aura.

That’s why a certification model acquired through a financial exchange is not a reliable method for gaining awareness.



One can not buy enlightenment no matter how much money is given. But you can buy certifications, knowledge and acquire designations in those schools of thought designed to offer layers of material to sustain commerce.

Human Design beautifully introduces the ancient knowledge of patterns to the western world through its eloquent portrayal of the I Ching and astrology. It brilliantly showcases the connection between science and the ancient teachings incorporated in its software, image design and its curriculum. It’s a masterpiece puzzle for the western mind on the study of esoterics and the eastern teachings into a western, logical format. Bravo.

It is also very “Yang” in nature in how it teaches and dispenses knowledge.

It is not the Holy Grail of transformation that our being so desperately seeks in its journey of evolving.

It cant be. It’s not enough.

How many times have you read an I Ching line definition and sat remaining, void of understanding and awareness of what it really means? Or, how many times have you looked at the bodygraph and wondered how the details of the Design column in red on the left and the Personality column in black on the right really dance together and create the life?

Our mind takes us on a search to find logical solutions and reasons to ease the yearning but still, there is an empty void in our process of self awareness that is so necessary to getting “turned on”.

Turned on.3b


There is a natural yearning within our complexity seeking balance and fulfillment, wholeness.




That deeper part of our self, the Yin aspect of our being is our Spirit resting quietly waiting to be heard.

It is spiritual teachings coupled with silence and stillness that feed the Spirit, providing the space for it to speak, giving it strength to drive the life in a state of balance and wholeness.

If one is going to truly awaken, sink deeply into their being, turn on the navigation of their Higher Self, one must fall in love with the totality of their being: the Yin and the Yang.

True Awakening happens naturally through calming the mind and feeding the spirit.

Put your mind on a diet.

Serve up some spiritual teachings with a dash of silence as food for your Spirit.

Turned On


written by Kashi Rachel Stone  2015


Posted in SPIRIT on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

“The whole challenge for you in your process, the only way in which you can leave or transcend the Bodygraph and approach your purpose correctly, is you have to deal with the characteristics. The whole theme of, and the teaching of, Human Design is that we teach strategy and authority in order for a being to come to grips with the power of characteristics in their life, and to ultimately be able to transcend them by operating correctly as themselves. The reward for transcending your characteristics is that you find your role” ~ Ra Uru Hu

Age of aquarius 3

As we enter into the Age of Aquarius, humanity gains greater measure of brotherly love, the awakening of our connection with our Soul and some difficult challenges along the way as we go through the transmutation of our species. This new age that is upon us is the dawning of the evolution of consciousness in humanity and the mutation of our whole being, not just the Solar Plexus but all of our being.

With the discovery of Uranus came the intelligence to recognize our spiritual self or our divine state of being and cause the unfolding of our spiritual consciousness. It can be considered a spiral upwards in the process of human evolution.

Through this influence of Uranus on humanity, we learn what it means to subordinate our lower desires to our higher powers as our abstract thinking and our spiritual intuition gets “turned on”. No longer can the emotional body hold us captive to its desires, wants, likes and dislikes and emotional reactions, if we have the discipline to transcends its grip on our mind and it’s impulse on our body.

That is why the eastern science of Yoga, places emphasis on purification, meditation and sacred living. We cannot access this higher state of consciousness if the emotional body is in control of our thoughts and if the physical body is impure. Nor can we access this higher Shivastate of consciousness if we are not meditating.

It is meditation that facilitates the work of the soul bringing transformation and the refinement of our vehicle, which evolves the characteristics (mental and emotional body activations) that Ra Uru Hu refers to above, transcending their control over our life.

It is also meditation that gives us the ability to be sensitive to correct decision-making.

But the meditation is ineffective if we are not practicing the lifestyle teachings of the eastern, spiritual science of Yoga, which provides the higher principles that transform the characteristics of the mental body and the emotional body.

This spiritual process, as taught through the eastern science of enlightenment, cultivates the qualities of good character, high ethics, sound morality, and spiritual aspiration, initiating the process of enlightenment.

Through a spiritual, maturation process, one lands in their true “role”, expressing their characteristics in an evolved, spiritual state of being. This is where our mental body and the skills brought forward from previous lifetimes become the tools for our Soul’s work in this lifetime. It is the nature of how our nine-centered being operates.

Through experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, maturation and many lifetimes, eventually, the mental body is brought into alignment with the soul and freed from the chains of duality that the emotional body rules, but only if we are practicing the disciplines that the eastern yoga science teaches and we are working with a spiritual teacher. There are spiritual evolutionary initiations that can only be conducted by a spiritual Master that take us into the state of alignment and eventually, enlightenment.

The Human Design science of mechanics is an introductory teaching for the masses. It could be considered spiritual “kindergarten” in learning how to operate our vehicle. It is a full body of knowledge to explore for the busy mind, offering a direction for one’s thoughts to travel and explore. It’s a good place for the westerner to start if they have no spiritual practice.

However, it stops short of taking a person into the actual process of achieving alignment and landing in ones’ role. Meditation and purification are essential to this process. In fact, they are the only way to transcend the characteristics of the mental and emotional bodies and gain the “role” that Ra Uru Hu speaks about above.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design did not promote meditation nor did he espouse purification. However, he was a very intelligent, clever, gifted man that brought an important body of work introducing this spiritual process to the western mind through the bodygraph and the levels of knowledge that he created. His work provides the basic level of getting to know one’s self, which is imperative to initiate our growth in this new level of awareness that is upon humanity.

Master and the student

There is much going on beyond the physical eye seeing in relation to our personal evolutionary process. This is why the pineal gland has gained such attention in this era. The purification and activation of this gland “turns on” a spiritual sight that reveals so much more than what we can see on the physical plane.

There are children who have been born and a few adults who have this capacity to “see” at this time and most of them are under the tutelage and care of an enlightened Master who can provide the correct environment for them to thrive in this way.

This state of awareness that these children demonstrate is the full capacity of our nine-centered being. They can see many things in the aura, they are telepathic, able to read the mind of another, conduct distance healing and have the powers of manifestation that we may consider miracles but are really our inherent powers and the state of awareness that is possible for us at this time.

There is a natural process that all beings go through that eventually leads to a higher purpose and higher Age of aquarius 1group activity as we lose our individuality in the force of love, serving and doing our work that we are intended to do as an evolved, spiritual being.

The first step is to embrace the characteristics of our design, which many people miss because they are trapped in their emotional body and deeply distracted from their life path. This is why many people are not familiar with their incarnation cross nor are they living out their profile in its full potential.

Human Design teachings, combined with strategy and authority is an attempt to initiate disciplining the mental body so that one can get in tune with their characteristics and eventually, evolve by being in the right place and through having the correct experiences.

Through practicing meditation, reading spiritual scriptures and purification of the body and mind and through the guidance of an enlightened teacher one gradually transforms the mental and emotional bodies so that they can live out their highest capacity.

Embrace your characteristics as you practice your strategy and authority, tune into your life path that is defined in your incarnation cross and dial in the spiritual teacher that best suits you, for they lead you to the doorway of your Soul and the “role” that is intended for you.



written by Kashi Stone 2016

The Golden Thread

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AIrplane 3Our mind is an empty tape waiting every second to take in and record each moment. The recording, the input, is shaping the mind and the character. It is creating the person and it’s habits, its beliefs and its direction in life. It is the main hub that runs the machine, dictates the experience and lives out the physical plane reality.

The Mental Body is powerful. It lives through our senses and operates on a multi-level, multiplex environment orchestrating movement, reactions, sensations and perceptions. It is truly beyond our comprehension as to the vast function of this powerful operating hub.

Sitting beside The Mental Body is the Emotional Body chatting away, sharing stories and adding a quality of colorful expression to the orchestration of the Mental Body’s work. Imagine the two sitting in the cockpit of a jet plane. The Mental Body is the chief pilot and the Emotional Body is the co-pilot sitting beside it ready to assist or take over at any moment.

The Emotional Body is a colorful character, dressed up and ready to go to a party. The chief pilot, the Mental Body is dressed in black and white, much like a tuxedo. The Mental Body is focused on what is ahead or what they have just flown through, looking out the window and navigating the plane.

The Emotional Body is sitting beside the Mental Body, all dressed up, excited and rambling a non-stop dialogue about events, people, places, foods, passion, love, sadness, etc. She never shuts up.

The Mental BodMental and Emotional Flighty listens to the chatter of the Emotional Body as it navigates the plane through the sky.

It loves the Emotional Body because she is very entertaining.



So the Mental Body listens to the Emotional Body while she shares her stories, expresses her pains, gives her opinions, makes her judgments and places her blame. The Mental Body is highly stimulated and amused by this company riding beside him.

The Mental Body is also frantically trying to figure out where the two are going. It sits in a state of confusion, most of the time, taking cues from the Emotional Body on the direction of where they should be going.

The Mental Body does not have a map, nor does it know how to operate the instrument panel of the airplane. But it doesn’t want any one to know, so it pretends like it knows as the two fly blindly through the sky, together, in a blissful, dramatic erratic, confused flight.Airplane 2

It’s pure disaster as the two fly the plane through the sky headed to nowhere. You can just imagine the scenario going on in the mind as we move through life.

There is only one solution: a lifeline, a golden thread must be thrown into the cockpit so that these two can navigate themselves back on course and back to the right place.

That’s if the Mental Body and the Emotional Body want the lifeline. If they are happily orchestrating a mess or are deeply rooted in their expression. They might have to wait until the next flight before they can ever grab that golden thread and escape the madness of a random, reckless flight.

But if they can get a glimpse of that golden thread, if they have had enough madness flying recklessly through the sky, then there is a chance that the airplane can get on course and fly the direction of destiny.

Airplane 1That golden thread is the INPUT data for direction, operations, inspiration and garnering of the loyalty of the Mental and Emotional Bodies. That golden thread has to be enough, more than and beyond the thrill of the Mental Body stimulation and the seduction of the Emotional Body. It has to be the quench of the thirst, the well of plenty for the deep longing, the elixir of ecstasy that the Soul yearns for if it is going to get the attention of the Mental and Emotional Body.

In order to train the Mental Body and the Emotional Body to pay attention to that voice, the Golden Thread, there has to be a set of disciplines that bring the two into alignment and obedience.

The Golden Thread that pulls one onto course is spiritual teachings. It is the elixir that quenches one’s Soul and the balm that soothes the sores and pain of life. It is the healing of the mind and the tamer of the Emotional Body.

It is also the “jump start”, the catalyst for taking our journey in life to the next level. Spiritual teachings bring edification for the Mental Body and the disciplines for the Emotional Body.

Spiritual teachings are our Golden Thread.

Airplane home




Kashi Rachel Stone 2015

Existential Being

Posted in SPIRIT on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

“existentialism |ˌegziˈsten ch əˌlizəm|
a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.”                                                               ~  New Oxford American Dictionary



Half of the population on our planet is emotionally defined. The emotional, Solar Plexus Center is the strongest Center in the body graph because it has a powerful electric charge. If it is defined in your chart, it is what guides you and takes you on a slow journey to awareness and clarity through a gamut of feelings, sensations, passions, highs and lows, depression and possession, excitement and thrills.

And with this Inner Authority and all of its passion and sensitivity, it is challenging to stay in the moment. The emotionally defined is swayed to and fro from hope to pain, from past to future, from now to not now, constantly.

The other half of the population does not have the emotional Solar Plexus Center defined or colored in. It is white and open. The ‘hot’, electrical, emotional sensations do not run through their chemistry. They are naturally cool in nature and not bogged down by the emotional fog that the defined Emotional being lives with in their mind. They have the ability to see clearly, in the moment and navigate from their center.

This clarity that the non-emotionally defined being has is there if the aura is clear, the mind is calm and stable and can hear the subtle whisper of the voice of the body.

Ra Uru Hu refers to the Sacral Manifesting Generator as “existential”.


They are here to respond to life in the moment. He mentions that they are also the most inclined in chemistry to achieve a state of individualism.

He states in a lecture on the difference of the emotional vs non-emotional: “But this is very, very different from what it is to be a Generator who is unemotional, and remember 1/3 of humanity are Generators (and Manifesting Generators) who are unemotional.

These (Manifesting) Generators are here to operate in an extraordinary way and in the same time it creates an enormous challenge in their life, they’re here to be in that sense existential, they’re here to be existential in that they are here simply to respond in the moment to life. And the response in the moment to life is what they are all about.

However, operating at an existential level is something that can be and is for most human beings, well… pretty much impossible… there are too many fears attached.”

If fear is what is keeping the existential being from being liberated and stuck in battles to staying present, then let’s take a look at the fears that stem out of the emotional Solar Plexus Center and the tendencies that come with those fears.

There are seven gates on the emotional Solar Plexus Center. In each of these gates is a place where fear can creep in and activate a variety of mental tapes. There are pressures from these gates or the absence of these gates that drives a person, stimulates mental tapes and keeps one locked in self-defeating patterns.

This is where the existential being can get tripped up on and pulled out of the present.

When we see these fears playing out in our mind in an obvious way, the fear can be managed, understood and redirected.


Fears of the Solar Plexus Center:Emotional-center

Gate 30, fear of Desire. The gate 30 has the pressure of feeling fate or curious concern about the fate of its love life, it’s relationship or it’s own fate. It can become an overwhelming mental tape that is fueled by yearning and no relief as they obsess on the future of love or an encounter and what could possibly happen.

Gate 55, fear of Passion. The fear that comes with this gate is the fear of emptiness. You can see it in the eyes. There is an empty, unfulfilled vessel that is lacking fire and it is covered in a blanket. The emotional body is addicted to this sensation and it drives the shadow passion that is burning inside such as, depression. It feels so good to wallow in the sadness; it is a familiar place. The mind is actually pushing passion away.

Gate 49, fear of Need. Here, the mind processing the predictability of a need. There is a pressure to predict and then live in fear of the need that is coming towards them, the ability to fill that need OR the lack of abundance which amplifies fear of not getting what it needs to survive and provide. This mental tape pressure can make one miss some great opportunities.

Gate 6, the fear of Fertility. This one will hesitate in intimacy for fear of becoming pregnant or the fear of beginning something new. This person will most likely speak the very words, “I don’t want to get pregnant”, or it may say the opposite “I really want to have a baby” or you can hear it say, “I’m not sure I want to get involved”. Once again, it all depends on the total chemistry of an individual as to how they are going to truly behave.

Gate 37, the fear of Marriage. With this gate on the emotional Solar Plexus Center, one will be hesitant towards marriage, but the fear will play out in a sense of something missing, a loss of belonging, not knowing how to create family or integrate themselves into a family situation. There will be pressure and the mental tape will play over and over speaking of wanting a marriage but actually pushing it away because it is afraid of the commitment. It can become an obsessive thought that never realizes its obsession and remains lonely, by choice.

Gate 22, the fear of Boredom. With this gate there is a terrifying feeling when in a place of silence, alone. Often, you will find that this being will keep the television on all day. When there is a lack of creativity, or maybe in the wrong place with the wrong people, there will be boredom. It becomes a comfortable habit being bored and an excuse that the mind plays over and over. They will look for the distraction so they are not left in silence.

Gate 36, fear of Sex. Here, you will find that there is a pressure to feel adequate in your sexual performance or to feel personal beauty in attraction for the other. There is a pressure that makes one feel inadequate as they struggle to find their sense of confidence in being a lover or even feeling attractive to the other. It can also play out in a perverted, sexual way through pornography or an overactive sexual imagination that hides it’s obsession and keeps it in the dark.

Once again, it truly depends on the person and their unique chemistry. And the gate can be activated or not, depending on what is activated surrounding the gate, or not. A trained analyst can read how these pressures are being manifested in a person’s chemistry through the bodygraph chart.

Knowing that the fear is there gives power over the mental tapes that can play. When the fear comes up it is an opportunity to replace the thoughts with what is content and peaceful or more fulfilling. The fear has its place in the sense of what it can show but there is no need to have it driving the life.

As Ra Uru Hu states: “There is no more spiritual example on this planet potentially, spiritually example on this planet than the unemotional Generator.”

Golden Swirl


Written by Kashi Stone 2015

The Colors of Emotion

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blue water

Our Emotional Body shapes our mind and our life most of the time. Through its influence it colors the thinking process, creating a story, holding one captive to its desires and passions. Part of our evolutionary process is about learning how to control and refine this portion of our being that is causing most of our misery.

When the Emotional Body has full run and control of the mind, it devitalizes the body and shuts down our life force. There is nothing left to manifest our life purpose and much of our life force is spent on the pain and the drama that the emotional body is orchestrating, much like a soap opera.

Keep in mind that tears and anger are not the Emotional body. The Emotional body is an entity that flows energy out towards its desires or its passions or expels strong reactions, all in a spectrum of color.

As we move about and entertain thoughts, we exude a frequency that is made up of geometric patterns and colors pulling manifestation into our life. It is exactly what we witness in Masaru Emoto’s work with water. You can read about his work in the book, “Hidden Messages in Water”. Link for book here:  

In his experiments, he discovered that water was greatly impacted by thoughts and intentions. Whatever message we send into the water impacts the geometric pattern of the water molecules.

Water spirit


In the same way, Our Mental Body and Emotional Body thought forms are geometric patterns creating a waterfall of color. Under the impulse of the thought form, the body gives off a frequency of geometric shapes, much like sand vibrating on a drum, and draws to it those particles for building and manifestation in hues of colors.Aura6

We are a network of streams of energy from above, across the planet and from below, from one person to another and so on. And within these streams are tiny particles of crystals that are brilliant geometric shapes. In the crystals of our thought forms are the designs of our nature, expressing itself, in color connecting us with what we are focused on.

Combined, the Mental Body and the Emotional Body make up the colors of the crystals of our thoughts. You can easily observe the nature and tone of a person through the color and hues that their aura exudes.

The more negative thinking, critical, judgmental or harmful the thoughts, the more cloudy, dark, odd, misshaped crystals floating out towards others.



As the thoughts become more centered on appreciation, gratitude, compassion and service, the more beautifully intricate and faceted the design of the thought crystal becomes, much like the shape of a flower.



As the thoughts become more concerned with cosmic law and order and metaphysics, they take on geometrical shapes such as circles, cubes, pyramids, triangles, pentacles, etc.

You can see the color dark red, brown, or murky, dark hues when someone is angry or depressed. The aura becomRedes a brilliant, vivid scarlet when they feel indignant, arrogant, deserving or entitled.



Red roseHues of Rose red exude when love is on the mind.

The hues can range from dark red for animal passion to a murky brownish red when the love is motivated from selfish desires. The less a person is selfish in love the more the lighter red in color, or more pink in hue.

dull green 2

The aura becomes a dull green with jealousy.




If someone is focused in their intellect, they will exude yellow in their aura. If their intentiYellowons are spiritual in nature, it will be a bright, brilliant color of yellow. If there are selfish intentions, it will be shades of dark orange.


Thoughts focused on uplifting, good intentions without selfish ambition exude hueBlues of blue. The more pure in intention and deed, the more lighter the hue of blue.

In those types of thought forms, the shape of the thought crystals take on a flower like geometric pattern in their auric field, exuding a calm, soft frequency out to all.

Aura with crown


The more refined and purified in motive and the less selfishness in nature, the more clear and larger the aura as it reaches out to all, offering compassion and generosity to those in need who cross their path.




For this reason, it is so important to get a hold of our thoughts so that we can better manage our experiences and our reality. We can do this through stringent discipline and daily practice of training the mind to think in new ways. For instance, the practice of completion clears the mental field of thoughts that haunt us and keep us form being authentic or from actualizing and manifesting our true potential.


One of the first places we can begin to transform the Emotional and Mental bodies is through reading and listening to spiritual scriptures.  Reading and listening to spiritual scriptures is like food for the Soul, creating healthier, more loving thoughts for one’s reality to build upon. Once you have tuned into spiritual teachings, then its time to transmute the patterns that are in the body, in the mind and the patterns left over from the heavy conditioning that we received when we were raised and developed into an adult.

Slowly, over time, the Emotional body becomes still, clear and quiet with no color, allowing room for Spirit to express itself in grace.

meditation in temple



written by kashi rachel stone 2016


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It’s true, we continuously reincarnate.

If you could actually see what is happening on a quantum level, you would see that every single cell has a Design Crystal and a Magnetic Monopole. We also know that cells have a very limited life span, coming and going all the time.

Look at your hand and imagine that there are literally tens of thousands of cells that are dying continuously every moment through your skin. Every time one of those cells dies, the Design Crystal and the Magnetic Monopole of that cell rushes down into the earth.

At the same time the dying cells are pouring down into the Earth, new cells are being raised up from the Earth. When the cell dies, there is another one that automatically shows up to take its place and do the same job. In the same way, we are coming into and going out of life, all the time, over eons of years, as the Personality Crystal.

Ra didn’t like the term “reincarnating” because he said that we are always reincarnating and that is what humans do over and over. He found it to be utterly uninteresting. He mentioned that he had heard many stories of “Cleopatras and Caesars and all that stuff”. But his response was basically, we incarnate so much that it’s pointless to think about it; “It’s an endless roller coaster”, were his words.

It’s a known fact in quantum physics that the vast, majority of crystals never get to incarnate into living form. Those Personality Crystals that do incarnate, are here to do an important job. The astrological life trajectory shows that the life purpose of most humans is meant to evolve, grow and transcend into an awakened state. This is the purpose of each person’s life: We are here to evolve form and merge the binary dance of the poles of opposites.

What that means is that we are here to learn how to take better care of our body and health, learn how to maximize our forms potential and bring a synthesis into our frequency through higher principle practices, exemplified through a calm, tranquil state and a peaceful mind. Our next life gets a little better when we tune in a little more.

It’s not easy being human but there is great potential available within each person when we finally learn to love our own being.

Be kind and give yourself what you need to thrive in this life.



Written by Kashi Stone 

Points of Consciousness

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Mind Body Soul

There is this core place that a person operates from as they are moving about, interacting and experiencing life on the physical plane. I call this core place, “point of consciousness”.

In this “point of consciousness”, a person moves and intends all actions and behaviours. It is the sum of all intentions actions and thoughts, making up the point from where the mind or Mental Body operates.

It is the frequency of where the mind is focused. It is the thread of thought that the mind has taken a hold of and is using to color the thinking process and to live out the life.

Most emit this “point of consciousness” from the Sacral or Solar Plexus Centers. A few emit a point of consciousness from the Heart Center, activated and open. Once in awhile, I will encounter a person who is anchored in their defined Ajna.


This “point of consciousness” also changes position according to the person’s attitude and thought field. Some people slide back and forth between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Center and many, many people slide back and forth betweenAura5 the Sacral and the Solar Plexus Centers.

You can see the “point of consciousness” in the behaviour of people. There are certain specific characteristics of “points of consciousness” evident in the stories that are told or the way a person behaves.

Often, you can see this “point of consciousness” in the body posture of a person.

For instance, a person who demands control, often, will have a large stomach. The larger the stomach, the greater is the desire for control or from lack of not getting enough physical touch and attention.

You can witness digestion problems, addictions to sugar and alcohol as an expression of anger.

If a person has a collapsed chest with sunken shoulders, and a small pouch in their tummy area, most likely they are feeling like a victim in some way. This can be displayed through depression, neediness, stories and blame. You can also see a strong display of manipulation through emotions used to get attention and recognition.

In contrast, an open chest with shoulders back and a chin up stance demonstrates a healthy, integrated individual. The energy of the mechanics is naturally smooth, soft, gentle, strong and powerful. The integrated being is free from pressure as the body is free of pain and stress.


An attitude of gratitude changes everything and lifts one up into a higher point of consciousness.







2015 Kashi Rachel Stone