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“The whole challenge for you in your process, the only way in which you can leave or transcend the Bodygraph and approach your purpose correctly, is you have to deal with the characteristics. The whole theme of, and the teaching of, Human Design is that we teach strategy and authority in order for a being to come to grips with the power of characteristics in their life, and to ultimately be able to transcend them by operating correctly as themselves. The reward for transcending your characteristics is that you find your role” ~ Ra Uru Hu

Age of aquarius 3

As we enter into the Age of Aquarius, humanity gains greater measure of brotherly love, the awakening of our connection with our Soul and some difficult challenges as we go through the transformation of our ego. This new age that is upon us is the dawning of the evolution of consciousness in humanity and the mutation of our whole being, not just the Solar Plexus but all of our being.

With the discovery of Uranus came the intelligence to recognize our spiritual self or our divine state of being and cause the unfolding of our spiritual consciousness. It can be considered a spiral upwards in the process of human evolution.

Through this influence of Uranus on humanity, we learn what it means to subordinate our lower desires to our higher powers as our abstract thinking and our spiritual intuition gets “turned on”. No longer can the emotional body hold us captive to its desires, wants, likes and dislikes and emotional reactions, if we have the discipline to transcends its grip on our mind and it’s impulse on our body.

That is why the eastern science of Yoga, places emphasis on purification, meditation and sacred living. We cannot access this higher state of consciousness if the emotional body is in control of our thoughts and if the physical body is impure. Nor can we access this higher Shivastate of consciousness if we are not meditating.

It is meditation that facilitates the work of the soul bringing transformation and the refinement of our vehicle, which evolves our system past the characteristics (emotional body activations) that Ra Uru Hu refers to above, transcending their control over our life. These characteristics are what we see defined in the Human Design bodygraph.

It is also meditation that gives us the ability to be sensitive to correct decision-making.

But the meditation is ineffective if we are not practicing the lifestyle teachings of the eastern, spiritual science of Yoga, which provides the higher principles that transform these characteristics of the emotional body so eloquently defined through the lens of Human Design.

This spiritual process, as taught through the eastern science of enlightenment, cultivates the qualities of good character, high ethics, sound morality, and spiritual aspiration, initiating the process of enlightenment and the transcendence of our emotional body.

Through a spiritual, maturation process, one lands in their true “role”, expressing their characteristics in an evolved, spiritual state of being. This is where our skills brought forward from previous lifetimes become the tools for our Soul’s work in this lifetime. It is the nature of how our being operates.

Through experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, maturation and many lifetimes, eventually, the mental body is brought into alignment with the soul and freed from the chains of duality that the emotional body rules, but only if we are practicing the disciplines that the eastern yoga science teaches and we are working with a spiritual teacher. There are spiritual evolutionary initiations that can only be conducted by a spiritual Master that take us into the state of alignment and eventually, enlightenment.

The Human Design science of mechanics is an introductory teaching for the masses. It could be considered “kindergarten” in learning how to operate our vehicle. It is a full body of knowledge to explore for the busy mind, offering a direction for one’s thoughts to travel and explore. It’s a good place for the westerner to start if they have no spiritual practice and its an excellent way to spend money on an education that does not develop a career.

However, it is important to understand that it stops short in taking a person into the actual process of achieving alignment and landing in ones’ role. Meditation and purification are essential to this process. In fact, they are the only way to transcend the characteristics of the emotional body and gain the “role” that Ra Uru Hu speaks about above.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design did not promote meditation nor did he espouse purification. However, he was a very intelligent, clever, gifted man that brought an important body of work introducing this spiritual process to the western mind through the bodygraph and the levels of knowledge that he created. His work provides the basics of getting to know one’s self, which is imperative to initiate our growth in this new level of awareness that is upon humanity.

Master and the student

There is much going on beyond the physical eye in relation to our personal evolutionary process. This is why the pineal gland has gained such attention in this era. The purification and activation of this gland “turns on” a spiritual sight that reveals so much more than what we can see on the physical plane.

There is a natural process that all beings go through that eventually leads to a higher purpose and higher Age of aquarius 1group activity as move into a deeper force of love, serving and doing our work that we are intended to do as an evolved, spiritual being.

The first step is to embrace the characteristics of our design, which many people miss because they are deeply distracted from their life path. This is why many people are not living out their full potential.

Through practicing meditation, reading spiritual scriptures and purification of the body and mind and through the guidance of an enlightened teacher one gradually transforms the emotional body so that they can live out their highest capacity.

Embrace your characteristics, tune into your life path and dial in the spiritual teacher that best suits you, for they lead you to the doorway of your Soul and the “role” that is intended for you.



written by Kashi Stone 2016

The Colors of Emotion

Posted in SPIRIT on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

blue water

Our Emotional Body shapes our mind and our life most of the time. Through its influence it colors the thinking process, creating a story, holding one captive to its desires and passions. Part of our evolutionary process is about learning how to control and refine this portion of our being that is causing most of our misery.

When the Emotional Body has full run and control of the mind, it devitalizes the body and shuts down our life force. There is nothing left to manifest our life purpose and much of our life force is spent on the pain and the drama that the emotional body is orchestrating, much like a soap opera.

Keep in mind that tears and anger are not the Emotional body. The Emotional body is an entity that flows energy out towards its desires or its passions or expels strong reactions, all in a spectrum of color.

As we move about and entertain thoughts, we exude a frequency that is made up of geometric patterns and colors pulling manifestation into our life. It is exactly what we witness in Masaru Emoto’s work with water. You can read about his work in the book, “Hidden Messages in Water”. Link for book here:  

In his experiments, he discovered that water was greatly impacted by thoughts and intentions. Whatever message we send into the water impacts the geometric pattern of the water molecules.

Water spirit


In the same way, Our Emotional Body ( also known as Mental Body) thought forms are geometric patterns creating a waterfall of color. Under the impulse of the thought form, the body gives off a frequency of geometric shapes, much like sand vibrating on a drum, and draws to it those particles for building and manifestation in hues of colors.Aura6

We are a network of streams of energy from above, across the planet and from below, from one person to another and so on. And within these streams are tiny particles of crystals that are brilliant geometric shapes. In the crystals of our thought forms are the designs of our nature, expressing itself, in color connecting us with what we are focused on.

You can easily observe the nature and tone of a person through the color and hues that their aura exudes.

The more negative thinking, critical, judgmental or harmful the thoughts, the more cloudy, dark, odd, misshaped crystals floating out towards others.





As the thoughts become more centered on appreciation, gratitude, compassion and service, the more beautifully intricate and faceted the design of the thought crystal becomes, much like the shape of a flower.







As the thoughts become more concerned with cosmic law and order and metaphysics, they take on geometrical shapes such as circles, cubes, pyramids, triangles, pentacles, etc.





You can see the color dark red, brown, or murky, dark hues when someone is angry or depressed. The aura becomRedes a brilliant, vivid scarlet when they feel indignant, arrogant, deserving or entitled.






Red roseHues of Rose red exude when love is on the mind.

The hues can range from dark red for animal passion to a murky brownish red when the love is motivated from selfish desires. The less a person is selfish in love the more the lighter red in color, or more pink in hue.





dull green 2

The aura becomes a dull green with jealousy.






If someone is focused in their intellect, they will exude yellow in their aura. If their intentiYellowons are spiritual in nature, it will be a bright, brilliant color of yellow. If there are selfish intentions, it will be shades of dark orange.






Thoughts focused on uplifting, good intentions without selfish ambition exude hueBlues of blue. The more pure in intention and deed, the more lighter the hue of blue.

In those types of thought forms, the shape of the thought crystals take on a flower like geometric pattern in their auric field, exuding a calm, soft frequency out to all.





Aura with crown


The more refined and purified in motive and the less selfishness in nature, the more clear and larger the aura as it reaches out to all, offering compassion and generosity to those in need who cross their path.









For this reason, it is so important to get a hold of our thoughts so that we can better manage our experiences and our reality. The practice of completion, as taught in spiritual teachings, clears the mental field of thoughts that haunt us and keep us form being authentic or from actualizing and manifesting our true potential.


One of the first places we can begin to transform the Emotional body is through reading and listening to spiritual scriptures.  Reading and listening to spiritual scriptures is like food for the Soul, creating healthier, more loving thoughts for one’s reality to build upon. Once you have tuned into spiritual teachings, then its time to transmute the patterns that are in the body, in the mind and the patterns left over from the heavy conditioning that we received when we were raised and developed into an adult.

Slowly, over time, the Emotional body becomes still, clear and quiet with no color, allowing room for Spirit to express itself in grace.

meditation in temple



written by kashi rachel stone 2016


Posted in SPIRIT on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

It’s true, we continuously reincarnate.

If you could actually see what is happening on a quantum level, you would see that every single cell has a Design Crystal and a Magnetic Monopole. We also know that cells have a very limited life span, coming and going all the time.

Look at your hand and imagine that there are literally tens of thousands of cells that are dying continuously every moment through your skin. Every time one of those cells dies, the Design Crystal and the Magnetic Monopole of that cell rushes down into the earth.

At the same time the dying cells are pouring down into the Earth, new cells are being raised up from the Earth. When the cell dies, there is another one that automatically shows up to take its place and do the same job. In the same way, we are coming into and going out of life, all the time, over eons of years, as the Personality Crystal.

Ra didn’t like the term “reincarnating” because he said that we are always reincarnating and that is what humans do over and over. He found it to be utterly uninteresting. He mentioned that he had heard many stories of “Cleopatras and Caesars and all that stuff”. But his response was basically, we incarnate so much that it’s pointless to think about it; “It’s an endless roller coaster”, were his words.

It’s a known fact in quantum physics that the vast, majority of crystals never get to incarnate into living form. Those Personality Crystals that do incarnate, are here to do an important job. The astrological life trajectory shows that the life purpose of humans is meant to evolve and grow. This is the purpose of each person’s life: to evolve form and gain greater awareness.

What that means is that we are here to learn how to take better care of our body and health, learn how to maximize our forms potential and bring a synthesis into our frequency through the practice of higher principles, which can be seen as a calm, tranquil state and a peaceful mind. Our next life gets a little better when we tune in a little more.

It’s not easy being human but there is great potential available within each person when we finally learn to love our own being.

Be kind and give yourself what you need to thrive in this life.



Written by Kashi Stone 

Losing Knowledge

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lao tzu



As some of you know, I lost my Human Design software a couple of weeks ago attempting to install an upgrade. At first, I was devastated – for a moment. Then, I decided to relax, let go and see what happens. In the period of waiting and observing, I was only able to write a small portion of the transit report but that was fine, I was sure that the problem would be resolved soon.

Fortunately, a good friend loaned me a small computer to operate the software on and continue my work looking at charts and preparing the transit report for the week. However, I have barely opened the software nor have I looked at many charts.

This morning I reached into the pile of cards that my dear friend has sitting on her kitchen counter, an Osho Tarot deck. The card that I drew this morning was “drop the knowledge”. The story related to this particular card is about a student being forced to drop all knowledge that they have learned and to ‘sense’ things. Knowledge is no longer needed, nor is it authentic in the experience of gaining wisdom. It is helpful to jump start a person in a particular direction, but after time, a person grows beyond what the knowledge can bring as their wisdom grows deep within their psyche and the teaching becomes real in their life.

Losing my software for a period of time forced me into this experience of relying on my senses and the wisdom gained over time to navigate and interact. I had been forced to just be in the experience of sensing and observing. I could no longer go into my software to know and see who a person is and how they are designed. I was fine with the experiment and was curious where it would lead me.

The first thing it showed me was that I could no longer be in my head about any of this. When I would encounter someone I just had to sense the energies. I could not look at a chart and determine type, authority or even open centers. What has been revealed to me was a ‘whole’ picture or experience of a person rather than broken down into parts and identified separately, such as the open centers and the unique chemistry defined.

What became evident is the quotient of relaxation in a persons chemistry or the obvious ‘out of tune’ that indicates illness in a person’s body. It seems that these two factors comprehensively tell a story as to how a person is living their life and to what extent they feel satisfaction in the way they are living.

If we drop all knowledge, all seeking and really look at how relaxed we are and how fulfilled we are, we can get to the root of dissatisfaction and cause of confusion or lack of alignment to what is correct for us.

For me to tell someone, “You have an open ego” and have it make sense to him or her when they don’t know the knowledge of Human Design seems like putting the cart before the horse. When I first encounter someone who is interested in knowing more about themselves, the conversation begins at how they are feeling presently in their body. Really feeling your body and it its current state of condition is the very best place to start. If I download a bunch of information without truly addressing the body, we have missed the most important first step.

The soul speaks through our body and most of us have never had a chance or have been taught how to listen to our soul through our body. We have been taught all our life to go into the mind and figure things out, this is what school conditions us to do.

It seems that we have to learn how to undo the conditioning that school has taught us, using our mind to bring solutions for us. Our minds are great tools for others when used properly but it is disastrous when we use our mind for our selves.

Our soul speaks to us through our body. If there is the slightest discomfort, something is out of alignment. From that point, the body and its sensations, comes pure direction and guidance. We can determine what food is correct for us by the way we feel after we eat it. If our body is uncomfortable immediately after we eat something, it’s not correct. The same goes for environment. If we step into a place that feels strange, uncomfortable to us, muscles get tight, joints hurt and pain begins, there is a reason for it and it is best to leave the place, relationship or job.

If we are not sleeping well at night, then we need to change the conditions that we are sleeping in. Are you close to another person’s aura? I like to have at least 50 feet radius between me and another body while sleeping at night. You can usually find me at the back of the garden in a tent because I also like sleeping out of an electrical field and out in nature.

Are you entering your sleep time correctly? Generators are to be busy and active until they pass out but Projectors, Manifestors and Manifesting Generators sleep best if they take a book to bed and slowly wind down. It can be devastating to the health of a Projector or Manifestor, Manifesting Generator or even a Reflector if they wait until they are exhausted to go to bed.

The more sensitive you become to how your body speaks to you, the more in tune you become with your own chemistry. All knowledge becomes mute when you are drinking from the well of your own body’s wisdom and guidance.

I will continue to look at charts but this experience of losing the software, losing my handy knowledge base has taught me to approach my work differently. It has taught me to really get into the body, even deeper than before. The body’s sensations, the body’s voice, is what we are looking for in this experiment. All knowledge is secondary to this discovery.

Now, when someone comes to me, we go the body first, not the head. If I can assist someone in hearing his or her souls’ voice, then we have accomplished the most important first step towards awareness. I thought I was doing this before but I noticed that I was just giving the mind more things to process and figure out. A new style has developed and a more effective way to operate in grace.

Losing knowledge can be a very good thing.


Written by Kashi Stone, 2013 November