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The Three Year Itch

Posted in SEVEN YEARS on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Recently, I was asked to explain what my process was like mid-point in my seven-year cycle of living the Human Design science.
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It seems a lot of people shift right at the three-year mark. They either become serious about their pursuit and study of the Human Design science or they give it up and move onto something else entirely different.

It is also a time when I see people start to feel and behave as though they get the science. It is at this point where we begin to know just enough to become a little dangerous with the knowledge by imparting half-truths and assumptions on the interpretations.

It would be so much better if we directed our friends to a real analyst, but most don’t send people forward. I watch my friends become instant professional chart translators, especially the Projectors. I cringe when I hear them explain a chart to someone. I don’t say anything. I don’t want to discourage them.

In the first three years of my life, I purposefully chose to teach myself and avoid any courses related to becoming an analyst. I actually stated many times through out my seven years process that I had no interest in pursuing Human Design for professional reasons. My process in learning Human Design has been purely for my own benefit and soul edification.

From those early years, I have journals and binders filled with notes, charts, exercises and my own exercises that I designed and played with to teach me. In my fourth year, I began to enroll in a variety of workshops to learn and understand from Ra Uru Hu and other formal teachers. Interesting to note that in my fourth year, when Ra Uru Hu shared my PHS information with me, I was already living it naturally for many years.

I enrolled in the professional analyst training (PTL) in my sixth year of meeting the logical mechanics but after a period of time, I discovered and observed that most of the student analysts in training did not understand what their Inner Authority is nor how it operates. That was shocking since they should have understood what that is in their Human Design reading that they had received a few years prior.

I also saw highly mental activity in the process of understanding, which is a completely different direction than where the teaching is intending to take a student. This is the hazard of moving too quickly through the educational process of Human Design. And many, many people do. I suppose my twenty-five years as a student of the esoteric teachings of Human Design have made me particularly sensitive to this process and the intention of the teachings.


I watch most Human Design teachers conduct a class over a couple of days, a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of months at the most. Moving quickly through the knowledge completely misses the point. Oh they get lots of information, numbers, details, formulas and theories quickly but the cells are still flat and not turned on.

When I discovered this, I knew that there was a serious problem in how the teaching is being shared with the masses. It is actually a scary thought that someone can become an analyst through money and knowledge alone.

You get “real” wisdom of the mechanics by living it. But you don’t realize that until several years later when the mechanics are speaking to you on the abstract plane and you see the contrast from where you once were.


And what you will eventually discover is that the first seven years of your study and practice of Human Design are about waking up. The second set of seven years is about learning the mechanics. No matter how much money you spend, how much knowledge you take in, you will go through one set of seven years after another in your learning, the natural, cyclic way.

And when you do realize what this science is really about, there is no certification, title or job description for that realization. And there is no one to designate the truly awake teacher of the mechanics or the one who is synthesized. That is because this process is not conducted in a classroom. It is conducted in your every moment, every breath, and every turn and evident in your state of being, not on a piece of paper.

Regardless of education, you will impact people’s lives in a very positive way, no matter what you are doing when you are living the Human Design science. Because what you find out eventually, if you are really living true to your own design, that right where you are, is the place to be; In the moment with your own process. And when you get that, people feel that and take notice and learn just from observing you.

This is precisely why I teach the way I do and encourage people to stay in the basic mechanics, because I want people to actually become aware and not drowning in so much mental knowledge that they have lost the point.LOve myself

Those students, who are in this process with me, continue in the basics with me for years and stay in a place of observation. They tell me what they are learning in their observation; I affirm them.

They are their own teacher. They are actually more aware than most of the professionally trained analysts that I know.

They wouldn’t be able to tell you what all the numbers mean on a chart or why this is red on this side and not on the other or why this part of the Head Center operates like this or the gate off of the Sacral operates like that. It really doesn’t matter.

What they can tell you is that they are discovering their uniqueness. They are learning how to surrender and wait for life to unfold before them. They are learning how it feels when the Sacral voice is really working and turned on. They are learning just how different they are if they are emotional or non-emotional. They are learning what it means to initiate and how it feels when it is correct and when it is not.

The list goes on.

That kind of wisdom cannot be taught in a classroom or through a book.

So many times I hear or read about Ra Uru Hu’s concern over people getting trapped in the advanced knowledge and missing the point entirely. And I watch it happen over and over and over. But not everyone is meant to wake up in this lifetime. This is the thing. And this is why there are lots of classes and students. Learning is fun and good for the mind and there are lots of bells and whistles in the complex knowledge to entertain and play with. But it doesn’t get you anywhere near the awakened state of synthesis.


For most, disciplining ones self to gain awareness and transforming the mental and emotional body requires too much effort and surrendering completely is frightening and uncomfortable. It is not as exciting as formulas, calculations and systems and besides, who wants to pay good money for a scary, radical, life-changing experience?

That is why we have shock and crisis in our life. They are our greatest teachers and it doesn’t cost a thing.

It’s also fun to imagine helping people improve their lives and assist in making a positive difference before we have even begun to taste the nectar of our own synthesis. That could be considered, “putting the cart before the horse”.

If you are meant to share or teach, eventually, the masses will call youAuraG.2 out and affirm you, the Reflectors will notice you and the Manifestors will initiate and encourage you. It will happen naturally without any effort or mental planning.

Eventually, you will see that this is not the path for earning a living. Earning a living with Human Design is only for a few. Consider how much you have paid me for the teaching that I share here or in a session with you? This is my point. What you have paid me is a true reflection of what is possible in this teaching. Obviously, I am not in this for the money. How can you put a price on love, transformation and awakening?

That is the biggest joke of all in the professional training of Human Design. And it is the greatest atrocity of these teachings.

If only people cared enough to become aware and understood the importance of their own personal work, what a different planet this could be.

If you really want to help humanity at this important three-year junction, go even deeper into your own process. Allow the Centers to reveal themselves to you, learn to manage your chemistry, engage deeply in your Inner Authority, learn a depth of patience that you never knew you had and get tuned into your own being.

The rest will take care of itself.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2015

The Seven Year Process

Posted in SEVEN YEARS on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

do whats best for you
It’s interesting how Human Design reveals the depth and validity of the mechanics continuously.

It is a known fact that the body completely transforms cellularly within a seven-year period. Human Design teaches that once you begin to apply the teachings in your life, your body will begin its own cellular transformation of a seven-year cycle. After seven years of daily practice of your Strategy and Inner Authority, your frequency changes dramatically.

You can see over time using the Human Design science and applying the tools that the speed in which one attains levels of self-awareness is dictated by the commitment and discipline. The science requires one to rigorously observe how ones own aura works and how attentive we are to that inner voice that guides us along our path.

What first comes into my view in daily observation is the ability to begin to recognize the difference in auras and Types. Through chart studies of those around you, you can begin to see the traits vividly in the behaviour of friends of the different Types.

After approximately five years of daily study and observation, the open Centers begin to reveal themselves. You can see when someone has an open Throat Center by the uncomfortable feeling of someone desperately attempting to gain attention. The over-talking can really be excessive with the open Throat.

Then, the open Will/ Ego/ Heart Center shows itself by the uncomfortable pressure when someone goes into a proving marathon. You can also observe when someone is trying to put another down and gain an advantage over, another indication of an open Will/ Ego/ Heart Center.

In the fifth year, you can see the nonsensically way of the open or defined Ajna Center operates trying to be sure, have the answers and be certain but not really.

Gradually, by the sixth year, the Open G Center comes into view with key deciding moments for life. One can also become vividly aware of the mental chatter that the mind uses through that center, “Who am I, What am I hear to do and who is my true love”? You can hear it clearly in others when they communicate.

The Head Center becomes obvious in the seventh year. It is very subtle and very hidden. It takes time to see it. But my, what a distraction it can create for you. It can derail the whole train on the way to productivity and being ready for great opportunities.

But even greater than seeing open Centers and learning how to manage them in grace is the gift of discovering the gift that is there when you apply your Strategy and Inner Authority radically in your life.

A certain quality of relaxation enters the being in the seventh year of daily practice of Human Design. And when I say “practice” I don’t mean study for gaining knowledge, I mean waiting to respond, taking my time, pushing things away, not initiating and sleeping alone.

I began sleeping alone before I entered the experiment of Human Design and have continued the practice. If I compromise my sleeping space and rest my body near another, whether in another room or next to me, I wake up exhausted and I process a lot of stuff that isn’t me. It can be confusing and a bad start to my day. I get all out of sorts and distracted from what I need to do for me.

When we hold to our inner guide and do what we know and can feel that is correct for us, we get that groovy relaxation.

This cool relaxation carries you on a cloud like a magic carpet that just makes it all go smooth, gentle and right. But it only comes from becoming aware of how our mind is driving our life through those open Centers in our chemistry. It also comes from radically applying the tools for our type of aura (Strategy) and how it operates uniquely.

It takes time though, to rebuild, reprogram, redo and reset. And its not mental, its experiential. That is why it takes seven years.

Patience Love, patience.

Stay true to what is you.

Blessings on your journey


Kashi Stone 2014