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“You’ve Got Life, No Choice!”

Posted in SATURN URANUS KIRON on August 1, 2018 by Kashi


Throughout the Human Design teachings, you hear about the importance of “getting the life” that was meant for you through applying your Strategy and Authority.

This has always made me a little curious. After all, I am breathing, living, moving about and I do have some kind of a life. What am I getting if I am not applying my Strategy and Authority? Am I living my life in some capacity? Or have I missed it?

These questions have hung in the air a little obscure in my mind. It has seemed confusing, abstruse and vague.

The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, had a way of teaching the knowledge in a logical, practical way; in a 5/1, Ego Manifestor way. If you didn’t get it, that was your problem to figure out. He is also very complex in his explanations with his personal style. I find that it helps to bring things down to the most, simple understanding before we can even begin to grasp the magnitude at which he is sharing.


I needed to clear the confusion of this in the back of my mind clouding my process. So, I went on an investigation. That is what I do with my body having a Profile 5/1. My body loves investigating, researching and tracking statistics.

In my pursuit to know and understand myself better I wanted to see if I have had a life or if I missed it and if I still had a possibility of getting back on track. I was hoping it wasn’t too late. After all, I’m in my fifties now. It could be past my time and my prime for getting my life. These kinds of thoughts had been running through my mind, was it too late?

To my surprise, I discovered something wonderful in my self-analysis of getting to know myself better. I had been living my life all along. I didn’t miss a thing. I didn’t get off track. I have gotten everything that I was meant to experience in this lifetime exactly the way I am designed to have it. I have my life.

Higher self


Regardless of what we do, we always stay within our trajectory in some way. Where there is a choice is in the way that we approach our trajectory.



Humans come into life with a set trajectory that shapes them for their adult years. In this life trajectory are set cycles preparing, in different ways, for our life purpose and for the evolution intended for this lifetime.

SATURN RETURN (Begins 27-30)
During our Saturn Return cycle we are given a clue to our highest potential in life. There is a natural optimism that comes with this time period that propels us into the activities of our life purpose. During this cycle, we are developing our character, skills and creative expression and feeling great passion about what we believe in and what we are here to do. However, this is just a tune-up preparing us for our future.

URANUS OPPOSITION (Begins 38 – 42)
At the Uranus Opposition, around 40 years of age, we enter into a new phase of learning where we can, transform, transcend or we can fall into the atrophy of our life expression. When we fall into atrophy we become deeply stuck in the program.

The Uranus Opposition is where most people feel like they are entering into a mid-life crisis. It can be very confusing because everything changes drastically on our life course from our Saturn Return life path bringing very different types of experiences for our maturation process.

If someone has not been living their true, life purpose or identity, the greater the crisis that they experience as they go through this transition. This is where we stop to analyze where we have been, what we have done and how we might want to approach our life a little differently than we have been. It can cause one to make desperate decisions in order to escape the feeling of failure or the confusion over “Who am I”?

It is at this transition that we feel like we have one more push to make something out of our lives. This will cause many people to study, research, understand, learn and know about things relative to their life path or choose something radically different in order to find what is truly their life path.

Higher self 2


No matter what we do, we still get our life in some way.






There are two distinct realities that begin to reveal themselves around the point of the Kiron Return Cycle (Begins 49-53). There is absolute Soul expression and there is absolute Program behaviour crystallized into patterns. When we enter into Kiron ( also spelled as Chiron), it changes the way we think about life, who we think we are and how we feel about everything around us. It is in this cycle where the life force gets intense and so do the experiences.

After approximately seven to ten years into the Kiron cycle (57-60), a person enters into the expression of their full potential in accordance to their efforts. Their ability to be effective is indicated by their state of health and ability to preserve their individuality. If they have not given ear to their life incarnation purpose and their own process, they become crystallized in their patterns and often, they deal with disease or breakdown of the body in some way.

Flower Goes to Heaven

If we are living according to the integrity of our life path and purpose, we are definitely getting a much better ride through life.

May your ride be smooth.





2015 Kashi Rachel Stone