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Human Design and Dating

Posted in ROMANCE on August 8, 2018 by Kashi

There has been lots of discussion, lately, regarding a Human Design dating website. It makes me chuckle, I have been there too. A few years into my process with the science, I thought for sure a dating site was the next big answer, even to the point of constructing a website in 2010, working to create a platform for lovers to meet through Human Design.

After approximately six months into the daily, grueling grind of website design, it became incredibly obvious that Human Design could not connect people through a dating platform. No matter how you slice the dice, HD does not fit for mating. It was a big mistake and a huge waste of time and money.

As Ra Uru Hu pointed out repeatedly, dating and romantic love have nothing to do with the Human Design system. 

When I first started studying electromagnetics, it was interesting to watch how my body or mind would respond to the different types of connections. But what I have found is that electromagnetics may be hot and juicy but absolutely useless in making important decisions in life. Electromagnetics create more confusion and mental tapes that really distract and busy the mind; they can be really, really fun, super yum and juicy but very, very tricky. Electromagnetic mental tapes will convince a person into the most incorrect situations, they are very powerful.

The Human Design Bodygraph does not indicate the gender of a person nor the romantic destiny, or the “husband or wife”, nor does one see how many children they are going to have or how long they will be in love.

So, no, Human Design and dating do not go together.  Human Design was designed for: empowerment of self through knowing and understanding how one operates so that one can get the best experiences. Through living that understanding, one naturally travels the path that brings the best experiences, the right people and the correct environment. 

So, how do you love and still be you?

The purpose of Human Design is to learn about who we are, centered and tuned into our body’s voice, not our groin. So, using HD as a tool for mating, relating and creating bonds, is actually working against the goal behind Ra’s vision with this science.  After all, HD does teach the importance of sleeping alone in one’s aura -far away from other bodies in order to empty out and be Self.

Sleeping alone to empty the aura and waking up centered and clear, is the primary place to start so one can see who they truly are. Keep in mind, it takes time to empty the aura when one has shared intimate, sexual space with someone. It can take days, it can take weeks, it can take months even a full year or more, depending on how long one has been merged and how many years one has been sleeping with a lover, dog, neighbor or child near them.

How is Human Design best used?

Human Design does show great connections for working together, creating community together, supporting each other in endeavors and who has the potential to become a good friend or who has the best skill to do what, naturally. Sometimes, people have a difficult figuring out what they do best after they have been conditioned by school, religion and tradition. 

Human Design is also a fabulous tool for understanding the personalities that surround one or who one is working with. If someone is non-emotional and one is emotional, then there may be difficulty relating and communicating; there are going to be misunderstandings, truth may get covered up, hidden, distorted or not spoken and there will be this looming feeling as though both come from two different planets: one is slow and one is very fast.

And then there are the defined Ajna’s. A defined Ajna can be very helpful in many cases. However, they can become difficult for an empty, open head and Ajna who cannot take in so much information. It can quickly, cause a headache.

Usually, a defined Ajna does not wait for an invitation to offer their opinion. Often, they let others “know” what they know. A question I often hear from a defined Ajna is “Would you like to hear about this?” It’s difficult to be honest because if one responds with “no’, it can seem rude.

Equally challenging are the open Throat beings. The “unaware”, open Throat Center being aches for attention with a streaming, non-stop, download of information and continuous interruptions. It is best for the open Throat to not speak first, allowing the defined to initiate conversation. It makes a huge difference in relating in the world, just understanding that simple rule.

And last, most importantly, is the relationship dynamic of the undefined and defined ego. As Ra has stated in his lectures on romance, the undefined ego will compete with the defined ego until death. This is an obvious truth in my experience. Often, undefined Ego’s copy the work of the defined ego that they are hoping to destroy and desperately seek power over while they strategize the demise of reputation and vie for positioning. Electromagnetics or not, it does not matter, the combination of the two definitions creates fertile ground for serious, unpleasant troubles and horrible, unnecessary battles. Thank heavens for the law of karma that brings balance. No need to expend such energy. 

What we find is that the key in romance is taking lots of SPACE so that one can feel their own chemistry and true definition.

In the awareness one’s true self, a direction is chosen towards fulfilling one’s life path and destiny. That is how one uses Human Design.

But the mind…….ahhhh the mind loves a good story.

Enjoy learning and watching the mechanics.



Kashi Stone 2015

Magazine Romance

Posted in ROMANCE on August 6, 2018 by Kashi

People cover.1



Often, in my conversations with people, romance, love and compatibility come up as a key interest.

The greatest concern is whether two people are truly compatible and how it is expressed through the lens of Human Design.

Equally, people inquire about what Human Design says regarding their life purpose and their work.

In my opinion, the two don’t mix.

The story is there. You will see where two people are connecting and the differences in the Inner Authority, the Right and Left Angles and the drastically different life paths indicated in the Incarnation Crosses.

You can find electrical connections through the electromagnetics and you can find the harmonies in the finer details and you can find the challenges that make life hell if you decide to do the dance. The whole story is there.

However, Human Design is not a navigational tool for romance, at all.

If you really watch, you will see that you can become easily distracted by an electromagnetic romance. The mind games of the open Centers, the contrasts of inner authorities and the electrical charge that has brought two together will eventually turn into a drain and devitalize someone in the pair.

Most of humanity is living out their lives through their open Centers, and what you see is that People cover.2most romances sound like the weekly gossip magazines displayed in the racks at the check out lines at grocery stores, or a soap opera on TV; It’s all very, very messy and dramatic.

Now try and find your life path, your greatest creative expression in the middle of all of that. Good luck. We get very, very comfortable in our habits, the people around us and the circumstances that are predictable. Then, we become complacent and “stuck”.

Predictability comes in bucketfuls in our commitment and contracts with marriage. Now that we can predict that a particular person is going to be there, we don’t have to be lonely ever again in our life; we don’t have to sleep alone or eat alone again. We are stuck in a rut and avoiding change.

Nor do we get to taste the freedom of just being who we are in our own chemistry. We are now cemented into a contract, a marriage for life, sleeping together every night for the rest of our life and “the two now have become one”. God help us, you no longer exist. You are officially gone.

It is the same thing; become lovers and now your auras are merged no matter what the distance or the contract. And through that merge of auras, you are now not you, but the two of you.

Do you see what I am getting at here?

Does romance have a place in the scheme of life purpose?

Romance has its place as a form of entertainment, education in relating and learning to love beyond the constructs of our conditioning. If our heart is broken enough, our minds confused enough and our ego destroyed enough in our relating, dating and mating, then maybe we can break the crystallization of our conditioning and the environment that has shaped our beliefs and habits that keeps us trapped in patterns that do not serve our highest expression or allow us to fulfill our destiny.

This is the dilemma of the dance of romance. Do we love this person enough to give up our life and our destiny? Do we need sex that we are willing to forsake our ability to navigate and direct life according to the sensitivity of our Inner Authority? Only Self-love will save us.

The romantic relationships are incidental to what the map is telling in Human Design.


For instance, let’s look at some charts and see their open Center romance story. It will probably sound very familiar to something you have experienced or witnessed in family and friends romances or one of yours.

When we distill down the characteristics of the “not healthy” open Centers and the differences in definition, it looks like this:


Ralph and Louise

Here, we have a female, Emotional Generator (MG), Louise, and a Sacral Manifesting Generator, Ralph

What brings them together:
There are three electromagnetics in this combination so it is going to feel rather yummy right off the bat. But these electromagnetics are not in the ‘romance’ area of the body chemistry. The attraction between these two people is going to be their differences. Louise is going to love getting her energy to the Throat with Ralph’s definition and Ralph is going to like her yummy, nurturing way of caring for him. The mental definition of the 11/56 Channel provides a nice connection for communication and sharing, in the beginning.

Through their differences, The Emotional Generator appears to be hot, juicy, passionate and dramatic, very different from the cool nature of the Sacral Manifesting Generator, which appears centered, confident and reliable to the Emotional Generator.

The Open Center Romance Story:
The biggest challenge is going to be the difference between the emotional vs. non-emotional authorities. Louise is going to seem a little crazy to Ralph and he is going to seem a little self centered and cold to the Emotional definition. This is going to create some conflict right off the bat.

Not only that, Louise will have great pressure to act in the moment from Ralph, whose inner authority is Sacral. She will find it difficult to be patient and in her wave as Ralph pushes for her answers, decisions and movement to be in the moment, which is very, very healthy for him, but not for her.

When an Emotional authority acts in the moment, it can be disastrous. Most likely Louise will be startled when Ralph approaches her and asks her what she thinks or what she wants to do. He will find her to be something of an idiot that she cant make up her mind immediately and have clarity about what she wants to do.

Ralph will appear as “selfish” to Louise because of his Right Angle Incarnation Cross. Louise will be subject to Ralph’s authority and control because of his Channel 45/21 and 34/20. This will challenge her conscious Channel 19/49.

Louise will continue to feel insecure and inadequate in Ralph’s aura with his heavily defined Will. She will constantly find ways to prove herself, compete with Ralph in order to find a level of security in her individuality. With Ralph’s heavily defined Will, Louise will have a tendency to become bombastic with her ego, taking on his natural confidence which is out of chemistry for her. If Ralph does not have full control, he will seem very cold and selfish to Louise.

Doesn’t that sound like a great fairy tale?

This is the true romantic tale, unfortunately.

It doesn’t matter what their chemistry is. They sleep together all the time, have sex often and hardly take time alone to feel themselves; they live a very busy life doing lots of things. They are so busy running their romance and their life through this open Center dynamic, there isn’t a chance to ever live out the true chemistry. The soap opera rules the life and the program is in control as confusion brews in the mind.

I’m not the telling this story to discourage but rather to encourage an opening in your awareness to how the open Centers are operating in the life and controlling the quality of life that one leads.

Lets look at another couple example living out their romance through their open Centers.

Here, we have a female, Emotional Projector named Beth and an Emotional Manifesting Generator named John.


Beth and John

What brings them together:
Beth is going to be highly attracted to Johns Defined Will and his drive to make money on the material plane. John is attracted to Beth’s mind that inspires him and the clever answers and solutions that come from her mental authority. John will like the “neediness” that Beth demonstrates for him through her open Spleen, making him feel important and significant, for a short period of time, in the beginning.

They have one electromagnetic: the Judgment Channel, 18/58. This is a hot, juicy, flirtatious channel when the two meet up as an electromagnetic. With the differences in
Types and open Centers, it can be a strong pull for attraction and becoming lovers.

The Open Center Romance Story:
Even though John was initially attracted to Beth’s mind, eventually, John is going to become very disturbed at Beth’s tendency to be a “know it all” with her heavily defined Head and Ajna Centers. She will also use this mental energy to compete heavily with John and his powerfully defined Will through her insecure open Will Center. Beth will take in all the fears, worries and concerns about survival, providing enough income and sustainability for the future through her open Spleen. She will amplify these concerns and over dramatize the focus with her passionate Emotional nature. John will eventually become exhausted with her tendency to worry and be concerned about her continuous attempt to prove that she is right, in control and knows everything there is to know while clinging tightly, confused and unable to hold her center.

Beth will eventually become exhausted sleeping and living in the Manifesting Generator aura. Blown adrenals are one of the key problems for those who take on and move through life with energy that is not naturally their own. John will continuously pressure Beth to act in the moment with his open Root and push Beth’s mind to process all the tasks that he is feeling pressure to finish and be done with. This open Root pressure sends Beth into a hyper state of stress, mental confusion and inability to truly feel what is correct for her.

John compromises Beth four times in four channels. This compromise can cause a battle from hell coupled with the two Will Centers, defined and undefined.

As the two become more familiar with each other, the things that first brought the two together and into attraction, will be the things that send the two apart and in different directions: the busy mind, the strong will, the “need” and the differences in Type.


When you take a look at how the mind is driving the life through the open Centers, this is what you get: a challenging connection that is a lot of hard work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you can see your open Centers operating, you gain great advancement in your awareness. It is a never-ending process; it never stops. The open Centers continually reveal deeper levels of how they are influenced and respond through the control of the mind and others auras. Using the mind through the open Centers can bring the absolute worst out of us and yet, our open Centers can become our greatest allies.

The key is to empty the aura, feel yourself alone and then meet the other clear, centered and in tune. When you are in tune, you naturally draw those who resonate of a similar accordance and naturally fall into the right place, like landing on a cloud; it is easy, it is soft, it is gentle and its not a romance; it’s the right place, the right people and doing the right thing that you were designed for.

It’s incredibly mundane. That is why it’s so hard to find.

The mind loves a good movie, a compelling soap opera as our grocery market checkout lines magazines display, front and center. It’s all so very twisted.

Drop the Magazine Romance and Remember to Love Yourself – FIRST!


Kashi Stone   2014

Who Am I Going to Sleep with Tonight?

Posted in ROMANCE, SLEEP on August 3, 2018 by Kashi


Some speak of yearning to be touched; some speak of the intimate sharing of conversation and others speak of companionship or security.

There are a vast variety of reasons why people come together for love and affection.

I had a friend call me recently to share with me an array of health problems they were experiencing. They spoke of many visits to the hospital and gave me a report on the medicine they had been prescribed. They also spoke of a new kind of emotional sensation that was dark, cynical and new to their reality. Life seemed like it was getting darker and darker by the moment and that they would soon lose all hope.

It was sad and I did not like seeing my friend like this.

I listened to him tell is story. Even though the incidents, facts and circumstances were unique there was something strangely familiar about his sharing. I listened some more and soon saw the pattern that I am familiar with.

After several minutes, I asked him how long he had been ill. “When did the illness begin?”

He mentioned that it had started about four months ago.

“Ah ha”, I said, “When did you start making love with your new girlfriend?”

“About four months ago”, he continued, “I have had this feeling for awhile now that this love affair may be making me ill”.


“Didn’t we look at the charts and see that the chemistry could be difficult for you, do you remember that?”, I asked.

“Yes, I do”, he replied.



This is what happens when we become physically intimate with another person. We become something else. We lose our center, we lose our individuality and we lose our peace of mind and often our health is paying for it in some way.

This is not just about sex, this is also about sleeping.

Check around you. Are your children sleeping in the same room together or with you? Do you know what kind of impact it is having on each child to be constantly in someone’s aura and not having a break from the pressure of another person’s chemistry? How does one child impact the other? There could be a chemistry that is stimulating some unpleasant activations that are not natural, creating unpleasant experiences for the child in many ways.

What about the neighbor that lives below you or beside you or on top of you? Are they happy or angry? Is your neighbor a Manifestor, Generator or a Projector and is your openness getting defined by them while you are at home?

Do you know who you are without the impression or imprint of another?

What about the person sleeping beside you? Each partner has become someone else as the two merge chemistry.

It’s time for you to go to work. When you arrive and interact at work, socially, are you going to be you? Is anyone really going to see YOU to recognize you properly and give you the support you need by being seen?

Probably not.

If you are a family, you have all the aura’s to contend with in your own personal aura.

If you want a happy family or a pleasant marriage, the first thing to do is create a separate sleeping environment far enough away from each person’s aura. Give each person a minimum of thirty feet, Happy_Family_At_Homeideally.

If your home doesn’t accommodate that kind of space, then create outdoor sleeping environments that will allow for everybody to create the type of environment that helps them to sleep deep and sound while emptying their aura.

Let the children determine the type of environment that they would like to sleep in and support them in helping them to create it. For instance, I am ‘cave’ and for years I have been creating a cave-like environment to sleep in. I use to think that I was decorating but now I understand that it is the only way I can sleep deep and feel rested. Your child may need to create their space in a similar way. They will naturally move towards what is correct for them if they are supported in discovering it.

Watch how different each person wakes up when they are sleeping in the way that is correct for them. Children will be calmer, happier, more stable if allowed to empty and recharge their aura each night. Lovers become friends again as they greet each other in the morning fresh with a smile and centered in their own aura, rediscovering their love.

It’s worth it to move, if you have to. Sleeping in your own aura makes a world of difference in how your experience life.

You deserve to feel who you are, rested, refreshed and available for the opportunities that are there for you. By being centered in your own aura and chemistry, you are able to navigate more clearly with your inner compass.

Practice sleeping in your own aura and test the exercise. See if it brings a more calm sense of peace to the home and the relationships.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2013


How to Choose a Good Lover

Posted in ROMANCE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Romance, Sex and Human Design

“Everything having to do with sexuality is rooted in lack of awareness. That’s why the genetic imperative really rules us because nothing about sexuality is aware. And the closest you can come to any kind of sexual awareness is through emotional clarity. It takes a long time to be clear. Sexuality operates out of the motors.”
~ Ra Uru Hu Human Design Sexuality


So many people are enchanted with sexuality and its place in their life. There are many different kinds of definition of sexuality when looking at the chemistry of charts and how a Happy_young_couple_in_love_27468239person relates romantically.

It can be a wild adventure observing, experimenting, trying out romance.

Its easy to look at a chart and see the electromagnetics, the splits connected and the tickle of the electric connection of attraction.

The electromagnetic connections are so powerful that they actually settle up beside the open Centers in the driver seats of the mind. They take over and make you feel as though you have come home, settled into your role and a yearning to merge into one messy meshed being of two aura’s learning to be whole.

I say “messy” because people tend to lose themselves in a romantic connection through the contract of marriage or partnership. We are taught from the beginning that we are to grow up, find a mate, reproduce and live forever with that one person. However, that is far from the truth when it comes to the chemistry of humans.

When two people come together and decide to have sex, sleep together, set up house and never leave each other’s aura, with the exception of a daily job, they lose themselves and become radically influenced, a conditioned being that is far from who they are innately, authentically.

Whatever is in your aura stemming from emotions, trauma, stress, fears, thoughts is not_so_happy_couple_20318813now meshed into your lover’s emotions, trauma, stress, fear, thoughts, etc. and vice versa. You are now one bundle of chaotic energy trying to navigate life with another person who has equally lost their center. As you lose yourself you become a stranger to one another. The person that drew you is now an enemy of some sorts, limiting your freedom to be and adding pressure and stress to your life with new responsibility of being someone other than you are.

Suddenly, what was hot and passionate once upon a time becomes dull, difficult, stressful and incompatible and fiery. Welcome to the world of electromagnetics.

Albeit, some will have made good connections, it does happen. However, the chances are that most couples are in some kind of a bond that limits their freedom to be themselves. They are living a movie that was never intended for them.

The electromagnetics can be so tricky.


“Society without morals would allow us to live out according to a way designed to Rabe monogamous or not and free in sexuality. Most of sexuality is caught up in guilt trips. It is rooted in us to have different experiences, crisis with sorrow, hooking up only for desire with expectations – you are going to suffer.”
~ Ra Uru Hu
Human Design Sexuality.


I witness so many people looking for ways to make bonds with others based on fantasies, delusions and some kind of thrill they “cant explain”.

Electromagnetics makes you say silly things like: “I never felt this way before”, or “No one makes me feel as good as he/she does” or “Im sure he/she is my soulmate and we have been together in another lifetime”. And suddenly, you feel yourself drowning in the elixir of romantic fantasies, deep yearnings and the drive to merge………and make babies or just fuck.

happy_couple_26300609Oh, it can be hot, sexy, salty and juicy. The mind loves a hot and sexy romantic flick.


All of those open Centers play a large role in how our mind approaches sexuality, romance and bonds.

“Because we are not designed to be accepting and surrendered and because we have been conditioned to free will as a part of our conscious evolution, we live out the vast majority of our sexuality in our minds. That is, the question of sexuality, the nature of sexuality in our lives, the thoughts about those we wish to be or are connected in one way or another, all of this is taking place at a mental plane level. And because the mental plane dominates this cycle, we tend to define our sexual life through mental perception. In order to really understand what is going to work for you, is that at that moment you see you have resonance or harmony between the lines in the mental system and in the emotional system, then you are going to find a place where you are going to find the key to open your own sexuality.

Where there is a match in the lines in the head/mental and with the emotional activations, there is the key to your sexuality, it is the strongest connection you have to your sexuality.” ~ Ra Uru Hu Human Design Sexuality


The key is getting back to who you are and maintaining that place of authenticity.





There is no fully enlightened romance so there will be distractions and energy to surf while navigating one’s way through life.

What is easy in romance is what is most resonate. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to discover what that is at the most basic level of the Human Design knowledge.



Ra“In order to really live….you have to get past genetics (electromagnetics). Love is mental – as we understand. It is a mind trick. Love becomes the obsession that is holding onto the conditioning.

We choose people with our minds all the time. Love is merely attraction. The “not self’ is not whole or real and seeking outside of itself for fulfillment in another person. “ ~ Ra Uru Hu
Human Design Sexuality


When you understand and know yourself, you live in a frequency of truth. In that frequency is a pull of what is good for you. If you are dialed in, you will pull in a good lover.




Written by Kashi Stone    July 2013

Will You Die for Me?

Posted in ROMANCE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

A very unpleasant bad spell has been cast on the human race. It is disguised in a fairy tale that conditions humanity into thinking that “the one” is coming soon to rescue the fair maiden and place her in a castle. The prince is busy in search of the “wife” who will tend to him and obey. The fair maiden makes sure that the prince is fed, clothed and satisfied and happy in love as she serves him and maintains her beauty for him. He works hard, brings home the kill, makes lots of money and provides well. They live happily ever after.

It’s a very deeply ingrained conditioning story that has played out through thousands of years shaping the way we live, relate and love.

Religion has made this fairy tale their token for all things that must be spoken. All of life evolves around growing up to find a mate. And when we do, the wife obeys her husband as the church obeys god and the man loves his wife as god loves his church. It is a very, very twisted fairy tale designed to keep people deeply homogenized and asleep and very confused.

“Will you marry me?” in my opinion, actually translates in heaven as “Will you die for me?”

I’m watching people fall in love, merge their life’s, their homes, their auras, their bank accounts, credit standings, making babies, going into debt and living miserable lives in order to participate in this spell.

What you can see is that there is this crazy mental chatter and twisted perception that dominates the life into playing this spell out. First, we are conditioned by upbringing. School has it’s own very strange trip in how it conditions us and turns robots for the system. Then, religion takes over in our pursuit to find god and our meaning in life. Before long, we have entered into a contract of death in a marriage “until death do us part”. Get it?

There is nothing in our conditioning field that supports our uniqueness. We are enslaved to an outdated way of operating that destroys our very essence.

You can see the mental chatter that plays out in attraction. We reason a lover into being the correct lover because of status, money, convenience, fear or loneliness ~ and the conditioning. The mind operating through the open Centers is creating a treacherous reality.

You can also see the electromagnetics play out and whisper to the mind that they have found “the one”.

The electromagnetics are very, very tricky. You can see how they make you feel fated when you meet and begin to acquaint yourself with each other. You can feel it in first contact and even more so in a hug or loving embrace. The glossy, hazed look of the eyes, twinkling a delusion tell you that someone has fallen and won’t be back for a while or maybe not at all.

Regardless if you are having sex or not, the electromagentics make you feel fated and give the feeling of “soulmate” that many lovers feel in the beginning of a relationship.
What you find though is that those electromagnetics can work in an opposite way. What may have been an attraction factor can also become the challenge, the turn off, the boring game, the end of a hot, passionate relationship that thought it was going to last forever.

Most couples are brought together through their differences, thanks to electromagnetics. You will find that there are many emotional and non-emotional’s in relationship. This can bring up tremendous heat and conflict in the relationship without understanding the mechanics and how differently we operate. It will also put tremendous pressure on the other when either is out of tune. It’ very difficult for the two different types of definition to be in harmony and flow together. But it can get very, very passionate with the mix of chemistry and feel yummy for a while.

Another place of conflict is the difference in Types. Put a non-energy with an energy type and one of them is going to be very drained, eventually.

And you see it in those who have defined Ajna and/ or Defined Head Centers. If one is defined in the Ajna and Head Centers and the other is not, someone is going to get a headache – almost every day. The lack of understanding in communication will become prevalent eventually.

The most difficult, the hardest and the most painful is the open Ego with the defined Ego. The open Ego will compete with the defined Ego until death trying desperately to prove that it is an equal. It is an equal, of course, but it does not know that and it will play the power trips to get power over the defined Ego who is naturally confident in their own skin. The defined Ego suffers pressure on the heart organ as the open Ego does when both are grossly out of tune. The defined Ego will also become exhausted holding the confidence for both.

The same goes for environments too, if one is cave and one is market, someone is not going to be happy at home, most of the time.

What happens with this dance of aura’s in romance is that there are pressures being placed on each other continuously from the differences, the open and the defined Centers, the distortion in frequency from being out of tune and the mental chatter that drives the life.

It’s really, really painful but most people don’t realize it. They don’t understand and they think it is normal to be out of tune, sick and unhappy.

It’s not.

Our system, mechanical, physical, etheric is hardwired to live in ecstasy.

That ecstasy comes from being smooth, quiet or content in the mind, relaxed and trusting with firm boundaries that allow you to live in that reality as YOU.  What that creates is a highly individualized, independent being who is sovereign and whole.

There are no tentacles, there is no need to control or have power over another and there is no asking the other “Will you die for me?”

No, the independent, sovereign being is enjoying who they are and “bumping” into the next person, the next opportunity, the next moment as they move through life. They have their own personal magic carpet that takes them into the next beautiful moment of serendipity.

Romance is there if they want it but it all depends on the frequency, the aura, the in tune-ness of the other.

It also means that they are going to compromise if they merge their aura and create relationship. That is a lot to ask the being that has found ecstasy in wholeness.

chakra girlkashi stone 2014

Those Juicy Electromagnetics

Posted in ROMANCE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Electromagnetics occur when two gates come together to complete a whole channel. One person will have one gate at one end of the Channel and connect to another person’s gate that is positioned on the opposite end of the Channel. When those two gates come together, it creates sizzling feelings of attraction.

The tickle of two gates connecting on either end of a channel gives a feeling that “something” is there between you and another.  The electromangetics can make one feel as though they are with the love of their life or that they may die without a certain someone. They will also make one think that they are attracted to someone when there really is no glue to hold the two in togetherness. They are really, really tricky.

The juicyness of electros with conditioning will keep us trapped and holding on ‘til death with the wrong person and doing things that were never intended for our life path.

The mind creates the most extraordinary stories around the electromagnetics and orchestrates the most amazing soap opera material. They are very, very powerful in stimulating the mind to bring the mental tapes: “I’ve never felt like this before”, “We must have been lovers in a past life”, “It is different with this person”, “I don’t think I can make it through life without this person”.

The electromagnetics are not always harmonious connections. Some connections are hot, sizzling electromagnetic connections and some have a terrible discord in the chemistry. One will look for so many ways to “fix”, find reasons, place blame and ride the roller coaster of drama in order to maintain a relationship that is never going to be harmonious in its chemistry because one thinks that they will not find a love like this one again.

If you have an urge to merge, you probably have an electro connection.


Written by Kashi Stone, 2015 June


The Beauty of a Woman

Posted in JOY, ROMANCE, SELF LOVE on August 2, 2018 by Kashi


“I need a serious social life change, starving
for something solid, real and present.
Especially when it comes to a woman.
Yes I am proud to say woman I need you like the flowers need sun, rain, air.
You give me life and fill me with energy.
Without you I do wither in spirit.”


The statement above was written by a male friend of mine. It touched me deeply because it reflects the state of mind that most of the men around me have been expressing to me in different ways. I am hearing from many men that they desperately need the feminine energy near them, with them, in their life in some way.

I began asking this question a few months ago, curious about what drives most people – their creativity or the idea of love. I soon realized that almost every maN answers these questions with a similar response.

“What are your predominant thoughts about finding the “One”?

Are you focused, in the back of your mind on finding the “One” someday or does your mind entertain thoughts of your creativity and direction in life? What holds the most weight in your thought process?

The answer is almost always the same. In fact, only two have answered differently than the rest. Most reply that they are looking or waiting for the “One” female who will come into their life and complete them. Many are looking for that special girl who will come into their life, light up their heart and end their search.

When I hear these responses I am touched. I am also surprised that so many men feel this way. It is not so obvious and it’s a rather unexpected response in a heavily conditioned world that has trained us to view man as an unfeeling being who works hard, provides and who has been taught not to show emotion or “so called” feminine traits.

What I am seeing now, at this point in my life is that man truly needs woman, a woman who will love him, nurture him, create a home filled with beauty, good food and keep the life organized as she supports his efforts. These are also the attributes of a mother, which brings me to the significance of the beauty of woman.

It was a warm, sunny Sunday morning as Annette made her way down the dirt path that led to the quaint, little home where the wise woman lived at the end of the road. Annette was looking forward to her visit. The wise woman seemed to have answers to almost everything. Perhaps the wise woman could answer Annette’s question that had been brewing and mulling in her mind for months.

Annette knocked on the kitchen door, “Where art thou, my dear friend, wise woman?” she softly spoke as she slowly opened the door.

“I’m back here, sweetheart”, the wise woman replied as she made her way to the kitchen where Annette was standing. “What brings you on this fine day?”

“I am curious about some things”, Annette replied, “I have a few questions.”

“Ahhh my dear, come with me to my bedroom while I make my bed and finish preparing for the day”.

Annette followed the wise woman into her bedroom. “I want to show you the new coats that my friend gave to me. I am so excited. They are perfect for me”, she spoke as they walked down the hall to the bedroom. The wise woman opened her tall, mirror door to her closet.

“I’ll cover my eyes as you put on the coat. Let me know when you are ready to show me”, Annette giggled as she sat down on the bed and covered her eyes with her hands. She felt like a child again as the wise woman put on her coat and when she was ready replied, “Ok, I’m ready, open your eyes!”

“It’s beautiful, it’s perfectly you!” Annette cried out with joy as she took her first glance at the wise woman in her new coat.

“Yes, yes, I love it! It is as if it was made for me! Now close your eyes again, I have another coat to try on and model for you.” Annette closed her eyes, giggled and waited. “Ok, open your eyes!” said the wise woman when she had the coat on and in place.

“It’s perfect for you! My goodness, these are definitely your coats!”

“Yes, yes, they are! I love them! replied the wise woman with excitement and joy. The two women were like little girls playing dress up in the bedroom in front of the tall mirror door.

The wise woman took off her coat and hung both of the coats neatly on their hangars and in their respective places in the closet. She closed the closet door and walked over to the side of the bed.

Annette quickly moved to the opposite side of the bed where the wise woman was pulling up the sheets, fluffing the pillows and smoothing the comforter. Annette grabbed the sheet and cover on the side of the bed opposite of the wise woman so that she could assist her in making her bed. She fluffed the pillows, smoothed the covers and placed the shams just like the wise woman had done on her side of the bed.

“You usually place a lovely cloth in the middle of your bed for your meditation pillow and crystal, yes?” Annette asked looking up at the wise woman who already had her elegant cloth in hand and ready to spread in the middle of the bed for the meditation pillow and crystal. It was her bed altar where she held the symbol of love for herself and the space of power where she cleared and regenerated. Her bed was very sacred to her.

Annette smiled and assisted the wise woman with placing the cloth in the center of the bed and smoothing out all of the wrinkles. The wise woman tossed down her meditation pillow in the middle of the cloth and smiled, “Now, lets place the crystal on the pillow too. She reached for the crystal sitting on the table beside the bed and gently placed it in the center. “The altar is complete”, she said with a smile and a soft, gentle, happy sigh.

She quickly arranged the items on her bed stand and wiped the crumbs from her nighttime snack. She placed a clean, folded, laced napkin at the corner for when she returned in the evening to enjoy her snack while reading before falling to sleep.

Once the bedside tables were neatly arranged, she walked over to her dresser where she organized her pearl necklaces and other trinkets lying near. As she placed each item into the crystal bowl on her dresser, she spoke where it belonged and how neat and lovely the space on the dresser was becoming. Annette smiled. She enjoyed watching the wise woman create beauty with every thing she touched. She was truly magical.

“You are a joy to be near, dear one”, Annette spoke as the wise woman finished clearing the dresser.

“Follow me”, the wise woman said as she turned and started walking toward her bathroom. “You see, what is important is that you create a beautiful space where you can love yourself, nurture yourself. By cleaning, organizing and creating beauty in your most sacred space, you can easily move into other places and create more beauty. But it has to start here, in the bedroom and then in your bathroom. And it is not just cleaning the bathroom that is important, it is the beauty that you create in this environment that provides a calming, relaxed place where you can nurture yourself. So you put elegant things in key places that make you smile and feel special. It’s your own magical ritual for you”.

Annette smiled. The wise woman was already answering her questions before she had a moment to ask. That is how it is in when you are in the flow of life. Everything comes in a serendipitous way. It was one of those moments.

The wise woman walked out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen. Annette followed her as she made her way through the bedroom and down the hall.

“I think I will make apple strudel today with the apples that Diane gave me yesterday. They need to be used before they spoil and an apple strudel is sure to put a smile on each persons face who stops by today”.

Annette smiled again thinking of the delicious snack that would be prepared soon. The wise woman was an incredible cook and baker. Each day she had fresh baked, delicious snacks on her counter for visitors who would stop by randomly seeking her company. Most of them were men who needed a little nurturing and love. They didn’t really know why they would come so often, they just knew it made them feel better when they visited.

“Pour yourself a cup of coffee dear, there is enough here for both of us”, the wise woman said to Annette as she walked into the kitchen and over to the pitcher of coffee resting next to the crystal bowl of sugar and crystal creamer.

Annette smiled again, this magical wise woman loved to use crystal everyday. It made her feel special when she lifted the crystal lid to the sugar bowl. “Crystal should be used everyday”, Annette thought to herself as she emptied two spoons of sugar into her coffee.

By now the wise woman had walked out to her patio and sat down in her chair. Annette followed her out with cup in hand and sat down in the chair opposite of her at the small, garden table.

“Mmmmm, the birds sound so beautiful this morning”, Annette spoke out as she smiled and looked up from her cup after taking a sip.

“Yes, and I see that the some of the birds are slowly making their way to the bird feeder. See how some of them sit on the fence and take their time. I can just hear them saying, “I’m going to take my time and make sure that it is safe to fly down to the ground”. They will figure it out one of these days. Nothing has changed”, the wise woman said with a soft giggle as she watched them flutter about.

After a few minutes of light conversation, the wise woman rose from her seat and walked over to turn on the garden hose to water her flower garden. She didn’t miss a day in her watering and you could tell. All the plants in her tiny garden seemed vibrant and glowing and as if they were singing. They were happy plants.

The wise woman laid down her garden hose to soak the ground beneath the plants. She walked over to grab her broom to sweep her porch. There were a few peanut shells lying on the floor from feeding the wild Blue Jays earlier in the morning. She reached around to the inside of the door and grabbed a container filled with more peanuts. This time she tossed them off the porch and into the yard. “These are for the squirrels that come to visit and live nearby in that tree over there. Bizby has found a mate and they are eating much more food now with two of them preparing for their young that will be soon to come.”

“Oh look, the Lilacs are beginning to bloom!” the wise woman exclaimed as she walked past her tiny lilac bush at the end of the porch. “Soon we will have beautiful fragrant bouquets to fill the house with!”

“Spring has sprung!” laughed Annette in response.

The two women sat down at the table again to sit and chat some more.

“Did you attend finishing school?” asked Annette, “It seems as thought you have. You do everything perfect for the home. You are such a wonderful hostess as you tend to each little detail around you”.

“Oh no, dear. I didn’t even finish high school. I quit school in my seventh year. I was too unique to follow their rules. I did not enjoy school at all”, replied the wise woman.

The two women laughed and shared stories as they sipped on their cups of coffee and watched the birds play in the garden next to the porch.

As the women shared the conversation naturally led into the discussion of romance and love, men and their ways, women and their needs. Both women were not in a love relationship but surrounded by men who enjoyed their company and who were looking for that special “One”.

“Honesty is important in relating and bonding in love. If a person cannot look me in the eyes, I know there is fear there. And that fear is blocking the intimate connection that can occur between to two people, whether sex or friendship, the fear impacts and colors the relating”, the wise woman spoke. “If you can look into their eyes, there is integrity there but if they are not looking into my eyes, they are hiding something from me or they don’t care to connect at all. It is very simple. Look into the eyes and be authentic, be real. If someone cannot look into another’s eyes, they need to search their soul and see where they are out of integrity.”

The wise woman continued, “The truth of a person is in their behavior. That tells you everything. Just watch how a person behaves if you really want to know the truth about how they feel.”

“Go make yourself a glass of your favorite lemonade dear. There are a few lemons on the counter that Diane gave me yesterday. Take the rest with you and enjoy. And while you are in the kitchen, grab yourself a bowl of granola. There is dried fruit there too, just the way you like it and your favorite almond milk in the fridge”.

Annette was hungry and the wise woman knew. She always took such good care of her when she came to visit.

Annette got up from her chair and walked in to the kitchen to make her daily glass of lemonade and a small bowl of granola, just the way she liked it. The wise woman always knew what Annette loved and always seemed to have her favorite foods in her pantry and refrigerator. It was as if the wise woman kept them just for her visits. It made Annette feel special that the wise woman kept her in her thoughts.

Annette returned to the table. The wise woman continued, “You have to have space in your time together too. If someone is talking too much it is because of fear. There is an intimacy that can only come in the silence of togetherness. It is in the silence where love grows. If you can sit comfortably together in silence, you know that each of you are being authentically you, comfortable with each other with no fear, no hiding, no pretending, no stories, only contented togetherness”.

“Would you like to share a sandwich with me?” the wise woman asked as she rose from her chair to walk into the kitchen.

“Yes, I would love to”, Annette replied.

As the two women went into the kitchen, the wise woman handed Annette an orange, “Here dear, have this delicious orange while I prepare our sandwich”.

Annette pealed the orange and sat down at the kitchen table while the wise woman prepared their sandwich.

“If there is fear, look and see where you are out of integrity, search yourself and find what needs to be fixed, corrected, amended and then take care of it so that there is no fear”, the wise woman spoke as she sat the dish on the table and the two women shared their sandwich.

“Mmmmm….this orange is a delicious compliment to the sandwich”, Annette smiled and spoke as she tasted and enjoyed her snack.

“Yes, and I’m already onto dessert. I am having chocolate with pecans. A perfect compliment to the delicious sandwich I just ate. You finish the rest of the sandwich while I enjoy my dessert”.

Annette laughed. It was always fun visiting the wise woman and it often made her feel like a child again, playing, laughing, enjoying and moving from one beautiful, delicious moment into another”.

“Dear wise woman, I think you have answered my question before I have had a chance to ask”, Annette giggled.

“Wonderful, now lets do a little more cleaning before we relax, you grab the vacuum and sweep the carpet while I clean and organize the guest bathroom. Then we will be ready for company as they come to visit today”.

Annette got up from her chair and happily grabbed the vacuum to sweep the carpet. This time she took extra special care to sweep the carpet well. She even took the attachment and vacuumed the corners and sides of the wall. She wanted to give the wise woman a special gift of appreciation as she gave a little extra effort to her task.

“Oh how wonderful, you really did a great job, thank you”, exclaimed the wise woman as she finished cleaning the guest bathroom and entered the living room. “It makes such a difference when things are in place, clean and organized. It just feels better and you are ready to receive your guests without embarrassment or hesitation. Now do something special for yourself. What do you need to do for yourself today that I can help provide?”

Annette smiled and replied, “It has already happened. Thank you for showing what the beauty of a woman is through our sharing today. I feel loved, nurtured, surrounded by beauty and I see how you bring more of this to everyone who encounters you as you nurture and love yourself first”.


True story – only the names have been changed.


That First Kiss

Posted in ROMANCE on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

I had a perplexing, interesting encounter recently.

Somebody was able to get my attention for a few minutes one evening.

I was invited to a dinner party at a friends house. The evening’s flow brought me into conversation with one man in particular. We shared some things in common and had easy conversation. The evening eventually led us into place where we were left sitting alone in a quiet, comfortable chill environment. The friends who had been sitting with us suddenly left the cave-like environment and the two of us alone, together.

As our conversation become more intimate and deeper, so did his attraction for me. I was enjoying the entertainment of conversation with someone who was interesting, exciting, funny and intelligent. He was growing in his passion to connect with me romantically and it was becoming very obvious.

Suddenly and to my surprise, he asked me for a kiss, which made me laugh. I had not been kissed in a long time and it seemed really funny to me, just the thought of it. He was so persistent and relentless; it was very cute and flattering. He asked for one small kiss and after so much persistence, I conceded and gave him a peck on the lips.

He didn’t like the peck; it was not enough. He persisted some more, pleading and begging for a real kiss. I was amazed and shocked for I had not been in a passionate exchange like this before. It was very cute. He also seemed so fast to me, way too fast.

During his insistent pressure to kiss, I suddenly saw a man’s face that I am attracted to in the man’s face sitting in front of me, which added another bizarre twist to the moment. I lunged forward and gave him a quick, passionate kiss to shut him up and to be over with it. I must admit I was curious as to how I would feel about the kiss itself and how my body would react. It was an odd moment of conscious action, indeed.

Unfortunately, I could not handle the way this boy smelled. It was very unpleasant to me, so the kiss was short and only just one.


During our encounter I had to check his chart. Why was he so persistent and so fast? Why did he want to kiss me so? I ran his data through my MMI in my Iphone and saw that he was a Splenic Projector, very different from me, who is an Emotional Generator. Ah, ok, that is why he was so fast.

I felt this mans presence in my aura for a couple of days following that kiss. I could tell through the exchange of that one short kiss that there was a merging of our auras and that a small part of him was with me, including the memory of the smell. Slowly, it dissipated and I started to feel myself again in about two to three days later.

This experience showed me a few things: how passionate the intensity of a Projectors feelings can be when they are focused and attracted and how just one kiss can impact an aura, deeply.


His Chart                                                         My Chart
Splenic Projector                                           Emotional Generator


He is fast and Splenic in the moment, so of course, he wants to kiss NOW!

Our 31/7 connection filled in the G Center as he recognizes me, I recognize him and we fall in love. He told me many times throughout the evening what a wonderful, powerful couple we would make socially; how we would impact the crowds and what we could eventually become. This was the Alpha Channel, the 7 and 31, Bill and Hillary Clinton activated as an electromagnetic between the Throat Center and G Center. So funny how the chemistry gets spoken. I can usually guess a persons chart by what they tell me.

I know where the story is going to go and I’m really not motivated to go there. So, I gently push my friend back, stand up and walk towards the kitchen to pack my basket from dinner and say good night to my friends.

It’s all in that first kiss.


Written By
Kashi Stone
August 2013

Sound Familiar?

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I asked a dear friend the other day how she was doing in her two year relationship. They had been on a rocky road for quite some time and I witnessed many tears, frustration and passionate emotion.


“We are doing great! We decided that this is what we want and we have both relaxed into our relationship. We are enjoying it”, she replied with a smile. It was nice to see her smile and be content.

“It’s kind of eerie though to be so relaxed with someone and not have that crazy, dramatic emotional charge that we use to have”, she added.

I softly chuckled. I knew what she was talking about. We can become so addicted to that emotional charge that comes easily in romantic relating. When the charge is gone, everything goes quiet and a little flat. Some people can get bored easily when things quiet down.


Sitting with a friend the other day, out of the blue he spoke out to me, “I wish I had somebody to love”.

“Why do you say that?” I asked a little startled by his comment that broke a moment of silence.

“Because I feel lonely and I want to love someone”, he replied.

There was this forlorn look on his face. His energy felt sad for a moment.bigstock_Portrait_Of_Sad_Depressed_Youn_4520323

He must have told me at least ten times on that day that he was so very glad that I was there and that he had been feeling lonely. He has a very open Spleen; I am very defined in my Spleen. He loves my aura but he doesn’t know it, consciously. And no wonder he is lonely. I hear this from many open Spleen people.

He also mentioned at least three or four times while I was helping him in the garden that he really wanted to settle down, get married and have children. He has the gate 40, defined off of his open Will Center.

In this position his chemistry is reaching for gate 37 on the defined Emotional Center. This creates a pressure in his chemistry. Here, in this pressure, there is fear of marriage. He is in his mid-forties and has never been married. He also mentioned that he is unable to tie down a girl.

I watch this fear and the obsessive mental tapes play in his mind and drain his energy. I watch it take away his creativity and dampen his productivity, creating depression.  He has no creative focus in life because of the mental tapes that play and play, over and over in his mind.

Sound familiar?

If only he knew that it was the mental tapes and pressure in his chemistry that were creating his frustration with love and with life. Then, he would understand why he feels the way he does and thinks the way he does.

Just knowing what our mind and Emotional Body have a tendency to do with our open Centers and what kind of pressures that are there in our chemistry, pushing us to do things, connect with certain people or avoid intimacy, aids tremendously in our process of becoming more aware. It also helps us to learn to be a little easier on our selves.


I went to visit a girlfriend one afternoon. As we sat and shared, she got very quiet for a moment and then turned to me and said, “What I really want is to get married, settled boat with coupledown and have children. That is all I want.”

She is emotionally defined and has the gate 19 reaching for her open gate 49. These two gates make up the Channel of Synthesis, commonly referred to as the “Marriage Channel”.
Her mind is taking the pressure from the openness around the Emotional Body and together, the two are creating a story in her mind. That story has probably played out most of her life. Those quirky pressures in our system tend to dominate our lives.

She is going to be searching for the one who can provide for her needs, offer a stable environment where she can settle down and play wife and mother.

If she was conscious of this pressure, she could manage the mental tapes that come up from that place of openness and not allow it drive her mental process. She could actually sink into her chemistry and use her natural skills and talents that she has brought with her in this lifetime. But she is too busy playing the mental tape over and over, looking for the man who can provide the reality that she thinks she is craving.

Her open Spleen holds onto a relationship that is really inappropriate for her. And it holds onto the job, which continuously loses money. And the home that she has bought is isolating, way out in the country, down a dirt road, far away from people.

“I need to be around more people”, she tells me as we are sitting together, sharing.

Yes, she is Split Definition. When they spend time out and about, socially, they get hooked up and feel complete. This is very healthy and correct for them. To isolate yourself when you are Split Definition is a bad move. The only person that hooks her up and completes her is her lover.

Unfortunately, she is isolated with someone who is not compatible for her and experiencing her wholeness through him. No wonder she is often miserable, losing money and not happy with where she lives.

Sound familiar?

This is what happens when our openness drives our life. We end up in the wrong place because our mind reasoned it to fit the dream. Like the house did for the girl above when she made the decision to buy it.

We stay in relationships that are not healthy because we are afraid of being alone.


The other day, I was sitting with a co-worker. He was telling me about his amazing girlfriend. He began to share some of the subtle complications in their togetherness. As I listened, I could sense that his girlfriend was emotional. There are obvious patterns that come up with every couple that are in a partnership with the combination of emotional and non-emotionally defined. As he shared, this dynamic began brewing underneath all of his stories.

I could see that he was actually surfing her emotional wave too. He became passionate about things that had actually nothing to do with him, at all. He was living her drama. It was obvious that he was imprinted with her emotional chemistry as he expressed himself. He was a little overbearing in his energy, which was an obvious magnification of her and it was very unnatural for him. It felt really odd to experience him in this distortion. But this is what happens to people and its theater in itself.

This wonderful, young man was losing lots of money as he was trying desperately to show up for her and happy_couple_26300609solve all of her problems.

He has an undefined Will. They have a tendency to spend a lot of their money on the “other” so that they feel loved, secure in their bond and seem as though they are “showing up”. If they have an open Emotional Center, they are going to tend to do this even more as a way to avoid conflicts with the emotionally or ego defined person.

Sound familiar?

He was so deeply engrossed in her reality that while he worked he kept his phone in his hand, his headphones on, and continued to text. Occasionally, he would call her too. She was really going through it and needed him. The guy really didn’t have a chance to do his job. She was taking all of his energy, time, focus and love; whatever she could get.

“Dude, do you really want this job?” I asked him one day curious if his heart was sincerely into the work.

“Of course I do”, he responded with a serious tone and then promptly bent his head, went back into his phone and continued texting.

“Oh my”, I whispered under my breath.

His work demonstrated his dedication. Everybody mentioned something about his distraction and how sloppy his work had been. He almost lost his job. Fortunately, he talked his way into staying and things improved. I’m glad, because I really like him.

But it brings down the quality of the whole project when someone is not really interested in the work and it leaves a big mess behind. Everyone has to work harder when someone is distracted and deep in an emotional, love break-down. The workload doubles when others have to clean up the trail left behind from a distracted mind that is “in love” and tortured in the moment.

Sound familiar?

Recently, one of our teammates disappeared suddenly to catch a flight back to the east coast. Nobody really understood what was going on, why he left and there were no clues remaining behind. I listened to each of us try to understand and make sense of what happened and why this guy left so suddenly.

“His mind was so discombobulated”, I heard one guy say.

“Ya, he had this funny look on his face a lot of the time”, another one said.

“He hardly ate anything”, I chimed in.not_so_happy_couple_20318813

A week later we received a phone call from him informing us that he and his girlfriend were breaking up. He apologized for leaving so suddenly.
What was happening in his life was so traumatic that he had to respond to the crisis immediately and absolutely had to leave without notice. He hoped that he had not lost his job, permanently.

He lost his job, spent money on a plane ticket, lost hours of work and left behind a trail of things unfinished here.

He had also just purchased a house with his girl.

He has a big mess to deal with now.

Sound familiar?




2015 Kashi Rachel Stone

Moving on in Love

Posted in ROMANCE on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

With the increase in overall awareness, relationships are changing dramatically.

With this mutation that is upon us, we are deeply evolving into our individuality and our unique creative expression.

It has a funny twist to it though. As we evolve in our individuality, we are also evolving into the understanding of “oneness”.

For eons, humanity has operated on the premise of education, marriage, religion, money, and politics. Our agreements have been based on an economic exchange of values, our mating ritual has kept us bonded for life under the jurisdiction of religion and our politics have been designed to hold power over large groups of humanity for manipulation by those with good or evil intentions.

You can witness this structure of governing principals through out history in every country, race and culture. Kings and queens have ruled the lands. Priests and guile religious leaders have dominated, controlled and governed humanity.

Fortunately, our relationship with all of these things is changing drastically with this mutation. With the present awakening, comes the understanding and awareness of our own unique sovereignty, beyond any government, teacher, king or queen.

You will notice many people now are going through a profound, internal awakening. Some are conscious of it and some are not. Regardless, it is happening with each and every person on the planet.

As we become more individualized, more, deeper into our own natural chemistry, our view of things begins to change dramatically. Our frequency changes so radically that old paradigms don’t work. There is no way a highly individualized being is going to be comfortable in a traditional relationship or stuck working under the control of another.

No matter how one tries to manipulate or control, the individual is going to resist or rebel in some way.

When it comes to work, the highly individualized being needs to have their own flow, their own space and often times, their own project. They do not thrive under the control of another person. It actually breaks their spirit to have someone holding authority over them. They do not like it.

Roughly, 40% of the population on the planet are highly individualized beings in chemistry and do not realize it. Many are stuck in old paradigms and are deadened to their passion and their inner drive to thrive and express their uniqueness. They do not realize who they are, what their natural skills are and what life looks like when one is not distracted or twisted energetically around another person’s aura.


The Individual being may even communicate that they want a traditional bond like in marriage or the job because of a lifetime of conditioning. But their body is going to be saying something completely different. Their mind has not caught up to their body’s truth yet.

And If they are ill, the body is trying desperately to be heard.

Everyone is going to feel this mutation on some level and feel a yearning for some sense of “escape” from outdated traditions. It is in our hardwire to let go of what doesn’t work. Some of us have a harder time at it than others.

The most important thing to keep in mind as we go through this mutation is that everyone deserves to be free in their own being.

Awareness is being able to see what is not working and letting go of it so that you can continue to be who you are in the movement of life.



written by kashi stone 2016