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Right and Left Angles

Posted in RIGHT / LEFT ANGLE on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Sleep together

Living the Human Design experience daily for many years has brought me to a place where I can really see, experience and know the Right and Left Angle imprint in the aura.

When it first started to reveal itself, I had been discussing a particular type of interaction that was overbearing for me and quite confusing. My Human Design teacher pointed out that it was all really a matter of Right and Left Angle chemistry. At that moment, it did not ring inside of me what she was talking about but from that time forward, I started to watch and gradually I began to open up to the truth of the Right and Left Angle relationship.

She is right, it really is about the Right and Left Angles.

As a Left Angle who is highly abstract, it is an entirely different reality when interacting with Right Angles. It really feels like they come from a different planet. They probably do.

It is their nature to be self-absorbed and I can become upset interpreting their behavior as a lack of consideration but it’s not, it’s just very natural. My insistence on them meeting my needs or paying attention to me is only an aspect of my own natural chemistry wanting to be fulfilled. I’m just knocking on the wrong door and have unrealistic expectations, perhaps.

I use to find all kinds of excuses for why someone was behaving a certain way that I felt was inconsiderate, a little selfish and somewhat self absorbed. I also became very confused at times with this kind of behavior and not understanding why they could not see the depth of life like I can through my sensitive, emotional nature and highly abstract perception. I suppose with my Defined Will I was expecting them to be like me.

That was until I learned more about Human Design.

The Right Angle and Left Angle, in the mechanics, are to each other what male and female aspects represent on the Personality Plane.

The Right Angle and Left Angle computation comes out of the path of our two Suns and Earths in our Personality and Design. The Sun/Earths of our imprint represent 70% of who we are and follow a cyclical, spiraling movement in the same, on going program. The Sun and Earths never retrograde.

In the incarnation cross information we have what shapes our duality. Just as the child is born from two so does the being hold a binary within their own genetic makeup.

In the Incarnation Cross, we see this binary defined in the genetic map of each person.

If you are born on the Right Angle cross, you have a particular destiny to live out and an inward geometry. The Left Angle is here to experience Tans-personal Karma and outward linkage with others.

For those born with a Juxtaposition cross, you are a rarity in humanity and have a fixed path on a particular geometry. This geometry is neither, dependent nor independent, this is a very fixed road that you are here to travel and nothing is going to get in the way for you.

The Right Angle has a quality of being self absorbed and self involved. It feels cold and a little self-centered to some who are sensitive.

The Left Angle’s life can only be fulfilled through their interaction with others and has a warm, loving sensation.

The Right Angle makes karma and the Left Angle has to deal with the karma. The Right Angle often creates something and then the Left Angle comes in to finish it.

Right Angle people are creating connections, setting things up, and moving energy.

For the Left Angle, the whole experience in life is that they have to rely on an established support system. They cannot stand on their own two feet. There always has to be people in their geometry that can provide support for their journey and life experience.

The two operate very differently from each other. You could say based on traditional roles in humanity, the Right Angle is the man and the Left Angle is the woman, subservient to the Right Angle. Its really strange but it’s a great way to describe it.

Before I understood and could see this chemistry, I was so confused by so many people but now I see that it truly delineates humans into two groups that operate obviously from this chemistry of Right and Left. It is very strong and obvious in others as I watch them.

Because I am so emotionally defined and so sensitive, a Right Angle can make cry, make me furious, confound me beyond explanation and cause me to do things I would never do had I not met them. No, they make me crazy, those Right Angles!…ha ha!

Thank heavens I have my Left Angle friends. They are my best friends, my lovers, and my allies. If I didn’t have my Left Angle friends I would shiver and die in a very cold world! My Left Angle friends coo at me, call me pet names and juicy lover names; they make me feel so good. They know just how to reach out to me and stroke me and make me purr like a kitten.

But those Right Angles, lordy! They are definitely in my life and all around me and many of them are some of my closest friends. What is different with them is that I notice that they are very grounded in their own needs and providing. They are also fully focused on their own reality and things they want to do in life. They don’t really care what the others needs are.

Here is a perfect example of a Right Angle and Left Angle interaction. I had an assistant who was working for me and suddenly was ending a relationship.

As always, this was not a pretty affair and there were financial matters that needed to be addressed. My friend was coming out on the short end but I was there to catch her. She would be fine. I housed her, fed her and did what I could to make sure she was comfortable and happy. In exchange, we agreed that she would assist me with various tasks to keep a slight balance in the giving and taking. We had a loose but verbal arrangement of our exchange.

After about a month she meets someone, falls in love and starts spending less time assisting me. She is off somewhere else busy doing her own thing and now the scales are beginning to tilt to a degree that is uncomfortable.

My mind entertains ideas that she is taking advantage of me by not asking me if I need anything (like Left Angles do) or offer her help that I asked for two days prior.

But I see that she is Right Angle, non-emotional (avoids confrontation), Open Ego (makes promises that cannot be fulfilled) and Open Root Center (She is going to be rushing to take care of her life with hardly a thought of the other).

As a highly emotionally defined Left Angle who is very sensitive, typically, I would have taken it personal, felt betrayed on some level, frustrated for sure and starting to steam with the passionate side of me behind the thoughts I am entertaining and eventually blow up in some way.

There is another side to the experience of the Right Angle from the Left Angle perspective. I notice that when I work for a Right Angle, they often assume my creativity and accomplishments as their own. They say the right things to inspire and motivate me to work for them and sometimes pay a decent wage. When the work is on display and there is praise, they take the credit. It’s astonishing.

As a sensitive Left Angle I could feel devastated by this kind of behavior and truly not understand that it really has nothing to do with me nor is it intentional. In the past, this type of behavior has been a great challenge for me.

But now I understand. When I witness the assistant going about her business, I know I cannot expect more from her. I know that she is not capable of changing and even if she tried, it would be very unhealthy for her.

For the employers who always took credit for my work and are Right Angles, they cannot help it either; it is their natural chemistry to see only themselves and feel great about it.

I have to accept and understand just how uniquely designed we are. I can’t take it personal. I have to allow what is healthy for the other to be as it is and gravitate towards that which brings me better chemistry. After all, life is a journey of all kinds of twists and turns as we learn and grow.

My long-term friendships are with my Left Angle friends. The Left Angle friends who are close to me often ‘coo’ at me or call me ‘lovey’ names. It feels really good. We can also sit for hours and chat, dream and fantasize about all kinds of things. It can be great fun. This is a behavior that many Right Angles have mentioned that drives them nuts. They can’t stand the mushy, emotional Left Angle beings when they go into this type of verbal and chemistry exchange.

The adage “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars” certainly applies to the Right Angle and the Left Angle. It is the same.

The experience is always going to be unique with each individual but there is always going to be a theme that is predictable and observable in all human chemistry. You are going to see the Right Angles behave cool just as I described above and the “mushiness” of the Left Angle is always going to be there in some way. We can’t escape it.

It is important to allow the Right and Left Angles to be who they are. They are different and it is unhealthy for them to be anything other than their innate chemistry.

Knowing that this type of behavior is natural in the Left and the Right Angles allows one to drop blame and judgment. Each of these cross types need to live out their life in the way they are the designed to be.




Written by
Kashi Stone

Manifestation Flop


There is nothing more disheartening than watching someone attempt to manifest when there is no energy behind their vision. It is incredibly sad to witness and to experience it too. It is heartbreaking for the one who is pushing, strategizing, and desperate to make something happen when there are blocks and limitations stopping them from moving forward.

Somewhere deep down inside there is a desire to have something, to prove something or gain an advantage that hopefully, will relieve the pressure that is pushing. This is where desire becomes the root of all evil, when it pushes us in a direction that doesn’t line up with our destiny. Instead, we end up moving in the direction of resistance, challenges, lack of support or lack of recognition.

Without the knowledge of astrology, the mechanics and the awareness of a predetermined path, one is left to spin in confusion, motivated into action by the hunger of desires and bouncing from one poor decision to another, with all the wrong people while in complicated associations; even spending most of their time in a job they do not enjoy nor have energy for. This is how most humans live in the world.

Add the conditioning field of the educational system combined with the parents influence and the religious institutions, brings one lovely mess into the mind of a human. It’s really not that lovely. It’s frightening and sad to witness, actually.

What becomes obvious is the lack of awareness or understanding of how basic chemistry operates in the human system. With a few simple rules in the back pocket, as one moves through life, the trajectory gets slightly easier. You can start practicing awareness at any point in the journey of life and make profound improvements in the experiences that you are having, working with astrology and Human Design. Thank heavens.

Human Design, on a very simple level, provides fabulous tools and keys for getting through life with the least amount of scratches, bruises, bumps or breaks. If only the operations manual had been given to our parents at birth, how much more rewarding and satisfying this life could be, a lot easier too.

Perhaps, the one’s that suffer the most in life are those who attempt at manifesting when they do not have the wind behind their back for initiating things into action. That is roughly half the population. I say half, because I am dividing Manifesting Generators and Manifestors into one category and the rest of the population into another. There is an absolute difference between these two groups in how they move through life and experience the impact of their desires and passions.

Observing a ‘non-manifestor’ being attempting to manifest something on their own accord is probably one of the most tragic things to witness. Whenever I watch someone with an open Throat Center or a Left Angle attempt to make something happen, I call it a “Manifestation Flop” in the process. Nothing is going to happen, nothing. Even more grave is that their desire brings the loss of their dignity or embarrassment over the possibility of failure. So, one keeps pushing and pushing in hopes that a breakthrough will happen and their dignity preserved.

The Right Angle and Left Angle have very different chemistry. It is important to understand and be mindful of this difference as one is moving about and transacting through life. People expect Left Angles to operate and respond to life in the same way as Right Angles, who are often, self-empowered, especially with a defined Throat. It is impossible for the Left Angles to initiate or even support themselves. They must have the support of those in the environment in order to thrive and survive. Most Left Angles are living in a terrible state of low confidence and depression because they do not understand this fact about themselves. Often, one is comparing self in how others operate and then judging internally, harshly, while sitting in the wrong environment. It can be a horrible place to be.

Because most Left Angles are not dialed into the correct environment the disparity in support for their well-being and ability to thrive becomes highly compromised. This makes learning the mechanics imperative to one’s survival. If one knows who they are, how they operate and how to translate the subtle nuances, then, the journey through life becomes heavenly as they land in the correct environments and make great connections.

It would be good if more people understood and knew about the mechanics.

Left Angles are also here to address the karma that they have created in past lives. Their movement through life encounters Personality Crystals from past lives to clear and heal energies. The human condition is designed with an evolutionary program in place that teaches through cause and effect. Over a series of many lifetimes, the Personality Crystal evolves through its experiences. As the Personality Crystal experiences life, it becomes emotionally connected to people, things or places and re-encounters those same connections again. Often, those who were close to us in a previous life, join us again in the next life and usually, they are a family member.

If one is Right Angle, then, each movement, each decision, each interaction is setting up and coloring next life experiences. If they choose to be in the wrong environment, surrounded by people who are not resonant, then, terrible karma gets created and must be worked out in this lifetime or the next. This is what happens when one chooses a job that they have no energy for, or they choose to live in a place that negatively impacts their health or end up in a romantic commitment that is highly inappropriate. It can get very messy when one does not know who they are, how they operate and what they are here to express and share.

Another blaring disparity in the way humans operate is through their pace. People are pushed into hasty action by the pressure in their chemistry. Most life expressions are developed over a fifty to sixty-year process, yet, pressure makes one feel like it needs to manifest NOW. Reacting on pressure is very devitalizing and disempowering. This is where most people make decisions from: hasty action versus a slow, forty-year maturation process, allowing for a slow, gradual unfolding of Self; much like a flower blossom.

This is where true artistry comes into action. What an amazing canvas!

Imagine if more humans understood the mechanics of form. One might choose to move through life a little more differently. Thank heavens humanity is opening to a greater, wider, expanded state of awareness.

There is hope.

Written by Kashi Stone 2017

Lefty and Righty

Posted in RIGHT / LEFT ANGLE on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Often, we hear these titles used while sitting at the dinner table, when baking or cooking in the kitchen and using utensils, or while playing baseball, playing guitar or violin or learning Lefty baseballhow to write in school.

Most people are “Righty’s” so most equipment, sports, gadgets, musical instruments and utensils are designed for right-handed people.

If you are a “Lefty”, chances are that you deal with a few obstacles that the right hand person doesn’t consider.

For instance, the way a left-handed person enters through a doorway is completely different than the right-handed approach. The left-handed person has a completely different gate in their step and an extra movement as they enter and walk through a door.

GearshiftTake the gearshift column of a car into consideration. Notice that it is located to the right for the dominant right hand. There is no way that the gearshift can be easily rearranged to suit the dominant Left-handed driver.


The Lefty is going to have to learn how to compensate for the unnatural use of the right hand as a dominant hand, shifting the gears.


The same goes with the guitar.Alex.A4

My left-handed friend, Alex Ogburn,
who is a full time musician, plays a mean, upside down guitar.



Everything in life has a little different bend that doesn’t seem to rest easy in the hand when the Lefty attempts to use something.

It takes a little more effort and a little more intelligence to get through one experience after another being a little different from the rest of humanity.


In the same way, Left Angle Incarnation Cross people have a similar time with the physical plane and the material realm.

The Lefty is experiencing life in a more intense, dramatic way with deeper realizations of lessons learned. One’s character is being shaped through crisis and opportunities, for the Left Angle. Because of this intense life journey that they experience, the Lefty tends to be a little “kinder” than the Righty type of person. This is all relative to the type of chemistry that is unique to each person, of course.

The material realm is the playground of the Right Angle Cross people. It is fairly effortless to move along taking care of one’s self, providing for basic needs and creating the stability of one’s own rhythm. This is how it works for most Right Angle people.

Incarnation cross.clip

The Left Angle Cross people have a completely different movement in life. No matter how hard they try, it is a challenge for them do their own thing. They are “chained” you could say, by the fates, to certain people and certain experiences.


The third component to the system of crosses is the Juxtaposition Cross, which is a very small percentage of the population. Their journey through life is very fixed and focused with very little distractions as they move straight ahead towards their goal. They are on a mission, you could say, like the handyman in response to a “fix it” call, zooming by.


For many Lefty’s, it is the perfect mate that compliments their desires in life as they often “hook-up” with the “Righty” in order to survive on the material plane. And the endeavors for work and survival must be what the “Righty” desires if the Lefty plans to thrive and be successful.

The Righty’s path through life is not so intense. It is “lighter” in nature and a little, more smoother and a lot more stable. Just about anything they approach in life, they can turn into some kind of currency to support their basic needs. They don’t need to interact with others in order to make that happen. They can decide what they want to do next and make it happen, especially if they have the definition for it, like a Manifestor.

Manifestors and Manifesting Generators with Right Angles actually have it the easiest on the material plane of all Types for thriving and being successful. They will seem slightly selfish in nature and a little self-centered because of the ease that they have in life. A Lefty’s struggle is incomprehensible for them, so there is little passion.

The material world is their playground.


Children with jumprope

Humans are designed to be interdependent. We are meant to mix and mingle our energy to create beauty and abundance.

Understanding that some of us are Left Angle and some of us are Right Angle causes us to relax our judgment on those who struggle with paying bills, meeting rent, keeping a job or difficulty in manifesting lots of cash to live in an artificial world.

We are all on a journey of lessons, discovery, growing and evolving, right or left or a little to the side.

Enjoy your journey


~ Kashi Stone 2016