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Who Dunnit? A 5/1 Reflection

Posted in FIVE / ONE PROFILE, PROFILE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

A 5/1 Profile being learns much about human behavior; perhaps that is why they naturally, make the best teachers like Ra Uru Hu, for instance. To endure heavy projections from those expecting a savior or rejections, first by parents and then throughout high school, college and beyond, or to feel the weight of an impractical idea delivered at a wrong moment; it’s a tough road to travel.

Throughout life’s experiences, the 5/1 eventually, learns key nuggets of wisdom that slowly accumulate in the system, consciously or unconsciously. The experiences and the wisdom that is gained gradually shapes, molds, and creates the character that ultimately, steps forward and delivers something worthwhile for humanity. At least, that is what is expected from the Personality Profile 5, by the time it has reached maturity (mid-fifties). However, many Profile 5’s get heavily distracted by emotional pains and withdraw into seclusion, causing only a handful to bravely step forward and offer something truly practical and useful for society.

With repeated “knock downs” that can happen and the environments that set up easy assaults, a 5/1 can be swayed into anti-social behavior and become pessimistic about life. Even relationships can be challenging with the unpleasant consequence of moving from projection to judgment and the possibility of attack from those surrounding the 5/1.

But if the 5/1 can take the experiences and blend them into a potpourri of ingredients that distill into golden nuggets, then the 5/1 suddenly, has a magic wand or crystal ball that reveals the intentions behind actions and a viewing window to authenticity or integrity.

For instance, as a 5/1, myself, whenever someone attacks my reputation and works hard to “crucify” me, usually, they are hiding something and hoping to send the attention of the group in another direction. In so doing, they are strategizing so that others do not discover what they are desperately trying to cover up. This I have learned as a golden rule, being a Profile 5 in my Personality Sun. Whenever I am being attacked by someone, I look to see what they are trying to cover up or hide from others ~ and firmly hold my ground and position, as a 5/1 is meant to do.


Written by Kashi Stone

The 5/1 Profile

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The Profile 5th line has a unique spin on it that no other Profile has. It is not an easy path because it is highly subject to the projection field of the physical plane. If the fifth line is in the Personality side, such as in the 5/1 and 5/2, their journey through life is going to be deeply impacted by the interaction that they have with others.



The fifth line being is like a tall mirror.

As the fifth line being is standing in front of someone, the person begins inventing the character of the “5” personality in their mind, just as they are looking in the mirror.

If the character of the fifth line being that has been created by the “others” mind is bringing something practical, useful and enlightening to the conversation, then the “5” is seen as someone who is truly brilliant and wise.

Suddenly, the fifth line being is projected upon that it has the answer and that they are saving that person, in some way.

This can be a good thing because it can bring good opportunities.


If the fifth line being shares insights that are trivial, ridiculous, or inept, then they will be crucified and their reputation severely attacked.  In that moment when an impractical idea is being shared, the other person seeing the impracticality will begin strategizing in their mind how to tell everyone that they know, that this person is an idiot.

This brings an element of anti-socialism and paranoia to the fifth line being. They have one single moment to make an impression, good or bad. A fifth line has no idea what the other is going to project so it is purely organic in how it evolves and the experience is completely reliant on the environment and people where the fifth line is exposing itself.

A 5th line eventually learns how to be embraced by people and how to be hated, simultaneously, transmuting the projections and experiences. 

If something has gone wrong, the group will gather in momentum against the Fifth Line Profile shouting, “Crucify him!”

5-1 life of Jesus

Jesus Christ was probably a fifth line being. He challenged traditional religious practices, like a heretic and he was crucified.

Ultimately, he became the saviour. And what was his practical solution?
Be still and know “god”, love yourself so that you can love others too. Not many people could grasp what that means. Many still don’t.

The independent nature of the 5 does not settle well under another authority. The 5 naturally rebels tradition and antiquated thinking, particularly religious thinking. Through a variety of experiences in life as a 5, through the scapegoating, the burning on the cross, the projections, the rejection from family and the saviour complexes, they are shaped and cultivated into teachers of a new era for humanity. They gain a plethora of experience, which brings wisdom and the thick skin required to sustain the battering and the praising that comes with bringing something new into the world.

The most difficult thing for a fifth line Profile is intimacy.

Many fifth line Profile beings would love to be embraced for who they truly are. But because of how misunderstood and poorly projected upon most of their life growing up, there is a “coldness” or arrogance quality that tends to isolate the fifth line, socially. They can tend to feel “nasty” because they are exhausted dealing with the projections. The more not-self they are, the more, “nasty” in nature a fifth line will feel in interaction. And the more time they spend in the wrong environment with the wrong people, the more of this “not-self” they become.

The 5th Line Profile work to do

reflectionWhen the fifth line is healthy, in tune and is practical, it offers some great gifts for work on the material plane.

The significant purpose of the fifth line is to find roles for people and assist them in dialing into their life purpose. Most fifth line people can see the skills, talents and gifts of others and then assist by placing them in the correct position to express those abilities.

Fifth line beings that are skilled at life coaching or teaching, are perfect for assisting those who are ready to drop conditioning and move into their true chemistry. They are natural leaders, for the quickening that is upon us now.

Roughly 15% of the population are 5th line Profiles, which are the natural teachers for awakening. They can offer some great insight and practical suggestions to help others to succeed in life.  The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, was a 5/1, a natural authority in directing the Raprocess of learning the mechanics. He is a perfect example of the potential inherent in a correct fifth line Profile.



Written by Kashi Stone 2015



Meeting Profile

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When looking at the software generated bodygraph chart, we find “Profile” listed on the image sheet with the information regarding Type, Strategy and Inner Authority. Profile image from chart

Profiles seem somewhat elusive when one first meets Human Design. With the focus primarily on open Centers, Type, Strategy and Inner Authority, it is not in the forefront of one’s process as they are tuning into how the mechanics operate.

However, once a person has spent lots of time learning, living and getting familiar with being true to their design, one naturally aligns into their Profile. It is the next natural step that comes with living one’s life in accordance with its’ true purpose.

Profiles show the simple distinction between Design chemistry and Personality chemistry.

The Design Profile is hidden and somewhat unconscious. It will take a moment to see it as it is not obvious in one’s view. But it can be seen in how the body feels when one is conducting activities that correspond to that Profile line. The body loves doing what the Design Profile line indicates.

The Personality Profile is obvious and in the forefront as it presents itself to the world and in all interactions, expressing through the Ego. The Personality Profile has the loudest voice as it displays in conversation and social self-expression, demonstrating good and bad qualities in alignment with it’s level of maturation.

It is in the separation between the Design Sun Profile and the Personality Sun Profile that it becomes difficult to get to the purpose of one’s life. The genetics of the Design Profile has one agenda and the propulsion of the Personality Crystal and it’s Profile line has it’s own agenda. Bringing the two Profiles together into harmony is a life endeavor required to fulfill the life purpose, causing a synthesis, a state of integration to occur in the being. When the two Profile lines are integrated and the human is synthesized, a magical trajectory takes over bringing in success and fulfillment of deep-rooted longings.

The only way that one can truly experience Profile is when they are truly living out the chemistry of their design and operating true to TYPE. The best place to start is with understanding how the aura operates as a Type.

Generators: are radiating and taking in, open and tasting other auras. This aura type responds to the correct experiences through Inner Authority. When operating in accordance to the strategy of Type and Inner Authority, one is relieved of frustration. Generators, when operating correctly, naturally bump into or connect with those who they share common interests and endeavors, which empower and facilitate contentment and happiness.

Projectors: as a Type, have a penetrating and focused aura that must wait to be invited. Once the Projector has run the invitation past their Inner Authority, and choose correctly, they are properly recognized for who they are and what they have to contribute. If they don’t wait for the invitation they will not be recognized properly, often rejected and many times ignored causing them to become bitter. If they are aware of correct timing, then fruitful opportunities with the correct people, naturally, show up. Life leads them on a trajectory towards success, in some way, when living true to nature and applying strategy of Type.

Manifestors: have a closed and repelling aura that must inform others before acting on something in order to enjoy ease in their movement through life. In so doing, they relieve anger that is easily stirred by those who love or try to possess or somehow control. Intelligent, wise relating can bring a more peaceful reality and greater support into life endeavors.

Reflectors: have a teflon-like aura that samples and moves through space much like the sensation of a cloud. They must wait a full moon cycle before making a decision, we are told, but there may be a better way to stay present and tuned into great opportunities for living a thrilling, enjoyable life exercising an accelerated Inner Authority.



To see how the Profile numbers are derived, look at the Personality Sun’s I Ching line. It is the first number in the Profile. The Design Sun’s I Ching line is the second number in the Profile.

For instance, I am a 5/1. If you look at my chart here, you will notice that my Personality Sun is 54.5. The Profile 5/1 derives it’s five from the Sun. It is the same for the 1. You see in the Design Sun: 32.1. The Profile receives it’s 1 from the Design Sun.


The 5/1 is known as the Investigator/ Authority /Heretic. According to Human Design and it’s interpretation of Profile lines, I am the one who likes to do research; I can be good in positions of authority and people tend to project onto me. Often, I am never seen for who I truly am, only reflecting the other’s state of insecurity or fear back into their own minds’ eye. A 5/1 is like a tall mirror to the other’s psyche as they project their state of mind onto the 5.

When I first meet some one, I get to watch them go through a series of their own projections trying to figure out who I am.  The 5/1 gets to observe and see what the other person’s state of being and contentment truly is. For this reason, they can make great counselors and fabulous teachers, gaining wisdom from life’s experiences.

There is more to this Profile description but you get the general idea. Profile reveals how one operates and fulfills one’s destiny as they are traveling through life. 

Profile could be called a ‘costume’ that Type puts on to play in this lifetime.  When one is tuned into how they operate and their unique chemistry, their Profile fits better, is more comfortable and naturally expresses. Eventually the costume becomes a beautiful, apparent part of the whole being as much as the right and the left hand. But it takes time to feel it, and really see what it is like to live it.

Stay true to you.



This material is taught in the RAVE Cartography, Education Level II of the basic program for learning Human Design. A professional, certified analyst can explain your PROFILE configuration to you in a private analysis.


Written by Kashi Stone 2013, October