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Soul movement

When big changes come into our life, a crisis is happening or so it seems. Activations and transits occur that are shocking and cause big shifts.

Planetary impressions cause us to behave in certain ways and changes come into our life stimulating fear, insecurity, rejection and feelings of aloneness. When these transits come into our life trajectory or into the program field, we get a test or a lesson that provides an opportunity to spiral up or stay stuck in another cycle of learning.

This “shock and crisis” experience is an intimate part of our evolutionary process as a human. It is there to break old habits and traditions; transform the nature of one’s being and crack open any crystallization that is keeping one from evolving through movement and change. And it is providing a doorway, an opportunity for initiation and advancement to spiral up and out of a series of lessons.

Moments of crisis are a complete surprise. There is no time to prepare for them. That is why it can be such a shock to the system. A shocking act is so different than what one is thinking and feeling in the moment. It can be very painful. Those moments of crisis often go against what is dear to our heart, what brings joy in life, what we feel we need or so it seems.

If we don’t survive these shocking moments, we dive into darkness and deep depression. We stay stuck in the same series of lessons until we are jolted out of our lethargy by crisis. We create more hardship for our life and lose vigilance with creativity, and beauty by ignoring the opportunities to transcend and move beyond.

The shock, the crisis of change is the catalyst for leading us into this initiation. We learn to let go of all attachments and be a free agent of the universe in order to be peaceful and content in life.

This initiation is the spiral up, the graduation, a walk through a door one could say.

Ranch in the country.2



There was a time when I lived in an isolated mountain community about thirty miles away from town. The winters were dark and cold and there was not much practice of eco mindfulness or conscious care on this traditional cattle farm. I had moved into the community at the ranch because I was told that they had the latest and the greatest of everything, which later, I found was quite the opposite. They were overly hopeful and seemingly boastful.

There was no recycle or waste program in place at this community, there was no alternative energy program and there were no gardens for the grand state of the art permaculture program. It was slightly confusing since nothing at this ranch was like the way it was presented to a stranger.

It made me cry watching items getting tossed into the waste can and the property dump every few days with zero sorting, recycling or reusing. I watched and participated in reckless, careless concern from my impact and the others around me.
It made me grieve.

At meetings I asked if anyone knew of someone who would take over the recycle and disposal program. My hands were already full taking care of most other things in the operations of the business. No one wanted to take the responsibility. Things continued to pile, get tossed into the dump trailer and merge into a heap of bad eco practices.

Trips to the grocery store made me cringe as I pondered products in containers of plastic versus glass, quality and price and where that container would go next when I was finished with it. It was becoming a very narrow choice in my selection of truly eco conscious product selection in order to minimize my impact.

There were a few things that just seemed a bit off and not aligned with conscious living in this environment that I was calling home and it was just a bit unpleasant for me. I also found it hard to sit and write without a clear space available to concentrate with the variety of personalities surrounding me. The dark, cloudy days on the mountain left little inspiration to create much of an engaging story.

A good time came for me to move on and choose a new community and living arrangement. It was a shocking moment when the decision was made. I moved quickly and didn’t take much time to prepare or control the direction of my movement. I was anxious to get to sunshine and blossoming flowers and out of the cold, grey days.

Destiny took over as I moved without planning and allowed to be shown where to go next so that I could sit and focus on my writing. I wanted to get my first novel published and my second novel completed and ready for editing.

When I arrived to move my things into my new community home, I was led towards a place where they had a meticulous process of handling trash. Everything gets sorted in at least six different ways.

I knew I had landed in the right place when that was at the top of the list of priorities of things to introduce me to right away. It took me a couple of weeks to get into the groove while I was often reminded of how to do things correctly.

With that introduction, the effects of the shocking changes lessened on my body and my mind. I started to relax and learn how to be more mindful with my trash. There were many things at this new place that were a step up from my previous environment that were exactly what I had been asking for: off the grid solar living, outhouse composting systems, gardens with flowers blooming in early spring through summer and autumn, lots of natural springs flowing, no wifi polluting the environment, lots of trees, vegetarian home, the list goes on.

I settled into my new home and my room at the top of the house with the tiny windows above the garden and the large skylights open to the sky. It was perfect for writing. The birds sang above in the trees as the wind blew and rustled the leaves; butterflies fluttered from flowering bush to tree and the occasional blossom in the patch.birds in fairy land

There were spring flowers blooming, bushes budding and running brooks flowing everywhere. “There must be no water shortage here, “ I thought to myself as I stepped across the little stone bridge continuing the path over a raging, small brook.

I realized, suddenly in one moment, that this country cottage where I had landed was a vast improvement over my last home and that I could relax just a bit more in life. I no longer had to purvey weddings and church retreats, which were two things far from the passion of my pen and paper.

I was amongst a very different type of people with kinder hearts and a mature, supportive, friendlier vibe. I really had stepped up a notch on the spiral and walked through a doorway of some kind. Even though I felt the effects of a shock in the change, I stayed smooth and calm, observing where life was taking me next.

When I arrived at my new place, my friend offered to make a phone call, check a few things on the internet for me and introduce me to a friend who had the goat milk and the pesto that I was seeking.

Within a couple of weeks, I found out that the program that I was looking for was right down the road. The alternative therapist that I was hoping to find was located right beside the program facility. A professional editor who could assist with my book lived next door to our little farm and the photojournalist that I was seeking to assist with the cover of my book was only three miles into town.

Everything was unfolding better than before and it was exactly what I had been asking for.

I’m so glad that I let go.
So, that I could gently flow.

written by kashi rachel stone ….2016