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Posted in NOT-SELF on August 10, 2018 by Kashi

Heaven or Hell, Which Way Are You Going?

Posted in NOT-SELF on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Almost every person who enrolls for a reading asks, “What is my life purpose?”heaven hell road signs

It seems to be a pervading question in everyone’s mind as to why they are here and who they are here to become.

So much so, that it takes one away from why they are really here.

So many people yearn for significance and greatness.

As if achieving some kind of goal, love relationship or place in life is the aim in our direction and choices.


traditional astrology wheelWhen we look at a person’s astrological chart and attempt to answer this question there are an array of possibilities. A person is going to experience their life according to the decisions that they make. There is no absolute path but there is a story that can be written by one’s decision-making within certain constructs.

The decisions that a person makes, moment to moment, writes the future within a context. The context is defined in the Personality and Design with the Profile and Incarnation Cross and other subtle influences.

That information tells who one becomes in the correct environment, living their life and the experiences that are shaping them in this lifetime. It also shows who the person is in the incorrect environment. Everything is there to dissect and understand how a person can experience life, correct, tuned in or not.

Basically, every human is their own fortune-teller through their decision-making.


love is a mess


Most conversations are shared according to open Centers and the minds interpretation of life.

Many people suffer greatly in the hands of love relationships and the conditioning effects of their upbringing and religion.

This illustration to the left depicts the reality perfectly.

So many people want to understand romance in their life and how are they going to find love or be happy in love. But romance is so far from the point of gaining real satisfaction in life. It is one of the most fixed obstacles in this work of liberation and tuning into SELF.


“What is the correct work for me to do?”

Another prevalent concern in this exploration is the curiosity in the work that one is designed to do in this lifetime.

The mind will take information and run it through the open Centers and navigate life according to what it thinks is correct. Based on which Centers are open and what the general chemistry is: open Will Center, open Spleen, open G, etc. The point of navigation goes completely off course, out of center and out of tune.

However, no matter what the mind tells one to do, if we listen to what our body feels is correct, we get exactly what we need to survive and be fulfilled.

But the moment we allow pressure, romance or try to rationalize our thinking, we lose great opportunities. This is the point. We must learn to navigate our life and make choices from a completely different way of operating and understanding.

This experience is paramount to anyone’s destiny. We can only fulfill an aspect of our potential through each decision that we make in our navigation, moment to moment.

If we choose wisely, we get taken up a spiral, if we use our mind and our emotions, we get taken down a spiral.

It is the same for all.


The trick is indifference.

Open G Highway

When we radically apply our own unique life navigation regardless of what others think or say, we begin the de-conditioning process.

We begin to free ourselves and truly be our Self, growing and unfolding.

Each person is unique and has their destiny in their own hands ~ to some degree, like a fortune teller.

How much one is “tuned in” determines where one is going to go: heaven or hell.



written by kashi stone, august 2013

There is an Epidemic Occurring

Posted in NOT-SELF on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

There is an epidemic occurring.

A few weeks back I wrote about the illnesses of the open Centers.

This week, I want to look at the illnesses associated with those Centers when they are defined, and how they become impacted by a pressure that soon distorts and creates an illness.

I notice the pressure, easily, on my open Centers from the defined Centers around me. I can see when I start to get a headache when I am sitting with a defined Ajna. There is tremendous pressure to take in their mental chatter, conscious or not. It can be overwhelming. I can see how for years I tolerated taking in the energy, becoming overwhelmed and not having a clue what was happening but feeling strange and attaching all kinds of reasons; it’s just chemistry.

I can feel the pressure of an open Ego when it goes into a “proving” marathon. I can get a sensation like a heart attack is about to occur on my heart organ. This is also the place of the stomach, gall bladder and thymus gland. I can start to belch from this pressure of the open Ego if it is badly out of tune and it is set on proving itself to me.

There is terrible pressure with the open Throat Center person. They talk and talk and hardly take a break sometimes. There are times when I really have to interrupt and ask them “Please take a moment of silence” or “take a breath”. It really is painful and overwhelming to sit and have my energy drained from the need for attention and constant babble that comes with it. It affects me similar to the pressure of the open Ego/Will/Heart Center being that is really proving itself. I start to belch.

The next layer of the observation reveals the pressure of the open Emotional Center that is harder and heavier than the emotionally defined being. You will feel it in your pancreas, in the stomach, a tightening and sometimes get a stomachache. Your body may even begin to shake from the pressure of the cool, non-emotional being who is charged up and angry. This creates tremendous pressure on the nervous system, which bleeds through out the whole body. It’s just not natural. It puts a tremendous amount of pressure; the kidney’s, prostrate, nervous system and lungs are impacted by this pressure from the non-emotional that is magnifying, amplifying and sending back. It is very stressful.

Many defined Emotional beings suffer a collapsed chest and stomach dealing with the pressure of the open, Non-Emotional beings around them. It can be very overwhelming

I don’t have many open Root Center beings near me. It appears that I have an entirely different flow and they usually cannot resonate with me, at all. It is actually a little scary for them. They go their way and I go mine. They freak out a little at my slow, trusting way. I allow them to zoom around me, and just smile.

There is this tendency towards anxiety and blown adrenals with the Root Center. If someone is pushing you too hard, your exhausted and feel as though there is so much pressure and expectation to do things and get things done, look to see who around you has an open Root Center. You might find the core of the issue of stress and pressure that is pushing you and causing you to push yourself beyond your limits and into exhaustion. Guilt trips work marvelous in this setup. It is important to listen to the body. Check your mental tapes too, are they taking over and creating an unhealthy push and pressure to act or do things when really not necessary?

With my Spleen Center heavily defined, I see the tendency for people with open Spleens to become needy with me, pull on my energy and attention.

With the Spleen, if the other is open, they will tend to hold on tight and not let go. They will become clingy, needy and focused on me, not allowing me my individuality and independence. This neediness can become a real drain on my system without time alone to revitalize and feel myself.

I have found if another is defined in the Spleen but they are out of tune, it can also have an impact on my Spleen Center. The Spleen, lymphatic system and the T Cells are the systems operating in this Center. If someone is baldy out of tune, I’m going to get impacted by it, open or not. I can feel my lymphnodes react when I am put under stress by another, defined Spleen who is out of tune. It can be very unhealthy.

If you study the illnesses attached to the Centers, you will find the impact of pressure from the out of tune places in you or the people around you. The pressure is there and it is making an impact and over time makes someone ill.

This is why “same is best with same” as, taught in the Human Design science. I have seen it time and time again where there are vast differences in how the emotional and non-emotional’s operate. I have also witnessed tremendous challenges for those in a defined Ego/ Will/ Heart Center and open Ego/Will/Heart. There is less of a tendency to pressure and stress when the chemistry is similar in nature.

This brings it down to getting in tune and adjusting the chemistry. You can easily adjust the chemistry through applying the strategy of your aura and by using your inner guide. It will change your life dramatically if you apply the teachings. It will also reduce any pressure that you might be creating for others and impacting their health.

I look back on my past and see how I was operating and the tremendous pressure that I must have put on others with my open Throat Center and open Ajna. I think my eldest son was the first to point it out almost twenty years ago. It made me shut my mouth I was so embarrassed. The truth that can come out of children is immense.

It’s the mental chatter that keeps one trapped in this epidemic. You can adjust the entire matrix by operating correctly and taking control away from the mind, tuning into the body and really, really listening and then acting in a loving way that changes things and centers you on a new direction.

Even if others around you don’t practice this science, just knowing their Type and how they operate and treating them like that, will bring tremendous relief to the pressure that often ensues in the dance of the auras.

This is why sleeping alone is so important. If you don’t get that break from the pressure, if you don’t get to empty, you don’t get to be you, then, you don’t get the life.

It’s an epidemic and the cure is discovering how you uniquely operate and living it radically – no matter what.

Written By Kashi Stone, 2014

The Mind and Habits

Posted in DECONDITIONING, NOT-SELF on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

It’s funny how we get stuck in habitual behavior. We so want to change, we talk about it all the time but our efforts are meek and weak to say the least.

Our mind is such a great deceiver. It takes us on a journey and holds us tight in its grip of what it thinks it wants and needs. It doesn’t care how far it leads you down the wrong path or how deeply it connects you with someone who is not correct or good for you.

A mind can reason one into the darnest things; you can really get trapped by it.

I watch my own mind try and construct an outcome. I am sitting, pondering, wondering and I start planning. Before long, I am motivated on a thought or an idea and feeling an urge to act on it. If I am lucky, I can catch myself, see the mind fucking and stop myself immediately. When I do find myself at this point, I sit back, relax, clear the head and let go, again.

The rubber band gets taught and the urge is always pushing. The urge is always pushing us to move in a direction that “looks” good to our mind. The “What if” game is a fabulous breeding ground for the mind; If you want to really spin your head, thoughts and create confusion, start asking, “What if?”

“What if?” coupled with worry is a dose of death. As a habit, it’s a sleeping pill and fuel for the not-self. Worry devitalizes the body faster than anything else you could do to destroy yourself. “What if” keeps you in your mind and your life in confusion and worry in action.

It usually takes a crisis to bring a profound movement towards changing one’s habits. The body speaks to us in many ways when there is a problem or an illness. But we get stuck in our comfort zones and the grooves in our brain. It is difficult to wake up and start the day different than what you have.

If you can tune in and hear what your body is trying to tell you, it’s going to take self-love to turn it around. The measure of self-love is relative to your success of a new life and new habits that shape a different reality.

There was a moment when I sat at the feet of a guru who told me that in order to change my life and my experiences that I would have to change my nature. I made a decision to do that and it took many years to transform that nature. But the process does not stop, it continues.

What it required was changing everything I was doing in my life. I changed my diet, I changed my environment, I changed my work and I changed the things that I was putting into my mind. I let go of everything in order to get to me, somehow.

This is what it takes to change your reality. You have to recalibrate, reposition, reload and renew to become you with new habits. If you don’t do the necessary things to reposition yourself then you become ill or destitute, eventually. It is the destiny of most. But there is an opportunity when tuning into you that you can see what habits are serving you and what habits are taking life away from you. It takes self-love to see it though.

I like to put up little “post it” notes as reminders around me. When I started working with my thought field I wrote the phrase, “Watch your thoughts” on the notes and pasted them on mirrors and the refrigerator door. With that exercise I started to create new habits that could lead me into a better space physically and mentally. It’s a great little exercise and you don’t have to have the notes up for too long before it is automatic in your behavior as to where you want to go in your thought life.

It’s the same with any other kind of habit. All you have to do is “Watch your thoughts” and have a direction and soon, you will be heading down the path that is more conducive to your happiness and fulfillment.

Thoughts are powerful and they are indeed what create our reality. I watch it all the time. If you want to change your reality, start with your thoughts. You can actually retrain the mind to be content and quiet and allow the subtle chemistry that sits quietly inside of you to guide you.

The moon is also a fabulous tool for starting new habits and new directions in how you live your life. I like to use the full moon and the new moon for switching things up a bit when I want to break a ‘bad’ habit or create a new direction in my daily regimen. There is a special momentum there with the fullness and the void that propels and transforms. If you need a tool, it is very helpful.

I always watch to see how my body feels as to what I am doing is correct for me or not. I don’t trouble with comparing my behavior to others or what others might expect from me. I look at my body and see how it is feeling when it comes to choosing my habits. If the body is sick, it is speaking to me about how I am living my life and the thoughts I am entertaining. If I have stiffness or headaches or tummy aches, it can be anything that the body is trying to tell me through symptoms such as those, something is not correct and it needs to be addressed.

Self love is the guide. Self love is relaxed, soft, content and peaceful.

“Watch your thoughts”!

You can do the same thing with your Inner Authority and Strategy. You can put up ‘post it’ notes that say, “WAIT” or if you are emotional, “Sleep on it”, or if you are Splenic, “How do you feel NOW”? ,

Watch your thoughts, listen to your body and tune into what habits are serving you and which ones you need to drop or get rid of to improve your life and be more peaceful. Your body knows!

Kashi Stone 2013

The Art of Not Proving

Posted in NOT-SELF on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

When one starts to become aware of subtle energy, it begins with the Solar Plexus chakra. Easily, from the stomach region, one can watch a proving match begin, escalate and try to dominate, all in one sitting.

Sometimes, the proving is so grand, it becomes a marathon discussion of what has been accomplished, what has been gained, what has been done and what has been achieved all in one breath. There can be an endless trail of great feats, one after another, from the one who desires to prove and feel worthy, an ego over-blown and striving for attention.

It’s amazing how subtle this human expression portrays itself, underneath the layers of personality. It hides behind the open throat interruptions, the impatient MG, the open Root center or the busy mind filled with endless streams of thought.

One will find that if they empty their head of chatter, slow down and just observe and witness life’s events, almost everyone is proving in some way. It’s rather sad that so many feel unease or lack of satisfaction.

You can feel the tightness in the gut, the emotional Solar Plexus, the lower mind as you interact. There are those who need something, feel a sense of anger or another type of emotion, restless and unfulfilled, longing for significance, all felt in the middle of the gut. If the interaction is overblown as it happens often, one will find stomach disorders like ulcers, stomach cancer, pancreas problems and digestion challenges.

Proving one’s worth stems from the Solar Plexus, the seat of the Ego that is desperately vying for significance in life existence and it will engage in control battles, if it must. This desperation plays out in ways that we see the Ego, Heart, Will center as written in Human Design. The Ego center displays a constant state of proving, but it happens in both the defined and undefined center. Many people carry a low self-esteem from the struggle to overcome pressure in their chemistry. If more people understood how they operate as a human and where they are experiencing the pressure that pushes them, they would have much less struggle in life. This is why I love Human Design, as it lays out the map to how a human operates on the material plane and assists in erasing a great deal of confusion for many.

Proving is an underlying disease of the lower mind that eats away like a cancerous sore. Slowly, it derides one’s ability to live according to one’s own frequency and state of calmness where true power resides. Proving has an annoying vibe, an overwhelming unfriendly pushiness and an imposing nature that is abhorrent and rude. Proving is a drag.

What if we were okay to do what we do well, now?
(with no need to prove?)

Meaning, most of us are born with natural skills. If parents practiced looking at their child’s chart for clues and indications about strengths and skills, then practical effort and time could be applied for developing what one loves to do, gaining a natural self-confidence. A writer, a speaker, a leader, a teacher; It is all written and described in the pattern of the stars. No need to further pretend that we do not know, especially with the Human Design science available to assist in translating how a human operates on the material plane. It is brilliant. A further astrological investigation explains details in greater measure.

If one knows who one is, there is no need to prove, only to be. That is sweet.

And if one is being the best one that one can be, the right people show up, the best opportunities present themselves and confusion really doesn’t exist in the mix. Nor does competition take place nor comparison when there is no reason for it. If we are not comparing then we are not competing. If we are not competing, we are not proving.

One is very busy doing what they love, focused and enjoying good company.

Hopefully, there is laughter, too.








Written by Ama Kashi Satya Ananda Ma, 2018 February

The Needy Child

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lounging lovers

When compassion begins to enter a person’s life, everything starts to look a little different. The frustrations ease, the judgments subside and the intolerance with what is not correct, or out of tune fades as one watches the other battle its way towards significance and finding love.

We all want to be loved, recognized and accepted for who we are, mistakes and all.

Compassion sees the wounded child and offers a silent prayer that the one who is suffering will find their antidote, find their path towards fulfillment and discover the soothing balm that will heal their heart. There is not much we can do when it is not our life, nor our choices to make.

I’m beginning to feel great compassion for how the “needy child” must feel inside that causes him/her to behave the way they do.  Imagine feeling that you are never as good as or better than the person who is sitting across from you.

Maybe you entertain mental tapes that play:
“What can I do now that will prove that I know?”,
“I know, if I say something cool and hip they will think I’m a great guy
or “I wish I could be the president of the club. I can do it better than anybody”

I think we can all identify with these tapes either by witnessing them in movies, our interaction with others or playing it in some measure inside of our own mind.

The mental tapes can be very innocent too. You can hear things like, “Why is he paying attention to her? She’s taking all of the attention.” “I have more money than she does”. Weird twisted thoughts run through the mind, some are only a whisper but still impacting our character and distorting our chance for an enjoyable time with others.

If we were to watch and censor our thoughts each moment, we would have an entirely different experience. But instead, our thoughts run rampant and through a mixture of influences. The body moves and obeys the direction of the loudest and most prominently in control, like the Emotional Body, for instance.Aura5

The Emotional Body shows itself in different ways through each of the centers in the body, physically and emotionally. Through the Root Center the Emotional Body expresses itself as sex and survival colored by fear, through the Sacral Center it expresses as attraction and desire, through the Solar Plexus it is attachment – emotional, possessive or controlling. Through the Heart Center it is expressed in health and most of all, body language.

You can see the condition of a person’s Heart Center by how tall they sit or how straight they stand when they walk. If someone has their chin up, back straight and their chest up and out, they are confident, open to receiving and exchanging love and they are trusting. You will notice that many children have this as a natural posture. Little boys often stick their chests out to feel full of their own power. It is beautiful to witness in a child.

When life brings experiences that are painful, challenging and traumatic, it begins to show in our body, like the first time our heart was broken when we fell in love in school.

If someone is hunched over, shoulders forward, chin down and belly pouching, it’s heartache for sure. If a person shuffles their feet, stomps as they walk or looks but doesn’t smile, it’s probably a deep insecurity about one’s ability to fulfill life’s demands.

The Heart Center is the place of our Inner Child. In this center we love, we play and we share freely. We receive and we give equally, enjoying all that life has to offer. This is how our HEART center truly operates when it is healthy and the thymus gland, which is attached to this center, gets turned on just like a child on the playground where it is free to be itself for a moment without the burdens of life.Dancing little girl

There is an entire chemistry functioning in our body that is related to digestion, metabolism and the thymus gland, which has gone to sleep in most adults. Our digestive and metabolism system transforms completely when we become synthesized, and our thymus gland gets turned back on.

Many have heard the bible verse: “And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…”

Ra Uru Hu mentions many times, “Love yourself”. It is truly all about loving one’s self. It is THE KEY to everything. Forget color, base and tone. It doesn’t matter what color or tone you are, if you cannot love your self. Besides, all of that other stuff just naturally falls into place in self-love.

Ra Uru Hu eludes to spirituality in different teachings but he makes it very clear that what he is really sharing is “logical mechanics”. Brilliant. We need a logical, scientific system to prove to the western mind and the masses that this ancient process of enlightenment taught in the eastern yoga mystery schools is something legit. Good job, Ra, thank you.

How we relate with others and how much we have tuned into our spiritual path is the essence of what our HEART center is all about. It is true. It is directly related to evolving our form. If we can be our self and not take to heart what others do or think, if we can truly be our self without expectations from others and if we can bless those who exist with us, we get closer to becoming the child within.

There is a love that begins to grow within one’s being that is like a seed planted in the ground. It grows with the will to thrive and live. This is the quality of the Inner Child. It is the love for life, a love for health, a love for vitality, a love for creativity and a love for our spiritual path, which we need so desperately to feed our soul, and the love for our self as an aspect of divinity.Child flourishing






We need to be more focused on what really counts in life. This is the work that needs to be done now, before the Inner Child can awaken.

One of my favorite tools to switch my mental tapes into something more edifying and to soften my heart as I am moving through life is a kaleidoscope. Try one and see if it doesn’t change your world for the better, while taking a moment to play and enjoy the beauty of life.kaleidoscope

Written by Kashi Stone 2016

Taking Time Out for You

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time alone

Almost everyone that I start to work with is at some kind of a turning point when they call me and schedule their session. It’s a great place to be because so often we are caught in the results of a bad decision and it is going to be difficult to get out of it.

When we are at that point of confusion, bewilderment, brokenness and chaos; when we feel the winds of time blow us out of one place and towards another direction. We have a chance to start something new and that is a fantastic opportunity. But it can be very scary.

Cycles end and cycles begin, we are in the void when a shift has happened in our reality and a doorway opens to a new direction. New connections and most importantly an opportunity to make the right decision so that you are in the right place with the right people, doing the thing that makes you happy, content and peaceful.

I’m in that place myself right now. I have the Open G Center and with that openness comes the frequency of relying on others to show me where I am to go and whom I am to be with. The guidance is subtle though and spontaneous. It is not contrived or someone else’s agenda. The guidance that I receive from others happens out of the blue naturally and I know it is correct for me when I feel a flutter in my open G Center.

If my head is quiet, I can actually ‘hear’ what my Open G Center is saying to me. I love how it feels when the G center talks to me and shows me what is correct and what is not. I can feel it in conversation, in writing to another in communication, thoughts I am entertaining and
when I am in the process of making a decision. It will flutter with sweetness when I tune into the correct thing for me.

Each time my G Center has guided me and spoke to me, it was so different than what my mind was constructing, devising and planning for me. That was the most surprising thing of all: to see the contrast between mind and body in that moment.

When I actually slow down, I mean really slow down into the moment, life operates in a completely different way. It’s in that stillness that I know who I am and what I am becoming and can hear my G Center, Monopole and its navigation.

The greatest challenge for most design types is being patient. The easiest way to get to patience is to take control of your mind. One of the quickest ways to get a hold of your mind is by watching your open Centers in your bodygraph. Right there, in the open Center, is your mind. And that is what I am observing in everyone around me and in me.

I would love to experience the aura of someone who is living their true chemistry.

It is amazing how loud Open Ego Centers speak to me with their insecurity and the ways that they feel they have to prove themselves to feel ok in my presence. People are so conditioned to automatically compete to feel ok.

Sometimes, I can hardly breathe when I am in the presence of someone who’s open Ego is proving itself. I have to take a deep breath and breathe out from the tummy to release the pressure that it is causing. If you see me doing this, that is why. I cant breath and I am trying to get some relief.

The open Throat Centers talk too much and leave a bit of an awkward feeling and the sense that perhaps I may have ADD. No, I don’t have ADD, they have an open Throat Center or way too many activations on a defined Throat.

I cant hold my attention fixed on one person for such a long period of time while they tell me everything they think I want or need to know or hear. This is where I start looking for way to leave the room and off to be by myself for a moment. If you see me doing this it is because my head is about to explode trying to hold all of their minds content and my own.

The Open Spleen entertains so much fear. I feel so sorry for the Open Spleens! If they knew how to let go and allow it to flow through, there would be some relief. The undefined Spleen is picking up fear and amplifying it back. It can run in a vicious circle in the way it moves through our auras, from one and then into the other. Fear is really kind of sneaky as it creeps in and tries to take control of a person’s life.

The Open Root Center exhausts me with its pressure to keep doing things and its desperate need to “get things over with”. I can’t keep up with the unnatural demand that open Root people place on themselves and me. I am watching open Root Centers suffer from blown adrenal glands, taking prescription drugs to address anxiety and cancer of the prostate.

It’s very serious when we don’t pay attention to what the body is telling us; If we don’t listen, well then, we get sick, that is the only way most of us can wake up to what our soul is trying to tell us.

If you really want to know who you are, you have no choice but to take time out and truly relax into you so that you can feel you.

You are going to get a powerful transformation in letting go, surrendering and allowing. You have to let go of the comforts and old ideas to get to the new, the transformed and the sublime.

Step into the void of not knowing, not planning and not expecting, all with a quiet mind and watch where life takes you. I dare you!

Kashi Stone 2014


Striving for Integrity

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Turned on.3b

I walked into the coffee shop one morning and my friend behind the counter greets me with, “I figured it out Kashi, it’s all about integrity”.

“I agree, I have been noticing it myself”, I respond, delighted to hear that someone was on the same page as me. He is a Reflector too. I am always curious about how they are viewing and experiencing the program.

This quality of integrity that is brewing on a mass level is causing us to become more authentic in our exchanges with no bullshit, no pretense, no lies or manipulation. There are also no control trips, there is no drama and there is no blame or dumping. Our nine-centered being is acutely aware of what is not true, what is not authentic or real and it hears bullshit loud and clear. When the vehicle is tuned and clear, all of that mentioned above becomes like a “clank and bang’. It’s very uncomfortable and unattractive.

If there is a lack of integrity, it ripples out far and wide, leaving an impact on our reality and our future.

Fears often reveal our lack of integrity. It is useful to look at fears that creep up and see where one is slightly out of alignment with truth and integrity.

Fear can take all forms and definitions, depending on chemistry and life experience. But you can take this sense of fear that rises up inside of you and use it to see where the lack of integrity may be, where the misalignment could happen and address it.

It is useful to look at the places where fear resides in the chemistry of the body to gain better understanding of how fear impacts integrity. Here, we look at the Emotional Center, the Spleen and the Ajna.

Whether you are open or defined in these areas, you are easily prone to the fears that come from each of these places, depending on your definition and what is conditioning you in your environment.

When we take each Center into consideration on a general level, it looks like this:

The Emotional Center is a lesson of authenticity and truth. This Center relates to how honest we are with others, how real we express how we feel and how clear we are in what we want, say and do.

The Spleen Center relates to how safe we feel within our own being. We stay in those situations that are unhealthy for us out of fear of being alone, fear for our survival, fear of being inadequate or fear of not being accepted and loved. It takes us out of integrity, terribly.

The Ajna brings a fear when it doesn’t know and so desperately needs to know. The Ajna, open or defined, angst at “what will happen?”, “Why is this happening?”, “Where is that?”, and “What is this?”. If we are busy entertaining so many mental tapes, we will never be in our integrity.

Each of these Centers and their fears boil down to one thing indicating where the lack of integrity may be and what it looks like:

The Emotional Center fear is lack of honesty in how one is feeling

The Spleen Center fear is lack of trust in one’s Self and in life to provide

The Ajna Center fear is lack of being present and trusting life

Are you being truthful in your interaction?

Or are you hiding behind a story?

Are you confident enough in your own life to live it?

Can you be present and enjoy what is here and now?

Can you allow life to come to you?

I like the definition of Integrity in the New Oxford Dictionary:

integrity |inˈtegritē|
1 the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness : he is known to be a man of integrity.
2 the state of being whole and undivided : upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty.
• the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction : the structural integrity of the novel.
• internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data : [as adj. ] integrity checking.

This is my favorite part, Number 2: “the state of being whole and undivided”, “the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction”. Even more cool is that it is an “internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data”.


It makes a big difference if we pay attention to how we are truly communicating and sharing. The more we dial it in, closer to how we really feel and think, closer to how our body is speaking to us on a deep level, the greater our integrity.

Stepping into the integrity of our chemistry is a tad bit like stage fright. The mind doesn’t know our true state of integrity and it feels incredibly foreign. Once we have begun practicing being authentic for a period of time, maybe a few days, it no longer intimidates us. It actually feels incredibly good to be so honest.

Try practicing recognizing in your own speech and what your intentions are as you learn to call things by their true names. By observing your own words as you speak and the root of your motivations, you gain a greater sense of discrimination with integrity.

Through this practice, reality is seen as it is and the true Self is known.

Watch each word that you use, how it impacts and how choosing your words carefully and truthfully, creates a different reality and response. A thoughtful pause before speaking allows for greater truth to be spoken in moments of sharing.

Striving for integrity makes our body feel better. It’s healthier, it’s uplifting, and it eases our journey through life.



Kashi Stone 2015


Staying in the Moment

Posted in NOT-SELF on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

How many readers can relate with the cartoon above?

It’s easy to get carried away wondering, planning and projecting into the future. There is so much pressure to plan and prepare for our futures in our culture. There is also the pressure to go to college, find a job, get married, have children and so on.

Our future is often, dictated by tradition, culture, family and religion. We miss out on life living out the agenda’s of others.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

In one of Ra Uru Hu’s lectures, he speaks about how Generators often feel as though they are going to miss something. This sensation of thinking one is missing something causes us to initiate and push energy in directions that are completely inappropriate. Inappropriate because it wastes energy, causes embarrassing situations that can bring humiliation and deplete resources because it was never correct in the first place.

With my four motors fully charged and having no outlet beyond my Defined Will, I do get the urge to initiate at times. I can feel the sensation when I am actually getting ready to make something happen that is not in order of the flow.

I look to see what I think I might be missing and I don’t see the root cause. I see my mind constructing, strategizing and formulating plans. From those thoughts comes the act of initiation. My Open Throat is the nemesis of it all. With all this pressure, my Throat Center loves to move energy but it’s always wrong, always wrong when I am the first to make something happen. With my chemistry, I have to be recognized while I am patiently waiting to respond to the right thing.

If I do initiate something it never works out and it is embarrassing. I often wish I would not have said or did what happened. It takes great restraint no matter if you are a Generator, Manifesting Generator or Projector 
or even a Reflector. There is a continuous pressure inherent to the human system that causes one to push and make something happen.

I try my best to stay present and only respond in the moment. This is where the cartoon is most touching. If we are present and in the moment, responding to the next thing, we are moving in a rhythmic flow that just naturally carries us to the next best thing and there is no reason to worry about tomorrow.

As an Emotional being, I see myself jump, wanting to respond. And I try now with all my might to hold that back and wait. I wait until I sleep on it and give it time before I respond to something. But I am present in my activity. While I am waiting, I find the next thing I would like to do that makes me really happy and brings great enjoyment. Usually, I choose the thing that I want to do with all my heart and it flows easily in the creative process. Whilst I am doing what I love, I am also sharpening my skill so that when opportunity comes knocking on my door, I am prepared.

Research, practice and practicality are the essential ingredients in developing skill. “Practice makes perfect”, my grandmother would say to me as I grew. So, I kept at what I loved and would develop as far as my passion would take me.

When we stay occupied with the activities that we enjoy, we are moving closer to our hearts desire. Our hearts desire is often very different than what our minds idea is of what we should have. The mind is so limited in its ability to see the future, to know and to plan.

In my observation, I see that most people are living out their “not-self” behavior. They have not had a chance to taste the essence of their own, pure chemistry. When we can taste and live deeply in our blueprint of creation, there is nothing to fear. We are guided and directed by a divine force speaking through our inner core and navigation.

To give energy to worry depletes our vitality. Notice how you feel when you start to go into the act of worry about what is going to happen. Do you see the needless energy that is given to “what if..”? If you can catch yourself in the moment where your thoughts begin to go in that direction, you can stop the drain that worry is creating. By being conscious of where our thoughts lead and directing them in a positive course, we can bring vitality into our life and the motivation to take us to the next blessed thing.

There is a divine play at hand and we are the puppets of the play. Our costume, our roles, our purpose and our expression are colored by how we move through each encounter and determine our reality. Our future is shaped by each decision that we make in the moment and how much effort and dedication we give to living our life authentically. This requires tremendous awareness – in the moment.

If you are unable to taste the essence of who you are, in your own aura and chemistry, you are not going to get the life that was intended for you. But if you can dial in, tune and feel who you are, you can navigate yourself towards a life fully supported life expression.

Grace is the key. If you can be patient and enjoying each moment to its fullest, life comes to you in a beautiful way.

2014 Kashi Stone

Please Stop Dumping on Me

Posted in NOT-SELF on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Sometimes, there is this fabulous moment of sharing when two people go back and forth in conversation, listening, responding, taking in and sharing. Or there are times when there is a monologue that needs to empty. My encounters often, go one of these two directions. Very seldom is anyone able to sit in silence with me.

When I am sitting with someone who I enjoy listening to and who is generally interested in what I have to say, we have a wonderful time, sharing our stories. I don’t’ get a headache, I don’t’ feel pressure and we laugh, appreciate and feel relaxed.

I am particularly careful about my open Throat Center. I have watched and experienced enough of open Throat Center activity that I get it now. It can be very, very annoying so I am careful to manage my chemistry when I am sharing.

When I encounter someone who goes into a monologue with me, I begin to see a particular image in my mind. It looks something like this:
Garbage man
My mind clouds over, I feel full in the brain and I start to get a headache. What they are telling me begins to sound like a “clank”, a churn and a bang. It’s all just too much. With the monologue, comes a pressure. There is this pressure from the person who is speaking the monologue. This pressure can come from an open Center or it can come from a defined Ajna. It can come from an Open Throat Center being seeking attention or it can come from an open Ego person, who is working very hard at proving themselves to the other. This pressure can also come from an open Root Center that is trying hard to push things along and needs to direct the flow to get things done. However it comes, I get this picture in my mind similar to the one above.

When I am sitting with someone and having to hold my attention with them, beyond what feels reasonable and comfortable, I get this image in my mind because it feels like they are dumping their thought-field on me. They are playing their mental tapes and sharing them with me. They are turning their garbage can of thoughts upside down on my head and filling up my brain. And they don’t even realize that they are doing it.

There were many times that I got a headache without realizing that I have an open Head, Ajna and Throat Centers and that the head pains were a symptom of the other downloading their thought field on me creating a “short circuiting”. It happened often in school with teachers, especially when I was not interested in what they had to say.

That short-circuiting becomes a headache, a migraine, an earache, a sore neck or a point of exhaustion. With my open Head and Ajna, I am not designed to have a busy mental process. I am designed to be quiet up there, thoughts flowing through, not trying to figure things out or to have the answers. I can see that I really don’t know anything. It is so obvious at this point in my process.

I had a discussion the other day with a friend who has this tendency with “dumping”. I had to ask him to “please stop dumping his thought field on me”. As we discussed what happens to me, because of my open Head and Ajna Center, he realized that there was no space in our togetherness for me to have my own thoughts, be in my own space and that he was absorbing my entire mental process.

I shared with him that if he wanted to be near me, sit with me and spend time with me; he would have to allow me blocks of silence in our togetherness.

He now sits quietly most of the time with me and when he does speak with me, he works to keep his sharing short and to the point. That is all I can take in. I can enjoy his company now.

So, when someone starts dumping on me, and it is not a convenient time to teach them, I just turn my head and start doing something else and I don’t listen. I don’t try to pay attention. I don’t make an effort to work to keep my attention fixed on them as they are sucking my energy and giving me a headache.

I don’t listen to all their thoughts that are coming out that they have to tell me. I take what I can hear and then I do my own thing. If I don’t hear it, I don’t care. They usually don’t care either. They just want to get it out to relieve the pressure of their ego, the pressure on their Throat Center or the pressure from their Head or Ajna Center.

Sometimes, I cut them off when I feel the garbage is spilling into my head. I have to tell them to “please stop dumping their thoughts on me”. It usually takes several times telling them to stop before they actually realize what they are doing.

We get stuck in some ridiculous, self-defeating habits in our lack of awareness and the inability to see how we impact each other with our chemistry.

This is the beauty of Human Design. Knowing that I am open in my Head, Ajna , Throat and G Centers. I understand why I do the things I do, why I get a headache or a body ache. I understand why I feel uncomfortable in certain places and why I am attracted to someone or why I am repulsed. It’s all chemistry and some chemistry is smooth and calm and some is ruffled and amok.

But it’s not personal at all.


Kashi Stone 2015