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Not-Self by Ra

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Please Stop Dumping on Me

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Sometimes, there is this fabulous moment of sharing when two people go back and forth in conversation, listening, responding, taking in and sharing. Or there are times when there is a monologue that needs to empty. My encounters often, go one of these two directions. Very seldom is anyone able to sit in silence with me.

When I am sitting with someone who I enjoy listening to and who is generally interested in what I have to say, we have a wonderful time, sharing our stories. I don’t’ get a headache, I don’t’ feel pressure and we laugh, appreciate and feel relaxed.

I am particularly careful about my open Throat Center. I have watched and experienced enough of open Throat Center activity that I get it now. It can be very, very annoying so I am careful to manage my chemistry when I am sharing.

When I encounter someone who goes into a monologue with me, I begin to see a particular image in my mind. It looks something like this:
Garbage man
My mind clouds over, I feel full in the brain and I start to get a headache. What they are telling me begins to sound like a “clank”, a churn and a bang. It’s all just too much. With the monologue, comes a pressure. There is this pressure from the person who is speaking the monologue. This pressure can come from an open Center or it can come from a defined Ajna. It can come from an Open Throat Center being seeking attention or it can come from an open Ego person, who is working very hard at proving themselves to the other. This pressure can also come from an open Root Center that is trying hard to push things along and needs to direct the flow to get things done. However it comes, I get this picture in my mind similar to the one above.

When I am sitting with someone and having to hold my attention with them, beyond what feels reasonable and comfortable, I get this image in my mind because it feels like they are dumping their thought-field on me. They are playing their mental tapes and sharing them with me. They are turning their garbage can of thoughts upside down on my head and filling up my brain. And they don’t even realize that they are doing it.

There were many times that I got a headache without realizing that I have an open Head, Ajna and Throat Centers and that the head pains were a symptom of the other downloading their thought field on me creating a “short circuiting”. It happened often in school with teachers, especially when I was not interested in what they had to say.

That short-circuiting becomes a headache, a migraine, an earache, a sore neck or a point of exhaustion. With my open Head and Ajna, I am not designed to have a busy mental process. I am designed to be quiet up there, thoughts flowing through, not trying to figure things out or to have the answers. I can see that I really don’t know anything. It is so obvious at this point in my process.

I had a discussion the other day with a friend who has this tendency with “dumping”. I had to ask him to “please stop dumping his thought field on me”. As we discussed what happens to me, because of my open Head and Ajna Center, he realized that there was no space in our togetherness for me to have my own thoughts, be in my own space and that he was absorbing my entire mental process.

I shared with him that if he wanted to be near me, sit with me and spend time with me; he would have to allow me blocks of silence in our togetherness.

He now sits quietly most of the time with me and when he does speak with me, he works to keep his sharing short and to the point. That is all I can take in. I can enjoy his company now.

So, when someone starts dumping on me, and it is not a convenient time to teach them, I just turn my head and start doing something else and I don’t listen. I don’t try to pay attention. I don’t make an effort to work to keep my attention fixed on them as they are sucking my energy and giving me a headache.

I don’t listen to all their thoughts that are coming out that they have to tell me. I take what I can hear and then I do my own thing. If I don’t hear it, I don’t care. They usually don’t care either. They just want to get it out to relieve the pressure of their ego, the pressure on their Throat Center or the pressure from their Head or Ajna Center.

Sometimes, I cut them off when I feel the garbage is spilling into my head. I have to tell them to “please stop dumping their thoughts on me”. It usually takes several times telling them to stop before they actually realize what they are doing.

We get stuck in some ridiculous, self-defeating habits in our lack of awareness and the inability to see how we impact each other with our chemistry.

This is the beauty of Human Design. Knowing that I am open in my Head, Ajna , Throat and G Centers. I understand why I do the things I do, why I get a headache or a body ache. I understand why I feel uncomfortable in certain places and why I am attracted to someone or why I am repulsed. It’s all chemistry and some chemistry is smooth and calm and some is ruffled and amok.

But it’s not personal at all.


Kashi Stone 2015

Maya Keynotes for Channels

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When looking at the definition that forms a channel in the bodygraph, we are actually looking at one point out of the 69,200 possibilities of definition. Underneath the definition of a channel, there are 1,110,044 possibilities that generate a level of uniqueness through tone, base and color. When we take planets, stars and other astrological components into consideration, the possibilities expand again, exponentially. In addition, incarnation crosses offer a type of definition and so do the circuits that channels are divided into. But let’s keep it simple for the sake of evolution.

Human Design teaches that when a person decides to follow their Strategy and Authority, they naturally live out their life expression in a unique way, operating through their channel definition. However, most of the time, humans are operating from their open centers and their emotional tendencies or reactions, which can be considered the ‘Not-Self’. Rarely, do people tune into their fixed life force.

Human Design teaches keynotes in RAVE Cartography and ABC courses, the first, basic level, identifying each of the channels and the qualities that they bring to a person’s character. But there is no quick, Not-Self, description ready available that truly expresses the character that appears when one is operating from the ‘Not-Self’, which is where most humans are expressing from.

In the Program, the homogenized reality rules, so the interpretation of behavior fits for the majority since there are seldom, unique expressions. This makes it easy to generalize and understand quickly, what kind of energy is playing out. Hence, the astrological websites that can predict how a person will behave on a certain day.

For the sake of humor, I have created a set of names that I refer to as the ‘Maya Keynote’ list, representing the 32 channels of the bodygraph and how I experience them in the Program. This playful keynote sheet is not meant to replace the original keynote titles bestowed on each of the channels in the formal educational program. Use this keynote sheet to inspire a little giggle, while opening your eyes to more about the mechanics of the human form.



Solitary Emperor/ess: Anyone who has the channel 45/21, can be expected to be their own boss and most likely, they have difficulty in group collaborations. They do not like and cannot be controlled in anyway. It’s best to allow the channel 45/21 to be on their own schedule, work from home, if possible, and initiate their own projects in their own way.

Flow Go: The 5/15, brings everyone into its own flow and routine; if your daily schedule has changed radically, a 5/15 may have moved in next door to you. Depending on how individual the person is, they may have difficulty trying to align to another person’s schedule or needs, showing up for work on time can be difficult or efforts may be spent seeking ways to move in one’s own direction and timing, regardless of what is correct and appropriate.

The Judger: The 18/58 creates a busy mind full of opinions, judgments and criticism, ultimately alienating themselves from lovers, family and friends, if they are not careful. They quickly see when another person is out of integrity, has made a mistake or has forgotten ALL the details. This channel is intended purely for work and not relationships, however, most of the time it is used in relating, unfortunately. It takes diligent, conscious discipline to change the nature of how this channel operates when moving through the world and relating with others.

Bee’s Nest Head or Chatty Cathy: The 34/20, is probably the noisiest definition there is externally or internally. Moving from the Sacral to the Throat without any impediment, this person utters out loud their thought processes, opinions and inner chatter. When someone with this channel is in my aura, my open head gets exceedingly busy and deafening with jabbering. This definition can also be very quiet on the outside and still, yapping away on the inside, like a “Bee’s Nest Head or quiet on the inside but outside, they leave a noisy imprint on the other like a “Chatty Cathy”. If you feel like your mind has suddenly gotten ‘chatty’, there is probably a 34/20 near you.

Nosey Nancy: The 59/6, is experienced as an overwhelming, penetrating presence, that can feel, possibly, a little too nosey or a little too imposing. If you sense someone has walked into your bedroom and is going through your closet, probably, a 59/6 is in your aura and looking at you, slightly curious.

The Nit Picker: Channel 9/52, is wonderful for keeping track of details, working through figures quickly and finding out what is required to fulfill a duty, project or task. The Nit Picker is also the one who will start picking up small pieces of debris left on the carpet, notice stains on clothing, fix unruly strands of hair on a companion’s head, adjust collars on shirts and notice the small things that others have forgotten or have not seen.

The Butterfly: When the Channel 8/1 is turned on and operating fully, it is truly an inspiration, as it is aptly named in HD. But when the Not-Self is in control it becomes the butterfly that flutters about landing here and there, never truly grounding. Because of their natural grace, they tend to end up in the background of the next, latest, greatest happening, regardless of their fluttering. One never knows where they will be nor when. The ‘Not-Self’ challenge is the inability to grow roots and settle down – too stimulated or overly self-inspired.

The Lost Voice: Channel 2/14 is the voice of progress, the future and the way. If the 2/14 gets stuck in Not-Self reality, they lose their ability to lead the way, their voice is not heard by the masses and they become stuck or trapped in old traditions or emotional chains that bind them deeply into the matrix.

Popcorn Polly: The Channel 3/60 is a powerful, transformational presence that is rather impulsive, quick, and ‘hoppy’ when it is acting out it’s ‘Not-Self’. The tendency for this definition is to jump on opportunities without filtering or they push things forward with immense force, whether correct or not. When the incorrect things get pushed forward, usually there is trouble, crisis, conflict, disaster or mayhem. It can really get messy.

The Know-It-All: The Channel 43/23 is aptly named in the Human Design manuals, however, when it is working as ‘Not-Self’, it becomes: “I know, I know, I know”. The ‘Not-Self’ frequency of a ‘know-it-all’ can give massive migraines to open head center people, quickly. They can also miss some great opportunities because they refuse to listen or they believe that they already know what another is sharing. As ‘Not-Self’, it makes for some unpleasant conversations.

The Arrogant One: The Channel 19/49 can easily be interpreted as being arrogant because of their inability to see beyond the tip of their own nose. 19/49’s become absorbed with their own process, their own needs and their own activities. They can be so self-absorbed that when people become disturbed with them, they won’t even know or realize. This self-absorbed behavior often, is misinterpreted as arrogance because of the disinterest in anything outside their little world.

The Triber: The Channel 40/37 is about creating environment and making sure everyone has everything they need to fulfill their role in the family. These people are close-knit and highly fractional when it comes to land, home, possessions or life-partners. They can also be fiercely loyal, fiercely protective and fiercely diligent for anything or anyone they consider as ‘mine’. They can be quite possessive as ‘Not-Self’ characters.

The Competitor: If a person has the whole channel 25/51, defined, they can be so competitive that it can actually hurt or make others ill. They can go overboard proving, pushing their direction, forcing people to do what they want. They also have a tendency to create a competition when there really isn’t one, just so they can spar and prove their point, correct or not. They will work hard to align forces, friends and allies, just to spar, prove and be the winner. It causes great pressure in the stomach region when these people are forcing their will and proving how right they are. If your stomach hurts, you may be near a 25/51. They tend to have a dark side to their nature, which is intended to create the experiences, crisis and opportunities for transformation and pull them out of their creative rut. Dark and competitive, these guys can be, when ‘Not-Self’, unhappy or depressed.

A Confused Child: When the channel 64/47 is lit up and defined, this person lives in a state of confusion, most of the time. They have great moments of clarity in their brain when someone asks them a question but to answer a dilemma for themselves, is like putting their head under water. It’s almost impossible to think clearly for one’s self. Only time and meditation can help this definition, otherwise they mumble a bit as they try to work their way to clarity, which can be annoying.

The Front Man: Channel 44/26 runs electricity from the Spleen to the Ego center, marching forward with a strong immune system and a super, bold confident nature. However, that bit of boldness may walk right past the door of opportunity or miss the correct turn towards the right direction. They can really get carried away when they get their mind set on a project. My goodness.

The Celebrity: Anyone who has the channel 41/30, usually, is very dramatic and can easily become thoroughly overjoyed. This channel is slightly over-reactive emotionally and usually, loves to drink champagne because of the bubbles that tickle the nose. People with this channel tend to have exceedingly, fertile imaginations so it is best to allow them to conduct theatre, naturally, while interacting. Remembering not to take things personal as they express, is helpful too.

The Caretaker: When someone has the channel 50/27, usually, there is a blossoming garden, a farm with a few animals or maybe an elder that needs care or a sick person near. The tendency for the ‘Not-Self’ Caretaker is to get carried away taking care of others and overlooking their own needs. This channel is deeply tribal so it may agree to situations that are inappropriate only to ensure that the tribal environment is created or maintained.

The Story-Teller: This channel definition 56/11, is keynoted as ‘curious’ in the HD teachings, however, the ‘Not-Self’ character would rather tell a long-winded story than be naturally curious, usually. The stories told tend to be incidents from the past or dramatic tales of romance, family or painful, business endeavors that brought big losses or unkind acts. It’s helpful when they can keep their sharing to short, concise stories and refrain from repeating the same stories.

The Cycle Trap: When the entire channel 53/42 is defined, a person can become stuck in cyclical events. Getting stuck makes their trajectory through life unique to other definitions, which naturally flow from event to event. Getting stuck also presents a unique set of problems causing incorrect situations to last much longer than necessary or longer than desired. This can be difficult to bear without logical explanations for life circumstances that they are caught in and unable to change or cease.

The Curious Cat: When a person has the 35/36 channel, they move through life as ‘Not-Self’ seeking thrilling, unusual experiences that tickle their mind and satisfy their hunger for something strange and new. Depending on Type or other defining qualities, they can be a little selfish as they are driven by the desires of their Solar Plexus motor, the most powerful motors of all, to get what they want, regardless of consequences.

The Power House: When the 54/32 is defined, a force drives this person to gather, organize and push to manifest success on the material plane. The ‘Not-Self’ Power House can often, put tons of energy and power into the wrong things wasting precious time, energy and resources. They can also have a tendency to be bossy, with high expectations and be highly driven, misplacing energy and priorities.

The Sky Diver: When the channel 46/29 is defined the tendency of the ‘Not-Self’ is to avoid opportunities, use energy for trivial things, entangle themselves in commitments that they either regret or wish they could get out of. They can get depressed too, if they are not working at something they enjoy or love doing. The reason why they are referred to a “sky diver’ is because often, they dive right into something before filtering the opportunity to see if it is truly something they are passionate about.

The Dramatic Sensitive: Channel 55/39 is the most emotionally expressive definition in the bodygraph. It is pure pain, drama, victimhood and passion, expressing in all directions throughout the day and hyper-sensitive to anything you say. These people can make great actors, poets and musicians, regardless if they are correct or not. They experience and feel life at a deep level and can easily sink into an passionate, artistic expression about it.

Ballerina: When the Channel 10/57 steps on the dancefloor, they begin to twirl, lift a leg, bend down low and flail arms in all directions. Sometimes it’s cute and sometimes it is annoying. This definition also gives a ‘perky’ step to the life path, as the ‘Not-Self’ tends to enjoy small challenges, complicated situations or living on the edge as a means to keep life fresh so one does not become bored.

The Struggler: Channel 28/38 maintains a similar name as HD keynotes because that is exactly what this channel does, struggle. Life for the Struggler is very much like the knot that cannot be united no matter how hard one tries. For the ‘Not-Self’ Struggler, frustration, anger, depression or victimhood becomes the theme in order to escape the pressure that this definition brings to the evolving process. The only thing one can do is surrender to the process of struggle and keep in mind that ‘this too shall pass’. As one matures, the struggle slowly, very slowly, turns into wisdom as the challenges become less.

The Power Freak: When the channel 34/57 is defined, these people like to be at the top of the heap, in control and dominating every activity happening in their environment. You won’t find them working for someone else or helping another. They are deeply focused on strategizing how to get what they want and hold dominion. When the ‘Not-Self’ character comes out, they can be oddly rude, cold, and brutal. They are the ones who drive right by the victim at the side of the road, either they do not notice or they say out loud, “not my problem” as they drive by. Ouch.

The Poet: It doesn’t matter if the 12/22 is not a poet, it just describes this channel well. These people have a romantic side to their personality that exists no matter what. If they are depressed, they write great songs or paint masterpieces. If they are in love, they write best sellers or number one, record-breaking songs. They are the masters of desire on the material plane and develop a voice to express their love and passion in many different ways. The ‘Not-Self’ Poet can be exceedingly strange, socially. Either they are withdrawn or they behave in strange, unusual ways that make them slightly odd in comparison to the rest of the group. They add color and dimension to life, I might add.

Lone Ranger: Channel 10/34 is probably one of the most resilient, self-sustaining definitions in the bodygraph. As ‘Not-Self’, they will strategize, manipulate, coerce, and trick to get their needs met and their foundation secure. Their loyalty is usually, reserved for the one with the most generous refrigerator or fullest gas tank. This self-absorbed approach to life can leave them isolated and alone, if they are not careful.

The Unchosen Leader: The channel 31/7 is recognized as having the ability to lead and guide humanity forward into a new era, as teachers, scientist or religious leaders, but only if they are chosen and supported. As ‘Not-Self’ leaders, they desperately look for ways to project themselves into the marketplace and social media as a ‘leader with a cause’. They can often look ridiculous and out of place when they are incorrect. When the Ego pushes ahead, the blind spots and weaknesses become obvious and the person looks like an idiot, gaining only a small following while trailing off into obscurity.

The Lonely Ghost: When the channel 48/16 is defined but the person is expressing zero talent, we have someone who may be missing their life path expression and attempting to be something other than who they are. To the ‘Not-Self’ Lonely Ghost, talent is seen as something that has little value and the traditional means of gaining a career through formal education as the only path to empowerment. This can cause terrible depression and loss of health.

Mr or Ms Doubter: The Channel 63/4 is in a constant turmoil of doubt. If they are ‘Not-Self’, the doubt will be centered on their ability to move forward, the viability of opportunities and the possibility of friends showing up when in need. They are always seeking the direction to move next so that they can share what they know with others. Often, they interrupt and avoid hearing what the other is sharing because they are so focused on getting heard, when operating as ‘Not-Self’. You can often hear them say, “I doubt……”

The Life Experiencer: With the channel 13/33, we have someone who must explore the world, taste new experiences and then write about it. Book stores and libraries have the 13/33 to thank for keeping them alive and in operation. When the ‘Not-Self’ is activated, these people choose the wrong types of experiences or do not sense when it is the correct time to retreat and relax. The ‘Not-Self’ will write the story before it’s time, assuming they have achieved something great and worthy of sharing, already. For that reason, there may be a few attempts to write a biography or a novel or design a few websites with a story and a mission before the ‘real’ mission happens.

The Cricket: Channel 57/20 moves through life just like a cricket: hopping and jumping from one activity to another or sitting still for a while, then hopping around for a bit. With the strong connection from Spleen to Throat center, there is pure, fast, in the moment energy that can only be present to the issue at hand. However, the ‘Not-Self’ 57/20 will jump on all the wrong things, over-tax the immune system, ignoring the warning signs of the body as it is hopping along to the next great thing, seeking fulfillment.

The Delusional One: Channel 61/24 can be quite delusional when they are heavily conditioned and often, miss their life entirely, by falling into old, traditional patterns and acquiescing to the Maya, the Program, in a perfect kind of way. When this happens, they lose their unique contribution to society but they can make great husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, nurturing where needed and creating the perfect home.

Mr / Mrs Opinionated: Channel 17/62 cannot help but have an opinion about everything. They are also great at organizing details, developing complicated structures and seeing patterns, clearly. They can be very, very helpful in any business endeavor, however, they can also be very narrow minded, self-righteous and intolerant. The ‘Not-Self’ can also be terribly rude and judgmental.

Mr / Mrs Perfect: The Channel 10/20 being is about being perfect, in every way, so that they get a first-class ticket to heaven, so to speak. If there is an opportunity to blurt out a perfect response, they will release their thoughts, opinions or ideas as quickly as possible to relieve the pressure of wanting to be heard and getting their ‘two cents’ worth into a conversation. They also like to show others how advanced they are in comparison to the rest of the group. They feel superior, act superior and think they are superior to everyone. Any kind of criticism sends them into a reaction, wanting so much to be perfect in every moment, in every way.


Keep in mind that this is a playful overview of how definition can behave when acting as ‘Not-Self’.

Each of the channels above have wonderful gifts, expressions or functions that add to the collective whole or individual life when operating from a place of awareness.

Again, This is only meant to inspire a little giggle, yet, open your eyes to a bit more about the mechanics.  Keep it playful and stay compassionate.


Written by Kashi Stone 2017

EGO and Competition

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Beauty pageant


Most of us are raised and cultivated in a traditional school system. Within that educational system is a ranking and a formula for computing a person’s value. In addition to the value system, students are forced to participate in sport tournaments, beauty pageants, intellectual debates and musical competitions that may have nothing to do with their natural skills, talents or gifts.bigstock_Education_-_Students_Smiling_H_4730538

From an early age, we are taught to compare our self-worth in a false value system and compete in events that are not truly in alignment with our skills and talents, such as in the physical competitions that are conducted in gym class, or the natural skills for basic courses like science, writing, history or art or math.

We are all forced to participate in these specific activities and then face the comparison amongst other students with different skill sets. It is really out of balance with the nature of being human.

In this formal educational system that is cultivating servants, it breaks the spirit of the individual as it compares one to the other and belittles those who don’t match within that value structure. Many children grow up with a broken heart and a damaged self-esteem with wilted spirits.

No wonder the world is in such chaos, war, demise and strife.

Great value has been placed on competition. The pay for athletes that participate in popular sports is one of the highest paid vocations. It is a very alluring path to pursue if one wants to change their status in life. Athlete 1

Tremendous focus is put on development of body and skill and then one is thrust into the pen to compete and fight to the end to win. If they win, they get big bucks. We are set up for competition as a means to gain our reward in life.



Girls probably have it the hardest growing up in a traditional educational system. With competition as the social field, they have no choice but to participate in the cultivation of glamour if they want to be accepted and a part of the group. Girl and makeup

Girls begin playing with make up at a very early age, they begin to fall into the fashion trap and suddenly, they are playing out a character that is nothing like the core of who they are. The masks start taking shape early in a girl’s life burying the unique spirit aching to be expressed.


What is difficult for boys is society’s expectation of a man. It is pretty cut and dried: the boy grows up, knowing what he wants to be, he goes out and makes the money and some day, he will have a wife, children and home. That is the standard for society. And in that trajectory, he does not show any individuality for fear of appearing “too feminine” or weak. Many boys have been bullied and ostracized for just being unique.

We have been taught at an early age that if we don’t follow suit with the rest of society, bigstock_Confident_Senior_Business_Man__5213134we are a freak, we are an outcast and we don’t belong. That can be a horrible feeling for a child.


No child wants to be left out and considered the freak, so we change at the core of who we are, we adapt and we lose our individuality. We become robots for a system while our core is aching for a different reality. We become fractured and broken.

That is why it is so important to introduce the Human Design science to families. If more parents understood that their child has a unique system that requires a certain kind of support to be healthy and to thrive, there would be a lot less competition breaking the spirits of these innocent souls. And there would be a lot less insecurity.

They would also be less likely to fall victim to the economic, bureaucratic system that is designed to prey on people’s weaknesses and insecurities. The system or those industries that play on this insecurity could not thrive and the reality that we move in would change dramatically.



Roughly 65 -70% of the planet has an undefined Ego Center. That means that there are a lot of people suffering at the hands of a society that demands that one compare, compete and prove one’s self in order to be recognized or accepted. We are being forced to play out the “not self” behaviour of an insecure person who does not know who they are. All of us are being forced into this value structure.

Fortunately for society, our value system is being completely rewritten. This is going to have a big impact on the Ego Center and bring a mutation to how it functions, as well.

For the defined Ego person, the lesson is learning to soften the impact of a strong force. They are also learning how to properly embrace their value as an individual and cultivate a state of graceful humility.

For the open, undefined Ego person, they are learning a new way to love. It begins with feeling comfortable in one’s own skin and with lessening the tendency to compare, compete and control.

The first step is in realizing what the “system” is doing to prey on our weaknesses and its attempt to thwart our individuality.

When I had the good fortune to raise my oldest child, I noticed that he was suffering tremendously in school. He was depressed, he didn’t really fit in and he was having a hard time settling into the nature of who he is.

When I saw this struggle of sadness, I knew that there was one healthy move I could make that would save his tender soul. That was to take him out of the false value system that was not recognizing the beauty of his individual expression.

When I did that, I watched my child relax into his full unique expression. I experimented and allowed him to determine what he would learn. It was interesting to see what he would choose. He is an incredible artist and illustrator. His passion at seven was to illustrate comic books. That became his main study and focus. He also loved history so he spent a great deal of time reading.

When it came to math, it was another matter. I really never enjoyed math in school either, so I let him have his way and not apply himself in that direction. That was fine with me. However, it is not in compliance with the standards set for home schooling. I’m a heretic so we did it differently, for a while, as long as I could get away with it.

While we were doing this experiment with his education, I was teaching yoga and meditation. He was my apprentice and my teacher during this time. He sat beside me in meditation, he flourished in his talent and his psychic abilities opened up greatly. Child meditate

This is what can happen when a child is allowed to flourish in its own process. Meditation assists greatly in bringing the child deeply into the essence of their core and opens up psychic gifts naturally.

Many children are coming onto the planet with heightened psychic abilities. Many of them are coming in as vegetarians, as well. I watch parents force their children to eat food that the child does not want. It actually weakens their immune system and shuts down their sensitivity to their internal core when they are forced to eat the foods that they do not want to eat.

The psychic abilities of these children are discounted as only imagination and very little consideration is given the talents and gifts the child has incarnated with for this lifetime. This is where the spirit begins to break and the Ego dives into insecurity, defined or not.

There is nothing there to recognize the child properly nor to cultivate them in accordance to their life purpose. This is what sets up the comparison and the competition.

If the child understood who they are, what they are here to do and embraced for their uniqueness, this would be a very different planet. There would probably be very little competition.




The economic system would fail as value no longer pivoted on a person’s ability to prove themselves through competition, comparing and degrading. Unique individuality changes the value system radically.

Child flourishing

Beauty and intelligence become the keynote of individuality. Being properly recognized at an early age creates a calmness and centeredness that naturally takes the child out of the dynamic of the insecure world and its malady of competition prompted by the self-conscious, fearful “not-self”. The grace that comes with a synthesized spirit is naturally beautiful.

Even though my son has an undefined Ego Center, he doesn’t compare himself, he doesn’t care to compete and he doesn’t really care what other’s think. He is incredibly individual. He knows that I am listening to his Sacral voice and what that Sacral voice means for his health and for doing the correct things. He knows he is safe with me because I see him and support his uniqueness. This softens the insecurity that brews underneath the chemistry of an undefined Ego Center child. By just knowing who they are and encouraging that uniqueness to blossom, is the greatest gift you can give a child.

This is the evolution of love.

My son is not doing the things that I would like for him to do, quite the contrary. He is very individual and makes his own decisions. That is the way it should be. I have always insisted on honest communication and honored his wishes or feelings at important moments. He is my equal and knows so much better than me what is best for him and his own soul’s process.

He has also maintained a daily meditation practice since he was a smChild meditate.2all child.




For us adults, our greatest task is learning to undo the conditioning and the mental tapes that have dominated our minds for many years. And to find that place of wholeness within that does not need to compare, compete or copy what another does.


That is a great place to start in healing the planet and uplifting humanity.






Meditate child 3



Written by

2015 Kashi Rachel Stone