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Nodes and Our Life Path

Posted in NODES on August 2, 2018 by Kashi


In ancient history the nodes were often referred to as “demons’ because of their ability to create eclipses, blocking out the light of the Sun and the Moon.

In these modern times, it is very clear that the nodes are not “demons”. The nodes of the moon are actually doorways with key information about our life path.Lock and key3

At the time of our birth the orbit of the Moon and the orbit of the Sun met at two particular axis points. Those two axis points create the north and south nodes in our chart and are always opposite of each other. The nodes also move in an opposite direction from the planets that are listed in the zodiac. A full, complete, nodal cycle is 18 years and 10 days, in the opposite direction.

The position of the nodes at our time of birth, indicate what our duties are in life and the end goal of our life journey. Through using our talents and our skills that we have developed in this lifetime and previous lifetimes, we fulfill our life calling.

It’s important to note that the nodes of the moon are not activated until we have reached a certain point of maturity, around the age of 48. From birth to late forties, most of us are gestating and evolving into our life purpose and are not yet activated. Not until our early to mid fifties do we have the opportunity to actually enter into full operation and success with our life purpose and the potential for our nodes to be fully activated.

There are several things to consider when looking at the nodes in a chart.

The North Node indicates what the people are like around you and how you are functioning within that group, working in the world, fulfilling your life purpose. You can consider it like the goal at the end of a racetrack. It colors the picture of what your future looks like when you arrive, later in life and have given it your best.

Garden1The South Node portrays the skills that you bring from previous lifetimes.

If you are naturally behaving in the way you are described by the nodal positions, then chances are that you are aligned, doing what you are here to do and headed in the right direction.

If you find a serious illness flares up inside of you, most often, you have landed in the wrong environment with the wrong people or stayed way too long. Each life story is unique. However, your Etheric Body will react when things are out of alignment, causing the Physical Body to become ill and the Mental Body to become depressed and confused.

A person is offered opportunities to spiral up and into alignment at key moments in their life path. One can choose to spiral up and into their nodal path or they can choose to stay comfortable in the reality that they have created. It really is about choice yet, reliant completely on the life path set ahead, designed by the stars.

Enjoy your journey ~


Written by Kashi Stone 2014
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