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The Great Mutation

Posted in MUTATION on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

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Written by Kashi Stone, 2014

There is a great mutation occurring in our human species at this time. We are right in the middle of a big wave about to crash into a new reality.  This mutation completes its process by the year 2027, on February 28th, 2027 to be exact. At that moment in time, a new human experiential process begins and the age of the new species.

The children born in this new era will have no pressure for territory, money or religion. You can witness some of these changes in the children being born with the capacity to be more sensitive, telepathic and with a level of awareness about environment beyond what we have the capacity to comprehend.

This change is going to leave behind those who are stuck in old traditions, religions and institutions, proving that they no longer work.  A flavor of healthy ‘selfishness” will evolve and express above and beyond our limited way of thinking, perceiving and behaving.

This mutation is also bringing a change in what we find attractive and why. It is no longer about mating and sexual attraction.  The pressure that many feel from the traditional story of “bride and groom” will pass away. For after 2027, life has nothing to do with “needing” to be with someone. The Channel 19/49, the Mating Channel disappears in our body system and so does the mating contract. You can bear witness to this mutation in the fact that increasingly, over time, it will become difficult to reproduce and fertility will lessen.

This new frequency changes how one is drawn, attracted or how one connects with people. As the life trajectory takes center stage in the spirit of healthy selfishness, one is no longer driven to mate nor is one so easily influenced by sexual attraction, which tends to pull the wrong people into one’s life and cause drastically unpleasant experiences.

Another big change with this mutation will be our relationship with animals and food.

In ancient cultures, our relationship with eating animals was conducted through ritual and mystical experiences. The lives of animals were respected and given dignity through thought in prayer and gratitude for the life that has been given for food.

In 1610, as we entered into the institutional era, the eating of meat became industrialized and more of a daily habit. Humans began ritualized killing and sharing of the killing for reward.  Today, cattle are placed into feedlots for their entire life; chickens are placed in small boxes crammed together filling them with antibiotics so they don’t drop dead from the disease and inactivity.  There are lots of nasty things going on in our relationship with animals and how we treat them.

But with this mutation we will no longer be able to kill animals for food nor will animals be available for domestication, as pets, like they have been.

This new RAVE form is a trinary crystal being, two human crystals and one mammal crystal. With this mutation, humans enter into a completely different relationship with animals than the humans of today have. The mutated humans are vegetarian, not in an intellectual way but naturally. They are not able to eat meat, at all.

Those who do eat meat are going to feel the biggest impact. What you will find is that the food chain is going to become contaminated. A plague will come and it will affect humans more than the animals who carry the plague. It will not kill the animals who carry it, it will work to make humans ill who eat meat. In turn, this plague will have a devastating effect on the population of humanity.

With this devastation that will occur, it is paramount that you don’t ‘need’, you don’t ‘need’ food, you don’t ‘need’ protection, you don’t ‘need’ support because that is all dropping away. There will be no support, there will be no protection; it is going to be the true game of survival of the fittest and the most aware. It is going to be a real challenge for humanity, as most civilizations are not prepared for this. Most of humanity habitually shops groceries stores and assumes that food will always be provided in this way. Very small portion of the population practice gardening for providing their own food.

Take a large metropolis area like Los Angeles. Imagine all the vehicles, the number of people living there and the structure to organize and manage the population, the needs and the busyness. All these people need to be fed and are relying on grocery stores to provide their food. That is all going to disappear with the advent of this new cycle in humanity. Imagine no street signs, no grocery stores, no cars on the streets, no schools, no hospitals, no government, no police and no church. Bingo! You got it! The Future.

Difficult to imagine, isn’t it?

As we begin to enter into this new era, all forms of institution will slowly fade away.  As Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design states, “Terrorism is destroying western society, history proves that this is a gateway to anarchy.” There will be no institution to protect you, nor a religion to save you. Gone be Christianity, Muslim, god and the rest.

This healthy, new kind of “selfishness” will be about individuality, and uniqueness. It will be each person for themselves as they discover the life that is meant to be lived unique according to ones own chemistry. One must know who they are, how they operate and what makes them unique to get through this next great shift.

Skills, powers, the awareness of something greater is being developed in each of us to deal with a new kind of reality. We just have to be awake enough to recognize who we are, what we are here to do and how we must navigate to get the best experiences…..Thank heavens for astrology, which brings insight, awareness, and wisdom to our process.

Before 1781
Access and development of the mental vehicle
Hierarchical positioning
Expectations, Agreements, Bonds
Pleasantville (lets be nice)
Automization without differentiation
“One’s place” in family and society
Social norms and expectations
Organization into social systems
Spirituality as withdrawal

After 1781
Access and development of the emotional vehicle
Acceleration to holographic consciousness
Perception of synchronicity
Focus on the quality of interaction
Catharsis and reconciliation
Split attention
Perception of type – aura
Personal authority
Integrated worldview
Owning limitation and point of view
Differentiation and diversity as strength
Unity through communication

“We are in the middle of a major transition that’s taking place evolutionarily.

It started about 200 years ago, and it’s something, that is going to peak in the next twenty years. We have an evolution, that’s taking place in a way in which the neurology functions and the solar plexus, what we are finding now scientifically, they substantiate that they are finding an enormous amount of neural activity, they are calling it the second brain and all kind of names, that’s taking place in the solar plexus system.”

“The children that are going to give birth to these children, they are already coming into the world now, so what they are carrying within their genetic material is a mutation, that’s changing the way the information is being written to the developmental structure of the solar plexus.” ~ Ra Uru Hu, Mystery of Gate 19.

Written by ….. Kashi Stone  2014

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