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Seasons and Melancholy

Posted in MELANCHOLY on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

seed and sprout


Before anything can grow, there is the seed that must be planted into the darkness to begin the gestation process of life. In this darkness, the seeds remains until the conditions are correct for germinating and growing up through the soil as a sprout into full blossom. The heat, moisture, sunlight and the timing of the moon are paramount on the influence of how the sprout will grow.

Many have the chemistry of melancholy even if they are not emotionally defined. It is a common thing to flow from high to low at certain periods in our own natural chemistry just like the darkness to daylight or summer into winter.

It is in the darkness where true creativity, shedding of old patterns and rebirth can actually take place. The lows of our biorhythm are periods of intense, deep soul retrieval. Through that darkness one can begin to actually tune in and feel ones own soul’s voice between the cracks of aloneness and deep, desolate space.

Our darkness, melancholy and down times are the place where magic can come and take us into a new start in life, a new beginning. When we surrender into our lows and withdraw for a period to really ‘feel’ who we are, it is a gift. This place of darkness can bring extraordinary creative expressions when we are relaxed enough to let go and feel.

The low wave is our rain, our necessary moisture to grow and thrive. The expression that comes out of our darkness when it is time to bloom is the beauty of our time spent nurturing our soul and gaining the wisdom from deep reflection.

Melancholy does not have to be the end of the world even though it often feels like it. We can entertain some very deep dark thoughts when we are down in our wave. But we have the power to be able to be stable in our emotional bodies so that we do not hurt ourselves but rather, gain deep affection for our Self and embrace the moment-to-moment movement through the feeling or emotional wave.

If you consider your diet and the chemistry of what you are feeding it, you will gain great insight into how you can adjust and gain stability with your emotional nature. Sugar, food dyes, preservatives, gluten coffee and other food products contribute greatly to the cause of a deeper, darker place of melancholy than necessary.

If you can censor your intake when you feel yourself enter into this space, you will have much greater control of your thoughts and attitude for the day.

The important thing to keep in mind is that during our low time, melancholy and cool time, it is best to withdraw and retreat. When we turn in during our low time and nurture our soul, we can come back out and greet others with a refreshed, new perspective that feels good to others.

Imposing our low wave on others only brings greater distortion in our navigation and possibilities for opportunities. Our low times of melancholy can bring a stronger emotional reaction to situations, which can be sabotaging. It can also bring a “quirkiness” into relationships that doesn’t need to be there. You can actually keep a relationship much more healthy and in love if you take time away from each other when you are in your low time.

Low is good. It’s quiet and soft in a strange kind of way if it is allowed to just be. When it’s over, it’s like a new day. It may take hours, weeks, months for the wave to flow through but it does flow through and come out on the other side if you can embrace it and dig deep for something that is hidden below the surface, inside of you.

It’s just like a season. The low time is the wintertime. It is a time of withdraw and going in to a space of retreat. Spring comes soon and with it a new bloom. But through the winter, while it is dark, we hibernate and gestate the new you that is to come with the changing of the season.

It’s only a cycle, a passing, a phase and like my mother said to me often while growing up, “This too shall pass”. She was right, it does.

When you are in this low phase, look for creative ways to express yourself that you enjoy. You may have always wanted to paint, so then buy paint and a canvass and try it. You can even grab a board and use one paintbrush and two paints to begin. Just try it. If you always wanted to play piano, just try it and see if it brings to you a soothing sensation that inspires your creativity. If you enjoy cooking, go into the kitchen and create a masterpiece. This is what the low times are for, discovering your inner passion and expressing it, deeply through your creativity. It will soothe your thoughts and lift your spirits and teach you something profound about you.

Keep a book near your bed or chair that has uplifting quotes, messages or stories. The writing of all the great spiritual teachers are great tools for shaping the mind and the chemistry during these low creative times.

It’s a powerful time that brings big medicine. Embrace your low and create, dear one.

Kashi Stone 2014

Life is a Dance

Posted in MELANCHOLY on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Emotional Wave DanceToday I am reflecting on the image above that speaks of this life as ” dance, a dream, a ride” with it’s highs and lows. There are many definitions within the bodygraph that have a quality of melancholy and its converse, ecstasy or joy.

I see it play out uniquely in all the different definitions around me. There is the highly defined Emotional Authority that has its way of rolling into either direction at any moment and then there are those who have a pulsating, pushing of energy into sadness or depression, like the ‘dark night of the soul’.

Each person has a bio-rythm that carries their vehicle along surfing the waves of the neutrino’s that fill our atmosphere, emanating from the sun, stars and planets. It is a unique ride that each person carries with their imprint as to how they are going to be impacted or influenced. Each person has his or her own story – it is there.

What is key in surfing the neutrino impact and the influence of aura’s around you and riding your own bio-rhythm is tuning completely into your own center of being, operating from that place. You don’t have to be swayed, you don’t have to be influenced, you can stay right in the center of who you are that is fixed in your design.

What I see is that most people do not know ‘who’ their center of being is. Many people sleep in other’s auras through out the night, work all day in close quarters with others and then spend their evening in social interaction with family or friends. There is hardly a chance to know who one is in our modern world.

Without knowing the essence of who we are it is impossible to access the deeper, inner compass that guides you subtly underneath your mental chatter. It is so important to find those spaces and times where you can get away and really feel who you are – alone, without influence and see what is consistent and fixed in you.

I often suggest to people to take walks to empty their aura during the day and get back to their own frequency. Of course, it is only going to be emptied if you are sleeping in your own aura at night. If you are not sleeping in your own aura yet, try taking daily walks to begin to feel who you are alone. I find that about forty-five minutes to an hour is where I begin to feel myself. Another half an hour brings a pure feeling of ‘me’ and then I am ready to interact and greet others from my own chemistry.

For those who have the chemistry of melancholy or strong emotional waves, there is always going to be those times where you are going to feel quiet, withdrawn and sort of anti-social. It is a natural process to go deep into a low space and drink in the full spectrum of what it is to be human. During those times that you are down in your ride, you find awareness, wider vision, and strong creative outlets for expressing yourself in new ways.

For me, when I am in my low wave I make it a practice to spend that time alone and not interact socially. My low wave is my time for me to reflect, ponder, create and grow. When I’m back up in my wave I interact and entertain a more social agenda.

Life is a dance that twirls, dips down, spins around and flies through the air. If you were to take the time to chart your biorhythm, you would find that there is a pattern, an actual dance step that you play in each cycle of 29.5 days with the moons phases. In that cycle you are dipping down, swinging around and jumping high like clockwork; you can map out the choreography.

When you begin to see the pattern of your dance you can let the minds construct around “why” you are feeling the way you do which brings drama, blame, victimization and mental confusion. Letting go and just dancing your wave, your rhythm, your own drumbeat your own expression allows you to just be you, embracing the flow.

Give yourself time to feel your lows. Embrace the changes of your wave and drink in the well of creativity that is in your dark times that reveal hidden mysteries of who you are waiting to be uncovered and expressed. There is magic in the lows as much as there is thrill in the highs. Life truly is a dance learning to move with the energy pulsating around us and through us. Dancing our way through life, embracing our dips, swings and lifts through our movement brings greater ease in our navigation and somehow takes us out of initiating and banging against resistance. The energy just moves effortlessly. When we surrender, let go and move in a dance, life just seems more gay, brighter and gentler and there are no reasons, no blame, no frustration just ease.

My most fondest childhood memories are of my grandfather teaching me to dance. My grandparents raised me so our dancing was a common occurrence in our living room. My grandparents loved to dance and they naturally brought me into that tradition. I remember my grandfather, lovingly reminding me as he taught me to dance, “Let go, let me lead”. What an amazing gift he gave me. To learn to surrender and allow to be carried by the flow and rhythm of the music and into a harmonic step with timing and grace is a great blessing. My grandfather taught me to let go, surrender and flow. Thank you grandpa.

Dance with me darling!


Written by Kashi Stone 2014

God Therapy


Jesus and the children.1

Matthew 18:1-3 (NIV) “At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…”

The above quote is from a passage where Jesus is teaching his disciples that the way to find the Kingdom of God within is to become like a child. He refers to this “Kingdom of God” many times throughout his teachings insisting that there must be a changing of the nature.

Growing up in a Christian home and school, this Bible verse was quoted often in Sunday school and memorized each year in grade school as we studied the Bible from cover to cover. After high school, I attended a Christian seminary to become a certified family and marriage counselor and a licensed minister. I have been deeply ingrained and conditioned in the Christian teachings.

For many years, I did not have a clue what this passage meant. I sat beneath many teachers, preachers and professors; none of them could truly explain what it truly meant finding the “kingdom of god within”.

There is a common thread throughout many of the ancient teachings that convey our child like innocence is the way to Source or our creator. This place of innocence and wonderment is buried deep inside most of us.

Our child nature may have never had the chance to come out and play, feel safe and just be a child. Life is a challenging journey at times. We lose touch with our Higher Source as we begin to take on the influences of our environment and the belief systems of those around us. Seldom are we given the opportunity to be free like a child on the playground, happily swinging away, flying down the slide, spinning on the merry go round or running from one place to the other.

Do you remember those days?

When there is a crisis, trauma and depression there is also the chance of closing down the vulnerable part of who we are. We grow callous from life’s experience and the state of wonder fades from our being. Through the practice of connecting with this innocent, child-like part of who we are, we enter into a changing of the nature.

Taking time out to be a child again is fabulous for assisting in calming the body and quieting the mind. It is in that calm, innocent, vulnerable space where we connect with Source. Private playtime is what I call, “God Therapy”. It’s that moment when one leaves worry and stress outside the door. Interruptions are not allowed because it’s time to be alone with the tender, innocent part of our self.

Our innocent, playful creative inner child actually leads us away from our nagging mental tapes. It shows us who we really are without the conditioning and influences of others and the expectations that surround us. Our inner child actually doesn’t even like the mental tapes or the expectations that others impose so it will take the mind in a different direction, naturally, easily.

Poetry, paintings, music, sketches, crafts, running, jumping, gardening and writing are a few of the many ways that we can let go and sink into being a child again. Without the judgment and censoring of the mind and with the freedom to create whatever comes up, just like a child, this is where one finds Source, our Kingdom within.

Consider creating your own private play space with an altar that contains those symbols, tools, toys and items that best represent your process of connecting with your inner child.

A kaleidascope is a wonderful way to wake up to the day. Keep one close to the bedkaleidoscope and handy for those moments when you need a reminder.

Coloring books and crayons, an easel with a canvas and a set of paints, fabric pieces for a quilt, a playful army set or a model car or airplane, even a train set are great examples of how you can create a play space just for you.

You may even want to consider playtime clothing. You can make your own celebration dress of your favorite fabrics and colors. You can choose your own costume for playing the different roles and archetypes that you resonate with.

The important thing is to not be critical or judge what you create in your playtime. Give your inner child the freedom to express who it is at the core of its being.

You may even want to give your inner child a name.

Gradually, over time, during this quiet, alone playtime, a synthesis occurs through becoming innocent and free in our connection with Source.

Everybody needs a little bit of “God Therapy” once in awhile.



Kashi Rachel Stone 2015