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Freedom in Being You

Posted in LIFESTYLE on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Freedom to be what you are


I woke up thinking about this very thing this morning, what Jim Morrison is stating here.

Reflecting on a conversation last evening with a good friend who has a teenage son.

It is apparent, after several visits that this child is suffering.

One can see it in his eyes, his aura and in his behaviour. The child is an open Ego, an open Spleen and an open G Center. The child is going to suffer incredibly with self -esteem and how they fit into things.

Placing a child with that chemistry into a school system creates a basket of complex emotions, thoughts, desires and identity searching. Once the child is in the institution of school, he becomes a product of what he endures: teachers, friends, the general thought-field, quality of food and how he is recognized and supported in the group.

This social shaping happens throughout childhood and teenage years. All of us become a product of this conditioning and institutionalization. You can seal the process of conditioning and homogenization through attending college. Once you have a ‘full’ education, you are reformed and can now serve the system.

If you are different, you will get into trouble for it. If you are different, you don’t serve the system. You are considered insane, a rebel or incorrigible, much like the character that Jim Morrison exemplifies in our memories and in his songs.

It’s obvious to me that he did what he could to remain true to his spirit and freedom of being. Through his ability to see so clearly how we become robots to a ‘role’, how we lose our keen sense of personal direction and act out for a program, hide or suppress feelings or lie to hold an illusion. This causes us put on a mask.

Consider the condition of our planet. Casually, we waste food, paper, water and other resources. It is going to take a revolution on the individual level to make any real changes on our planet. And no one is going to see the whole picture as long as they are homogenized and reformed to serve an artificial life, worshipping the almighty dollar.

The other day, I held a $5 bill in my hand and while holding it I pondered how I see so many people blindly living their lives to fit into a lifestyle that has nothing to do with really living, really sensing life, feeling a true sense of joy just from existence itself.

I saw how devotion and worship of the dollar and what it provides takes us away from the opportunity to live who we really are. There is so much pressure from this artificial world to play the game that has nothing to do with ‘flow’. It’s an illusion that bites hard.

In a book about OSHO, the “Misunderstood Mystic”, he shared about growing up and having the blessed chance to be free of the institution of school for his first seven years of his life. To be free from the constraints of a this delusional reality and to live your life radically different from the rest is the greatest blessing one can have in this life. To be free from the illusion of money and it’s downfall for the soul, is a glorious initiation into ecstasy and a release out of the twisted chains of glamour.

Money can serve us and provide for us but the value system changes when one decides to be original. Some get lucky and have a support system in place that allows one to be and then there are some who live by the sword, break all the rules, belligerent to authority and defiant to be exactly who they are.

When we live fully, radically who we are, we draw what we need to sustain us and be free. The gods love it when we are authentic. The Earth loves it when we are authentic.

And the angels sing when they see a spirit soar and rise above.

There is no greater joy.

Be free in being you.



Written by Kashi Stone, 2013

Landing in Paradise

Posted in JOY, LIFESTYLE, STRATEGY on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

I woke up one morning slowly transitioning between the dream world and the daytime world. As I was drifting in and out, I heard a voice say, “We’ve landed in paradise. We are in Maui, we have made it”

It was an echo from a video I had watched the day before. The man was so proud and so Boat on river of lifegrateful to be in Maui. I have missed three occasions where I had tickets, bags packed and ready to go but never made it. I don’t want to get trapped on an island, perhaps.

So, my version of paradise became something else as I was drifting between dreaming and waking and reflecting on paradise.

It felt like paradise this particular morning while lying in my bed.

I have a full spectrum cosmos movie theatre in my bedroom. My bedroom windows are positioned in such a way that I can watch the moon move through the midnight sky and feel its light beam in on my forehead. There are trees between the window, the moon and me that create a silhouette of artistry, telling a story and painting a mood in the shadows.

I had just spent the early morning hours watching this work of art transform in front of me while lounging in my bed waiting for daytime to come.

Paradise to me is a garden, first. A garden full of fresh food year round, abundant fruit trees, herbs for medicine and flowers for companion planting. Bouquets are essential elements in paradise, too. That is heaven to me.garden2

Second on my list of things in paradise is a septic system that doesn’t use water. I know that probably sounds really strange to you but this idea of using water to run human waste down a hole is utterly stupid, in my opinion. We are the only animals that have homes designed with toilets inside our domains and we are the only species that uses water to get rid of our waste. My cat has taught me so much about proper waste management.

My greatest joy when I landed in Paradise was finding the most artful, most well designed building on our land, which was the magnificent humanure composting house. In paradise the “humanure” composting house is lovingly referred to as “Poo Palace”, and rightfully so. It is elegantly constructed, well designed, high fashioned and appropriate for this kind of human activity.

It’s not in the house, it’s more than fifty feet away and it does not use water, a precious, rare commodity these days.

From there the rule on this land is “No Wifi”. I know that would seem so very strange to most people since many cannot live without it. But Ethernet only is used, meaning each computer directly plugged into the modem in the living room if they want to access internet. It’s “old school”, you could say.

No wireless phones are allowed in the house and no wifi Bluetooth so that there is the guarantee of an EMF free zone. The land is completely barren of electrical lines, which is an added bonus for me since I am sensitive to electrical poles and lines.

Water is abundant as springs flow throughout the property and the location is not far from the coast guaranteeing an occasional rain and lots of fresh air.

I like the fact that the house is run entirely on solar. We manage which light bulb is turned on in which room to ensure there is enough juice in the batteries to last throughout the evening while we gather in the kitchen for a snack, play on the computer, watch a movie or play and record music. We are completely off the grid.

Occasionally, the generator comes on for a couple of hours to recharge the batteries if we are enjoying the day fully into the late evening. How much we use the generator depends a lot on how much sunshine we get.

I remember my grandmother saying to me often while growing up, “Life is an attitude. Life is what you make it”. Then she would give her examples and scenarios of people who made positive things happen in their life despite their strife. She was very hopeful yet realistic about taking responsibility for where one’s mind would go when things would happen and how that created one’s reality.

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, she would say when something would happen that brought sadness, disappointment or heartbreak. She would point out people who are suffering greater and how one’s own personal life was really not that bad.

It is the same way in which we create the reality that we are living in. Are we giving full berth to our Emotional Body to drive our life, causing us to surf up and down, and all around?

Or are we making calculated, strategic, pretentious moves that sometimes work out and sometimes lose terribly, pulling in the wrong people and the difficult experiences with less than desirable results?

Maybe we have decided not to do any planning, no strategic movement and no commitments as we have chosen to stay present in our process.

One must constantly let go, allow and seek the good while moving along in life’s experiences. And when we keep gratitude at the forefront of our attitude, it helps the ability to stay present in the letting go.

When we surrender to the magic of serendipity and trust in the process of living our life, everything is more beautiful, more delicious, more delightful and more divine. We naturally lead our self into beauty.

When one can be present to the moment in a state of gratitude, paradise is at hand.

garden gate











written by Kashi Stone 2016

Groovy Living

Posted in LIFESTYLE on August 1, 2018 by Kashi


The Art of Living Groovy is essential to gaining awareness.

The groovy state of mind as one who is relaxed with life and themselves, confident, hip, aware, considerate, creative, involved, grateful and most importantly, joyful. It’s a tall order – cultivating a groovy lifestyle.

But if we all work together, we can support each other in the journey and create a synergistic community of harmony and good will.


The Encarta® World English Dictionary defines the adjective groovy as “used, often as an exclamation, to describe somebody or something that is fashionable, excellent, or pleasing”.

Groovy is definitely fashionable – who wouldn’t want to be groovy? Groovy is excellent – need I say more? Pleasing, of course, with a relaxed, hip, aware, etc state of mind – one is definitely pleased.

So, how do we begin this exciting, life changing journey into groovyhood?
I have some suggestions that I think are helpful and I will do what I can to lead your hand along the way into this exquisite state of being.

I would like to start the process by introducing what I call, “The Thirty Second Flip Switch”. I developed this technique to assist with individuals that had difficulty in being present, peaceful and aware of the subtle group dynamic.

I have found that this technique is especially helpful in moments of acute stress, oncoming panic attacks and general overwhelm. In my observation, it is clear to me that our culture is driven by competition, consumerism and a false sense of reality in relation to our existence with nature. This condition creates tremendous stress on the human mind and the way we relate with others and our environment. Situations like this require tools to assist in altering how we experience and interpret our everyday experience. The Thirty Second Flip Switch tool is handy and simple to make small, immediate adjustments in our reality. With frequent use, the tool develops long lasting changes that really make a difference.

The Thirty Second Flip Switch

Example one – A small gathering of friends are enjoying dinner, a bottle of good wine, great company, with the exception of one individual who seems to dominate all conversation and is so caught up in expressing everything they know about everything – that they don’t event notice that no one has had a chance to really contribute to the evenings discussions. Everyone is considerate and somewhat apprehensive to take control of the situation. But the evening is strained, because of the dominating personality and no one is quite sure what to do about it.

At this point, when it seems somewhat helpless, break in and request a thirty-second moment of silence. Everyone stops talking for a moment (they will be shocked at the request, but grateful) and not a peep is heard until the thirty seconds are over. The energy and focus usually goes in another direction when the conversation resumes. And hopefully, the individual who has been dominating the discussions will come to understand what is being communicated, lovingly. This technique is very helpful when in heated discussions with others too. Please don’t abuse it, use it wisely.

Example Two – A panic attack is developing, overwhelm has caught your flow and life is just too much. But you have to keep going, you can’t stop and you need an emergency adjustment in your reality. STOP! Pull over the car, put down the phone, drop the load and take a thirty-second break. Breathe deep, slowly, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth and wash away the stress that is driving you over the edge. If you keep this tool handy – you will change your life for the better, guaranteed.

One of the most important things to remember with this technique is the importance of the thoughts we entertain on a daily basis. During this thirty-second flip, also, empty the mind of stressful thoughts and criticism and transport your imagination to your own personal paradise – for just a moment – or longer, if you wish. Using the combination of thought control and breath will work just like magic when applied properly and lovingly.

groovy day

2014 Kashi Stone

God Therapy


Jesus and the children.1

Matthew 18:1-3 (NIV) “At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…”

The above quote is from a passage where Jesus is teaching his disciples that the way to find the Kingdom of God within is to become like a child. He refers to this “Kingdom of God” many times throughout his teachings insisting that there must be a changing of the nature.

Growing up in a Christian home and school, this Bible verse was quoted often in Sunday school and memorized each year in grade school as we studied the Bible from cover to cover. After high school, I attended a Christian seminary to become a certified family and marriage counselor and a licensed minister. I have been deeply ingrained and conditioned in the Christian teachings.

For many years, I did not have a clue what this passage meant. I sat beneath many teachers, preachers and professors; none of them could truly explain what it truly meant finding the “kingdom of god within”.

There is a common thread throughout many of the ancient teachings that convey our child like innocence is the way to Source or our creator. This place of innocence and wonderment is buried deep inside most of us.

Our child nature may have never had the chance to come out and play, feel safe and just be a child. Life is a challenging journey at times. We lose touch with our Higher Source as we begin to take on the influences of our environment and the belief systems of those around us. Seldom are we given the opportunity to be free like a child on the playground, happily swinging away, flying down the slide, spinning on the merry go round or running from one place to the other.

Do you remember those days?

When there is a crisis, trauma and depression there is also the chance of closing down the vulnerable part of who we are. We grow callous from life’s experience and the state of wonder fades from our being. Through the practice of connecting with this innocent, child-like part of who we are, we enter into a changing of the nature.

Taking time out to be a child again is fabulous for assisting in calming the body and quieting the mind. It is in that calm, innocent, vulnerable space where we connect with Source. Private playtime is what I call, “God Therapy”. It’s that moment when one leaves worry and stress outside the door. Interruptions are not allowed because it’s time to be alone with the tender, innocent part of our self.

Our innocent, playful creative inner child actually leads us away from our nagging mental tapes. It shows us who we really are without the conditioning and influences of others and the expectations that surround us. Our inner child actually doesn’t even like the mental tapes or the expectations that others impose so it will take the mind in a different direction, naturally, easily.

Poetry, paintings, music, sketches, crafts, running, jumping, gardening and writing are a few of the many ways that we can let go and sink into being a child again. Without the judgment and censoring of the mind and with the freedom to create whatever comes up, just like a child, this is where one finds Source, our Kingdom within.

Consider creating your own private play space with an altar that contains those symbols, tools, toys and items that best represent your process of connecting with your inner child.

A kaleidascope is a wonderful way to wake up to the day. Keep one close to the bedkaleidoscope and handy for those moments when you need a reminder.

Coloring books and crayons, an easel with a canvas and a set of paints, fabric pieces for a quilt, a playful army set or a model car or airplane, even a train set are great examples of how you can create a play space just for you.

You may even want to consider playtime clothing. You can make your own celebration dress of your favorite fabrics and colors. You can choose your own costume for playing the different roles and archetypes that you resonate with.

The important thing is to not be critical or judge what you create in your playtime. Give your inner child the freedom to express who it is at the core of its being.

You may even want to give your inner child a name.

Gradually, over time, during this quiet, alone playtime, a synthesis occurs through becoming innocent and free in our connection with Source.

Everybody needs a little bit of “God Therapy” once in awhile.



Kashi Rachel Stone 2015


Getting to Better

Posted in JOY, LIFESTYLE, PATIENCE, STRATEGY on August 1, 2018 by Kashi

Soul movement

When big changes come into our life, a crisis is happening or so it seems. Activations and transits occur that are shocking and cause big shifts.

Planetary impressions cause us to behave in certain ways and changes come into our life stimulating fear, insecurity, rejection and feelings of aloneness. When these transits come into our life trajectory or into the program field, we get a test or a lesson that provides an opportunity to spiral up or stay stuck in another cycle of learning.

This “shock and crisis” experience is an intimate part of our evolutionary process as a human. It is there to break old habits and traditions; transform the nature of one’s being and crack open any crystallization that is keeping one from evolving through movement and change. And it is providing a doorway, an opportunity for initiation and advancement to spiral up and out of a series of lessons.

Moments of crisis are a complete surprise. There is no time to prepare for them. That is why it can be such a shock to the system. A shocking act is so different than what one is thinking and feeling in the moment. It can be very painful. Those moments of crisis often go against what is dear to our heart, what brings joy in life, what we feel we need or so it seems.

If we don’t survive these shocking moments, we dive into darkness and deep depression. We stay stuck in the same series of lessons until we are jolted out of our lethargy by crisis. We create more hardship for our life and lose vigilance with creativity, and beauty by ignoring the opportunities to transcend and move beyond.

The shock, the crisis of change is the catalyst for leading us into this initiation. We learn to let go of all attachments and be a free agent of the universe in order to be peaceful and content in life.

This initiation is the spiral up, the graduation, a walk through a door one could say.

Ranch in the country.2



There was a time when I lived in an isolated mountain community about thirty miles away from town. The winters were dark and cold and there was not much practice of eco mindfulness or conscious care on this traditional cattle farm. I had moved into the community at the ranch because I was told that they had the latest and the greatest of everything, which later, I found was quite the opposite. They were overly hopeful and seemingly boastful.

There was no recycle or waste program in place at this community, there was no alternative energy program and there were no gardens for the grand state of the art permaculture program. It was slightly confusing since nothing at this ranch was like the way it was presented to a stranger.

It made me cry watching items getting tossed into the waste can and the property dump every few days with zero sorting, recycling or reusing. I watched and participated in reckless, careless concern from my impact and the others around me.
It made me grieve.

At meetings I asked if anyone knew of someone who would take over the recycle and disposal program. My hands were already full taking care of most other things in the operations of the business. No one wanted to take the responsibility. Things continued to pile, get tossed into the dump trailer and merge into a heap of bad eco practices.

Trips to the grocery store made me cringe as I pondered products in containers of plastic versus glass, quality and price and where that container would go next when I was finished with it. It was becoming a very narrow choice in my selection of truly eco conscious product selection in order to minimize my impact.

There were a few things that just seemed a bit off and not aligned with conscious living in this environment that I was calling home and it was just a bit unpleasant for me. I also found it hard to sit and write without a clear space available to concentrate with the variety of personalities surrounding me. The dark, cloudy days on the mountain left little inspiration to create much of an engaging story.

A good time came for me to move on and choose a new community and living arrangement. It was a shocking moment when the decision was made. I moved quickly and didn’t take much time to prepare or control the direction of my movement. I was anxious to get to sunshine and blossoming flowers and out of the cold, grey days.

Destiny took over as I moved without planning and allowed to be shown where to go next so that I could sit and focus on my writing. I wanted to get my first novel published and my second novel completed and ready for editing.

When I arrived to move my things into my new community home, I was led towards a place where they had a meticulous process of handling trash. Everything gets sorted in at least six different ways.

I knew I had landed in the right place when that was at the top of the list of priorities of things to introduce me to right away. It took me a couple of weeks to get into the groove while I was often reminded of how to do things correctly.

With that introduction, the effects of the shocking changes lessened on my body and my mind. I started to relax and learn how to be more mindful with my trash. There were many things at this new place that were a step up from my previous environment that were exactly what I had been asking for: off the grid solar living, outhouse composting systems, gardens with flowers blooming in early spring through summer and autumn, lots of natural springs flowing, no wifi polluting the environment, lots of trees, vegetarian home, the list goes on.

I settled into my new home and my room at the top of the house with the tiny windows above the garden and the large skylights open to the sky. It was perfect for writing. The birds sang above in the trees as the wind blew and rustled the leaves; butterflies fluttered from flowering bush to tree and the occasional blossom in the patch.birds in fairy land

There were spring flowers blooming, bushes budding and running brooks flowing everywhere. “There must be no water shortage here, “ I thought to myself as I stepped across the little stone bridge continuing the path over a raging, small brook.

I realized, suddenly in one moment, that this country cottage where I had landed was a vast improvement over my last home and that I could relax just a bit more in life. I no longer had to purvey weddings and church retreats, which were two things far from the passion of my pen and paper.

I was amongst a very different type of people with kinder hearts and a mature, supportive, friendlier vibe. I really had stepped up a notch on the spiral and walked through a doorway of some kind. Even though I felt the effects of a shock in the change, I stayed smooth and calm, observing where life was taking me next.

When I arrived at my new place, my friend offered to make a phone call, check a few things on the internet for me and introduce me to a friend who had the goat milk and the pesto that I was seeking.

Within a couple of weeks, I found out that the program that I was looking for was right down the road. The alternative therapist that I was hoping to find was located right beside the program facility. A professional editor who could assist with my book lived next door to our little farm and the photojournalist that I was seeking to assist with the cover of my book was only three miles into town.

Everything was unfolding better than before and it was exactly what I had been asking for.

I’m so glad that I let go.
So, that I could gently flow.

written by kashi rachel stone ….2016