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Let’s Go, No Thank You

Posted in INNER AUTHORITY on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Girls rule sometimes


Hanging out with Sacral Manifesting Generators and Splenic Inner Authorities can sometimes be slightly challenging.

Especially when they don’t understand that I am an Emotional being with a very empty head. I know absolutely nothing and I never know in the moment what I want or want to do.Kashi.chart

In that moment, when they walk up to me and say, “Hey, lets do this now”.

I jerk, halt, startle and have to pull myself out of what I was passionately, heavily focused on. It’s a real, sudden disturbance in my reality. They have no idea.

Most people are not aware of this slight disturbance that the immediate experiences can have on an emotional system. To quickly change directions sends a strange ripple through the body with a hesitation and a rain cloud of confusion. It is very difficult to change directions quickly when you are an emotionally defined being.

“Sorry, cant do that now”, is usually my reply.

Albeit, most people don’t want to learn or understand so it’s a little bit of a challenge. When we start discussing chemistry, inner authorities, Types and strategies, people’s eyes begin to cloud over and I can see that I have lost them. Human Design is not for everybody.

It’s not an easy thing to do, explaining how we operate and how immediate responses, in the moment, will never work for the emotionally defined being. My pals might get frustrated at first but eventually they give up and see that it is exactly the way of the emotional being, in our own flow. It has absolutely nothing to do with their flow so they will have to go on in their own if they want to go NOW.

I might show up later, if I feel like it. I have no idea. As an emotionally defined being, I know nothing and certainly don’t know how I feel about it in the NOW.

Sound familiar?

Over half of the population, experience this sensation in a similar way when they encounter the other half. 50% of the population is not emotionally defined. Their movement is in the NOW and strategic to their Inner Authority.

Non-Emo vs Emo

The other half of the planet’s population is emotional and they never know in the moment what they feel like doing, what they want or how they truly feel about something. It’s a real drag on the movement of the boat down the river of flow.

My friends can see that if they give me at least two hours to wave through a decision, I will have some kind of clarity towards what kind of response feels best, eventually. It’s really very funny. Such as, “are you ready for dinner?” or “would you like to go for a walk now?” asked two hours in advance, gives me time to decide if I want to head that direction.

Just the act of giving a bit of time allows the emotionally defined to not stress and to slowly mull the idea over in the mind and wave through the body. Just a simple question about where to go to dinner can take all day and when the moment arrives, the emotionally defined being may still not have the answer. It’s an odd place to be surrounded by lots of people who make decisions in the moment. The emotionally defined being can look like a real freak, always unclear and slightly unsure.

But when the emotionally defined being is given me time to feel a decision out, it’s luxurious and so correct; there is no stress or pressure.

You can compare the emotional wave process to how one behaves when they shop. If I am out and about and come upon a store with something I like in the window, I feel excited and want to go inside to try it on or maybe even buy it. But what I choose to do is delight myself with the object and then, knowing that I am emotional, I drop the idea, leave the store and wait to see if the item comes back to my mind a day or two later.

If the item pops into my mind and I think about it. I drop the idea again and wait to see if it shows up in my mind, later, again. If the item shows up in my mind by the third time, I can see that I really want it and it will probably be useful for me.

It is this same process in decision making with the emotionally defined being. The defined Solar Plexus never has full clarity, maybe 60%, if they are lucky. But what comes back over time and feels like a “yes” consistently over time, is usually the right direction to go.

If the decision is about going out to dinner, I notice that my body will either go get dressed or go make dinner at home when its time. When that happens, I know where I am going and what is up next but not until that moment.

For those who are non-emotional (50% of population), please understand that the other half of the population does not have full clarity about what they want in the moment~ EVER. It is a wonderful sensation when the emotional being is given time to experience an idea or suggestion.

If someone is not ready or doesn’t know, and if you feel you must go, then please go and offer to catch up later, when it is convenient. There is no reason to make anyone feel bad or wrong for how they naturally move through life: fast or slow or somewhere in between.

Everybody has their own path and their own rhythm and it doesn’t always match.


Kashi Stone     2014

Emotional vs. Non-Emotional

Posted in INNER AUTHORITY on August 1, 2018 by Kashi

Non-Emo vs Emo


Over 55% of the population on the planet are Emotionally Defined and have it as their Inner Authority. If your Solar Plexus Center is defined, then it is your Inner Authority. It is the strongest center in terms as to how it impacts chemistry and a person’s reality.

Lemuria couple

The passionate, hot charge that comes with the emotional chemistry definition is so strong that it outweighs any other center’s impact to drive, govern or influence the vehicle. It absolutely colors one’s reality and perception of things.


The human matrix can be divided into four significant parts that operate independently from each other yet as one chorus of individual expression: The physical body, the emotional body, the mind and our Higher Self.

We can see in our witnessing that the mind is completely disconnected to the other parts of our Self. For instance, your mind can be entertaining a variety of thoughts while the body is doing something else – like driving a car. There are many thoughts that go through the mind but the body is still operating the car, pushing the gas pedal and turning the wheel.

The body also continues as necessary while the mind continues its thinking; like walking down a street while entertaining a stream of thoughts.

The emotional body is another aspect of our self that has a watery quality. Even if you are not emotionally defined in your authority, you still have an emotional body and you are highly impacted by the moon and its transits.

No CompassionWhen a person has an emotional definition in their chemistry and have it as their inner authority they are going to be more passionate, more sensitive and its going to be easier for them to ride the highs and lows that the emotional body experiences in life. The Emotional Inner authority is equipped to handle shock, crisis, melancholy and excitement.

The non-emotional is sent into mild shock when these extreme reactions rise up in the body, it is not natural for them at all.

In the dynamic of the two definitions interacting: Emotional vs Non-Emotional, the “heat” of the emotional being in a disagreement will make the non-emotional very uncomfortable. The non-emotional is going to react in one of two ways: one) they will leave the scene and go away; two) they will amplify the situation with greater intensity then the emotionally defined being.

Emotionally defined people need very little time to overcome the misunderstandings that rise up in relating. They can be over and onto the next thing quickly, completely bigstock_Romantic_Couple_Outdoors_368324disregarding the argument that occurred a few minutes ago and act as nothing has happened. You can even hear one of them say, “What would like to have for dinner, darling?” in a loving tone immediately following an argument. For some, it can be as though nothing has happened.

The non-emotional will be shocked with a strong reaction to the incident that just occurred. Some non-emotonal beings can enter into a deep, intense space of anger or sadness in an argument while the emotional has moved onto another topic and reality, entirely.

This is where the huge difference resides between the two types.

The two go back and forth as it becomes a hidden battle underneath the relationship. The two will never know what it is like to be the other creating some kind of distance between them as they surf this difference in chemistry.

The non-emotional is going to naturally feel more relaxed around another non-emotional being and the emotional naturally flows more easily and feels understood with another emotionally defined being. It’s that simple.

How do you negotiate between the two when there is love?Couplewalking__520763

It is good for non-emotional beings to learn and understand how to give time to emotionally defined people. Most emotionally defined people need at least two hours notice before going anywhere. Sometimes, they wont know until that moment if they are really going to go.

The non-emotional is ready to go NOW if they are ready to go so this is going to set up problems from the beginning.

The emotional will get a ‘jolt’ from the push of NOW. There is a hesitation, a bit of confusion and a pressure to speak or act on something even though it may not be their truth deep down inside.

not_so_happy_couple_20318813You can see in the reaction of an emotional being when something is moving too fast for them. They will have a slight look of bewilderment in their facial expression. When that happens there is too much pressure from the other to do something in that moment.

There is no way they are going to make a good decision and be ready in that instant. This is where arguments start to brew.

For those who are not emotionally defined, give the emotionally defined time to prepare for what is coming ahead and allow their chemistry to shift. Give them lots of time to feel and know what is correct for them. They may even need to sleep on it.

The non-emotional gets a better opportunity if they act on something in the moment. It’s a strange juxtaposition for lovers and requires awareness to interact in harmony.

If you both respect the way the two definitions operate, you will get along so much better.

What is correct for one may not always be correct for the other.happy_couple_26300609

This is the key to harmony.


Kashi Stone   2014

Emotional Authority

Posted in INNER AUTHORITY on August 1, 2018 by Kashi

51% of the population of the planet

You must consider for a period of time before you make a decision. You may even have to push away the one thing that you would like to do the most. If you do, that person or opportunity will come back to connect with you again, if it has a possibility of being correct for you. The more you play ‘hard to get’ the better the deal gets.  As an emotional being, your feelings will change over the days and weeks. Who you thought might be attracted to or what job, house or other venture that you desired may change over time.

So don’t be in a hurry to respond and make a decision. Take your time and allow your bigstock_Yes_Or_No_Choice_13811714perspective of others and opportunities to change and wave through you and see who is consistently attractive to you or what opportunity continues to get your attention. If you find that there is someone that you find attractive trying to connect with you, push them away a bit, play ‘hard to get’ and see if they come back to you. If it is truly a good connection, they are going to love that you are not easy to reach and they will want to connect even more. If they do not try to connect again, be glad – it was probably a waste of time to go through the experience.

If it is an opportunity push it away. Tell the other party that you need time to think about it or sleep on it and have them get back with you a day or two later. While you are waving through for clarity and seeing what consistently pulls you, the deals get better, sweeter. You will find that the original offer increases when they return to connect. If the opportunity is no longer there after a couple of days, most likely it was not the correct thing for you and it would have never worked out and fallen apart eventually.

This act of playing ‘hard to get’ is one of the most difficult things for an emotional person to do. Emotional people are juicy, yummy, lovey and passionate. They do not want to play this game, If there is an opportunity to get yummy, they jump on it.

But jumping into something because it is so yummy is one of the worst things you can do if you are emotional. Quickly responding to things can get you into the wrong situations and cost a lot of energy to get out of. It’s not worth it to be spontaneous and unaware of how you operate, getting into all the wrong situations.

For the Emotional beings, take your time, play ‘hard to get’ and feel what it is really like to wait out that wave, see who you are truly attracted to and who is truly interested in you, what opportunity is truly going to take your life in a better direction. Learning to know your strategy and authority intimately assists in cultivating a greater quality of life.

REASONS click to watch video by Ra on the chemistry of the emotional being