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Row Row Row Your Boat

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Part I


Boat on river of life

Imagine all Types, the various definitions that make up different Inner Authorities; in their boats on the water, sailing down the stream of life.

The Splenic Inner Authorities are at the head of the group on the water because they jump and move fast in the moment. They also have nifty, streamlined, “designed to be fast” speedboats.

Those guys go first and have their way as Spleen boat.athey blast down the stream ahead of the rest. They do stop to take an occasional nap because most of them are Projectors that have no motors.

They can burn out quickly if they don’t take a short nap or two throughout the day.

Right behind the Splenic boats are the Sacral Inner Authority beings driving their boats.

These guys have a variety of styles of boats. Some boats have fast engines, some have heavy-duty, powerful, engines and some have high quality performance engines. This group requires plenty of room for the various ways they move down stream. Those that have strong, light engines are learning to be patient as they navigate and those who have heavy engines are learning to discern between what is correct and what is not. Those who have high quality engines are making adjustments as their boats travel down stream.

Often, the greatest problem is forgetting to take care of important things like making sure there is enough oil in the engine. They also get very distracted doing things that have nothing to do with them. Most of them are very, very impatient. This can be a problem when the river of life is flowing, not rushing anywhere fast.

Next, the Self Projected Projectors, they have their own lane in the river Boat.4. They watch everything going on, passing by at a moderate speed in the water. They tell us how they see the show, if they can see it or if they feel like it.

They are pretty cool to have around. They are usually very unique beings.

Hovering above the Self Projected Projectors are the Reflectors floating on magic carpets. They don’t use boats in the water; they use magic carpets in the air. It appears that they are moving slower than the others but they are not. They are just hovering above it all, Reflector on a carpetwatching everyone busy with the projects, laughing at the Projectors and shaking their heads at the Generators. They don’t know what to think about Manifestors and they are slightly daunted by the MG.

They often wonder, “Isn’t there anything surprising and interesting out there happening?”(Yawn).

Then, we have the Emotional Inner Authority people with their boats. These guys definitely have to stay at the back. At the Boats. emotrear of the parade of boats we tend to have many accidents.

Often, a boat may have rammed into the back end of another boat or the front side bumper has been clipped off. You will find that some of the engines have been blown because they tried really hard to turn their boat into a speedboat. The drivers can become eruptive, passionate and dramatic, causing all kinds of accidents. Some boats get stuck in the mud and aren’t going anywhere. It is really, really messy at the back of the parade of boats flowing down stream.

It is actually here, at the back of the boat parade, traveling down stream, that the Daily News and Variety show was conceived, developed and produced. The stories that occur in this area of the river are outrageous, dramatic and highly amusing, sometimes scary and sometimes sad. They keep the whole river entertained and distracted. Anyone who has the sight to see can cleverly write lots of interesting stories about this mayhem distracting everyone from gently flowing down the stream, calmly, peacefully and merrily.

It is quite something to watch.

The different Emotional Inner Authority Boats have different types of engines and some of them even have an anchor hanging off the side of the boat. Depending on how fast they are meant to travel down stream determines how low their anchor sinks into the mud.

Many have a slow, pontoon-like boat but they have been raised to believe that they are just as fast as the speedboats at the front of the parade of boats. They miss so many opportunities thinking that they are super fast “in the moment” kind of boat and burn out way before their time or even get a chance to shine.

Some of those boats that are designed to go very, very slow create boat with couplemost of the accidents. They glide right up to a Sacral authority being and tie up to the side of their boat. The Emotional boat begins to flutter and stall as it is pushed to go much faster than what it was designed. Soon, the engine is blown.

The Sacral boat tied to the emotional boat becomes super slow and is dragged back to the rear of the river. They never get to their destination or get the golden nuggets that are there for them along the way. They are too distracted. The combination of these two trying to sail down the river of life together is what creates the most interesting, dramatic stories for the Daily News, not to mention, lots of “stuck in the mud” syndrome.

boat sunkenOccasionally, while floating down stream you will see boats stranded at the side of the river, lodged and caught between two logs or a tall tuft of grass on the bank. Sometimes, you may even see a boat capsized, turned over and the person standing on top of the boat that is upside down yelling, “help”. It is really sad to see. Hardly anyone stops; no one wants to be bothered with someone who can’t steer their boat down stream.


All of this mayhem provides some great material for the Daily News though.







Continued:    Part II / Gently Down The Stream


written by Kashi Stone 2015

Should I or Should I Not?

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Generators often feel pressure to initiate action, even Projectors and Reflectors and even more so, Manifesting Generators.

Human Design teaches that Manifestors are the only Type with the natural power and ability to manifest and initiate things into action.

Experience and observation over time proves that this is a true and accurate rule for how the Generator, Reflector and Projectors operate, they dont initiate.

The Manifesting Generator is another thing though. When we start looking at iniitiation and chemistry, we begin to see the distinction of the MG as a fifth Type and no longer a Generator. Those two types are considered the same because of how their aura operates in the same way: radiating energy out and taking energy in.

However, this is exactly where the two Types are very, very different. For the Manifesting Generator who’s aura takes energy in, radiates energy out and has the ability to initiate action on the material plane, the operation, the strategy, the purpose and intention is radically different from the Generator.



For the other types:

A simple pause before acting gives you a chance to not do it. There is this sense right before initiating that you can simply ask yourself, “What do I think I am missing?”

This is the big question.

It’s the most important thing you can ask yourself right before you act. In that moment of question is your opportunity to stop right before you initiate something or even speak something.

In my activity, I am doing the thing that I love in the moment the most. It is a challenge to try and explain what I am doing when my friends look at me and ask. But it is important to stay in that process, I am finding. It is the only place where I am truly supported. While I am busy doing what I enjoy I am also honing my skills and abilities. When opportunity comes knocking, I am ready to be recognized for what I love doing and getting paid for it.

If I spin, try to make things happen out of fear of survival or pressure of excitement, I am completely taken off course to what it is really going to sustain me or keep me healthy. I am distracted and taken completely away from an opportunity that was right there on its way to me.

As I go along, doing my thing, I notice that when it seems like I am about to snap in my patience with waiting, I just find the thing to take me farther away from my mind and deeper into a creative experience. The more I hang out there and the deeper I go without forcing things to happen, the closer I get to what is correct.

Sometimes the mind pops up and starts whispering into my ear, “What about this and what about that?”. It can be endless if I give it ear. But I try not to. I try to go into what I love and not give attention to what might be or what could have been.

So, what am I missing? I have no idea. I cannot possibly conceive what may happen next. Nobody can. The chemistry of a trajectory constantly changes from this way and that way as you breathe in each moment and move or not move. There is no way to predict your future. You will always color your experience with your choices.

That is why “Should I do it or should I not?” is better replaced with “What am I missing?” The hesitation of reflection on what you think might be missing may show you that there really is nothing missing. That is usually my experience. I see that there really is no hurry or real pressure, I sit back down and refocus my energy and wait.

I am an Emotional Authority though. If you are Splenic or Sacral Defined it is important that you act on the moment so that you don’t miss it. But it is only in response to what comes to you. It is not reaching out to make something happen. This is where you ask the question, when you feel this impulse to act: when you are not in response but initiating, making something happen.

I think the greatest challenge is for the Manifesting Generator. They have so much juice that is raring to go and they love to be busy doing something. If they don’t have their energy deeply involved with what they love, they will spin and spin and until they can find what it is they want to do. Some may never even take the time to find it, rather live a life doing what they really don’t enjoy.

A perfect example of how a Manifesting Generator operates is a friend of mine who is a Manifesting Generator. He tells me the story one morning, over coffee about how he had submitted a resume with a professional job search company. He gets connected with a company and goes in for a series of interviews. They thoroughly check him out to make sure he is a fit.

The unique manifesting quality to the process is demonstrated naturally through his negotiation for the correct position for him. This friend lived over an hour and half from this new job opportunity. This was a problem. He had informed their office that the only way that he could take the position was if his office operated out of his home.

Upon arrival for his interview, he reminded them that this was his criteria for taking the position since he lived so far away. He was a perfect fit for the position and had all the perfect skills required. There was one glitch in the situation that was created by the Sales Manager’s insistence on my friend working in the office and not out of his home. In his clever, natural way of sensing the timing and the strategic navigation of the moment, he waited quietly through the resistance until he eventually made it to the interview with the owner of the company. In the final interview with the owner of the company, my Manifesting Generator friend presented real solutions for the company getting what it needs and still maintaining his requirements for fulfilling the position. Of course, he got the job, works at home and the boss is happy and impressed.

There is magic in a Manifesting Generator that is very complex and uniquely strategic. The trick is being patient and not initiating at the get go. I watch my Manifesting Generators initiate all the time because sometimes things go really easy for them. But it’s not consistent; it’s chaotic and chunky in flow.

The awareness is the same in all the Types though when it comes to the sensation of initiating. It has a frequency at a moment of conception before manifestation on the material plane. You can feel the sensation in the subtle background field accompanying the thought with the intention.

Things will appear as though they have momentum when there is excitement and passion behind it but it quickly begins to meet areas of resistance, which spin into distractions and eventually crumble. Tenacity is the only thing that keeps things moving and continuing to spin but with a lot of challenges.

The only time it is going to be a smooth ride is when you surrender to what comes to you. Relaxing into the inner guide that takes you where you need to be to feel good removes the mental chaos of trying to get somewhere. It can be exhausting trying to construct and hold a course that you think you are in control of.

You are in control of the quality of the course you are taking. That is where it is key to getting what you want. For myself, when I think I need or want a particular thing, if I let go, wait and let life show me what is next, I am always so surprised at how much more enriching the gift is that comes to me in my waiting.

The waiting can seem painstakingly impossible at the crux of big decisions and those times that survival is being challenged. But that is the most important time to surrender and let go, just when it seems impossible. That is where the magic steps in and gives you more than what you could possibly imagine.

You don’t want to miss when opportunity comes though. You have to pay attention each moment to your inner guide if you are going to get to where you are going to really thrive and be content with life.

At this point in my experiment, I am beginning to feel initiating even in my discussions with others, not just my action and pushing but even in the slightest suggestion of something. It is such a strange sensation of a ‘glitch’ in the smooth flow of sharing in conversation. It really feels awful and suddenly strange.

What is showing up, what is being revealed to you, sifting the information and tuning in is what it is all about. How well you take it in, sift it, push away or act on in the moment is giving you your life and experiences.

Should you do it? Ask yourself, “What am I missing in this moment?” You will be surprised at what the truth is. It really is perfect. Next step, next breath, where is your body taking you into relaxation? Remember who you are, you are perfect just as you are. The god’s designed you this way for a reason. Be content in the moment and allow your body to take you where you need to be. Let your mind flow, empty, entertain and be there for others and don’t do it unless it is correct for you.


Written byKashi
Kashi Stone
August 2013

Splenic Authority

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With Splenic Authority you have an immediate voice of intuition that you act on no matter what. It is a very fast intuitive hit that comes in the moment.

You must act on this intuitive hit immediately because there may not be an opportunity to act again in response to something.

Do not allow your mind to step in and over ride it’s message.

Through your instinct, taste, smell and intuition you Defined Splenic system speaks to you to protects you, guards your health and guides you.

Splenic decisions come in the moment for Splenic people. If you wait, the moment to act is gone.

Moon Authority

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If there are no centers defined on a bodygraph, the type is a Reflector and the Authority is the Moon.

The environment is everything to a Reflector. If the environment is not good, the Reflector will not feel good. Conversely, if the environment is good, they will feel good.

Before a Reflector makes a decision they must wait out an entire 29.5 day cycle with the rotation of the moon phases for clarity to come to them and to respond.

By using others as a soundboard, Reflectors can recognize what the correct decision is. It is important that the people who hold the position of sounding board are trustworthy advisors.

No Inner Authority

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A “No Inner Authority” occurs when there are no centers defined below the Throat Center.

This is a place where you get guidance from your environment. If you are in the wrong environment, you are with the wrong people.

This type of Authority operates by discussing with others your decisions and hearing how you communicate to the other about the decision. You use the other as a sounding board for how you are feeling and responding to circumstances and opportunities.

You can ask yourself and the other, “Is this environment correct for me?” and through hearing how you respond in the conversation you can see if it is correct for you or not.

Ego Authority

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A person with EGO Authority has no Sacral, Emotional or Spleen Center defined and the EGO is connected to the Throat Center through the G center or directly to the Throat Center through the Channel 45/21.

The EGO Authority uses their ‘will’ to make decisions. By asking yourself, “What do I want?” or “What is in it for me?” with a quality of selfishness, a correct decision can be made.

You either have the will to do it or not.

Self Authority

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For the SELF Authority it is a defined G Center without definition in the Sacral, Emotional, Will or Spleen Centers.

You are designed to operate here for pure self-satisfaction. You need to make decisions on what makes you happy. You must ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?”, “Will this give me satisfaction?”.

You also need to discuss your decisions with others so you can hear what you, yourself is saying about how satisfied you are with life. It is through discussing things that you hear yourself and know what the correct decision is.

The G Center is connected to the Throat Center in this type of Authority. You can look inward to the Self for clarity in decision-making and then use your voice to hear what your Self has to say.

You have to be clear though that you are not making a decision from your mind. You need to listen to what comes out of your mouth spontaneously because this is coming from the Self. It needs to be spontaneous verbal release, which is your identity speaking from the G Center.

You are here to give direction to others in life and can hear your own direction by listening to what is coming out of your mouth in the moment as you are talking and sharing with others.

Sacral Authority

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Approximately 35% of the population on the planet have SACRAL AUTHORITY as their Inner Authority

Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have the SACRAL Center defined.


A Manifesting Generator will have the SACRAL Center defined with a motor connected to the throat.

In this bodygraph the Sacral is connected to the Throat Center through the channel 34/20. There are four possible motors: The Solar Plexus Center, the Heart Center, the Sacral Center and the Root Center.

The SACRAL voice can be described as a response which reflects an energy sensation or sound made when moving toward or away form involvement in an activity or a process.

A Generator or Manifesting Generator can easily hear their SACRAL voice by the immediate sound that comes out of their body when asked a question. If you hear “mmmm” and not an affirmative “unh hu”, that is an indication of ‘not yet’, ‘maybe’ or soon to be ‘no’. Either way, it is a hesitation and that is an important sign not to do anything, yet.

The SACRAL sound, ‘ahunh’, ‘uh hu’, ‘mmm’, etc that takes place in the moment is what we listen to. This natural sound coming from the gut response is without hesitation. If there is a hesitation then it is the mind that is stepping in.

Once a pure Generator responds with their SACRAL Authority to engage in activity, they go through a step-by-step process of development. During this development, they will hit plateaus of productivity and then have feelings of being ‘stuck’ since their motors do not connect to the Throat Center. Their purpose in life is to do the work that they love. If they have chosen to do the things they love then they will have all the energy to continue without quitting the endeavor. But most Generators enter into things with their mind and end up eventually quitting because they are frustrated and don’t have the energy to continue.

For Manifesting Generators, it is efficiency in doing what they love. They are not designed to go through a step-by-step process like the Generator. What challenges Manifesting Generators is their struggle with learning to be patient and not jump on things. The lesson here is to slow down and see the necessary steps to accomplish a task and taking time to meet the needs of the steps required.

The Manifesting Generators often tries to initiate and does not wait patiently for right timing. When they do initiate prematurely, they meet resistance and feel propelled to smash through it again and again. This constant pushing leads to a damaged body and eventually, ill health.

As a Type who possesses both Generator and Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator will experience both anger and frustration as their ‘not self’ themes because of their inability to wait and be patient. The manifesting capacity has been running their lives since the beginning creating all sorts of problems.

Generators and Manifesting Generators power is through response with their enormous wealth of energy. They are the energy of life itself. With the enveloping aura, they pull everyone into their sphere. When a Generator is in waiting, it is like a magnet. Life happens to them if they wait for the opportunity for perfection.