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Understanding Incarnation Cross

Posted in INCARNATION CROSS on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

traditional astrology wheel

Traditional Astrology Natal Birth Wheel

Traditional astrology provides the astrological wheel that many are accustomed to looking at when we seek to understand the position of the planets and measuring the movement and the degrees within the houses related to our birth time and cosmological imprint.

When we interpret a chart through traditional astrology, there is the sun and the earth with just a straight line.

Human Design provides a second wheel, the Design Crystal. This is missing in traditional astrology and  is hidden behind the veil of the mechanical world. This is where we find the gears and mechanisms of how we operate.

These two Suns, Design Crystal and Personality Crystal are always moving in the same direction and do not retrograde.

They follow the same program on a cyclical, spiraling basis along a very specific path.

When you take the astrological calculation and integrate it with the mystical teachings that Human Design synthesizes, you get the specific path, the map, the imprint of this cross and the interpretation of your chemistry and how you operate.

Kashi-Incarnation CrossMy Human Design Incarnation Cross graph

My Incarnation chart above tells me that I am here on the Incarnation Cross of Cycles through the activations of the 54/32 Channel and the 42/53 Channel, those imprints that come from my Design Crystal date and Personality birth date.  My Personality Sun is placed in gate 54 and my Design Date is placed in gate 32. My earths are 42/53 respectively.

The interpretation for my cross:
“This someone who is here to be recognized so that they can enter into a cycle, be transformed, so they can finish the cycle and move on to the next thing. Now that is very, very important  for these beings. Their greatest gift is once they are recognized; they will enter something and be dedicated until its finished – whether that is a ten minute process or twenty year process. What is important for them is the cycle itself.”

There is more information but this gives you an idea of how an incarnation cross may be translated. It does not provide information that will tell you that you are going to grow up and become a doctor, a rock star or a wife, etc.

The incarnation cross provides the information about the weather report and road conditions for the journey ahead.

It’s up to you what you do with the road conditions ahead. A lot of the experiences will be colored by how well you know yourself and how much you apply your operations manual.

Kashi Stone July 2014