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The Tribal Queen

Posted in GATES on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Tribal Queen.1


I love how Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design describes the gate 21:

“We come to a gate that has enormous significance in our lives. It is a gate that often creates a lot of problems because it is the only gate that is designed to be a controlling gate. It can be a controlling gate because it has the most powerful Ego. The fact that it is a controlling gate, the fact that it is a powerful Ego is legitimate. In other words, its controlling force is necessary in order to be able to serve and protect the tribe. The 21 is here to serve the community. It is here to establish for the community what is viable, what works. It is here to makes sure that there is reward for those efforts, that society not only works but also has time for leisure. In other words, its is here to look after the needs of humanity living together on the material plane. It is the channel of Materialism. Because the 21 is a control gate, it is also very difficult for people and often extremely difficult for the 21’s themselves.”

This paragraph truly, sums up the activation of gate 21 and its tendency to create tremendous problems just because of the control issue that comes up continuously.

I also see the beauty in having gate 21 activated. The tribal, noble “Queenly” control can keep things in order, bring a stronger material foundation to the home and an aggressive spirit in the workforce that loves to make money – and spend it on the tribe.

Ra also points out in that same passage that the gate 21 behaves uniquely to the type of definition. For instance, you can see an absolute difference in how the gate 21 behaves in a Manifestor vs. a Generator or Manifesting Generator. Even more different is how it behaves in a Projector. Then, you take into consideration if the Ego is defined or not. There are many variables to defining the uniqueness of this activation.


For the person who has the gate 21, control is everything to them. The gate 21 comes off of the Ego Center where the heart sits. If a gate 21 cannot be in control of something that they so desperately want to be in control of, their heart gets broken, easily. This is where you can see health problems occur.

If the gate 21 is hanging off of an open Ego, it is probably suffering heart problems of some kind or has a deeply broken heart. You can also see that if there is a person with gate 21 in the environment who does not have some kind of control, they will be ill. Take a look at the children around you. Who has gate 21? How is their health? Let them have control over something and watch their health improve.

As long as you give gate 21 some sense of control with trust and support in taking care of the community, it will serve the community well. I have experimented with it and it works like magic. It is very healing and transforming.

The gate 21 has to be patient to take control. If you are a Projector, you wait to be invited. If you are a Generator, you wait until someone asks you and you decide if it is correct for you to be in control of that situation. If you are a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator, you inform others before you take control. There is simple, elegant grace in the most unique definitions.

Here are few examples of how I have experienced gate 21 with various Types and definitions:

I have a dear friend who is a Sacral Manifesting Generator and has the gate 21.2 in their Personality Mars. This gate activation at the second line of the I Ching is titled, “Might is Right” and it hangs off of his open Ego center, all by itself. It has so much pressure hanging there by itself. The openness and hanging gate activates desperation of needing to be in control. This person is very difficult to deal with. Not just for me, but for everyone around him. I witness the difficulty he has with one person after another. He has the channel 43/23 twice so he suffers tremendously from talking too much, having all the answers, correct or not, and desperately attempting to take control of many situations. Lordy!

Then there is my dear, dear Emotional Projector friend who has the gate 21 off of her open Ego center. She also has a heavily defined Head and Ajna and an open Throat. She loses her voice daily because she is constantly talking, telling you about everything she knows, controlling every move you make and correcting everything you say. She also has the 18/58, Channel of Judgment. And with her open Ego, she is driven to prove herself through correcting what is wrong in you, almost every moment.

When I recognize her as being in control of a certain project, area or environment, she is so very happy. She relaxes, her voice softens and she stops controlling so desperately, for a moment. I can’t discuss what is happening through the Human Design lens, she is not interested in hearing about it at all. She will often interrupt me when I am speaking with someone else about the mechanics and take over, correcting, informing, fixing and controlling. Eventually, she exhausts herself, starts to get hoarse and then has to go take a nap.

I can’t tell you how weird it is to watch this and know that there is something that could completely change her life into a more positive reality and bring her health back to good condition. I don’t say a word. I just let her be as I watch people roll their eyes or leave her environment within a few minutes because they can hardly stand the pressure of control and correction coming through an out of control open Throat center. She is very lonely on a certain level and it is very difficult for her to find a mate or companion.

My brother is an Emotional Projector with the gate 21 off of an open Ego. I absolutely adore my brother and call him from time to time to get his Projector input for guidance and clarity. I don’t live with him but I did grow up with him and he is a force to be reckoned with. I would never cross him, ever! I can just imagine what it must be like living with him as a wife or child. He is definitely in control and watching over his tribe, his family and does not allow for interference in his happy reality. That is also another quality the gate 21 carries. They will defend against any interference. I also watch him struggle with co-workers. Because he is so brilliant in his work, it is easy for him to just slide into control of situations. This can create great tension in the workplace but the job does get done, well and efficiently. It’s not an easy road to travel with this activation.

I also have a very good friend who is an Emotional Projector with the gate 21 three times off of an open Ego. She has an open Head and Ajna like me and she has a defined Throat. It is easy for us to be together, to talk and hang out for long periods of time. I truly enjoy her company. So much so that I have actually asked her to be in control of our projects. I give final, last word of authority to her when we make big decisions. I love her final answer. It is really good for the direction of our projects. I am continuously amazed at how quickly she gets things and can see the mechanics in action. I also see how much it frees her spirit to have control over certain things, especially when it comes to money since the gate 21 is the Queen of the Money Channel.

As you can see, the activation plays out differently in all people but has one very important theme: they need to be in control and it is directly related to their health. If they are not recognized or given the opportunity to be in control, they will suffer and most likely, become ill.

I first noticed this gate 21 during the early spring of 2014. Suddenly, everyone around me was desperately trying to be in control and acting rather bombastic about it. I noticed that many relationships were struggling, as well. I wondered why it was so strong in everyone I was encountering.

It was so strong and overwhelming that I decided to look at the transits in my MMI Human Design software to see if the neutrino’s coming in where activating gate 21.

Indeed, they were.



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