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Different Kinds of Humans

Posted in DIFFERENCES on August 1, 2018 by Kashi

Human Design teaches that there are four Types of humans: Manifestor, Reflector, Projector and Generator with a fifth type, Manifesting Generator. These four / five Types are distinct through the uniqueness of their auras. When your awareness of the mechanics grows and becomes sharp, you can see/sense the different auras when they come into your environment to the point of FIVE distinct aura types.

Once you begin to experience the awareness of the auras, another layer of the mechanics becomes obvious as you witness the difference in centers / CHAKRAS defined versus one that is not.

Here a few examples of those differences in defined centers versus undefined that become obvious in life experience.

Some of the greatest challenges become evident when couples are a combination of the defined Emotional and the open Emotional. It’s like putting two aliens from two radically different planets together, Venus and Mars. It is weird. I see it very clearly now; Venus is romantic, poetic and juicy, Mars is cold, self-centered and individual. It is so obvious.

The more comfortable I become, as an emotional being the more odd it is to interact with non-emotional’s, in a good way. I can enjoy being me and I can laugh at the fact that they don’t get me at all in my authentic, relaxed emotional way. I also know that if I attempt to have a romantic relationship with a non-emotional person that I have truly gone insane. We are going to have a rough ride just trying to understand what the other is saying, feeling, tripping on and where they want to go romantically. We are also going to be very busy surfing new sensations from the merging of two very different chemistries. It is a really strange, annoying, distracting dance. But it can be stimulating for drama and very, very entertaining. Yet, you will find that it is a real challenge to staying calm, creative and relaxed. The mind loves it; the body hates it.

So, we have the Types of auras and we have the sub-type: the emotional and the non-emotional. You can now split half of the population on the planet into two distinct groups: Emotional Inner Authority and the other Inner Authority types. Approximately 55% of the planet are Emotional Inner Authority beings who are very, very slow. The other half of the population is in the moment with their movement and process. Most of the population has no clue that this difference exists and that it is a big cause of the conflict in human relating. If people knew that the other is emotionally defined or not, it would solve so many conflicts and many headaches.

The Emotional Inner Authority has a completely different trip with their life trajectory. If you put the Emotional Inner Authority on the same path in the same movement, like in a marriage, with a different type of Inner Authority, then you have a problem. Someone is off track, out of their own rhythm and living the flow and schedule of the other. The Emotional is slow and foggy and waiting, waiting, waiting for life to come and unfold before them. The other types of Inner Authority are responding in the moment from a real place of clarity. You can’t put those two subtypes together in the same movement through life on the same path responding at the same time in the exact same way and same moment, forget it. It doesn’t work. You can dance in and out of the relating but you cannot move at the same pace, moment by moment. The two different types have two different flows in life.

Then, there is another subtype below the distinction of emotional and non-emotional that has a powerful impact on relating and interacting with others. This subtype is the defined EGO and the undefined EGO. These two distinctions definitely separate the humans as if they are each from another planet. It is pure madness.

To me, I see defined Ego’s coming from Jupiter and undefined Will’s coming from Uranus or Mars, maybe. I feel that each Center we have open provides us with a certain lesson in this lifetime. I think that the open EGO lesson is learning to move past the sense of insecurity that has a tendency to haunt the open EGO being. It is finding that sense of relaxation with who one is and embracing its contribution, its input, its worth. If you come from Jupiter, such as the defined EGO, you get that extra boost of chemistry that says, “Hey, I’m okay and if I feel like it, I will definitely do it”. It’s a comfortable place to be.

Approximately %35 of the population has the Will/ Heart /Ego Center defined. That leaves a large group of humans (65%) without that sense of confidence and assuredness that many defined EGOs have naturally in their chemistry. What you will observe is a strong dynamic occurring in the background field between these two types. A lot of interpersonal relating in the work place is colored by this difference in definition and many of the romantic relationships that have high drama, violence or constant friction are often the combination of the these two types people.

In the Human Design sexuality course, Ra commented that the undefined EGO often competes with the defined EGO until death. I have witnessed this repeatedly in my own relationships as the defined EGO being. I have gotten to the point that I refuse to have a romantic relationship with an undefined EGO person. The differences in our chemistry are overwhelming and exhausting to manage. Some of my best friends have an open EGO; please do not misunderstand me. But managing an intimate relationship can be really challenging and draining. It’s ridiculous and a terrible waste of energy just managing the insecurity, intimidation, magnification of ego and competition that naturally comes from this definition and the differences. No matter how hard I have tried to assist an open Will person to feel comfortable and at ease with me, there is always an unconscious reaction that happens from time to time and it can be very challenging for both of us as we react.

This is one area where I spend a great deal of time assisting my students with seeing the distinction and understanding how differently the two definitions operate and relate. It helps to diffuse a lot of challenges in life understanding this Center and seeing how powerfully it is impacting just below the surface of all relating.

And then there is the difference of the defined Ajna and the open Ajna.
These two subtypes definitely come from two different planets. The defined Ajna comes from a busy mental planet that loves to process, strategize, figure out and compartmentalize. The open Ajna comes from an “airy fairy” kind of planet that doesn’t have to think too much because it knows nothing and life just happens. They are very different creatures.

I am very open so I see a big difference in my view. I have only one gate in my head Centers so there is not a whole lot going on regarding strategizing, formulating, organizing or structuring. I really know nothing and I have learned to enjoy and drink in my emptiness. When you put a defined Ajna in front of me who knows everything and has to tell me about it, I short circuit. I can only handle about two minutes of download from a defined Ajna.

I watch the difference in definition between people all the time. I watch two defined Ajna’s light up in conversation because they can relate and discuss for hours. I watch open Ajna people become overloaded and short circuit with the defined Ajna people within minutes. Most people are not aware of this difference when they are relating. If two people are in a romance with this difference, it is going to be an attraction in the beginning but become a great problem soon in the relationship. Headaches, migraines, frustration, misunderstanding and the tendency to over process are symptoms of the difference in these two subtypes.

And then we have the Spleen. Here, I see “god” threw an angel in the human recipe to make it a little more interesting on Earth. The Spleen governs pure animal instinct. Imagine a cat who hunts when it is hungry. It crouches low when it discovers its prey. As it waits for the perfect moment, it suddenly pounces and attacks with the speed of light, providing food. This is the Spleen in pure, primal action for survival.

The open, undefined Spleen is the angel that longs to attach itself to a human with strong survival instincts that can provide for life and infuse a strong vital life force. It gives them a sense of “groundedness” on the physical plane. The open Spleen has a sense of coolness and is fragile, tender and delicate and needs to be handled with care.

The defined Spleen has the ability to be a little careless, a little reckless and recover quickly. It can be seen as the superhuman who lives out nine lives. I have seen Splenic Inner Authority people bring themselves back to life rapidly after a traumatic illness or accident. It is very strong, very vital and quick to act on survival and very determined to stay alive.

This is where I see major differences in humans and what makes us feel alien to the other.

I can just imagine a laboratory where the scientist are genetically modifying the human species and adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that; splicing and cloning here and there. Over time, you have one very complex operating machine with many variables in its design. Fascinating to study.


Written by Kashi Stone 2015