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The Art of Selfing

Posted in DIET, PHS on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

As one travels through the teachings of Human Design, eventually, one may stumble across the division of PHS, the Primary Health System, an arm of Human Design teachings. It is fascinating and full of information that is very specific to one’s chemistry and how an individual uniquely operates.

In the PHS teachings, you learn about what type of environment is best suited for you, such as, cave, shores, mountain, markets, kitchen, etc. They all mean something very specific and not all of them mean exactly what they are titled. There are also variations of some of those environments, such as, wet kitchen and dry kitchen, which have nothing to do with a kitchen. If you love learning lots of complex information, it is highly intellectual and a great tool for a busy, active mind.

In PHS you also learn about how you best digest food to feed your brain. The digestion process is key to health, vitality, moods, emotional state and mental health, optimum brain function and metabolic process. You can easily discover what is correct for you by paying attention and observing how your body reacts and how clear your mind functions.

Some foods will make you feel better and some environments will help you to digest your food better. If you are experiencing an upset stomach, you may be eating in the wrong place or at the wrong time. There are so many ailments and illnesses that arise from improper digestion caused by wrong environment or bad timing.

PHS expert Human Design teacher, Andrea Reikl-Wolf taught me a great exercise in one of her PHS workshops. I use this exercise often to test what is correct and to gain clarity in how to “dial in” to what is correct for me and what the voice of my body is trying to tell me. This little exercise works for almost anything you are curious about and wish to discover what is correct or not for you.

Everyone has a cell phone these days with a camera and lots of people enjoy taking “selfies”. It can seem a little narcissistic and vain but I urge you to play and enjoy getting to know yourself on a very personal level through the art of taking “selfies”. It is immensely enlightening and quite entertaining.

If you are not sure about what kind of food is really good for you, you can take a “Selfie” immediately before you eat or drink anything and then take a photo immediately after you have finished the food or drink. How do you look?

Try the experiment again, later, with a cold drink. How do you look? Are you more beautiful if you drink cold or hot? Or does it not matter?

Take a “Selfie” when you go out to dinner. Take a “Selfie” before you enter the restaurant and then take another immediately after you have left the restaurant.

Try eating alone and in a quiet environment. Take the photo before you eat and then take the photo after you eat. Are you more beautiful eating in a busy environment with others surrounding you or are you more beautiful when you eat alone, quietly by yourself?  Do you enjoy the television or stereo turned on or busy places when you dine? Do you prefer a quiet environment and sitting alone when you eat? Your body will tell you by how it feels while it is digesting the food that has just been consumed.

In PHS you also learn how to observe these natural tendencies too: Do you eat one food at a time? Do you touch your food when you eat? Do you smell your food before you eat? Do you like sitting in the sun when you eat? Do you prefer to eat at night? These are all mannerisms related to the digestive chemistry that feeds the brain for optimum function, good health and vitality.

Your body takes nutrition in easily if you are sitting in the correct environment and choosing what is most natural and feels the best. Your body will feel awful after eating the wrong foods or sitting in the incorrect environment.

If you are curious about how someone is affecting you, take a photo of yourself before they arrive. Then, after your visit, take a “Selfie” immediately after they have walked out the door and left

Are you beautiful, honey?

Or did they just drain all of your energy, as you look exhausted and spent?

Are you feeling pressure or pain somewhere in your body such as your stomach, your chest, shoulders or your head?

Are you feeling relaxed or anxious, sadness or grief?

What kind of a look do you have on your face?

Are you smiling or haggard?

How much more of a clue do you need?

The body knows and it shows.

Our mind is so busy reasoning us into things related to our open Centers that we often miss these subtle messages expressing from the body. We can get so wrapped up in drama, guilt, blame, worry and fear that sometimes we cannot hear or even see.

That is why if you are unsure if something is correct or not, taking a “Selfie”, before and after, documenting the results. This will quickly assist in tuning in and bringing clarity. Your body will tell you exactly what you need to know, bypassing the minds desires or confusion, entirely.

Taking “Selfies” is like the “starter kit” for the mind to assist in getting to know, hear and heed the voice of the body. The results will tell you what is really going on and if its time to make a change.


Kashi Rachel Stone 2015