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Post It Notes!

Posted in DECONDITIONING on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

Whoever invented “Post It Notes” was brilliant. Post it 3

I don’t know what I would do without “Post It Notes” when it comes to breaking bad habits and retraining my mind. I’m sure I would have thought of something but these little magical pads are golden and I appreciate the inventor who thought of them.

These little pads of sticky notes can be stuck just about anywhere – on the window, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the car, in the garage, on the desk and on the door; the refrigerator too. Anywhere you need a little reminder a “Post It Note” is a key to keeping an intention in your face and in the forefront of your mind.

“Post it Notes” are great when a person needs to break a bad habit that they just cant get a hold of through just willpower. It works great as a tool for the mind, to train those mental tapes and spark the ignition of the will for change. Nothing is going to happen unless there is some kind of “will” into breaking the habit and making real changes in how we choose to care for our selves. If the “will” is there, “Post It Notes” are a great tool.

Often, many of our bad habits have become so deeply ingrained into our daily routine that we don’t really see them and they can be difficult to catch. Using “Post It Notes” as a tool for the disciplines that we so desperately need to get healthy, aligned, and clear helps considerably when we have lost conscious awareness of those silly, bad habits.

The “Post It Notes” can be handy in providing a system for replacing the mental tapes of the open Centers. As the notes remain in your constant focus, they subtly work a new direction through intentional programming and conditioning of one’s own reality.

Subtle thought manipulation is very powerful and certainly nothing new.

Post it 2“Post It Notes” keep you focused too. It is easy to get distracted and then fall back into the same rhythm again. But if a “Post It Note” is in your face, then you aren’t so easily going to forget as you bustle about your day.

As you are posting these notes in your environments, people are going to take notice, ask questions and begin forming opinions of what you are doing, why and how.

I find that it is best to keep my business to myself so as not to bring in unwanted influences or criticism into my own process of retraining. That is why I like to use the general mantra: “You Can Do It”. It’s nobody’s business what I am doing. If they ask, I can just smile and say, “I can do it!”

Keep in mind that this mantra is not for initiating things into action. It will never work for that. Things don’t manifest into healthy situations if they are not correct. They just waste a lot of time, energy and resources when incorrect.

This little mantra is for creating and motivating the “will” to do something that is important for you, for your health, your mental well being and lifting of spirit. It is perfect for showing the mind that it is not in control any more and that a new force has stepped into the forefront of the operating system. It demonstrates that there is a new driver in the seat and that the Mental Body has been sent to the back of the limousine.

So where is this will to do what needs to be done if it isn’t the Mental Body?

It is the “thrive” for life. It is the yearning to fall deeper into the rhythm of love and compassion. It is the desire to know ones self, one’s inner deeper core and it is the commitment to not settle for anything less than what your greatest potential can be.

It is the measure of self-love.

Self-love comes from the Soul. You cannot be in communion with your Soul unless you are practicing self-appreciation and have the Will to love.

That’s why, if the “will” is there to do it, you can do it.

If there is no “will”, it won’t happen.

I am talking about the “will” to wake up, live your life and learn to love.

It’s all up to you.

Post the notes, if you need to, so you can do it!Post it notes












Written by Kashi Stone   2015

The Mind and Habits

Posted in DECONDITIONING, NOT-SELF on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

It’s funny how we get stuck in habitual behavior. We so want to change, we talk about it all the time but our efforts are meek and weak to say the least.

Our mind is such a great deceiver. It takes us on a journey and holds us tight in its grip of what it thinks it wants and needs. It doesn’t care how far it leads you down the wrong path or how deeply it connects you with someone who is not correct or good for you.

A mind can reason one into the darnest things; you can really get trapped by it.

I watch my own mind try and construct an outcome. I am sitting, pondering, wondering and I start planning. Before long, I am motivated on a thought or an idea and feeling an urge to act on it. If I am lucky, I can catch myself, see the mind fucking and stop myself immediately. When I do find myself at this point, I sit back, relax, clear the head and let go, again.

The rubber band gets taught and the urge is always pushing. The urge is always pushing us to move in a direction that “looks” good to our mind. The “What if” game is a fabulous breeding ground for the mind; If you want to really spin your head, thoughts and create confusion, start asking, “What if?”

“What if?” coupled with worry is a dose of death. As a habit, it’s a sleeping pill and fuel for the not-self. Worry devitalizes the body faster than anything else you could do to destroy yourself. “What if” keeps you in your mind and your life in confusion and worry in action.

It usually takes a crisis to bring a profound movement towards changing one’s habits. The body speaks to us in many ways when there is a problem or an illness. But we get stuck in our comfort zones and the grooves in our brain. It is difficult to wake up and start the day different than what you have.

If you can tune in and hear what your body is trying to tell you, it’s going to take self-love to turn it around. The measure of self-love is relative to your success of a new life and new habits that shape a different reality.

There was a moment when I sat at the feet of a guru who told me that in order to change my life and my experiences that I would have to change my nature. I made a decision to do that and it took many years to transform that nature. But the process does not stop, it continues.

What it required was changing everything I was doing in my life. I changed my diet, I changed my environment, I changed my work and I changed the things that I was putting into my mind. I let go of everything in order to get to me, somehow.

This is what it takes to change your reality. You have to recalibrate, reposition, reload and renew to become you with new habits. If you don’t do the necessary things to reposition yourself then you become ill or destitute, eventually. It is the destiny of most. But there is an opportunity when tuning into you that you can see what habits are serving you and what habits are taking life away from you. It takes self-love to see it though.

I like to put up little “post it” notes as reminders around me. When I started working with my thought field I wrote the phrase, “Watch your thoughts” on the notes and pasted them on mirrors and the refrigerator door. With that exercise I started to create new habits that could lead me into a better space physically and mentally. It’s a great little exercise and you don’t have to have the notes up for too long before it is automatic in your behavior as to where you want to go in your thought life.

It’s the same with any other kind of habit. All you have to do is “Watch your thoughts” and have a direction and soon, you will be heading down the path that is more conducive to your happiness and fulfillment.

Thoughts are powerful and they are indeed what create our reality. I watch it all the time. If you want to change your reality, start with your thoughts. You can actually retrain the mind to be content and quiet and allow the subtle chemistry that sits quietly inside of you to guide you.

The moon is also a fabulous tool for starting new habits and new directions in how you live your life. I like to use the full moon and the new moon for switching things up a bit when I want to break a ‘bad’ habit or create a new direction in my daily regimen. There is a special momentum there with the fullness and the void that propels and transforms. If you need a tool, it is very helpful.

I always watch to see how my body feels as to what I am doing is correct for me or not. I don’t trouble with comparing my behavior to others or what others might expect from me. I look at my body and see how it is feeling when it comes to choosing my habits. If the body is sick, it is speaking to me about how I am living my life and the thoughts I am entertaining. If I have stiffness or headaches or tummy aches, it can be anything that the body is trying to tell me through symptoms such as those, something is not correct and it needs to be addressed.

Self love is the guide. Self love is relaxed, soft, content and peaceful.

“Watch your thoughts”!

You can do the same thing with your Inner Authority and Strategy. You can put up ‘post it’ notes that say, “WAIT” or if you are emotional, “Sleep on it”, or if you are Splenic, “How do you feel NOW”? ,

Watch your thoughts, listen to your body and tune into what habits are serving you and which ones you need to drop or get rid of to improve your life and be more peaceful. Your body knows!

Kashi Stone 2013

God Therapy


Jesus and the children.1

Matthew 18:1-3 (NIV) “At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven…”

The above quote is from a passage where Jesus is teaching his disciples that the way to find the Kingdom of God within is to become like a child. He refers to this “Kingdom of God” many times throughout his teachings insisting that there must be a changing of the nature.

Growing up in a Christian home and school, this Bible verse was quoted often in Sunday school and memorized each year in grade school as we studied the Bible from cover to cover. After high school, I attended a Christian seminary to become a certified family and marriage counselor and a licensed minister. I have been deeply ingrained and conditioned in the Christian teachings.

For many years, I did not have a clue what this passage meant. I sat beneath many teachers, preachers and professors; none of them could truly explain what it truly meant finding the “kingdom of god within”.

There is a common thread throughout many of the ancient teachings that convey our child like innocence is the way to Source or our creator. This place of innocence and wonderment is buried deep inside most of us.

Our child nature may have never had the chance to come out and play, feel safe and just be a child. Life is a challenging journey at times. We lose touch with our Higher Source as we begin to take on the influences of our environment and the belief systems of those around us. Seldom are we given the opportunity to be free like a child on the playground, happily swinging away, flying down the slide, spinning on the merry go round or running from one place to the other.

Do you remember those days?

When there is a crisis, trauma and depression there is also the chance of closing down the vulnerable part of who we are. We grow callous from life’s experience and the state of wonder fades from our being. Through the practice of connecting with this innocent, child-like part of who we are, we enter into a changing of the nature.

Taking time out to be a child again is fabulous for assisting in calming the body and quieting the mind. It is in that calm, innocent, vulnerable space where we connect with Source. Private playtime is what I call, “God Therapy”. It’s that moment when one leaves worry and stress outside the door. Interruptions are not allowed because it’s time to be alone with the tender, innocent part of our self.

Our innocent, playful creative inner child actually leads us away from our nagging mental tapes. It shows us who we really are without the conditioning and influences of others and the expectations that surround us. Our inner child actually doesn’t even like the mental tapes or the expectations that others impose so it will take the mind in a different direction, naturally, easily.

Poetry, paintings, music, sketches, crafts, running, jumping, gardening and writing are a few of the many ways that we can let go and sink into being a child again. Without the judgment and censoring of the mind and with the freedom to create whatever comes up, just like a child, this is where one finds Source, our Kingdom within.

Consider creating your own private play space with an altar that contains those symbols, tools, toys and items that best represent your process of connecting with your inner child.

A kaleidascope is a wonderful way to wake up to the day. Keep one close to the bedkaleidoscope and handy for those moments when you need a reminder.

Coloring books and crayons, an easel with a canvas and a set of paints, fabric pieces for a quilt, a playful army set or a model car or airplane, even a train set are great examples of how you can create a play space just for you.

You may even want to consider playtime clothing. You can make your own celebration dress of your favorite fabrics and colors. You can choose your own costume for playing the different roles and archetypes that you resonate with.

The important thing is to not be critical or judge what you create in your playtime. Give your inner child the freedom to express who it is at the core of its being.

You may even want to give your inner child a name.

Gradually, over time, during this quiet, alone playtime, a synthesis occurs through becoming innocent and free in our connection with Source.

Everybody needs a little bit of “God Therapy” once in awhile.



Kashi Rachel Stone 2015