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Getting to Awareness

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We are born into a sleeping state of awareness mostly created out of our environment and the way we are fed, taught and influenced by the characters around us. We are born with certain super abilities but quickly lose them through the environment, people and institutions that shape our reality.

As an adult, the child will play out all of the beliefs, principles, behavior and mannerisms congruent with the influencing factors surrounding the upbringing. We are raised in a culture where others ideas and principles are imposed on us. Most of us have grown up in an environment where we had to respond and behave in a way that matched our caretakers idea of what was socially “acceptable” behavior and roles.

Now the child has become the adult and is far away from being anything like they were designed to be by the gods and heaven.

If you are not tuned into your life path, you are going to pay for it in some way so that you can hear the voice that is resting deep inside of you. Most of those who cannot hear the voice will eventually end up ill with a debilitating disease or aging very unhappily. The mind has been so busy strategizing the life and refusing to listen to the body that now the body can do nothing else but die or scream for help.

In my opinion, It looks like the very first thing to do towards becoming more aware is to investigate oneself and see how you are moving and operating on a deeper level. The Human Design process is a fabulous tool to use in self-discovery and awareness. The accuracy and the effectiveness of the science as a tool towards becoming more aware is unparalleled to any other method I have witnessed.

First, it is not a religion. Its a proven, scientific method that identifies who you are on a genetic level. Its the matrix grid that has the operation manual in simple, plain, easy to understand rhetoric. There is nothing complicated or unclear about it. You look at the body graph, you see the patterns inherent in the open Centers and our human condition, you see the chemistry play in and around each other. It is all there, the shadow, the angel, the human, the body, the mind, the weaknesses and your gifts.

But the only way you can see the whole picture that is being revealed is if you embrace the story behind the Design Crystal, the voice that is there waiting to be heard and the soul’s way of talking with you.

You can really feel energetics. You can feel when something is not correct. The voice is definitely there. It will be stronger in some more than others but everyone has it in some measure. And if you get quiet enough to listen to your body, you can feel it. It is there.

The best way to hear this voice is through the body and its health. Where is an illness occurring? What energy center is this illness and organ connected with? This is where you will begin to see a voice.

You can also see it through the chills that run through the body, the tingles on the skin, the funny feeling in your tummy when someone new walks in the room, the sudden burst of stress, all speak the body language and the souls as it is trying to tell you something through that sensation.

Lets take a look at the story behind the Personality Crystal and Design Crystal to understand how to get back to our core chemistry and into awareness.
The Design Crystal comes from the Earth, the Personality Crystal comes from the Heavens. The Personality Crystal incarnates over and over and over through many lifetimes to evolve itself and humanity on a greater cosmic level.

The Personality Crystal is not aware of the Design Crystal and that it exists. The Personality Crystal is running wild with the mind and must wake up to the subtler voice of the Design Crystal. Once the Design Crystal and Personality Crystal are working in harmony together, you begin fulfilling life’s purpose.

This is our task at hand in our planetary evolution: waking up the Personality to the subtle, deeper voice operating in our being, the Design Crystal, the body’s voice and bringing them into a beautiful, harmonic dance of blissful union.

Once the Personality Crystal is taught to look at, hear and work with the Design Crystal, the whole life changes and becomes in tune. And once the Personality recognizes the subtle voice of the Design, it can’t go back to living the life of the mind as it always has. A door has been opened and now the mind has to deal with ‘knowing’ about it and it rests there like a seed in the dirt, waiting to grow and become something alive inside. And it will at some point, somehow, you will awaken, step by step.

You can’t short cut the process of opening the door to awareness. It is designed to be an unfolding process over time as your unique chemistry adjusts on a cellular level, not just your mind learning to be different.

That is where you begin, “Who are you?” and “What are you creating?” You can only see it and learn it through observation, witness and experience as your chemistry adjusts.

One way to get to that awareness is to know your aura and how it operates (TYPE/ Strategy), the frequency that is guiding you along your path in life (Inner Authority) and what is keeping you from achieving the fulfillment of your life’s destiny (Mind operating through the Open Centers).

Once you are tuned in, your frequency will be like the morning birds – lovely. Your presence just naturally feels good and people enjoy having you around. People may even request your presence, often. Grace and the tuned frequency of aligned, aware Crystals just feels so relaxed and pleasant.

I check my frequency with children and animals. If they are not receiving me well then I look to see where I am out of grace. If I see that they naturally align with me, play with me, talk with me, dance with me and smile with me, then I must be doing something right. Animals and children are the great reflectors of our true state of being.
There is no reason to wander around aimlessly in the dark wondering who you are, what you are suppose to be doing and how you get there. You don’t have to be ill, you don’t have to be sick and in pain, unhappy or full of frustration or angry or bitter.

You can actually become aware.

We are homo sapiens in transitus. We are a new, different kind of species than what we were two hundred years ago. What worked before does not work now as we change and evolve humanity. We are right in the thick of our mutation as a species, hence the quickening that most are feeling and talking about.

All is being revealed and laid bare for us to live out a new kind of way of being that is full of awareness.

Human Design makes it a little easier to get there.



My love to you ~

Kashi / July 2014