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The Day there was no Moon

Posted in COSMOS on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

It’s amazing what one can see through the science of astrology.

One can witness the planets moving, moment by moment, and see how much they are impacting and influencing the life. It is awe inspiring and mystifying to watch this phenomenon occur.

Mars usually involves work that one is conducting. If Mars is square Pluto, it can bring unpleasant health conditions or cause the car to break down on the way to work. If it is trine Jupiter, it can bring in lots of money, if the ego is not out of control.

Pluto urges the spiritual nature to express itself, which can cause a crisis and an adjustment. When one is in crisis, one is learning to slow down, stay present and to let go. It’s a heavy trip what these planets can lay down on us when they are squared or juxtaposed. But it can also bring sudden windfalls, great new encounters or strange luck.

Mercury is always about communication, as we impact and create our reality through our spoken word. Depending on how Mercury is activated, determines how we are going to interact, talk with and share our insights with others. When Mercury is activated positively, we are reaching agreements, careful and positive in our speech and life seems to run rather smoothly.

All of the planets have an impact, moment by moment, causing us to behave in different ways throughout the day, in all of our interactions.

For most, the Moon is impacting their day more than any other planet, providing key information about a person’s psychology. The Moon impresses the human mind with desires, obsessions and attachments in love. It also haunts us with memories from the past and often starts the day with the same issues that need to be addressed, running through the mind. It is very powerful how the Moon impacts and controls human life.

The Moon governs the thinking process in our romantic interests, too. Thoughts of how our lover is feeling and thinking; what our lover is intending to do. You will also hear the echoes of conversations past and future streaming through the mind throughout the day. Thoughts of a kiss or the last embrace, they are all there. The lover is daydreaming of romantic moments somewhere, in some way, most of the time. It’s the same reason that many love songs and heartbreak ballads are written. It is because these thoughts occupy and dominate the thought-field, as a rule.

Once in awhile, there is a day with no moon influences and that is a sweet gift from heaven, when it happens. There is no pressure, there is no angst and there is no strange, overriding emotion. There is pure, sweet creative energy flowing through that is aligned with one’s true life path in a calm, gentle spirit. That is if one is slow enough and quiet enough in the mind to feel it.

The emotional thought-field of the Moon is very fast changing, faster than any other celestial body. It is also pushing us out of relaxation, which is where disease begins in the body.  The best way to manage the moons impact on the body and mind is to relax and move towards creativity, in some way everyday throughout the day.

At the same time, it is very important to be mindful of how one is being impacted by their environment. For instance, if the person you are living with is holding unpleasant thoughts about you, it is going to suppress your ability to create or to enjoy life. One bad romance or an unkind friend too close to the heart can suffocate and destroy a life. This is why it is imperative to make the right choices. One can either be in drama, swayed by the currents, or one can watch, manage, prepare and inspire the day, creatively, in the right place with the right people who are supportive and congenial.

As we express ourselves creatively, we allow our Soul to come forward and to be a true expression of possibilities, which fosters the wonderful state of joy. We refine our skills, practice what we love and while we are doing what we enjoy, we are actually preparing ourselves for opportunity ~ good opportunities.

The greater our creative expression unencumbered by the emotional body and the mental madness, the higher the quality of inspiration and will to do the next thing, better, more beautiful and a little more slower. Through this conscious adjustment in action and focus, we naturally align with our life purpose.

May you have a blessed, creative day ~ Kashi


Posted in COSMOS on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

If you understand astrology, you can see that important moments in history have coincided with planetary alignments in the heavens. Great events, big transitions, huge impacts and cosmic moments can always be documented, translated and defined according to the Planetsposition of the stars, Sun, Moon and planets, if you understand astrology.

In 1761, William Herschell discovered Uranus and suddenly, we entered into the reality of the nine centered being. On that very day, souls began to stream forth through the neutrino’s from Uranus, populating our planet and bringing a new kind of being who is sensitive, intelligent, aware of a few dimensions in it’s natural perception and a little more evolved in physical abilities and appearance.

Looking back in time, considering those people who have had an impact on the progression of humanity, we see the founding of America in 1776 and the ideals of a group of people centered on creating equality, freedom and justice. Albeit it has evolved in a rather strange way through war, death and ignorance, these events have happened in alignment with the larger cosmic order of existence and with purpose beyond what we will ever understand.

One of the most powerfully impacting transits during my lifetime occurred in the mid 1980’s. I was standing at my kitchen door, looking out at my garden with tears streaming down my face. I whispered out loud to myself,garden gate

“I want to live a spiritual life”.

That moment changed my life in such a way that I could never describe. Events, trauma, pain, darkness and terror followed from the moment that I whispered those words. I had no idea what would happen and where that request would take me when I spoke the commitment to myself. Had I known what was ahead, I probably would have never uttered that wish.

I suppose there is a reason why we stand behind a veil.

That moment occurred during an important planetary transit, the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

I did not know it was the Harmonic Convergence when it happened. I was so deeply involved in my domestic chores and the tasks of being a householder that it never crossed my mind what was occurring in the cosmos with the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets and the impact that it was having on my life.

But something momentous, powerfully impacting and life changing for many happened on that day when the Harmonic Convergence occurred. Many people’s lives were impacted by that important, rare transit. It is also the moment that “The Voice” came to Ra Uru Hu and brought the Human Design science. It was a powerful moment that has written story upon story of life changing events occurring because of that transit.

Everything is deeply connected in a very intimate, comprehensive way and each level of understanding has its own road map, definitions, languages and explanations of what things are and why.

Within these levels of understandings, we find rhythms, patterns, cycles and mysteries of life. Just like there is Astrology, Kaballah, Yoga Science, and Human Design, there is also astronomy, biology, theology and mythology. Existence is defined in many ways on many levels.

For me, having incarnated on the Cross of Cycles, I get an intimate view of how life moves at the level of patterns, rhythms, and cycles. Through my research and study as a student and scientist of the cosmos, I gain a perspective that provides an understanding of what is happening in my reality on a subtle level.

Moving through the program is a long process and it happens on many different levels. It is not a one-track process that happens in three years or in seven or something that you can easily escape or overcome.

When we are deeply asleep and moving by the impulse of the program, we move by our Emotional body and the Moon’s effect upon our mind. It has its own program that most of the human population is responding to. It has its own track and its own channel. You can see how it is governed, fed, enjoyed and worshiped through our daily habits and rituals. The emotional body is dominating our lives powerfully.

And then there is the movement through life dictated by the Mental Body. The Mental Body goes through a graduation of “shock and crisis” experiences. In the “shock and crisis” there is a graduation that takes a being from one level of the spiral to Aura 1the next level of the spiral on the life trajectory. The shock and crisis experiences are meant to crack open the mind so that one can see beyond a narrow view of judgmental thinking.

In those who have transcended the mind’s grip on the vehicle, the monopole has disintegrated and the Spirit has come forward in the beings movement through life. A completely different influence coming from the celestial skies takes over and influences. An initiation happens as one passes through the crisis and the frequency adjusts.

There are different planets, stars, suns, moons and systems that influence according to our level of evolution. Only a master can watch and tell where a students stands and the influence the student is receiving.

Experience after experience after experience after experience.

There is no perfection.



There is only blossoming.





written by kashi rachel stone 2016


Posted in COSMOS on August 2, 2018 by Kashi


Neutrinos come from stars. Our Sun is the closest star to us and emits about 70% of the neutrinos that pass through our planet. Three trillion neutrinos pass through every square inch of space on Earth, including our bodies, every second. The rest of the neutrinos come from other stars in our galaxy and a few planets, such as Jupiter, which makes up about 3%.

Neutrinos are the basis of the Human Design science and the components of interpretation of the design and genetic blueprint of who you are and why you are here. We are all in the neutrino program as we are designed by it and influenced throughout life by it, impacting us and coloring our experience of life.




At the moment of fertilization of the egg in the fetus of the womb, with the Design Crystal and the Magnetic Monopole inside the fertile egg, a neutrino stream begins to build the body of the fetus. This stream continues to build the body until the neo-cortex if fully formed in the brain of the new human.

When the neo-cortex is built, which is the ‘passenger’ in the body, the Magnetic Monopole sends out a signal to bring the Personality Crystal in. The Personality Crystal, which is recognized as the ‘soul’, enters the fetus.

The Magnetic Monopole sits in the sternum, the G Center and has two functions. The first is that it holds our form together in the illusion of separateness, holding the Design and Personality Crystal together acting like a magnet that is attracting.


The second function of the Magnetic Monopole is that it connects us to our movement in space. It guides us along our path of geometry, which we call our life destiny. It moves us through life in the correct direction.

The neutrinos passing through at the exact time of our birth is the imprint that stays with us for the rest of our life. This imprint creates our definition and our life force, which is depicted in the bodygraph. On your chart you will see two dates: your Personality birth date and the Design Crystal Date. This indicates the neutrino imprint of both your body (Design Crystal) and the Personality Crystal (Soul, the Passenger).

Where there is color and imprint in your chart, this is what you will find fixed in your chemistry and the essence of who you really are.

Where it is open and white is the place where you are easily influenced by neutrinos and other auras. It is also a place that is inconsistent in how it experiences, perceives and interprets the neutrino field and the variety of influences of others.


Humans are interested in what is different from them. What is white in our chart makes us long for something different and creates attraction. Where we are open we desire to be filled, we wonder and are curious about what is different than us. Where are split we desire to be connected, so we look for those who connect our splits, yearning to be ‘whole’.

This is when we try to be what we are not; everything gets distorted. When we live out what is not us, we become frustrated, tired and feeling like a failure.

The neutrinos stream through our two crystals, emitting unique patterns that create our experience, unique to our own frequency. The quality of our experience is dictated by how our mind makes decisions. If we are tuned into our Inner Authority and that force being driven by the Magnetic Monopole through this endless, ongoing stream of neutrinos, we live out our purpose in this life.


Living our life through our open Centers can create tremendous pain in our lives that we don’t understand. We become identified with the pain from the experiences of the Undefined Centers and our mind operating through them. Our mind will do what it can to avoid any kind of potential pain. We then develop unhealthy habits and strategies for directing our life and lose our authenticity of being.

The neutrinos will pass through you each moment, every day, filtering through your openness. You do not have to take the neutrino weather on rather you can allow it to flow right through you and out. If you can hold what is fixed in you and make decisions from that place, then you will get the experiences that are correct for you and be taken to the place where you need to be in this lifetime.


You can see the influences of the neutrinos through slight changes in your own behavior. A transit for the day or week can bring a sensation that turns a Generator into a Manifesting Generator and so on. The same can happen when others step into our aura. This is where it is paramount to understand your own chemistry and navigate your life from that place.

That is why Strategy and Authority is so important. It is the only tool that you have to guide you through the neutrinos and auras to the correct place. Your Authority and Strategy communicate directly with the chemistry of your Magnetic Monopole and Design Crystal so that the Personality Crystal is carried where it needs to be, since it does not know.


Use your Strategy and Authority diligently for it is the only way through the Maya of the neutrinos towards your destiny!




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