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Little Boy Who Couldn’t Sit Still

Posted in CHILDREN & HD on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Dancing little girl

I had a visit with a six year old the other day.

Actually, I had a meeting with his mother but the child had a lot of energy and was commanding my attention.

The meeting carried on as the mother spoke her details of our contract while the child ran circles around us standing in the middle of the room.

Watching the child and tuning in, I attempted to determine his bodygraph just from watching and feeling his behavior.

The child flew into a trick or fantasy one after the other, quickly. He went from treasure hunting in the bushes to attempting to do 500 push ups and only succeeding to 125 at which time he immediately went into sit ups. A couple of minutes later, he was running in circles around us. Then, before long, I realized that he was running in circles around me.

The mother was a little surprised, she stopped her download of details, turned to him and said, “Julian, I have never seen you so active!”

That was a clue for me. I have four motors and any one who steps into my aura who is open, especially open Root, is going to really feel the pressure and energy of those motors and take off like a spinning top.

As I watched this child spin around me for the entire visit, I concluded that he was open Spleen from his slight “clingy-ness” that he demonstrated needing his mother’s attention. It felt to me as though he had an open Root, unable to calm and relax, very hyper active.

It also felt to me like he had an open Throat Center because he was so insistent on gaining attention most of the time, and it was uncomfortable to me. That is a good clue for someone having an open Throat. I noticed too that I was feeling pressure in my head, starting to get a headache and thinking that maybe he had a defined Ajna Center.

He also had a ‘softness’ in his eyes and in his warmth of character that I view as an emotional frequency. I concluded that he was an Emotional Generator.

I did have a chance to ask the mother about the childs birth details a few days later and this is what I found:

An Emotional Generator with an open Spleen, Open Root, open Throat, open Will, and open G Centers. He is defined Emotional and he does have defined Ajna and Head Centers.

I felt his energy fairly correctly. That is the magic of Human Design = understanding why people behave the way they do. This melts judgement and possible misunderstandings.

I thought about what it must be like for him in school. If he is around other children who are defined similar to me than he is probably having great difficulty settling down and being still for hours at a time. Fortunately, the child attends a small, alternative school that allows the children to be free and in their own flow.

But imagine what life must be like for the children with open Root Centers being forced to sit still for hours in a classroom when all they want to do is run around and empty the pressure of their Root Centers. It is like a huge press crushing and pushing the body into a hyper state of stress. It can be way too much pressure for the open Root child to take in and manage.

The open Root child is actually magnifying the other defined Root Children that are feeling restless in the classroom. It is really sad for these are the children who get punished, humiliated and put on Ritilan or other anti-anxiety medicines.

As an adult, open Root centered people often suffer blown adrenals, hyper-anxiety and prostrate cancer to name a few of the most common issues I find working with people. A lot of open Root Center people are also taking anti-anxiety medication to assist in managing the pressure of the stress.

You will often hear an Open Root Center individual say. “I have t o hurry up and get this done so I can get on to the next thing”, or “I have to drive fast to this destination so I can get to my next destination sooner”.

The antidote for the open Root Center child is to allow them the time and space to move the pressure through their body; allow them to jump around, run fast, swim hard, ride their bike fast to empty the pressure.


For adults, I suggest that they use a calendar to manage their activities and tasks that they feel pressure about. By using the calendar, the pressure to get things done and over with begins to subside and you see, eventually, life takes care of itself and there is no need to jump or initiate.

There will always be a pressure to act with the open Root Center. Timing is everything and the open Root center people need to understand that so that the open Center does not ruin their life. It is important to see that you must stop and slow down just a bit and not run your life like a hyperactive jumping bean, if you know what I mean!

The open Root Center person who is healthy does not allow pressure to run their life or make their decisions. They know that coming from a still, relaxed place when making a decision or moving through life is going to bring the best results.

So, if you see a child running in circles, a friend moving fast trying to get things done or feeling overwhelmed by what needs to happen next, remind them to breathe, and discover what can be put off for another day.

And the little boy who could not sit still?

Let him run, let him play and let him empty from the day.


2014 Kashi Stone

Children and Human Design

Posted in CHILDREN & HD on August 1, 2018 by Kashi

Children laughing BFF's


Home school and supported in authenticity or institutionalized and conditioned?

I have witnessed and seen both ways and I have an opinion about it.


I have a watched children live out a home school environment that cultivated natural interests and talents and fed social needs according to their demand and watched the conditioning of institutions change the nature of the children, out of tune with their innate way of being and it is painful to watch.

It is thrilling when a parent is curious about their child’s design. To think that a child can be recognized and spoken to according to their Type is an amazing gift for a child. Manifestors are so different from Generators and Projectors are too, Reflectors, even more.

If the parent knows the Type of the child and understands how to communicate with the child through the tools of Human Design, the child is empowered into such a state of grace that carries them through out life; it’s like a good luck charm. They take the firm understanding of who they are, what they need and they have healthy boundaries that keeps them centered on their path towards a fulfilling life.

A woman came to me once. She was lovely, pleasant and sweet but had a bit of a haggard quality to her presence. Ill never forget that day when she looked up at me, slightly bewildered and with a slight whimper of ‘help’, “Can you please help me understand my son?”

I thought she might cry.

“Give me his birth data”, I said.

“Oh, he’s a Manifestor, an emotional Manfestor with a defined ego!” I commented as soon as I saw the boys chart.

No one else in the family or household was a Manifestor. No one else in the household had a defined ego. No wonder she was a bit haggard!

No one understood each other, either. No one knew that they were so unique and different and had unique needs. They did not know any of this until they looked to see who they are through the Human Design lens. Their whole world changed when they began to understand who they are, who the others are around them and just what the Manifestor child needed to feel okay, relaxed and understood. Thank heavens.

In addition, the family began to sleep in separate environments far away enough for each to empty their aura during the night. Their health began to improve; their communication with each other refined and their glow began to shine through.

Understanding each other is everything when you are living together in a group, community or family.

Understanding a child at a young age, learning to give them what they need to be authentic, happy, trusting, peaceful and satisfied is a great gift, an immense act of love.

Public Schools won’t do that, forced social environments wont do that, imposed belief systems wont do that. The only way to raise a child to be authentically who they are is by giving them the environment that they require to thrive, allowing them to tune in and navigate their body, their life, their direction, their own way.

You can teach them to speak their truth with you so you can support their movement. What teacher in school is going to provide that kind of support for your child?

A father came to me not too long ago, with his son seeking a Human Design introductory session. The father came to see me first and then his eight-year old son came on the second visit.

When I discovered that this child had Sacral authority (Channel 34/20), I began to teach him how to use his Sacral voice. When he saw and heard the sounds I was making and trying to teach him, he said to me “I use these sounds all the time but my father gets upset when I respond to him like that. He insists that I answer him in words, not these sounds.”

Oh wow, his father was in for a big surprise when he returned. I would have to tell him that this voice his son uses is absolutely necessary and true and very important for his health and well being.

While we were waiting for his father to return I prepared the boy a sandwich. We sat down to eat and all I could hear was his Sacral voice as he mmmm. I smiled and giggled as I listened to his Sacral voice tell me how much he was enjoying his lunch. If only his father knew.

When his father returned, I got to tell him how important this Sacral voice is that his son speaks with and to encourage his son to use it. The boy was so happy and relieved that he could be authentic and free in his communication that was so incredibly natural and correct for him. The father was relieved that he did not have to struggle to try and force the child to change from what he was doing naturally. The child couldn’t stop using his Sacral voice and now the father understood why.

If they not had their Human Design introductory session with me, and the child had continued to be chastised for using his Sacral voice he would have learned not to trust life and his most natural instincts. He would feel exhausted often from the mental battle over trying to understand what is correct for him while not seeing what he truly enjoys doing. He would give in and allow others to talk him into doing things that he really would not want to do. It could create a big mess for this child for the rest of his life. But he got lucky; he got a Human Design session.

Can you imagine going through life thinking that your Inner Authority, your Sacral voice is wrong? This is happening to a lot of children.

Over half of the population have emotional authority and are encouraged to wait to make decisions. It can actually be very unhealthy for a child with an open Spleen to be spontaneous. How many children are conditioned to act in the moment and not wait? So many, so many. And we wonder why our children become ill.

The expectations that our society puts on children as they are being raised and shaped into adults is so unnatural and lacking awareness.

Once a child is recognized properly and supported in their authenticity it is easy to negotiate with them when they are in the correct environment, surrounded by the right people and sleeping alone in their own aura at night to empty out all influences and get to their own chemistry. Yum.

Imagine a world with children who have been raised according to their own innate operating system and the tools to make it easy, simple and natural. Institutionalized education becomes mute when a child is allowed to research, study and pursue what they love most.

Everything is there to learn in measure as we grow and experience life. Our innate, genetic skills naturally lead us into what we need to learn to express our life path and feel immense satisfaction. Doing what we love and have the natural talent for naturally brings flow of abundance.

Perhaps someday science will discover and validate this too, but then again, universities would lose millions of dollars if children really knew and understood who they are and were allowed to be just that – free of others agenda’s and navigating from their soul.


Kashi Stone  2014