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Living with an Open G Center

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bigstock_Couple_At_Home_1298494The open G center is like a chameleon. As the chameleon moves from one environment to another, the lizard’s natural camouflage kicks in, and its skin mimics the shade and color of each new environment. In this way the tiny creature can warm itself in the sun, absorbing the heat, hidden in full view, waiting patiently for opportunity.



Open G Centers operate in a similar fashion in the way that they take on the subtle vibrations of an environment and the people that share the same environment with them, acquiescing to that field of influence. This ever changing field of influence on the open G tends to make one wonder just who they are as their shade changes with each different environment. It can be confusing to change your identity like the wind that blows and never settling into one single role in life.  It can be unsettling and confusing when we are taught to settle down and grow roots in one place when the open G is here to experience many different environments and experiences of love.


With an aware open G center, chances are that you will not fall into the tradition of what our culture has deemed appropriate. Rather, you will move into different environments as you are directed by others and sense the comfort of a place.

Funny thing is, when you go to a place that you once felt good in, with that open G center, it may not be the same next time. As the waves of  different people come and go throughout your life, you will be continuously in a state of “feng shui’ as you move through life arranging your environment – from furniture to jobs to love relationships. If it is feeling good and there is recognition for who you are, chances are that you can hang your hat for awhile and enjoy the sensation and relaxation but things do change and you never know what your open G center is going to reveal to you, it is incredibly present and aware of the changes in the background field.


The Open G is so sensitive that it naturally acquiesces to its environment, revealing if it is the right place for them or not. If it is, an open G center will shine, be content and incredibly satisfied with life while enjoying good health and abundance in doing what they love and are passionate about.


If the place is wrong for the open G center, one can become ill, not getting the bigstock_not_so_happy_couple_20318813opportunities that are needed to thrive and instead become quite miserable.


The open G center never knows who it is, it never will. It will change and go through many identities as it travels through life exercising its ability to choose the correct environment and people to surround itself with. The open G identity will change as often as the environments change.




The open G center is incredibly sensitive as it moves in openness that can never be consistently fixed. With the constant change in identities comes a confusion that arises over their love or the love of others. It is an ever flowing question of “will I find love here?”

The open G center is a fabulous key for navigating your way to the correct place and correct people where you will find love. You will notice with the open G that when you suddenly step into the correct environment, there will be a flutter in the G center. It is very, very subtle, but when you have moved into the right environment, your body is going to tell you and let you know that you have spoken or chosen the correct direction for you. With that immediate fluttering sensation there will be a sense of relaxation in the body, most likely accompanied by a sigh and a sense of relief.


When it comes to love and attraction, be aware of the electromagnetics that activate the chemistry of the genetic imperative within you and see that the attraction is there but notice what the G center is indicating. Sometimes the electromagnetics can be so powerful aligning the mind with their pull. Something feels sexy and interesting but what does the open G center resonate to? Is it fluttering? Is it filling up? Are you relaxed and smooth with your energy? Do you feel happy? Notice the tone of your voice and your mannerism as it adapts. Do you like what you see or hear?


The guidance of the open G center will certainly surprise your mind and make you wonder, but the body already knows ahead of the mind. The body is speaking a language on a level that is not completely obvious and apparent to most. The resonation of the open G center is so very subtle it is easy to miss when one is filled with mind chatter.


bigstock_Couplewalking__520763The open G center will tell you if someone is the right person but the important thing to keep in mind is that there really is no “correct” person in love. Everything changes and the body will tell you when it is time for a change. Your love will change and the people will change and with time, place, and situation, a love changes. You will change, and what was love may no longer be ‘the’ love. Try to stay open to others and understand that you need the freedom to sample the love of life and know what real love is. It is a life long journey for you but you are keenly tuned into what is love by experiencing that process of looking for love.



The wrong environment can bring out the very worst in a person who has an open G center. When the energies are not in harmony with the core nature of the being, there is no opportunity to express oneself authentically. It is difficult to find support or encouragement, let alone recognition for who you are and what you have to contribute if you are surrounded by the wrong people. The wrong environment brings the wrong people and wrong situations. It removes opportunity from your grasp and leaves you bewildered and lost.

An aware open G center knows that it is going to be seeking out love, looking for the ‘one’ or the sensation of being filled up with love, the right place and the right identity that an environment will bring to them.  The aware open G center knows that the correct place and people change with time and does not become attached. They are in a state of wonder as they move from one place to another, allowing others to guide them onto the next thing. An aware person with an open G center is not going to feel lost with this sensation of not having a fixed identity and seeking out love, rather they will feel content as they move through life sampling love and becoming experts at understanding love.


If you have an open G center, take a look at your ongoing health. Observe how you feel when you are in a particular place or home. Notice the way you change in your presentation of self, in mannerism and character.

Notice who has a defined G center in your regular environment and study how their design impacts you.


Are you being recognized for what you have to offer and are best skilled at?

Is your health strong and are you feeling vibrant and alive?


Are you working within an environment that makes you feel ‘yummy’ when you walk into its threshold?


Are you playing out a role in life that does not really suit you and lacks passion?



Your open G center knows what love is in a way that goes beyond the genetic urge of the chemical attraction that electromagnetics bring or the minds tendency to rationalize conditioning thoughts and reason, completely disconnected from the body wisdom.

The open G center can challenge what is deemed ‘normal’ in romantic relationships, friendships and traditional family values, as it samples people and places constantly, on its way to finding that correct place of contentment where it is surrounded by the right people. Often, those places are outside of the family nucleus or the traditional marriage that is usually created through conditioning or reckless, spontaneous, passionate love affairs as a result of powerful electromagnetics. In the aware person, the open G center will lead you naturally towards a love that allows self love to be part of the relationship.

Electromagnetics can easily create confusion in the push and pull of relating that draws us bigstock_Couple_In_Love_5189627towards a person and gives a sensation of thrill. The aware open G center will observe the electromagnetics and follow the sensation that comes through the open G center telling them that a person is truly correct for them or not, overriding the pull of the genetic drive that is purely focused on reproduction.

If there is an attraction but a strange uncomfortable feeling in a particular environment, something is not correct in that engagement. If there is a smooth relaxation in the exchange of energy and the environment feels really good to you and you are feeling a sense of joy, you may be meeting an important person or in the exact, correct flow for things to unfold properly for you.


Observe and follow how you feel in your body in different environments that you encounter and then watch to see how the people impact you within that environment.  Are they bringing the best qualities out of you or is it rapidly degenerating your health and success.


I invite you to observe and experiment with the various impacts that the different environments bring and see how your body wisdom tunes into what is right for you.


I think you will be pleasantly surprised where that journey will take you when you move according to that inner compass. It is a tremendous challenge for it requires disregarding the mind and its tendency to rationalize. It causes you to tune into a place that you are not necessarily familiar with. It is a journey deep within your self that will take you to the very core of who you are, guiding you and bringing you into opportunity and contentment.

Written by Kashi Stone, 2011


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Chakras of nine


From 7 ~ 9 Centers






The open centers operate as our learning systems. The undefined centers become the source of our wisdom as you keep the lessons learned but don’t hold onto them.

The HEAD Center is about not getting stuck in the pressure to figure things out or knowing which questions are worth answering. There is no need to continue to run to one teacher after another to get answers to your questions. When you are tuned into your Strategy and Authority you get the correct inspiration and the questions for you.
More information here: HEAD

The AJNA Center is about conceptualizing and thinking about things that matter.
More information here: AJNA

The Throat Center is about learning about the timing of communication and manifestation and recognizing who can get things done. They become wise about knowing when to speak and act and also recognize who speaks the truth and has something of value to say. They recognize who is a good speaker and communicator. They can become master speakers and can understand the art of articulation and have great language skills. They also know who is health for them or not, who is allowing them to be themselves.
More information here: THROAT

The G Center is for learning all the different types of people in the world. It’s about learning to surrender and entrust your life to power much greater than yourself. You learn all about love and direction and you become very wise about these things.
More information here: G CENTER

The EGO CENTER is learning how to be without getting caught up in the ‘proving game’. You learn who you can trust and who you cannot, who is accountable to their word and who is not.
More information here: EGO

The SPLEEN CENTER is about learning to become wise about awareness and intelligence as it relates to human survival. You can see who has the survival skills and who is taking a risk that is detrimental. You learn how to determine which relationships, jobs and places that are healthy.
More information here: SPLEEN

The SOLAR PLEXUS is about learning when it is appropriate to confront others with the truth and learning to be wise which confrontation is appropriate. You learn who is emotionally healthy or not, you become authentic with who you are, instead of pretending in order to protect yourself.
More information here: SOLAR PLEXUS

The SACRAL CENTER is about becoming wise at knowing when enough is enough. They know who has the energy for work and who does not. They become wise about the mysteries of life.
More information here: SACRAL

The ROOT CENTER is about learning and becoming wise about the pressures and stress in the world. The wisdom of the Root center is learning what pressure is correct and which is not. They are aware when they are using outside pressure to assist them getting things done and do not allow pressure to unconsciously run them which brings stress, missed opportunities and potential accidents.
More information here: ROOT

The “When and How” of the Open Throat Center

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The open Throat Centre in a not-self unawareness, often plays out through a person who will talk out of turn, often inappropriately, and create a ‘snag’ in the flow of a conversation in a group gathering. The open Throat Centre will talk beyond a comfortable point and as a result begin to lose the interest of the group they are talking at.

Like every manifestation of the ‘not-self’, over-talking and trying to attract attention is an unpleasant frequency that will make others want to turn off their attention. The group dynamic will then begin to wane and dissipate. When the open Throat Centre impacts in its not-self manifestation many of those seated at the table around them can sense that something has shifted on a subtle level and it is slightly uncomfortable for a moment.

The open Throat Centre will often talk over others, sometimes louder or sometimes bursting in abruptly. It will often try many different ways to bring attention back to themselves in various attempts to be validated and be the centre of attention again. They will often continue in conversation as though they have an audience when in fact, most of the group is moving on in their thoughts having reached their peak of interest and checking out who to converse with next that might be a little more interesting and who will not dominate the conversation.

This type of open Throat Centre behaviour can be very irritating and disturbing in a peaceful conversation and interferes with the background field in a group dynamic.


On the other hand, the aware open Throat Centre knows that it is open and is familiar with that sensation of trying to draw attention to itself and the tendency to talk too much. They have learned that if they talk first, they automatically lose any advantage in the conversation. They most likely will look unintelligent and possibly ridiculous if they do speak first. After all, the open Throat Centre operating incorrectly really doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. It’s like a blind person getting into a large car and driving into a sea of traffic, with predictable consequences.

The open Throat Centre, that is aware, does not speak until it is drawn out or asked for a response. It sits quietly waiting, peaceful and not urging for expression. It seems to be the most impossible thing for an open Throat Centre and yet it is one of the most powerful things that an open Throat Centre can do.

An aware open Throat Centres affect an entire group on a subtle level that has exquisite grace, which is quiet in its movement and natural in its relaxed awareness of the tension in the ‘no space’ for expression of the open Throat Centre. They can actually create more ease in the group with their quietness. Attention comes to them from the quality of their silent presence that intensifies and is felt by those in the group when something needs to be said or done and no one is saying or doing it. The aware Throat Centre can bring pinpoint attention to an entire group without saying a word. Then they are naturally called out. Then they speak only what needs to be spoken. Then everyone relaxes.

The open Throat Centre sits quietly and may speak a few words or a few sentences when it is asked or invited but not too much. It holds its not-self voice at bay, allowing its natural wisdom to operate – the ability to see and track the manifestations of others. It moves like a panther through a jungle of thoughts, voices, words, sighs and laughter. And when it speaks, just like the graceful, powerful pounce of the jungle cat, it is eloquent, appropriate, effective, practical and very often astoundingly perceptive. And then naturally, there is the quiet, gentle movement back into the background until it’s time for it to show it’s beauty and grace again in response to the ‘almost imperceptable gaps’ or ‘untruths’ of others. That is its power, its natural beauty, to move gently like the quiet jungle cat without disturbing, without too much noise, just quietly moving, aware, and in the relaxed state that comes from being aware that the right timing will appear.

If you have an open Throat Centre, relax, feel the frequencies of the manifestations around you, sit quietly, be in your true power and be beautiful.


Written 2012  by Kashi Stone

The Open G and the Open Road

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Open G HighwayIn a lecture about the open G Center, Ra mentions  that the open G Center is about “collecting places”.

With my immature open G Center, I never really understood this until recently. I could see the mental tapes of the open G happen and notice how my mind uses that Center to drive me. “Where am I supposed to live?” “Who am I in this lifetime and what am I suppose to be doing?” “Who is my love, the one for me?” these tapes have played in my mind all of my life.


“Who Am I?”

I have settled into being me. I don’t wonder anymore about whom I am, what am I here to do and who is my love. I know myself well now, thanks to Human Design. I get it. I also understand very well what I am here to do, thanks again to Human Design. The tapes still pop up occasionally but they don’t drive my life like they use to.

I also know that romantic love is a crazy illusion that plays out a drama with the pull of electromagnetics and the differences between two people. Those two things create such friction for a dramatic experience. I’d rather radiate love to everybody, be whole and ecstatic and do without the drama, if I can.

But what is becoming very apparent to me is the truth behind the words I hear Ra state about the open G Center, that we are here to collect places.

I see it now in my moving about. I am experimenting with the idea that to be fixed, to be stationary works against the natural movement of life. As an open G Center, I am experimenting with being fluid in my movement and available to go anywhere at any time. It can be a very, scary experience for most, especially with the conditioning that makes us feel that we should settle down, have a home, be married and raise children as we feed the system. But that is really not natural to life and existence.

If you observe the cosmos, you see that the entire universe is moving through space.

The same is happening with the open G Center, in particular, who is being pulled along a trajectory that is intended to experience lots of environments and relationships. This is the work of the open G, to have this experience in the forefront of the souls evolution in this lifetime.

So I have been moving through space and seeing what I bump into.


“Where is home?”

Now, before I move through space, I wait for others to show me where to go next.

I get lots of invitations to visit places from friends in various areas around the world. I let it flow through me and wait to see if there is any momentum behind the invitation. If there is not a second call or a second invitation, it will go flat and nothing happens in that direction.

However, if the invitation is correct, I usually hear “Welcome home” when I have made my decision and arrive at the new destination. I have noticed this trend recently. When I hear “welcome home”, I know that I have landed in a good place for me – for the moment, and its one of my “places” that I collect and return to in my flow.

That is the thing about the open G Center, what is good one moment can become the wrong place instantly. This change is brought through the transits changing chemistry or change in auras in the environment. You just never know when it is going to shift. This is the lesson of the open G Center.

I’m finding it a rather comical journey to watch what is correct, how quickly things change and just how often I move through space from one place to the next. It is truly bizarre and goes against everything I was taught as I was raised. I actually appear as a real freak to my family because of my desire to move through space and to bump into things in a serendipity reality. I call it my magic carpet ride. Not many people understand this way of being.

I have recently given up the mental tape:

“Where am I suppose to be?”

I get it now – everywhere and anywhere, whenever. As long as I drop my mind from trying to figure it out, stay fluid and flexible in my ability to wait, listen and filter, I’m good no matter what. I just keep moving.

I really try to listen to how my G Center is feeling as I move about.

I notice and pay attention to how my G Center feels in each environment, with each person and with the activities that I am doing.

I have actually witnessed my mind trying to talk me out of an environment that is correct. I knew it was correct because of the flutter of my G Center. I went with the flutter instead of the mind and what an amazing experience. It actually saved me lots of money that my mind was intending to spend.


“Where Is Love?”

The love does not grow in the open G Center without the evolving awareness of the force of divine, universal love. Divine love comes from the place of wholeness and self-respect. When we take the time to care, nurture, maintain healthy boundaries and love our selves we change our frequency and relationship with the nature of love. When the G Center is on fire with divine love, the whole aura radiates out to the entire environment.

The aware open G Center is no longer so easily swayed by romantic tendencies, rather it becomes aware of a higher kind of expression of love, compassion, self-love and respect for life.

Sexuality and romantic love begins to take a back seat with the evolution of this Center. The consideration of how our being is being impacted by the merging of auras becomes more significant and apparent. The dramatic romance becomes evidently a drain and the illusion of love is cracked and dropped. It really doesn’t taste good in the life experience to love in this manner. The G Center is vibrant and on fire, it knows the depth and beauty of a higher love and it grows and it grows into ecstasy.

This higher love makes it easier to move about through life. If there are no attachments in relationship then there is an easier move about life; there is less drama and there is an independent trajectory allowing for the life purpose to be fulfilled.

Life is delicious.

Having an open G Center requires one to surrender and allow for all of the changes in places to live, lovers and not lovers, jobs that come and go and friends that are there one day and then gone the next. It is all about embracing change and gaining expansion in real love.

It’s a beautiful trip.

Love to you, Kashi



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Kashi Stone 2014

The Nature of the Ego

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Learning how to live together in harmony, inside a family, a group or a collective is a fertile testing ground for one’s own level of patience, grace and maturity and proof of one’s ego.

If there are any ‘kinks’ or pressure in a person’s chemistry, as the bodygraph depicts, then one finds the weak point or the challenge that one must endure in this life while interacting and relating with others. This is where the ego is reprimanded, refined, conditioned or transformed.

The most common Ego expression is competition. The fierce competitive tendency of the Ego mind is prevalent in both undefined and defined Ego’s but uniquely expressed in each.

The defined Ego loves a good spar, a challenging competition or a good boxing match. To the defined Ego, any moment they can exercise a little muscle to get their own way or spar for a win, they are turned on and ready to go. It is exciting for them.

The undefined Ego competes from a place of insecurity, fear or victimhood. The undefined Ego loves the opportunity for a good spar and a chance to kick ass but there is a slight hesitation hiding behind the exertion. There is also the feeling of defeat before the spar begins and they cannot help but prove, hoping that the insecurity fades and the pressure dissipates.

This is how the point of consciousness is expressed sitting in the Solar Plexus; it is impulsive, competitive, reactive, sparring and warring; it is also possessive, victimized, jealous and covets. Each of these attributes create tremendous pressure in the body system.

With the Solar Plexus also comes a heavy stone in the stomach. The stronger the ego expression, the more the belching, ulcers, cancer of the stomach and other associated illnesses.

Pressure can be so unpleasant.

But it can be managed.

Managing Ego begins with watching thoughts.

Watching thoughts as one is waking up to greet the day

Watching thoughts as one is preparing breakfast

Watching thoughts as one is brushing hair

Watching thoughts as one drives the car to work

Watching thoughts in conversation and sharing

We must be mindful in all actions as thoughts influence and create life. Critical, negative thinking lowers the vibration, so does a judging spirit that condemns and accuses.

However, when we are in a place of truth and transparency, in a place of authenticity, the Ego is naturally subdued with integrity as the core navigation.

Integrity is loving one’s body enough to nourish with the types of food that bring high vibration into our body. Integrity is aligning with the correct environment and people so that one can thrive; integrity is saying “no” when the energy begins to drain and starts to create pain.

Integrity is moving towards what feels right in the body, eases the mind and brings relaxation into the system.

May integrity navigate and transform the nature of one’s Ego.


written by Kashi Stone 2017

The Great Cover-Up

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A friend came to visit me the other day. I was happy to see her and she was happy to see me. It was a lovely moment and for some reason, her presence kept me in a constant state of ecstasy ~ much to my delight. It doesn’t take much to send me into ecstasy but it is nice when it’s a constant stream rippling through my body when I am sitting with someone. The romance with Higher Self is the most fulfilling, delicious relationship that a human can experience.

The Higher Self loves it when one is bumping into the right people at the right moment in the right places. The serendipitous trajectory that is a basic human right, staying present and in the moment, is the only way to step into this reality of luscious, ecstatic existence with one’s higher source. So often, humans miss that opportunity and remain as a prisoner to their mental tapes, dogma or rationalizations. Thank heavens, we have stepped into the Age of Aquarius. Humanity is evolving and perceptions are broadening. It is a blessing, indeed.

Perhaps, the most revolutionary change upon humanity that is happening right now is the Solar Plexus mutation. With this mutation comes a change in the way humans relate and interact and a powerful way of operating life.

The mutation first began in the mid-1700’s, when we began our transition from Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius. It was during this time in history when Uranus, Pluto and Neptune were discovered by astronomers. Each time a super star or planet is seen, there is a jump in evolution, which changes the way humanity lives, eats, relates and breathes, impacting the human form greatly. What is meant to be revealed gets revealed in accordance to the evolutionary phase of humanity.

With the discovery of these three planets, came the mutation that is causing the emotional part of our being to change radically. It is also changing a host of other things inside of our being, which is why Pluto and Neptune are important indicators, as much as Uranus.

What is exciting about this mutation is that it is calling out and bringing forth a level of integrity that humanity is desperately needing in its interaction with life.

Addressing the deepest aspects of our emotional conditioning and the insecurities that ride with it, we begin to uncover, unearth and expose what I call, “The Great Cover-up”. One can easily see this “Cover-up” with the influence of these planetary forces streaming through our human system. The new state of heightened awareness that many people are realizing today makes integrity paramount to the process of awakening and impossible to hide anything. It is a blessing.

“The Great Cover-up” is a state of hyper-insecurity that often, stems from an Ego who feels challenged, threatened or who has done something that they do not want anyone to know about so they create a cover that hides the truth. It’s very common, this “Great Cover-up”, for it is used often, unconsciously, in most relating.

“The Great Cover-up” gets put into place when the Ego feels tremendous fear or self-loathing, which can be seen in the compromises made through choices and decision-making. This is the beauty of this mutation that is happening. It actually demands that one become responsible for their behavior and for what they speak or think. This proves just how important being in the present moment is for all human beings, no matter who they are.

In “The Great Cover-up”, often, the insecure, fearful one will point attention towards another, directing eyes away from actions that have not been in integrity. It could be embarrassing being a 1/3, 3/6 or a 3/5 Profile, as taught in the Human Design science. Many mistakes and broken bonds happen with these three Profiles, creating messy karma. A 6/3 Profile tends to think before it acts, feeling the responsibility of its decisions and impact.

The 5/1 is often, the victim of such mayhem in human relating. It’s not so easy to attack a 5/2, with their tendency to be shy and withdrawn. But with the stance of authority that the “1” carries and the mirror of projections of an unhealthy society, it’s easy to attack a 5/1 and make them look as though they are the bad guy, at least for a minute. Suddenly, there is so much noise regarding the 5/1, the crowd is shouting, “crucify him, crucify him” with the intentional “cover-up”. Before long, the 5/1 is hanging on the cross. But, most of us know what happens to the one who gets hung on the cross, they rise again. This is the nature of the Profile 5/1, when correct and fulfilling their destiny.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design was a 5/1. He knew how it felt to be the heretic and the one who was to blame when others felt threatened or fearful. With his defined Ego Manifestor design, most likely, he plowed right past the crowd and ignored the petty, insecure, bored minds, much like the environment that facebook can provide.

With this mutation, many people are making an effort to take their power back through conscious decision-making. This is one of the glorious benefits of this mutation.

Watching people wake up is a very satisfying experience and it is encouraging. Human Design does assist with gaining greater understanding of why things are happening in the Program. Ra Uru Hu has often referred to Human Design as a “dualistic measuring machine for the maya”.

Indeed it is.

A spiritual teaching, it is not. Human Design is not designed for connecting with Higher Forces. It is designed to manage chemistry IN THE PROGRAM.

Human Design attempts to convey to the student that through emphasizing Inner Authority and Strategy of TYPE, one can make better decisions, which creates a better ride through the PROGRAM, using the body graph as a tool and symbol to transmit its teachings.

Sometimes, humans get very comfortable in their dogma, looking for ways to rationalize their way out of responsibility for their own being. And for that reason, Human Design becomes incredibly helpful to managing one’s process, intellectually.

However, Higher Principles are mandatory to the process of evolution and transformation, ultimately, requiring an enlightened teacher for evolving into one’s highest potential.



Written by Kashi Stone 2017

The Gifts of the Open Centers

Posted in CENTERS on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

gift present for you

When we first consider mental tapes and our open Centers, we tend to think that it must be bad and we wish we didn’t have that Center open.

Each open Center actually has a beautiful gift to offer the chemistry of a person when it begins to balance, mature and flower into a healthy state.

When we first look at our open Centers, we do see how our mind is using the openness to drive our life. We see that the open Ego will drive the life based on low-self-esteem, the open G Center will make decisions trying to find love and the right home and the open Root Center will push energy too fast, miss opportunities and bring chaos into the process. The list goes on, as we look at each open Center and how the mind uses it to drive our life away from our true expression.

It takes a long time to really see our open Center behaviour. It was not until my fifth year did I actually truly begin to see how my open Throat Center was sabotaging me so subtly. Then, the following year I began to “see” my open G Center speak to me and guide me; that blew my mind. The seventh year of my process applying Human Design to my life, I began to see my open Head Center taking on other people’s stuff. I had been doing it all my life but it suddenly became incredibly apparent and obvious. I really had not understood what I was reading intellectually, regarding these centers prior to the ‘opening’ of my awareness with each center.

It is in the observation that one actually becomes aware. And the observation is an unfolding process over time, never immediate.

Ra, the founder of Human Design mentioned many times that this process of awakening and realigning is a seven-year process. You cannot shortcut it. It takes seven years, but seven years if you APPLY the science, not pretending to be applying and using the tools.

I watch myself get caught up without realizing it. But thank heavens I can stop the subtle sabotage and redirect my focus back on myself. I can sense when I begin to go in that direction and each time that sensation becomes stronger and stronger. Over time, it becomes less of an issue as the gift of the Head Center comes to the forefront and rests in grace inside my chemistry.

The same with my open Throat Center; I am still learning to catch myself with over talking, interrupting, feeling pressure to speak, the list goes on. But my awareness with it is growing and the management of the open Throat Center is becoming less effortless as the gift comes forward.

That is the way our open Centers are; we don’t see them until we are ready to see them and then, eventually, we get the gift.

Here is the list of gifts that I see each open Center brings to us in a state of awareness.


Root Center
“Being present is my elixir as I relax into the here and now”

Spleen Center
“My Self Love keeps me healthy as I keep good boundaries and nourish my body”

Sacral Center
“I maintain balance and don’t always say, “yes” because I can sense when enough is enough”

Emotional Center
“I am Centered, que sera, sera, what will be, will be, I can take it truly being me”

Ego Center
“There is a sweet confidence and true humility being just me”

G Center
“The whole Planet is my home, and I am free to be me as I give my love freely from the center of my being”

Throat Center
“I don’t have to say a word for in silence and stillness rests my beauty and my power”

Ajna Center
“I may have an opinion but I really know nothing because ignorance truly is bliss”

Head Center
“I have enough of my own concerns, I do not need to take on the concerns of others but I can stay compassionate”

We are working towards a state of relaxation. We are not ignoring and rejecting others, nor are we resisting helping those in need. We are taking care of ourselves first so that we can actually serve and be of assistance and truly be effective. If we can taste the elixir that each of these gifts bring to us then we are actually capable of living our soul’s path.

Through this process of Self discovery one could describe it as being a bit selfish but when you get to the other side and taste the wholeness of your own chemistry with the gifts each open Center brings then you have more to give than you ever did before. It is a strange, funny juxtaposition of reality in the game of duality.

Kashi Stone 2014



Garden and the Will

Posted in CENTERS on August 3, 2018 by Kashi

There is no greater place evident of how the Will Center operates than in the garden. Where there is the will for life, there is a garden with a harvest. And that harvest is reliant on how much will has been put into the life of the garden.

If there has not been enough attention and care, there will be thin, dying, fruitless plants and no harvest. If there is the “will” to do what is required for a healthy garden, there is a bountiful harvest.

This is what the Will Center is all about.

On our farm, I hand a garden project over to a student farmer to test their abilities and interests in farming so that we can position them properly. I give them a list of things that they can do and they decide which ones they would like to do. They can work whenever they feel like it. They are their own “boss”.

I don’t say another word. I might make a small comment as a reminder to see if the “light” comes on in their head. But other than that, I just watch and see how much will they have to assist in the project, first, and then how much will they have to do a good job.

I am firm believer that if someone is doing what they love, you don’t have to tell them anything. It’s a joy to work in that understanding and reality.

On the farm, if I ask a defined Will to do something and they agree, they will get it done, sooner or later. They are usually the first one’s awake in the morning and ready to start the day. They usually move in their own timing but they do get things done. Most of the time, they have it done before you come back to check on it. They move very differently than the undefined Wills, as a whole. Keep in mind that there are always exceptions.

You can’t make a defined Will person do something that they don’t feel like doing. They might try it for a day or two, or even a week but if their heart is not into it, they will lose all momentum. The work gets sloppy and the project fizzles or someone else takes over because they are leaving. You wont get the best. But if you give them something that their heart is into, the job usually gets done.

An undefined Will person tends to say, “yes” much more often and much more quicker than a defined Will person does. Then, you have to watch and see if their words match their actions and if they are really into the project. Sometimes it is hard to tell when they have been proving their abilities to you in conversation and expressing their desire for the work.

I find that the undefined Will people who say the least about their abilities are the best, most loyal workers when their heart or “will to do” is into the project.

For instance, I recently employed a couple of different people to assist me in the garden and with the animals. The first young man had spent months in casual conversation with me about how much he wanted to live on a farm, work in the garden and tend animals. He impressed me with his loving tone as he shared with me what was important to him. I remembered our conversations and when I was ready for help, I contacted him and asked him to come and work with me.

Even though he told me so many times how important farm life was to him and how much he wanted to work the land and create a relationship with the animals, he did the reverse in action.

I watched his words and I watched his will. He kept leaving messes with his work. I would have to clean up after him because he would do it half the way. There was absolutely no will in the work at all. And the instructions that I would give him would just fly right past his head. He couldn’t hear me.

He was a lovely spirit but he didn’t have the “will to do” the work to make things live, or sustainable on our farm.

I knew that this young man had only one motor. I encouraged him to take a ten-minute nap in the morning and a maybe half an hour nap in the afternoon each day to regenerate his Sacral energy.

He loved the idea and immediately started taking his naps, all day long. Hardly anything was tended to or got done.

After one week of this, his job was finished and he was ushered to move on.

Then, I decided to take up my girlfriends offer for her son to come and assist me on the farm with my tasks. He had three motors and was eager to work. With his three motors, I was going to finally get some help, I thought.

The boy arrived. I settled him in and explained to him the tasks ahead: the animals, watering the garden, moving soil, etc. I told him to get comfortable and establish his own rhythm in assisting me.

I gave him about three days to respond to my subtle hints regarding the tasks that he was here to do. He never responded. He just walked around with his headphones on and with a smile on his face, behaving as though he was doing something important. He did as little movement as possible. If he assisted me in a garden project, he would last about an hour and then be on his way to do another task that required less physical effort.

Obviously, his will was not into the work.

Later, in the kitchen, I asked him what he thought about the idea of a different type of job in another type of business. He lit up like a Christmas tree. He thought it was a fabulous idea. He could move in that direction and probably excel way beyond his capacity in this job that he really didn’t have the “will to do”. He agreed and I sent him on his way, back to his mother.

A few days later, a defined Will person showed up to work on our farm.

When he arrived he assessed the situation, asked a few questions, and then put on his work-gloves and went to work. There was no more conversation. All projects were attended. And the work got done well, each day. No one had to wonder if things were being tended to and it was getting done before we thought to check on it. Nice.

I was amazed when I saw this contrast.

I could finally relax.

Until a week later, when his girlfriend had called to say that she had died her hair blonde and was out having fun.

He was on the next flight out of here.

His will changed its direction and focus, immediately. His heart was no longer into the project and he stopped everything, grabbed the next bus to the airport and flew out as early as he could to get back to his girl. That was definitely a defined Will in action moving the direction of his own will. Whether it was correct or not, we cannot say. However, it left a big impact on our farm.

Can you see through these simple examples above, how much time, energy and money was wasted as people went through their process of discovering what they really want to do?

Can you see how much impact it has when we decide to do something that our heart is not really into but we have allowed our mind to talk us into something because we think we “need” the money?

The guy with four motors and a defined Will who flew back home to his girlfriend ten days later, probably spent quite a bit of money on travel and is probably losing money trying to figure out what it is that he really wants to do. Not only that, he cant really feel his Will Center, he is too wrapped up in his emotional drama with his girl. You could see it in his face when he was here. His mind was full of mental tapes.

Work gets left undone, projects get dropped, money is paid for work that is only half the quality and effort; it impacts in a huge way, not just one person but many.

This is what we see everywhere, people who are doing things that they really aren’t into and their mind is forcing their body to do the work. It is so unnatural. No wonder its hard to get up in the morning or head out to do that task that we really don’t want to do.

Our fears and insecurities cause us to do this. Most of the time, we are making decisions about the type of work we are going to do from a very mental place. We look for what is available and we choose to do certain things because our mind has taken us into a desperate thought process. We initiate and ask people for work or we mentally devise a plan that will provide the funds for what is ahead. It is very, very distorted and very incorrect.

The headmaster of our farm broke the moment of silence while we were sitting together and said, “You know, I have been thinking about this and observing, and I see one quality that distinctly identifies the difference in the way people work and show up.”

“Oh really? What is that?” I ask.

“I noticed that the Projector who has no motors is the one who we can depend upon the most and is in a state of devotion and appreciation. You can tell that this is what he wants to do and that he is eager to please. The one motor boy is the same. You can tell that he loves his job and is committed to doing it. I can totally depend on him.”

It is true. There is a quality of devotion in the Projector and the one motor boy that are the most dependable and committed. It is obvious that there is an element of love for the work, the group and the vision in their “will to do”. It really doesn’t matter what their tasks is. It is more about the “will to do” in the group and being with the people that they enjoy being with. This is very obvious.

Wherever there is gratitude and appreciation, there is very little ego and things flow nicely. That is how it usually feels in the correct environment with the right people.

Discovering what is mind and what is Will, is the work for us to do. If we don’t have the “will to do”, then it would be best if we didn’t do it. If we are in the right place, then we are going to have the “will to do” and we will be grateful.

S & A gets you to the right place where you can use your will, defined or not.

They go hand in hand.

Written by kashi rachel stone     2015

False Sacral

Posted in CENTERS on August 2, 2018 by Kashi

Coffee smile

The world is in love with coffee.

People are deeply addicted to its effect and their personal, cultivated tastes. There are a variety of drinks for all tastes buds. From the cappuccino to the latte, to the espresso to the ordinary cup of coffee, most of the population has dialed in their personal preference of this extraordinary addiction.


Two people wake up, turn on the kettle, get ready for the day and pour a cup of coffee before they begin to face the world.

As the two slowly wake to start the day, it is quiet and calm, slow and gentle while they move about. The teakettle begins to blow, the ritual of a cup or two begins and the Coffee for twotwo sit to share for half an hour or so before they go.

As the coffee goes down, the body comes alive. The juices begin to flow as it moves through their veins and jumpstarts the day.

“That was a delicious cup of coffee. Would you like another one?”

“Why yes, that was delicious, fill me up again.”

You will notice that the voice levels begin to rise and the heart rates start to speed up as the coffee goes down. The energy level is “amping” up and so is everything around them, hopefully. I mean this is why we drink coffee, yes?

The false Sacral juice is in the blood and now it is time to face the day.


How this ritual impacts our interaction is actually a big deal. It colors our whole day with an emotional friction and a stress pressure that takes us far away from our center and far from our Inner Authority. This false Sacral energy is food for our mental tapes and an instigator of reckless emotional behaviour.

I think the Type that suffers the most is the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are already stimulated, hyper and fast in nature, in comparison to the other Types. When an MG drinks a cup of coffee, watch out!

MG’s are already challenged at being patient and waiting for life to come to them. They are ready to burst through the gate at the racetrack of life at any moment.

And with this fast energy comes the quality of anger like the Manifestor. The MG will rise to anger quickly with the heat of a cup of coffee as they push and meet resistance through out the day, moving impatiently as most do.

A lot of energy, most likely, will be wasted on mistakes, missed opportunities or energy on things that don’t matter. Or they may spill their coffee across their desk. It doesn’t matter, something will happen.

The Projector who is in the habit of drinking coffee as a stimulant is going to heat up, zoom real fast and then burn out and fizzle down into a crash. Projector’s love coffee (caffeine) because it makes them feel as though they can keep up with the Sacral motor beings. They also love driving a car. Usually, they are driving somewhere that is far away or they have a job that requires them to drive. This makes them feel like they have a Sacral too.

It was probably a Projector who invented coffee!Coffee Big

This zooming energy often creates lots of confusion for the Projector as they are moving fast through life on this false Sacral energy. If only they knew how much we need their brilliant minds and not their “false” sense of Sacral energy. Projectors are not the “doers” necessarily; they are the thinkers, usually.

If they are over stimulated and running on “false” energy, their perception is a little askew and their guidance is lost.

This is the problem for Projectors on coffee. When they are over stimulated, they don’t wait to be invited. They step in, tell you what they think as they feel the rush through their blood. They are not in their center. They become completely disconnected from that place where they ask good questions that actually guide.

Manifestors love coffee because it gives them this seeming sense of invincibility that the false Sacral energy brings. With that surge of energy comes the potential for anger if they do not get their way. It is difficult to be in center and allow life to come, particularly if you can move energy in a certain way that others cannot and refuse to be patient as you are zooming along.

It would be best if they stopped at one cup and drank no more, if they enjoy coffee.

With the push of the stimulant, they will be initiating a lot into action from excitement to get love and acceptance in return. And when they are not coming from their core, they will probably get lots of resistance. The heat from the coffee will be great fuel for some anger to brew. This usually wastes a lot of people’s time and energy when things are initiated into action that are not correct.

Reflectors are funny with coffee. I watch my Reflector friend drink coffee to keep up with her MG boyfriend and then pass out for an entire afternoon the next day. She is wiped out. When we have discussions about coffee, she lights up and gets excited talking about how it impacts her and gives her a “zoom” effect so that she can keep up. She loves it and is grateful for it. It’s very cute.

It is obvious to assume that pure Generators become like MG’s. They lose their center and become out of touch with their Inner Authority. When that happens, lots of bad decisions are made and for all the wrong reasons. Money is wasted as energy is spent, too fast, in the wrong directions.

Coffee is also going to create a pressure to make the open Throat Center being interrupt conversations, talk excessively, and loudly more than usual. They are often over animated in their expression as though on stage performing like a stand up comedian as they bounce about.

The open Root Center will create “helter skelter” in its environment, forcing those around them to move fast and get things done quicker; everyone becomes immensely stressed by the pressure of this stimulation. I have watched open Root friends go from being peaceful and calm in the morning coming out of meditation and into a raging a freight train once they have had that first cup of coffee. “Get this done, hurry up and let’s get a move”, I think are some of their favorite lines after they have had a cup of coffee.

Our bodies learn to rely on this false sense of Sacral through the daily ritual and habit. Our chemistry adjusts to accommodate the extreme rushes and the fast crashes. While it is accommodating, it is losing vitality, strength, health and clarity and slowly deteriorating away. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Imagine if the bulk of humanity stopped drinking coffee. All of the sudden, we would naturally move according to our own natural bio-rhythm and a little more patient with the unfolding of life. We would be less agitated, less stressed and have a little more energy as we directed our life force a little more consciously and stopped initiating.

Have a glass of water darling!




Kashi Rachel Stone 2015