Human Design Self-Study


Simply “Experiential Human Design” Self-Study Course

Experiential Human Design is a collection of articles, worksheets and video’s compiled into a fifteen volume set that has been designed for understanding the human mechanics, viscerally, through a step-by-step process.

Through simple, easy to understand examples, easy to apply tools and exercises, one can move at their own pace and in their own style of learning. This experiential, self-taught program naturally, gradually coalesces into one’s very own personal operations manual.

Begin a personal observational exploration that is conducted in a refreshing, unique way that will bring long-lasting, positive results into your life.


Simply, Experiential Human Design, Volume I

1. COVER.PDF.Magazine

Learning the Basics of Human Design

Two-Part Comprehensive Booklet with workbook

Learn what each part of the bodygraph definition means: Inner Authority, Definition, Type, Profile, Incarnation Cross and more. Workbook contains exercises, creative projects, images and charts.


Pdf Booklet for download with workbook: $29.99


Simply, Experiential Human Design, Volume II

1.Understanding Differences COVER.PDF.Magazine


Understanding Differences

A pdf booklet comprised of simple, short stories on the experience of living life through the Human Design lens

Pdf Booklet for download: $9.99

Simply, Experiential Human Design, Volume VI

The Art of Synthesizing


The Art of Synthesizing

12 short stories that takes the reader through a variety of experiences and tips to align and synthesize all parts of the being.


Pdf Booklet for download: $7.99


Simply, Experiential Human Design, Volume VII


Discovering Types

Yes, there are four “Types” but there are really five when you begin to experience and see just how different the Manifesting Generator and Generator really are or how different the Manifestor is from the Manifesting Generator. None of these Types are the same, in any way, not even in aura. The Projector adds another extraordinary uniqueness to the complexity of being human. And the Reflectors are in a category all their own. This we learn when we begin to see the mechanics at a deeper level, which is gained through the experiential process of learning Human Design.

Pdf Booklet for download: $12.99




Thank You Kashi,
You write in a very nice, simple and clear way so it sinks in in a beautiful way.
I appreciate the way You share. It is direct and simple. Elegant.

I’m delighted  that you’re making these books available!  You are indeed an excellent “transmitter” of HD information & practical application. So I’m very glad you’ve decided to make your work widely available. As for your writing, if it’s been a learning process (as you indicated), well, you’ve done great!  Your writing seems effortless, which is hard to achieve.

Have downloaded both PDFs and really happy especially with workbook as it provides a helping hand towards experimenting and discovering more on HD. Thank you so much 🙂

I do really love the work that you’ve done with Human Design. It feels so much more user friendly. Best to you Beautiful Lady Thank you for this, I really appreciate it

“…… The information is packed and short. I love the way you shared your story. The information is personal experience. I love that. And I have to be honest. There were times I felt uncomfortable with the information. It is not the way you wrote it or the way you shared it but the truth behinds it. I guess what’s hurt is the ego and the beliefs. I amazed by the hurtful feeling I felt when I saw the Truth. You books revealed that. And from your words, I see the beauty in me. So thank you……”

Hi Kashi!       Thank you for the beautiful reading. I am still integrating & disseminating a lot of the information. ……Everything you put together is beautifully done, and written with such a clear, experienced & compassionate voice. It’s very well done; you should be quite proud of your work Love.  Thank you again……

Thank you, Kashi. In synchronicity and understanding……. not gonna miss words of wisdom from you.

I like your articles and I feel in resonance with your perspective.. Thank you

Absolutely amazing! Great writing, to the point, makes me feel truly recognized…. 

Utterly brilliant piece of writing

I was moved to tears

I am excited with each new article by Kashi Stone. Great wisdom, encouragement and devoted practical awareness

One of the best articles I ever read in Human Design!!! Gratitude Kashi Stone for explaining this to the world <3

Hello Kashi,
The booklet is from a very base place of understanding HD. Sometimes it is very confusing to break down HD in an understandable form and you do it so well.  Thank you so much!! I will be ordering more.


The Experiential Human Design self-study course is considered complimentary to the formal teachings of the Human Design science and is not intended to replace the traditional, educational format but only designed to enhance the process of learning the mechanics on a visceral level as a student learns the intellectual knowledge, which is equally important. Certified-pro-transparent For the personal journey of waking up into the awareness of the mechanics operating in you, around you and in others, this self-study course is a perfect experiential, introductory guide to your process. The best place to start is at the top with “Learning the Basics of Human Design”, no matter how much you know. This way you get the full effect of the unfolding process that this course is designed to offer.

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