Aura to Aura Dance



Today, while briefly sitting at a café, I carefully chose a seat far away from others and in a back corner so that I could write and not be disturbed.

A few minutes after I had settled into my seat, a rather strange looking, older woman entered the patio and made her way across the room to settle into a table that was positioned next to my table.

Suddenly, my aura and body started to feel very strange, almost sick like. I noticed that I started to belch a lot, too. Oh dear. It was suddenly, “the wrong place to be”.

I became very uncomfortable so much so that I had to get up immediately and go find another seat about thirty feet away, outside on the patio.

Eventually, I got relief from the strange body feeling. The fresh air of the outdoor environment brought relief to the nauseous feeling that had overcome me. I knew if I stayed in her aura too long that it would have a long lasting, yucky feeling for the rest of the day. I did not want to take that kind of energy on.

While sitting outside at a table at the end of the patio and far away from others, I was comfortable and able to think and do my work. With pen and paper and a fresh glass of water in front of me, I could finally relax and write.

About fifteen minutes into my quiet, lovely time alone, a man on aMan motorcycle motorcycle pulls up near the patio. He parks his bike, takes off his helmet and enters the garden. He chooses a table about three to four feet away from me. He could have chosen any table but instead, he chose the table right next to me.

After a couple of minutes I start to become very uncomfortable.

This time, the person is distracting my thought process while writing and adding lots of confused feelings and jumbled thoughts to my mental process. Things had suddenly changed drastically in my mind.

I decide to get up and walk away towards the parking lot near my vehicle to see if the noise in my head would quiet. The car was over a hundred feet away and maybe I could get some relief. I waited for a bit so that the impression of his aura could empty and clear from my mind.

Once I felt relieved, within a few minutes, I returned to my table to sit and attempt to write again.

Soon there after, a woman arrives and walks over to his table. After a quick exchange they decide to sit inside the restaurant.

Finally, I am alone again and can enjoy the clarity of my aura and and my empty mind.


I am sharing this experience with you to demonstrate the intensity of how our auras are influenced and how it can have a profound impact on how we are thinking, behaving and making decisions, in every moment.

Had I stayed in the woman’s aura who first sat near me, I would have taken on her mental influences and her dysfunctions that were causing illnesses, which I noticed. I had to move, I didn’t want to take it on.

The man on the motorcycle who chose to sit at a table near me, influenced my own mental process just by sitting near me. My mind and thought process was not smooth and flowing like when I was sitting alone in my own aura with my empty, open Head and Ajna.

Psychically, one can see that everyone is being impacted in some way, allAura.ajna1 of the time.

When someone new enters the environment, everything changes.

Even if a person is in a room next door, such as a hotel room, or below or above, such as in an apartment building, people get impacted.

Noticing how we change as we go into different environments and connect with different people is a powerful tool in managing our health and becoming more aware of our body.

Here’s another story:

Recently when I visited friends and spent the night in the guest bedroom. The room where I was staying was located close to one of the characters of this household. He was rather colorful, silly, ridiculous and quite smart.

However, one morning while lying in bed and waking up to the day, I started to see a movie of men dancing in front of me behaving silly in flirtatious costumes.

It was colorful and playful, there was great music playing and I could tell that this vision or dream was some kind of a celebration.

Male Dancers


As I was waking up I realized what was playing through my mind and thought to myself,

“How ridiculous! Where is this coming from?”


An hour later, greeted by this funny character who lives in the room next to the one where I was sleeping, I am told about this wonderful new act that he had produced with men dancing, shaking their butts and wearing amazing costumes.

I laughed. I had seen the whole thing this morning as I woke up as he was reminiscing his production in his head.

Of course, he was only five feet away from me. The wall did not stop the imprinting. The wall is insignificant in all other dimensions beyond the physical.


Many of us have lived a life that has been continuously surrounded by others and their influences and we have become ‘numb’ to the subtle energies. It takes lots of time alone in nature to really, really empty the aura and de-condition the mental tapes to feel who one really is.

Not everyone gets the chance to be alone and empty for long periods of time. Our society does not accommodate individuality and uniqueness, easily. But there are ways that you can attempt to find time alone and empty.

During the day when you are awake, try to find a time where you can take a long walk for an hour or so.

After about a half an hour alone you will begin to feel things melting out of your aura. It is a wild sensation if you observe it. It takes time to empty though; it may not happen right away. You may have to do this observation exercise a few times before you begin to notice the subtle energies.

Take Time
If you are in a relationship and sleeping with your partner, you are not Merged Aurasgoing to feel your own chemistry, no matter what. It takes time to empty the aura when it has been merged over a long period of time with another. Usually, a minimum of a year is required to clear a lover’s imprint from the aura.

When we enter into a sexual, physical union, we also unite our subtle bodies and create a new being from the mix of the chemistry, becoming “one” ~ just as indicated in marriage vows and passionate love poetry.

This creates a chaotic frequency with a ‘fog’ or cloud like form that holds the two lovers together, as one form in all dimensions. This is what could be called a “yoke”, as It truly is.

The auras stay connected no matter how far apart the two lovers travel across the planet or how long the duration of the separation. If two have been together for awhile, it’s going to take some time to empty and clear the other person’s chemistry from the aura and feel the essence of who one really is.

Once we completely empty our whole being, we begin to see who we really are and experience the distinction of a clear aura. It actually feels really good.

Note: Animals (pets) influence and imprint the aura as well.


Kashi Stone 2013