An Enlightened Selfish One

Broken into now

We are conditioned to believe that being selfish is a bad thing. That’s because if it is expressed without regard to impact, it can create major problems. But there is another kind of selfish that is incredibly good for your health and well being. The selfishness I am talking about is the kind of selfishness that comes from one who practices healthy boundaries to maintain peace of mind, vitality and ease in life.

I see this state of selfishness as an enlightened state of being that has a keen sense of awareness of what feels good, vitalizes and easily supports their journey through life. I see this person as grounded in their own true chemistry and vigorous with their inner compass, like the Inner Authority provides.

But what happens, I see, is that people get highly conditioned and influenced to live out someone else’s idea of who they should be or the life of a third party. Families, religion, friends all push us in different directions that can be unhealthy for us. It’s truly maddening how easily we can be swayed away from our true, inner core. And when that happens, life gets a little more difficult and challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we are truly connected, dialed in and aware of whom we are at the core, we can hold what is correct for us in each moment, each encounter, each environment and situation bringing us much better experiences in life. More parents need to empower their children with the kind of information that Human Design provides.

If people followed their inner core of selfishness they would probably be doing something else right now. They would not be in the relationship they are currently in, most likely, and probably not living where they are either. Everybody is terribly misplaced in an ironic kind of way through their decision-making, an easily influenced mind and a very insecure ego.

The only solution I see is for people to start living in an incredible state of truth in all that they do. At first, it seems harsh, cold and strangely different to us and to those around us. But if we are considerate to explain that we are experimenting with a technique in being honest to bring more contentment in life, they have no choice but to allow the process and the truth. It is important to be as graceful as we can be when we are honest about our boundaries and preferences.


The more adamant we become about what is going to be okay and what is not okay, the closer we move to what is correct.

We do notice, over time, that people begin to respond with more acceptance when we are truly authentic with them. Even though we may not be the most cordial, polite person in their mind’s eye, it doesn’t matter. Who ever we are, when we live out our true nature, we are naturally align with the right environments and the quality of life continuously improves.

How can we love ourselves if we don’t know who we are? How can we sit alone and embrace ourselves, look in the mirror and be glad that we have our own Self? How can we tune into who we really are and touch that state of healthy boundaries, enlightened selfishness and a sense of satisfaction that comes with being in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing?

When we understand our Self, we can begin to understand how to manage our interaction. When we understand what our inner compass is and how it operates, we can begin to relax and allow our inner source to guide us. We don’t have to think about or worry about where we are going, what is going to happen next and whether or not we should work with that person or this person. It doesn’t matter anymore. We have something inside of us that is directing us and revealing the path ahead as we evolve into our fulfillment.

This is what Enlightened Selfishness looks like:
You are relaxed, of an unusual quality
You do not care what others think about you, including family
You are adamant about following your inner guide no matter what your mind tells you or what others try to get you to do
Whatever you enter into next, moment by moment, is pleasurable and flows in ease.
You wait and don’t initiate unless it feels correct
You manage your Centers and “not-self” tendencies in awareness
You surf over others “not-self” behavior and dont allow it to emotionally impact you
You keep your aura clear and clean by sleeping alone, far from others auras
You know what is you and what is not you
You live the imprint and trajectory of You to gain synthesis and liberation

Let there be freedom in our expression as we taste the sweet nectar of “shanti” relaxation that comes with being settled in one’s Self, in a healthy, balanced way.


Written by Kashi Stone
August 2013

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