Kashi Stone

15 years of astrological study and application
25 years of eastern Yoga studies and initiations
10 years of study and teaching Human Design
Kundalini Yoga since 1996


For many years, since the late 1980’s, the study of the cosmos has been my main daily focus; earning an informal phd in the study of god and existence, you could say. Sharing spiritual teachings is a natural expression of my design and something that I enjoy.

My love for astrology has taken me through a colorful pursuit from the esoteric to the traditional and from the teachings of Human Design to the ancient I Ching that never fails or the Vedic traditions that always count, no matter what; even Feng Shui.

All these sciences bring insight and understanding of how we move through life and reveal the profundity of a destiny set in place.



My Human Design profession:

Workshops and lectures, a weekly international newsletter and guidance using the Human Design teachings combined with astrology and ancient sciences, writing and counseling are some of the things I offer.

Since 2007, a student of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu and others, my expertise of the mechanics stems from three decades of esoteric studies and over a decade of experience in observation of the mechanics.

Currently, in third level out of four for training as a professional analyst, completing the Human Design Guide training and teacher certification with no intention to continue learning higher levels of intellectual information. Current and future education based on experience and ancient truths as taught by teachers residing in authenticity and integrity, fully realized and beyond the constructs of indecorous and erroneous educational models.



WHO IS KASHI STONE through the lens of Human Design?


A Generator with an abstract mind.

Life Purpose: Channel 54/32, Channel of Transformation in Design Sun and Personality Sun, exemplifying role for this lifetime: Agent of transformation that works behind a public figure and supports the leaders work.

Work: Offering universal ideas and values in an ordered way, which inspires group cooperation. Energy to persevere, regardless of limitations imposed as part of maturation process, with the endeavor of creating nurturing, empowering relationships over time.

Incarnation Cross: Cross of Cycles, here to learn and understand the cycles of life.

Creative Passion: Soul Design University






“Myself and the world are so happy your light is shining even brighter so more people can hear this wonderful information. I am so grateful when I can turn on my computer and see and hear you and digest the information.”  C.S. Los Angeles, Ca

 “I’ve studied, now practicing, living my correct self for a couple of years now. I’ve stumbled along the way, for sure, however I feel that I “get it”……I guess I’m more of a feeling human, by nature, and I’m “feeling” like I’ve got the fundamentals down. HD, along with YOUR ability to articulate, has literally transformed me in ways not measurable with existing instruments known to man.” B.F. Kauai, Hi

“….I feel that you are very knowledgeable in Human Design and obviously, to me, have strong intuitive and creative abilities with how you share your wisdom and the science. With this ability you make it easy to understand while asking questions gently and lovingly that naturally guide one into understanding…..”C.D. Middletown, Ca

 “After two sessions via Skype my life, or rather the life I was designed for was spread out before me, it has changed my whole perception of ME, why I do things, why I can’t do other things, You, Kashi, have, and continue, to define my role as a human being, a truly life changing experience, I cannot thank you enough Kashi, your are truly a gift from the Gods”   D.N. United Kingdom

 “You have so much loving and intuitive and soft and strong insight … and you deliver your knowledge in a very practical and for me understandable way …”  A.F. Maui, Ca

“Kashi’s work, for me, is best described as an Angelic Catalyst with Insight that rocked my world! When I learned about my ego/will/heart center, I was able to discern the critical links needed AND was given tools to apply this wisdom in real time. I am so deeply grateful for my time with Kashi“. 
~ Maria Margaritis, Hawaii

Hi Kashi!
Thank you for the beautiful reading. I am still integrating & disseminating a lot of the information. ……Everything you put together is beautifully done, and written with such a clear, experienced & compassionate voice. It’s very well done; you should be quite proud of your work Love. Thank you again so much for putting that together for me. ~ LL California

I am forever thankful for our meeting. It’s all I can think about. I see a light in my future and I haven’t felt that in some time. It was the exact guidance I needed, the sign I was looking for when I left home a year ago to find. After a full year of traveling and still so much sadness I still felt like such a lost soul. Having met you in my last weeks of traveling was the most incredible and important experience. I can’t thank you enough, Kashi. ~ C.S. California

I loved working with Kashi and had a lot of fun! She is a beautiful presence, with a blissful and playful spirit and such a sweet voice! My report was so comprehensive, accurate and applicable to my life and current path. Eternal Gratitude & Bliss!
~ Devananda, RN, Hospital Administrator, evolving Life Coach

Kashi Stone is a gem. She’s the fairy queen of a world that seems to forget more often than not that magic exists and it’s necessary. Her natural connection with subtle energies provides her with an insightful wisdom. However, she’s also a resourceful woman, grounded and honest. It is uncommon to find someone ready to reveal you your blind spots, your darkest corners those that we manage to hide so well from our own sight. Her compassionate soul and brave heart infuses her readings. Clear, selfless and in service, if you’re looking for clues you can’t find you should reach her… Because you will get the truth, sweet or bitter, and you’ll be able to appreciate it comes from a place of love. That is what I got and I’m enormously grateful.
~ T.S. Spain

Hello Kashi,
Just this morning, I had the chance to re-read the information and re-look at my report. ? WOW. Having stepped back a bit now and interacting with all of the important people in my life again, I found the information so transformative. The booklet from a very base place of understanding HD. Sometimes it is very confusing to break down HD in an understandable form and you do it so well. After reading the booklet again I went back to my reading and was able to get so much more out of it. I was able to revisit some difficult relationships and decisions and feel much less anxiety and much more strength and positivity in going forward.
Thank you so much!! I will be ordering more and getting in further contact when I get to the next stop on my journey.  I also wanted to add a note that I got my first newsletter thingy and LOVED IT. Another tidbit for me to look forward to. I really enjoy the way you present the information, with high intelligence, deep soul and much love.
~ Leslie S. RN, Life Coach,Heart and Soul Seeker.