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Often, in my conversations with people, romance, love and compatibility come up as a key interest.

The greatest concern is whether two people are truly compatible and how it is expressed through the lens of Human Design.

Equally, people inquire about what Human Design says regarding their life purpose and their work.

In my opinion, the two don’t mix.

The story is there. You will see where two people are connecting and the differences in the Inner Authority, the Right and Left Angles and the drastically different life paths indicated in the Incarnation Crosses.

You can find electrical connections through the electromagnetics and you can find the harmonies in the finer details and you can find the challenges that make life hell if you decide to do the dance. The whole story is there.

However, Human Design is not a navigational tool for romance, at all.

If you really watch, you will see that you can become easily distracted by an electromagnetic romance. The mind games of the open Centers, the contrasts of inner authorities and the electrical charge that has brought two together will eventually turn into a drain and devitalize someone in the pair.

Most of humanity is living out their lives through their open Centers, and what you see is that People cover.2most romances sound like the weekly gossip magazines displayed in the racks at the check out lines at grocery stores, or a soap opera on TV; It’s all very, very messy and dramatic.

Now try and find your life path, your greatest creative expression in the middle of all of that. Good luck. We get very, very comfortable in our habits, the people around us and the circumstances that are predictable. Then, we become complacent and “stuck”.

Predictability comes in bucketfuls in our commitment and contracts with marriage. Now that we can predict that a particular person is going to be there, we don’t have to be lonely ever again in our life; we don’t have to sleep alone or eat alone again. We are stuck in a rut and avoiding change.

Nor do we get to taste the freedom of just being who we are in our own chemistry. We are now cemented into a contract, a marriage for life, sleeping together every night for the rest of our life and “the two now have become one”. God help us, you no longer exist. You are officially gone.

It is the same thing; become lovers and now your auras are merged no matter what the distance or the contract. And through that merge of auras, you are now not you, but the two of you.

Do you see what I am getting at here?

Does romance have a place in the scheme of life purpose?

Romance has its place as a form of entertainment, education in relating and learning to love beyond the constructs of our conditioning. If our heart is broken enough, our minds confused enough and our ego destroyed enough in our relating, dating and mating, then maybe we can break the crystallization of our conditioning and the environment that has shaped our beliefs and habits that keeps us trapped in patterns that do not serve our highest expression or allow us to fulfill our destiny.

This is the dilemma of the dance of romance. Do we love this person enough to give up our life and our destiny? Do we need sex that we are willing to forsake our ability to navigate and direct life according to the sensitivity of our Inner Authority? Only Self-love will save us.

The romantic relationships are incidental to what the map is telling in Human Design.


For instance, let’s look at some charts and see their open Center romance story. It will probably sound very familiar to something you have experienced or witnessed in family and friends romances or one of yours.

When we distill down the characteristics of the “not healthy” open Centers and the differences in definition, it looks like this:


Ralph and Louise

Here, we have a female, Emotional Generator (MG), Louise, and a Sacral Manifesting Generator, Ralph

What brings them together:
There are three electromagnetics in this combination so it is going to feel rather yummy right off the bat. But these electromagnetics are not in the ‘romance’ area of the body chemistry. The attraction between these two people is going to be their differences. Louise is going to love getting her energy to the Throat with Ralph’s definition and Ralph is going to like her yummy, nurturing way of caring for him. The mental definition of the 11/56 Channel provides a nice connection for communication and sharing, in the beginning.

Through their differences, The Emotional Generator appears to be hot, juicy, passionate and dramatic, very different from the cool nature of the Sacral Manifesting Generator, which appears centered, confident and reliable to the Emotional Generator.

The Open Center Romance Story:
The biggest challenge is going to be the difference between the emotional vs. non-emotional authorities. Louise is going to seem a little crazy to Ralph and he is going to seem a little self centered and cold to the Emotional definition. This is going to create some conflict right off the bat.

Not only that, Louise will have great pressure to act in the moment from Ralph, whose inner authority is Sacral. She will find it difficult to be patient and in her wave as Ralph pushes for her answers, decisions and movement to be in the moment, which is very, very healthy for him, but not for her.

When an Emotional authority acts in the moment, it can be disastrous. Most likely Louise will be startled when Ralph approaches her and asks her what she thinks or what she wants to do. He will find her to be something of an idiot that she cant make up her mind immediately and have clarity about what she wants to do.

Ralph will appear as “selfish” to Louise because of his Right Angle Incarnation Cross. Louise will be subject to Ralph’s authority and control because of his Channel 45/21 and 34/20. This will challenge her conscious Channel 19/49.

Louise will continue to feel insecure and inadequate in Ralph’s aura with his heavily defined Will. She will constantly find ways to prove herself, compete with Ralph in order to find a level of security in her individuality. With Ralph’s heavily defined Will, Louise will have a tendency to become bombastic with her ego, taking on his natural confidence which is out of chemistry for her. If Ralph does not have full control, he will seem very cold and selfish to Louise.

Doesn’t that sound like a great fairy tale?

This is the true romantic tale, unfortunately.

It doesn’t matter what their chemistry is. They sleep together all the time, have sex often and hardly take time alone to feel themselves; they live a very busy life doing lots of things. They are so busy running their romance and their life through this open Center dynamic, there isn’t a chance to ever live out the true chemistry. The soap opera rules the life and the program is in control as confusion brews in the mind.

I’m not the telling this story to discourage but rather to encourage an opening in your awareness to how the open Centers are operating in the life and controlling the quality of life that one leads.

Lets look at another couple example living out their romance through their open Centers.

Here, we have a female, Emotional Projector named Beth and an Emotional Manifesting Generator named John.


Beth and John

What brings them together:
Beth is going to be highly attracted to Johns Defined Will and his drive to make money on the material plane. John is attracted to Beth’s mind that inspires him and the clever answers and solutions that come from her mental authority. John will like the “neediness” that Beth demonstrates for him through her open Spleen, making him feel important and significant, for a short period of time, in the beginning.

They have one electromagnetic: the Judgment Channel, 18/58. This is a hot, juicy, flirtatious channel when the two meet up as an electromagnetic. With the differences in
Types and open Centers, it can be a strong pull for attraction and becoming lovers.

The Open Center Romance Story:
Even though John was initially attracted to Beth’s mind, eventually, John is going to become very disturbed at Beth’s tendency to be a “know it all” with her heavily defined Head and Ajna Centers. She will also use this mental energy to compete heavily with John and his powerfully defined Will through her insecure open Will Center. Beth will take in all the fears, worries and concerns about survival, providing enough income and sustainability for the future through her open Spleen. She will amplify these concerns and over dramatize the focus with her passionate Emotional nature. John will eventually become exhausted with her tendency to worry and be concerned about her continuous attempt to prove that she is right, in control and knows everything there is to know while clinging tightly, confused and unable to hold her center.

Beth will eventually become exhausted sleeping and living in the Manifesting Generator aura. Blown adrenals are one of the key problems for those who take on and move through life with energy that is not naturally their own. John will continuously pressure Beth to act in the moment with his open Root and push Beth’s mind to process all the tasks that he is feeling pressure to finish and be done with. This open Root pressure sends Beth into a hyper state of stress, mental confusion and inability to truly feel what is correct for her.

John compromises Beth four times in four channels. This compromise can cause a battle from hell coupled with the two Will Centers, defined and undefined.

As the two become more familiar with each other, the things that first brought the two together and into attraction, will be the things that send the two apart and in different directions: the busy mind, the strong will, the “need” and the differences in Type.


When you take a look at how the mind is driving the life through the open Centers, this is what you get: a challenging connection that is a lot of hard work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you can see your open Centers operating, you gain great advancement in your awareness. It is a never-ending process; it never stops. The open Centers continually reveal deeper levels of how they are influenced and respond through the control of the mind and others auras. Using the mind through the open Centers can bring the absolute worst out of us and yet, our open Centers can become our greatest allies.

The key is to empty the aura, feel yourself alone and then meet the other clear, centered and in tune. When you are in tune, you naturally draw those who resonate of a similar accordance and naturally fall into the right place, like landing on a cloud; it is easy, it is soft, it is gentle and its not a romance; it’s the right place, the right people and doing the right thing that you were designed for.

It’s incredibly mundane. That is why it’s so hard to find.

The mind loves a good movie, a compelling soap opera as our grocery market checkout lines magazines display, front and center. It’s all so very twisted.

Drop the Magazine Romance and Remember to Love Yourself – FIRST!


Kashi Stone   2014

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