“……..Sometimes it is very confusing to break down HD in an understandable form and you do it so well. After reading the booklet again I went back to my reading and was able to get so much more out of it. I was able to revisit some difficult relationships and decisions and feel much less anxiety and much more strength and positivity in going forward…. “
I really enjoy the way you present the information,
with high intelligence, deep soul and much love.
Thank you so much!! 
~  Leslie S. RN, Life Coach,Heart and Soul Seeker. 



Human Design is a science

It is not a religion or a spiritual teaching


Human Design information assists one in understanding how their body system operates so that one can use the mind correctly for making the best decisions and creating better, more fulfilling life experiences.

Spiritual teachings speak to the the place behind the mind, the core component of our being, that lives in a subtle, multi-dimensional reality.

This core component is traveling an evolutionary, spiritual path and holds the theme to our life purpose.

Through Human Design we learn how to tune into our body and how we operate in the ‘Program’. Through spiritual teachings, we learn to connect to our Divine source, enjoying existence fulfilling our life purpose. Through the combination of body awareness and spiritual seeking, we align, synthesize and taste the sweetness that comes with living our true potential.