Transcending Bodygraph to find Life-Purpose

“The whole challenge for you in your process, the only way in which you can leave or transcend the Bodygraph and approach your purpose correctly, is you have to deal with the characteristics. The whole theme of, and the teaching of, Human Design is that we teach strategy and authority in order for a being to come to grips with the power of characteristics in their life, and to ultimately be able to transcend them by operating correctly as themselves. The reward for transcending your characteristics is that you find your role”
~ Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design




Ra Uru Hu
Founder of Human Design

(Excerpt circa 1998):

“You Know, we all live on the mental plane, this is where we have our home in this state of our evolution. And even though we can’t talk about the Splenic system, none of you knows how the lymphatic system works, and none of you can possibly understand how it operates. And none of us have any connection with the neural system that runs our emotional system which is so complex that even the scientists are in a deeply baffle by all of that.

You know, where we live is that we live on the mental plane, long before we had the capacity to articulate. The earliest stages about the development of our specie we lived only on the Splenic plane, and like our dogs and cats we are just vibrating in the now. Now we live in the evolution of this mental level.

Please recognize something: we are in the last 3- to 400 years of mental development. It’s practically finished now. And the mind can only be at peace when it recognizes its nature, and it sees over and over again the truth of that recognition confirmed for it.

That’s why Human Design is mental! Not spiritual, or therapeutic or you know: Human Design is a mental system so that we can finish our mental business, so that we can get to the Spirit.

And we can’t get to the Spirit until we finished this mind trip, because as long as we’re trying to give Inner Authority to our mind, we can never get to the Spirit, never, never. So we have to finish our mental business. That means we have to come to understand our nature, and then to experiment in our lives, to recognize its inherent truth.

This is not about taking something in mentally and that’s it. Like you read a good book or you… you know you read some philosopher or teacher whatever the case may be.

This is a practical application, this is a very practical knowledge, it’s something that you use. And the moment that you grasp the essence of your Design and you start your process of living that out, by the time you’ve confirmed that for yourself, 7 years, by the time you’re going through that process, you will leave the mind behind.

It won’t matter anymore. It has no place in my life anymore, it has no power over me anymore. Otherwise: It tortures you till death, on and on and on…

Once you know the formula you are liberated, and then you can deal with the spirit.”


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